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Nachiketas Ramanujam

Address: 401, 17th Street NW Apt 3119, Atlanta mailto: Portfolio:



I am a student of new media, design, and HCI . I mainly focus on creating and evaluating exciting user experiences that will create new avenues as wells as improve existing products. I love creative collaboration, problem solving, and evangelism. I am seeking exciting opportunities in the field of user experience and program management that match my skills and interests. Keywords: UX, User experience, Program management, Consumer experience

• User Experience • Mobile Augmented Reality • Mobile Development • Mobile Web Apps • Web Development • Ubiquitous Computing • Human Factors Engineering

EDUCATION 2010 - Present M.S – Human Computer Interaction minor: Digital media, Management Georgia Institute of Technology 2004 - 2008

B.E - Computer Science and Engineering Anna University, India

EXPERIENCE May – Aug 2011 Program Manager Intern Windows Phone, Microsoft 2011 – Present

Graduate Research Assistant Wesley Center for New Media Georgia Institute of Technology

2010 - Present

Assistant Director Aware Home Research Initiative, Georgia Institute of Technology

Jan– May 2010

Team Lead, Merchant Experience (UK marketplace)

2008 –2009

Asst. Systems Engineer –Tech. Design Financial Systems, Tata Consultancy Services, India

May - Oct 2008 Web Catalog Specialist (US-Automotive), India Jul-Aug 2006

Intern, User Experience Vernalis Systems, India

SKILLS User Experience •User experience design and evaluation •Storyboarding •Wireframing •Prototyping •Prototyping •Mobile Research Methods •Ethnomethodology Programming •HTML/XML/JavaScript/CSS# • PHP /Jquery/MySQL/AJAX • C /C++/Java/Perl/C#/Visual basic • Android • Windows Phone 7/Metro UI Misc. • Guerilla marketing • Servant Leadership • Public speaking

SOFTWARE • Unix/Windows /HP-UX/AIX • Oracle/MS SQL Server • Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Gimp • MS Office/Visio • WAMP/XAMPP/Wordpress • Premier Pro/Final Cut Pro/Audacity • Axure RP/Interface Builder/Balsamiq

AFFILIATIONS • Augmented Environments Lab • Aware Home Research Initiative • Experimental television lab (eTV) • GVU – Georgia Tech • Ubiquitous Computing Research Group

Notable Projects • Aug 2011 – Oct 2011: Panorama Maker [Advisor: Dr. .Jay Bolter] Panorama Converter is a tool that is aimed to help AR web developers with little or no experience to produces argon panorama channel along with KARML code on the fly . • Oct 2010 – Nov 2011: [Advisor: Dr. .Jay Bolter] A social platform for people to interactively share, rate, critique and comment on different forms of art. From a research perspective, the motivation is to analyze the crowdsourced reviews and ratings to map changing definition and taste of users with regards to art. We also present the research in form of trends and visualizations. • May – Aug 2011: App Marketplace for Windows Phone [Microsoft] As Program Manager, created functional specifications for App discovery in Windows Phone marketplace. Cowrote patentable specifications for utilizing crowdsourced application telemetry to enhance user experience in a mobile application marketplace. • Jan-May 2011: Investigations on novel interfaces for ubiquitous devices [Advisor: Dr. Gregory Abowd ] Studied implementations and instrumentations of new user interfaces which can potentially enhance usability and productivity on mobile and ubiquitous devices such as tablets and smartphones. • Dec 2010– Aug 2011:Storylines - News and Entertainment on Multiscreen [Advisor: Dr. Janet Murray] StoryLines presents a timeline-based method of navigating news and episodic television in the context of rich archival resources. This approach allows us to present individual threads within a multisequential story environment and to demonstrate the sense-making value of a filtered multisequential timeline . This is achieved using the iPad as a substitute for the remote control, and the Google TV platform as a model for convergence. •Dec 2010 – 2011: LoCoMo Social Commerce [Advisors: Dr. Russ Clark] Developed UX concepts for a unification platform to combine app development with Social Commerce which would allow app developers to add deals, rewards and loyalty points to their apps on the fly. •Sep 2010 – Dec 2010 : Assistive Mobile Manipulation for Older Adults at Home [Advisors: Dr.Wendy Rogers and Dr. Charlie Kemp] Aided focus group studies and created digital artifacts to identify needs of older adults and caregivers accommodated by a personal robot’s (PR2) mobile manipulation capabilities, as well as the factors that will lead to acceptance of such robotic assistance in a home environment. •Sep 2010 – Present : ARGON experience [Advisors: Dr. Jay Bolter and Dr. Alex Hill] Building Mobile Augmented reality experience using iPhone based augmented reality browser Argon. My focus is on developing AR tools and experiences focused on transmedia storytelling, engagement and AR marketing •2010 : Adaptive Keypad [Advisor: Dr. Gregory Abowd] Ubicomp design project focused on creating assistive and adaptive keyboard for Ipad to help non-verbal children. •2010 – 2011: Onacomm [Advisors: Dr. Claudia Rebola and Brian Jones] Designed prototypes of communication devices and applications for aging individuals as part of the Aware Home Initiative. Performed user study based software development and hardware improvements. •2009 : Wise – Wireless Smart Environments Developed Proof of concept, user studies and market research for a concept based on smart environments. [] •2006 : Stesnet [Vernalis Systems Ltd.] Design and implementation of social collaboration website for IT and business professionals based on requirements analysis, surveys and application of qualitative research methods.

Select Publications • StoryLines: An Approach to Navigating Multisequential News and Entertainment in a Multiscreen Framework Murray,J.,Golderberg,S.,Ramanujam,N.,Agarwal,K et al. 8th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, ACE (ACM-ACM SIGCHI ) 2011 •'The Ghost Club Storyscape: Designing for Transmedia Storytelling Blumenthal,H.,Xu,Y.,Mokashi,S.,Ramanujam,N.,Shemaka,R. IEEE International Games Innovation Conference, IEEE 2011

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