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Form 6 – Common Entrance Exams The Structure of the Exam: The exam consists of 4 parts, as shown below: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Listening (20 mins) Speaking (10 mins) Reading (30 mins) Writing (30 mins) Each linguistic skill is assessed and worth 25% of the total mark (100). The Listening exam will take place in lesson time on Thursday 20th May. The Speaking exam will be done on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May You will be expected to show an understanding of the present and future tenses (set 1 should show the past as well).

1. Listening exam: Answer questions on a variety of topics: including school, daily routine, jobs, places in town, shopping/ shops. Marks will be awarded for the communication, not the quality of the language produced. (25 marks) 2. Speaking exam: a) Your teacher will choose one of the 3 role-plays available. You will have 10 minutes to prepare it, you may use a dictionary during the preparation but not during the examination and you may not make notes. You will be expected to show an understanding of the present and future tenses. You may revise the following topics: pain and illnesses, shops, food and time). (9 marks) b) Prepare one presentation on the topics listed below. You will be asked to introduce one topic of your choice and answer questions on the topic. Marks will be awarded for full and appropriate answers, the quality of language, pronunciation. This part will last 2-3 minutes. (8 marks) c) The third part takes the form of a discussion with your teacher lasting about 2-3 minutes on a topic, which your teacher will choose from those you have prepared. In addition, you will be asked questions.

Oral Topics:    

Free-time and holiday activities Life and work at school Personal description, family, friends and pets House, home, daily routine and chores

3. Reading exam: Answer questions of varying length about a range of topics, such as food, jobs, activities, personal description, pocket money, holidays, free-time and weather. Answers may be required in French or English. Marks will be awarded the comprehension of the text, not for the quality of the language produced. (25 marks) 4. Writing exam: a) Question 1 – write 5 to 10 words simple sentence in French based on a different picture (you may use various tenses). Marks will be awarded for accuracy and quality of language. Topics include food, holidays, school, personal description, emotions etc. (8 marks) b) Question 2 – write a letter or account between 80 and 130 words. Marks will be awarded for content, but the emphasis is on accuracy and quality of language. You will be expected to show knowledge of at least the present and future tenses(sets 1 and 2 should write in the past as well). Topics include the weather, pocket money, places in town, personal description(17 marks) Aids for revision: CE Speaking Test books CE Vocabulary books (pupils have their own copy) List of sample oral questions Class books and files Useful Websites : A few tips: Learn a few new words every day from a variety of topics. Get someone to test you or test yourself by writing the words down. Always remember to answer a question fully, giving an opinion, reason and description whenever possible. Check your work – try to use words, phrases that you know, rather than make them up in the exam. Check that your sentence is grammatically correct, ie ensure that your sentence has a verb, be clear which tense you are using and check your adjectives agree, make sure to includes connectives to extend your sentences! And don’t forget quality is better than quantity. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask your teacher. Bonne chance!