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is your magazine atnk is produced by the NKDC Communications Team for all Council officers and is available in electronic or print format. The cost of producing the magazine is offset by advertising from local businesses. If you or your team would like to appear in the next edition please contact:  Communications@  2467  Communications Team North Kesteven District Council District Council Offices Kesteven Street Sleaford Lincolnshire NG34 7EF Printed by:

Find out why NK's Press Officer has been driving around Europe 6 Customer Services' Susie Purnell has been getting fit with the Army 8 Corporate Strategy's Anita Megennis's

Cash found for housing Alternate funding secured by NK Sixteen new council properties can now be built in the district after North Kesteven District Council secured funding for them Following the news that the Government had withdrawn the £750,000 in Local Authority New Build grant funding the District Council explored other routes

The views and advertisements within this magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of their employing authority or their organisation. Alternate funding will allow the building to continue in NK Printed on 100% Recycled Paper



Desert Island Discs 11 A day in the life of the Waddington Community Access Point 12 What's on guide 14 Appointments 15 Q&A with new starter Michelle Marklew 15

in partnership with the Homes & Communities Agency and with great success has managed to secure the alternative funding to proceed. The development of the 16 homes at Eslaforde Sleaford, Pinfold Ruskington and Archer Road Branston will regain momentum.

Fit for life

NK's Health Trainers Debbie Chessum and Andy George are organising three 12-week Fit for Life events. The target audience for this programme are those with children under five who would like to make some lifestyle changes. The types of activities undertaken are how to read food labels, cook healthy meals and taster sessions such as Tai Chi and Pilates. The second course will take place at The Source Centre, Sleaford, starting on 8 September 12:30pm - 2:45 pm.  There is a free crèche available on site. Call Debbie or Andy for info: 01529 308269 or 07733 36867


New way to contact Town and Parish councils

Tourism boost

NKDC have agreed to a preferred method of contact for the 72 town and parish councils. If you need to email one or more of the town and parish councils identify their preferred method of contact on the intranet (under 'Business Management'). 1. Open Outlook 2. Navigate to Public Folders and expand All Public Folders – Departmental Folders 3. Highlight 'Town and

The value of the tourism within North Kesteven District’s visitor economy is now worth £87m – an increase of £1.3m from the previous year. These figures bring fantastic news for the district's tourism; they will not only give a boost to businesses around the area but hopefully help encourage economic regeneration in the future. NKDC hopes to help push forward with plans to encourage tourism and continue to keep tourism alive within our area with ventures such as The Hub, ArtsNK, CountrysideNK to name but a few.

Parish Councils'. There are three distribution lists: 'Town and Parish'; 'Parish Councils only'; and 'Parish Meetings only'. To send an email to all town and parish councils, click the appropriate entry and select 'create new message to contact'. The postroom will automatically deal with those parishes that require hard copies To send an email

to individual parish councils, copy and paste the email address into a new message. If the council is not listed in the distribution list, then they require a hard copy. Email: parishpostroom and the postroom will print off the email and attachments and send. You must identify who the email is intended for. If you have any queries contact Sharon Bark: x2262

Stand up and be counted The census is an estimate of all the people living in the UK. It takes place every 10 years and asks everyone the same questions on the same day to give a complete picture of the nation. This information is used to estimate the likely number of people and

households in each area for the next 10 years. The next census is planned for 27 March 2011 and will offer a range of fixedterm employment opportunities, ranging from full-time managerial positions to supervisory positions and roles working in the field,

interacting with the public. Contract periods range from a couple of weeks to several months. NKDC has no involvement in the recruitment process so application forms are not available from our Human Resources section. For info:

The Hub is a major tourist attraction in the district




Good communications Unified system will change how we work NKDC is about to embark on the implementation of a unified communications system. This will deliver a replacement telephone system and a multitude of facilities. This brings exiting opportunities for more flexible working, utilising

mobile, smartphone and PC technology. Audio and video conferencing will be available.  NKDC Head of Customer Services Michelle Carrington said: "The opportunities unified communications creates could be huge for the council."

