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TALLEST TREE IN THE WORLD This is my World Wonder Tallest Neem Tree,see its wonderful appearance and gigantic look. All the beautiful things have the hard things on back. Maintaining Each and Every feet of the Neem tree is difficult to handle when this tallest neem tree getting taller. But my passion for growing trees and making awareness about trees pushed me to work hard. With the help of my workshop turning and fitting i constructed a tower which is about 100 feet tall around the neem tree for its support. I am sure i will make to grow this tallest neem tree to 100 Feet. Currently i want to register my 63 feet record to Guinness Team and Break my record by myself. Already my World Wonder Tallest neem Tree has becomes a landmark in melur near Madurai city,Tamilnadu India. I would be really Thankful if you help me to spread my message. Tallest Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues. Trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals and plants. Tropical rainforests tallest trees are generally fast growing trees and tallest these are also one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. Tallest Trees provide shade and shelter, timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, and fruit for food as well as having many other uses. In parts of the world, forests are shrinking and tallest trees are cleared to increase the amount of land available for agriculture. Because of their longevity and usefulness, fast growing trees have always been revered and they play a role in many of the world's mythologies.

Worlds tallest neem tree Normally neem tree is a fast-growing tree and evergreen tallest and extremely heat- and drought-tolerant. It usually grows 40 to 50 feet tall.but this neem tree grown upto 65 feet within a short few months it is an incredible growth ,i was planned this tree to attain a height of abvove 100ft.this quality makes this into a worlds tallest neem tree. This world tallest tree doesnot provide shade in hot because of its individual quality , but normal neem tree gives shade in hot. where few other tall trees will grow, surviving on mere trickles of water. In addition, the neem tree is also high in medicinal properties.tallest trees are the good receptionist for rainfall.forest in the world are filled with the tallest trees and animals makes the earth to smile.

GUINESS RECORDS OF TREE At present this is the worlds tallest neem tree and now i am going to set my record in guness records.,and also i will break break that record myself again by growing my neem tree above 100ft.i had a dream to set my world record to be included in the Guiness book of 2014. Guinness World Records of containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, of trees at present it contains a pappaya tree of 40 feet ,but my neem tree has its height of above 65 feet. so my neem tree surely achieve the place in Guiness records of tree. FAST GROWING TREE GUIDE TO GROW TREE

When siting fast-growing trees, keep in mind that they often grow large (50 feet or more), hit maturity within 20 to 30 years, then decline so are good candidates where you need quick shade or a windbreak while waiting for slower-growing trees to catch up Plant fast-growing treesin locations where their root systems won't affect other plants, and plan to cut them down before they pose a threat to buildings, people, or other plants. Always plant fast-growing trees away from utility lines, homes, and driveways to minimize damage when their branches (or even large trunks) break during storms. Pay attention to the location of septic lines and sidewalks, which can be disrupted by roots Some trees, especially quick growers, naturally have with narrow crotch branch attachments. Regular Pruning can help but won't eliminate the problem Choosing Fast-Growing Trees As long as you understand their limitations, planting fast-growing trees is not a problem. Just don't expect them to stick around very long in tree years. Do expect some extra maintenance and damage issues when they reach maturity. For example, some selections have messy annual flower, fruit, needle, or pod droppings you will want to consider NEEM TREE INFORMATION Normally neem tree (Azadirachta indica) grows 40 to 50 feet tall. Generally NEEM tree is a fast growing tree ,it is mostly found in inda. In India, because of its antiviral capacity, and it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4,000 years due to its medicinal properties. Neem is a complete and imperishable tree . The seeds, bark and leaves contain compounds with proven antiseptic, antiviral, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and antifungal tratments The earliest documentation of neem mentioned the fruit, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark for their advantageous medicinal properties. These benefits are listed in the ancient documents ‘Carak- Samhita’ and ‘Susruta-Samhita’, the books at the foundation of the Indian system of natural treatment, Ayurveda. Neem has a garlic-like odor, and a bitter taste. The various parts of this tree have many uses that aptly give neem its name in Sanskrit-“sarva roga nivarini”, meaning ‘the curer of all ailments’.

NEEM TREE USES Neem seed cake (residue of neem seeds after oil extraction) when used for soil amendment or added to soil, not only enriches the soil with organic matter but also lowers nitrogen losses by inhibiting nitrification. It also works as a nematicide

Neem leaves are used to treat chickenpox and warts by directly applying to the skin in a paste form or by bathing in water with neem leaves. In order to increase immunity of the body, neem leaves

are also taken internally in the form of neem capsules or made into a tea. The tea is traditionally taken internally to reduce fever caused by malaria. This tea is extremely bitter. It is also used to soak feet for treating various foot fungi. It has also been reported to work against termites. In Ayurveda, neem leaves are used in curing neuromuscular pains. Neem leaves are also used in storage of grains.<li> Twigs of neem are also used in India and Africa as toothbrushes. Nowadays toothpastes with neem extracts are also available commercially Neem (leaf and seed) extracts have been found to be spermicidal and thus research is being conducted to use neem extracts for making contraceptives. Neem produces pain relieving, antiinflammatory and fever reducing compounds that can aid in the healing of cuts, burns, earaches, sprains and headaches, as well as fevers Neem bark and roots also have medicinal properties. Bark & roots in powdered form are also used to control fleas & ticks on pets Neem has anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting against skin infections such as acne, psoriasis, scabies, eczema, etc. Neem extracts also help in treating diabetes, AIDS, cancer, heart disease, herpes, allergies, ulcers, hepatitis and several other diseases

Neem extracts have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on food crops. It has been proven in various research studies that Neem is non-toxic to birds, beneficial insects or humans and protects crops from over 200 of the most costly pests

Tallest neem tree in world  
Tallest neem tree in world  

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