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nokia’s fall and android’s rise picking up many of those new customers, alongside Apple’s iPhone. Nokia had been tipped to ditch Symbian for Android, but instead plumped for Microsoft’s Windows 7 – but will it pay off, delay the inevitable decline, or even speed up the classic handset maker’s fall?

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Google’s handsets have been dubbed iPhone-killers, but it’s Nokia and its Symbian operating system that has suffered most. Android’s share of the smartphone market has leapt from zero to a market-leading 36% in three years. Overall smartphone sales have doubled during this period, with Google’s OS

100000 100m

60000 60m

40m 40000

20000 20m

Q4/08 4Q08

Q1/09 1Q09

Q2/09 2Q09

Q3/09 3Q09

Q4/09 4Q09

Q1/10 1Q10

◼ Android

◼ iOS


◼ Symbian

◼ Microsoft

◼ Other

Q2/10 2Q10

Q3/10 3Q10

Q4/10 4Q10

Q1/11 1Q11

mobile operating systems


Apple’s iOS

number of Symbian handsets to ship by the end of 2010.

iPhone 3GS handsets sold within three days of its launch.


400,000 the

1m the number of

365m the total


74% the percentage of firms that now let workers use handsets other than a BlackBerry.

number of Android phones activated each day around the world.

windows phone

21% Windows

Phone’s market share by 2012, as predicted by IDC.

Chart: Global smartphone sales from Gartner Stats:; Apple; Google; Bernstein Research; IDC

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Nokia's fall and Android's rise  

Google's handsets have been dubbed iPhone-killers, but it's Nokia and its Symbian operating system that has suffered the most...