West Lindsey partnership NKDC has signed up to produce West Lindsey District Council’s residents’ magazine West Lindsey News. The announcement comes at a time when Councils must make considerable efficiencies. The deal between the two councils will ensure savings of around £1.7k per issue for West Lindsey – for a

larger and more frequent publication – generating revenue for NKDC. Head of Corporate Strategy Patricia Phillipson, said: “We are really excited to be involved in this pioneering partnership." West Lindsey DC’s Communications Manager, Geoff O’Neill, said “We get more pages for less money, so the case to make the switch was overwhelming."


In Brief Food for thought

Empson has completed her The graduate Jemma postgraduate diploma in Housing Studies

Ask restaurants have produced a Celebrity Pasta Dishes Cookery book in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The cookbooks are £5 each. Contact Jo Mason to purchase: x2621.

Jemma Empson: 'I can use the letters MCIH after my name now!'

Safe and secure Following a theft from a colleague's unattended handbag, NKDC officers are being asked to be especially vigilant. Keep an eye out for ID badges, as all staff should wear their badges at all times within the building. If someone is a visitor they will have a visitor’s badge.

Go online

You can now have your say on the future of Sleaford by visiting Facebook. Search for 'Sleaford Masterplan' and make it your friend!

Housing Strategy and Enabling Officer Jemma Empson enrolled on the MSc in Housing Studies through De Montfort University and the Chartered Institute of Housing before joining NKDC. The course is a two-year postgraduate professional diploma in Housing Studies and the third year the dissertation year that converts the diploma into a Masters degree. Jemma has qualified with the diploma and hopes to

do the MSc top-up next August after saving up the money and had a well deserved rest. The diploma involved six modules with 12 assignments on topics such as asset management, regeneration and sustainable neighbourhoods, planning and development and housing organisations. Jemma says: "The course was through distance learning and has taught me about every aspect of housing, but was really demanding. "I had an assignment

due in every six weeks for a two-year period. The qualification has allowed me to gain corporate membership of the CIH and I can use the letters MCIH after my name now!" Now Jemma has her MSc she would like to continue her career in Housing and hopes one day to become a Housing Manager. She adds: "I have really enjoyed the course and would like to thank Steve Priestley for all the help and support over the last year." atnk



Jason's journeys in his jalopy NK's Press & Publications Officer has been driving across Europe to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes


riving through Europe in mid August proved to be no holiday for NK Press & Publications Officer Jason Hippisley and his fiancée Annabelle Bartrop. As featured on the Council’s intranet and in local media, the couple joined 16 other teams in driving more than 2,500 kilometres through 12 countries in four days – in a car held together

with good grace and gaffer tape. Being cooped up for hours on end in an ageing Citröen Saxo with only a limited lifespan and a massive Lincolnshire flag plastered over the bonnet was no mean feat but it was in aid of the good cause of Help for Heroes. Thanks in no small part to generous sponsorship of friends and colleagues at NKDC, Jason and Annabelle will have raised almost £800 for the care and support of wounded Forces’ personnel. Collectively the Banger • High quality print Run amassed more than £15,000 for the • Competitive prices care and support of • Quick turnaround wounded Forces’ We don’t just print anything, we check your files and inform personnel. you of any problems - no charge, just part of the service! From the start at Calais through Belgium, digitalprintingservices the Netherlands, 01529 300452 • • Germany, Luxembourg, Unit 3 • Navigation Wharf • Sleaford • Lincolnshire • NG34 7TW into Lichtenstein,

Full design and print service



Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, across the bottom of France and touching on Spain to reach the finishing point in Andorra, it was be virtually non-stop driving, camping and re-fuelling. There was scope for a little bit of racing on the Nurburgring in Germany but torrential rain put paid to that and the plan to drive on the Monaco GP circuit took an interesting turn involving

The experience has been good for the car too and it's earned itself a reprieve from the scrapheap

a steep decent on narrow, winding one-way streets – the wrong way. “Unexpectedly the car served us really well and Annabelle is now back to driving miles around southern Lincolnshire in her job as an Occupational Therapist, so maybe the experience has been good for it too and it’s earned itself a reprieve from the scrap heap for now,” said Jason.

