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The most important assets of any business are its people. By investing in training their employees, businesses stand to reap the benefits essential for their long-term survival. This, of course, also contributes to the economic growth and prosperity of the UK as a whole.

Training and technology


Employers will want to train their staff for a number of reasons, not least preparing them to keep up with the constantly advancing technologies pervading each and every industry. Businesses need to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. Some organisations try to achieve this by providing staff with training that will equip them with greater IT knowledge and skills, or training on industry-specific software. This can facilitate, for example, the introduction of dedicated software packages that will reduce operating costs, enhance performance management and financial planning.



Investing Providing employees with training and skills will help enhance your business’ most valuable assets Skills training

Many employers select vocational training to develop the job-specific skills of their employees. Jobs at all levels and across industries can benefit from skills training. It's not just technical roles that can benefit. A coffee barista position, for example, may appear to be a straightforward role, but a barista does not just prepare beverages; he or she must also be skilled in customer service, and able to manage various payment methods or train new staff. Skills training in all of these areas will therefore benefit the employee and the business as a whole. Skills training can help to create a culture of innovation, as employees become better able to identify the areas within an organisation that require improvement, and to take appropriate action. When people are properly trained, businesses see increases in productivity. Studies show that organisations which systematically invest in training see improvements in staff morale, absenteeism and retention rates.


Free training

Some employees may be eligable to obtain free training. Candidates aged 19 and over, who do not have a full level 2 qualification (NVQ Level 2, BTEC First Diploma, GNVQ Intermediate, 5 GCSEs or O-levels grade A-C) can study a full level 2 qualification free of charge. Those aged 19-24 may qualify for free tuition if they are studying towards their first full level 3 qualification. With fully trained and more highly skilled staff at the helm, businesses will see the benefits in morale, retention and productivity. And it’s not just what you know, but who, too: perhaps the most important feature of training is the trainer themself. A trainer with superb communication skills, good subject knowledge and experience will engage trainees and have a greater effect, one which will in turn impact positively on business. *If you would like to discuss training opportunities that will be of benefit to your business contact your local college of further education.


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Tech City Magazine  

Tech City Magazine is the first publication for the Tech City area of London. The magazine is a business / lifestyle publication promoting...