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Cranleigh Prep School

Boarding Life, Policy and Practice Introduction At Cranleigh Prep School we aim to: Nurture and develop the whole child. Establish and maintain an open and trusting environment wherein all children feel valued, safe and welcome. They must also feel confident that they can take any issue or concern to any member of the boarding community and know they they will be treated with honesty and respect. Create an atmosphere of warmth, tolerance and trust in which there is no place for unpleasantness or bullying. Provide the ideal conditions for children to develop their academic and intellectual potential. Provide a range of opportunities and activities for children to develop other skills, talents and interest. Safeguard and promote the welfare of each child, in providing, as far as possible, an environment free from physical hazards and dangers. Provide the emotional support that children need when there are times of difficulty. Provide for excellent standards of physical care and personal hygiene. Provide accommodation which is comfortable, clean and suited to the needs of the children and which provides adequate levels of privacy. Provide time and a physical space when and where children can be restful, quiet and contemplative. Develop each child’s responsibility for self, others and the boarding environment. Nurture within each child the seeds of leadership and a strong sense of ‘team’. Provide an ethos which is wholly positive and which celebrates achievement, endeavour and the ‘good things of life’.

Practice From the end of prep in the evenings, through to the start of morning registration, school is the boarders’ home. We must ensure every boarder feels comfortable, happy, relaxed and valued and secure within their home. Although separated from their family, they should feel that boarding is almost an extension of their family.

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Cranleigh Prep School

Boarding Life, Policy and Practice We must seek to generate an atmosphere in which each child feels that he or she has sufficient private time and space and yet feels very much a part of the extended group. Levels of pastoral care must be of the highest standards and therefore the responsibilities on the pastoral staff are demanding but hopefully equally rewarding. Every child should be given the time, the space, the opportunities and the challenges that will aid him or her in the development of their profile and personality. Senior Schools for which we prepare the boys and girls will offer the children more responsibility for the way they conduct themselves day by day. We must give them the necessary building blocks that will enable them to succeed in their future roles. Children should be allowed sufficient space to feel that they are autonomous, but within a safe and secure environment. We as the boarding community should be the safety net for the children as they progress towards greater independence. Crucial to each child’s progress will be the consistent interpretation by the boarding staff of what marks the boundary of the safe, secure environment. There are two categories of boarders: Full boarder, i.e. those who board every week throughout the year Flexi-boarders, i.e. those who board for individual days or longer periods. School House accommodates girl boarders. Old House accommodates boy boarders . Further information can be found in the School and Old House handbooks.

This policy is reviewed annually Last reviewed April 2009 MTW

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