STAND UP TO BE COUNTED 2011 is Census year across England and Wales, the ten-yearly audit of who lives where. Jason and his fiancée Annabelle after completing their rally in France

“Apart from the relentlessness of the driving, the long days getting to campsites at gone 10pm and being off again by 8am and the annoyance of toll charges, the most frustrating thing was not having chance to stop off and enjoy the places we were driving past. “We did a couple of detours to visit the twin towns of Lincoln, Market Rasen and Louth and in doing so found ourselves in Billinghay’s French twin Ballon, but the Sleaford twin towns in France and Germany were just too far off the route. “I’ve got to say I was more than underwhelmed by Lichtenstein since it was dark and teaming with rain as we breezed through whilst racing to get to our Swiss campsite and Andorra wasn’t

anything like as I’d hoped, remote yes, but hardly exotic.” With no time for site-seeing, scribbling postcards or grabbing a beer along the way, it was a welcome relief to stop driving after four days and take a breather in France before heading back to the task of collecting in the sponsorship. Called 'Yella Bellas' in honour of Jason’s roots, they were able to fly the flag for Lincolnshire courtesy of Lincolnshire Life magazine and Clearprint who gave a discount on the bonnet sticker.

Accurate Census data is essential to ensure North Kesteven gets its fair share of funding and services are shaped to meet local needs. To ensure that accuracy, the Office for National Statistics is looking for local people to act as field staff for the 2011 Census. If you are interested, find out more and apply at

If you wish to sponsor Jason visit:




Susie Purnell gives Training Instructor Dale Jacques a taste of his own medicine



'Drop down and give me 20!' AtNK joined Customer Service Advisor Susie Purnell in the field – literally – during a military-style training session


ustomer Service Advisor Susie Purnell has discovered a way to get fit and de-stress after a hard day's work – a military-style workout. She has been taking part in the British Forces Fitness sessions over the past months, despite admitting to a lack of motivation when it comes to fitness, and is really feeling the benefits. She says: "It was my sister’s idea to sign up for the training, as she got a leaflet through her door from British Forces Fitness. "Initially I thought she was crazy, but I’ll try anything once so I agreed to go! I’ve always wanted to get fit but I seriously lack motivation. I thought if anyone could get me moving it would be these guys! "My first thoughts were 'what have I let myself in for?' I was quite nervous to start with in case I was the most unfit person there and I made a fool of myself. But I had nothing to worry

about, the instructors are really good and tailor the sessions to all different abilities." Dale Jacques is Managing Director of British Forces Fitness, which he set up in July of this year. He has been in the army for eight years and is currently a personal training instructor based at RAF Digby.

I hate doing exercise and have never stuck at anything before now

Susie Purnell, Customer Services

He says: “Growing up in Manchester my uncle had a pro-boxing gym, so I got into fitness at an early age. “I met my now-wife, also in the armed forces, so she was always fit, but had was medically discharged with shinsplints in 2002. When she had our first daughter she struggled to lose the weight she had gained during the pregnancy.

“She asked if we could train together so I put together a programme, and she was soon back in shape. To look at her now you would not think she’d had two kids! “Pretty soon after she lost the weight, all her friends thought she looked so great they wanted to join in too. It got bigger and bigger, until I had a squadron of army wives, and then their husbands joined in too, so I got some of the other personal training instructors to help out.” Upon posting to RAF Digby Dale and his wife continued to train together, and found themselves in a similar situation with her new friends wanting to get fit but not knowing how to. Since Dale started up British Forces Fitness training sessions in Sleaford, the course has taken off massively. Susie says: “I hate doing exercise and have never stuck at anything before but British Forces Fitness  Continued p10




 Continued from p9

is brilliant. It has taken the town by storm. “They have also started doing social evenings with money raised being donated to Help for Heroes.” Dale and the trainers also advise on healthy eating. Susie feels it is important to get fit so she can eat what she wants: "I absolutely love food so I’d rather exercise than deprive myself of my favourite foods!" Dale says: “If I wasn’t in the military I wouldn’t know any different when it

comes to being healthy, so we don’t judge participants. "The sessions are meant to be fun, and you can come along whenever it suits you, feel good about yourself, meet new people and have a laugh – sometimes at other people’s expense, such as when Susie fell over a few weeks ago! “British Forces Fitness sessions are very social. We get people working together as a team/ section and encourage team camaraderie

which is typical of a military environment. “All our lessons take place outdoors, this means we train in all weathers so from time to time you can expect to get a little wet and muddy, however this all adds to the fun and training environment.” Typically the hour long lessons consist of a 10 minute warm up, two x 20 minute circuits and a 10 minute cool down and stretch off. “We use a variety of equipment in

Five-minute workout Rocky Sits The perfect exercise to strengthen your inner-core, obliques and abdominal muscles

Start position: Lie with your back flat against the floor with your knees bent and the soles of your feet flat on the ground. Place hands on your temple, gently supporting your head. Push your lower spine flat against the floor.

Exercise: Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor, using the strength of your abdominal muscles. As you lift, engage your pelvic floor muscle. At lifting position, twist to the left by angling right shoulder and right elbow towards left knee. Breathe out as you lift and

Tip: If you're a beginner, perform this exercise whilst someone is holding your feet



complete the twist. Return to centre lifting position and inhale as you slowly lower your shoulders back to floor. Repeat the exercise on opposite side. Repeat exercise for two sets of eight reps (16 repetitions per set) with a 30-second rest between sets.

The difference between soldiers and civilians is that soldiers do what I tell them!

Dale Jacques, British Forces Fitness

our lessons ranging from medicine balls to tractor tyres! Each lesson is specifically designed to with our client’s ability levels in mind; we pride ourselves on our balanced approach, achieving real results in the real world. “Of course we do do the ‘drop down and give me 20!’ thing – but the difference between soldiers and civilians is that soldiers do what I tell them to do!” Susie says: "The day after the first session I was very stiff and tired. But

I pulled myself together and went again on the Thursday. "Ten minutes into the session I felt fantastic. I was glad I had persevered. It is so much fun and every session is different. It’s hard work but a really enjoyable way to get in shape." Classes are held on the Recreation Ground in Sleaford on a Tuesday and Thursday night (7-8pm) and Saturday morning (9.30-10.30am). £3 per session (first session is free). 

Desert Island Discs Anita Megennis Corporate Strategy If you were stranded on an island, what couldn't you live without? Music 1. Simon & Garfunkel The Boxer 2. Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll 3. Dobie Gray Out on the floor 4. James Sit Down 5. Rod Stewart You’re in my Heart 6. BareNaked Ladies Brian Wilson 7. Morrissey First of the Gang to Die 8. Fat Boy Slim The Rockafeller Skank Book Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews. Luxury Item My Grandson Charlie: he costs me a fortune! What would you have picked?  Communications@




A day in the life

One-stop-shop, advice service, directory enquiries and occasional therapist: Waddington Community Access Point's Kim Crawford does it all...


have no idea what an average day is. We can get reports of dog mess in the village, broken street lights, rats in gardens… you name it. We never know who’s coming through the door next! I have been at the Waddington Community Access Point for seven years, and began by working in office administration at the Parish, then worked my way up to become Assistant Clerk. I was born in Glasgow – though I have little of my accent left – and have been living in Lincolnshire for 13 years (via Teeside). My partner is actually a councillor in Waddington – and he’s a goth, which always surprises people! I like to think I’m the superorganised font of all knowledge – from kick-boxing classes to painters and decorators. My ‘little black book’ of contact numbers is always open on my desk, and I have phone numbers for



pretty much everything and everyone – some people think I'm Directory Enquiries! We take bookings for the Redwood Drive Community Centre for groups such as the Brownies and LIVES; as well as bookings for Waddington Village Hall.

The eyes and ears of Waddington: Kim says she loves being in the front line

The CAP also deals with the plots for burials at the local cemetery. We have to actually mark out the plots with stakes for the burials. I try not to do that bit though, as I really don’t like it! I deputise for the Clerk when she is off, but wouldn’t want to do it permanently as I like being in the front line.

This morning a local councillor popped in with his two dogs to report some broken glass spotted in a field. I quickly call the dog warden Tony Goss – currently covering the role of Parish handyman who is on leave – to clean up the glass immediately. Usually Tony would be cleaning up dog mess and catching offenders – his presence alone is a valuable deterrent to would-be offenders and there is a noted decline in reported cases of dog-fouling when he’s around and about. But today he is tasked with removing the glass before someone can injure themselves. We do get complaints about young people hanging around the village. We’re doing a lot to keep them entertained, but you can run the risk of getting more complaints about the effort we go to to entertain them. The problem is there’s not much for them to do – there’s not much for them to do. Sometimes you just can’t

win, and have to accept that a lot of the complaints are to do with people’s perception of young people. I have two daughters, so I can see both sides. The biggest issue we currently have is some travellers are camped out in a local field. I have to go down to the site every day and put up a notice to leave the land, as the travellers keep taking down the notices. We do get talking to them and you do get to know them. It turned out they were staying on that particular piece of land because they were passing through, when one of their group became ill and was admitted to hospital locally. You can’t help but sympathise, and they were given a week to move on, but much of my time lately has been taken up dealing with complaints from the public about the travellers. Notice will be served this week, and once served they’ll have 24 hours to vacate the land. After that we’ll put gates up to stop them coming back; which reminds me, I’ve got to go and collect two bolts and chains this afternoon!

I have phone numbers for pretty much everyone and everything - some people think I'm Directory Enquiries!




What's on

AtNK takes a look at some autumnal events Art Print Shop at The Hub, Sleaford To 3 October Brooklyn printmaker and muralist Belle Benfield invites you to consider the process in getting food onto the supermarket shelves.   01529 308710



RIBA 50/50 at The Hub, Sleaford 9-24 October Fifty buildings and 50 years of great modern architecture in the East Midlands on display.   01529 308710 £


Music Showstopper! The Improvised Musical at The Lincoln Drill Hall 17 September A brand new musical is created from scratch at each performance of this award-winning production, which has played sell-out seasons in London’s West End and at the Edinburgh festival. Audience suggestions help to create a show on the spot.   01522 873894 £




Voice in a Million at the Trent FM Arena, Bolero Square, Nottingham 7 October A choir of thousands will be supporting some talented young singers in a musical evening to break a world record in support of the British Association for Adoption & Fostering.   08444 124624 £

£20-£25 (plus booking fee)

Theatre The Old Curiosity Shop at the Terry O' Toole Theatre 1 October (7pm) An imaginative adaptation of the famous Charles Dickens novel.   01522 883311 £

£7- £28 (for families)

Animal Farm at The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham 17 November Gary Shelford’s solo performance of Orwell’s classic satire uses nothing but a wooden box, some amazing sound effects.   01476 406158 £


The Old Curiosity Shop at The Terry O'Toole Theatre

Oleanna at The Terry O'Toole Theatre, North Hykeham, 18-19 November Oleanna is a two-character play about the power struggle between a university professor and one of his female students. Advised for 14 years plus.   01522 883311 £

£8- £16

Events Lincoln Ladies FC Open Day at the North Kesteven Sports Centre 18 September Lincoln Ladies FC is holding an Open Day.   0844 4438116 NKDC Chairman's Lincolnshire Day Supper, Skellingthorpe Community Centre 1 October Lincolnshire food in aid of the Chairman's charities Candles and Diabetes UK 


Find out who has joined NKDC and who is departing for pastures new... Starters Jayne McMath Administration Assistant (PECS) Anne-Marie Shepherd Parish Partnership Officer Sara Nunn Cleaner (Communities) Michelle Marklew Press & Publications Assistant (Corporate Strategy) Alan Doughty Refuse Collector (Regulatory Services)


Morgan May Refuse Collector (Regulatory Services)

Christopher Garlick Student Env Health Officer (Regulatory Services)

Elaine Hill Support Co-ordinator (Communities)

Hannah Wyld Planning Officer (Joint Planning Unit)

Louise Bush Support Co-ordinator (Communities)

Sandra Lea PA to Chairman and Members

Robert Moreland LIEP Director Leavers Pamela Lupton PA to Chairman & Members

Stephen Edy Refuse Collector (Regulatory Services) Teresa Brumpton Local Access Point Advisor (Customer Services)

Michelle Marklew

Press & Publications Assistant

What does your new role entail? I am responsible for MediaNK, which reports on the news coverage for NKDC; writing press releases; proofreading; supporting the production of publications; as well as general admin and organisation of the team. What attracted you to the role? Having previously worked as a Marketing Officer within the Education Sector I had been able to gain experience in a variety of roles including advertising, events, marketing and public relations. I studied PR and

Journalism at University so when I saw the role advertised and with the bonus of it being local to where I lived I thought I would give it a shot! What are you enjoying so far? Everyone has been welcoming and the teacakes are also a great treat! One interesting fact about Michelle...

As an ‘RAF Brat’ I have lived half my life abroad (Belgium, Germany and Holland) as well as various parts of the UK. atnk




Sept-Oct 2010 edition  

Featuring a day in the life of the Waddington Community Access Point.

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