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2nd Place Bathroom

Kimberly Ann Fetzer

3rd Place Bathroom

Elizabeth Enberg

Brigham Young University- Idaho, Rexburg, ID

St. Louis Community College- Meramec, Kirkwood, MO

“Two major philosophies were the inspiration for this design”, Kimberly Ann Fetzer 2nd place winner stated. “For a contemporary look, I studied the international style of Mies van der Rohe. His design philosophy, ‘God is in the Details’, inspired me to believe that a truly beautiful space will use a simple arrangement of natural elements to portray beauty. Repetition of simple shapes, lines, and exquisite materials provides a minimal, natural, and relaxing space to start and end the day. The strong sense of horizontal and continuous line from the teak cabinetry also reflects international design.

Beach Spa is the theme of 3rd place winner Elizabeth Enberg’s design. She defines beach spa as “a design possessing the colors of the beach, creating a natural and neutral background to form a soothing environment, with décor and features of the bath providing the relaxing qualities of a spa. This neutral pallet sets the scene to highlight the client’s extensive hand-blown Venetian glass art collection. The glass pieces selected to be displayed in the bathroom area to standout against the cream tiles range in the color from sea green to deep-ocean blue”.

“Japanese design provided my second inspiration. Very contemporary and simplistic, Japanese design incorporates natural elements allowing occupants to be a part of nature. Japanese rock gardens inspired the flooring for the space and shoji screens give the space a relaxing repetitious feel”.

The theme is reinforced with material selections; pebble floor tiles lead guests to the back wall displaying a path of dark pebble wall tiles. Driftwood is used for vanity stools, raised planks for the ceiling and sconces. The cabinetry consists of distressed weathered wood.

As the couple opens the shoji screen door located at the farthest western point of the space, they are immediately transferred to a peaceful Zen-like state of mind enhanced by the pebble flooring, and use of teak in the floor, for cabinetry and on the walls. Soothing sounds of waterfalls and classical music will calm and relax the couple to prepare them for the start of their busy day. The ceiling height was lowered to 88” to accommodate the electrical and mechanical changes necessary. His side has a large built in mirror with vanishing television, so that he can watch the news while dressing. The opposite side houses her vanity space. Their storage for robes, undergarments, and towels will be beautifully concealed behind shoji screen inspired cabinetry on either side of her vanity space. Uplift cabinetry with a built in stereo system allows for classical music while preparing for the day.

Teak Cabinetry

Pebble Flooring

Marble Wall Finish

The large shower with two rain heads, four water tiles, and one hand held shower hear will allow for a two-person shower. Conveniently located outside the shower is a large custom linen cabinet for towel, robe, and bath supply storage. The designer located vanities and sinks across from each other; complete with adequate storage and backlit mirrors with hidden televisions. These dressing areas feature stone vessel sinks that resemble large rocks that one could imagine were smoothed and rounded by water erosion. The ceiling height was lowered to 90” in the interior sections and 84” where soffits were created to accommodate the aesthetic, electric and mechanical concerns. The many lighting features installed in the bath illuminate the room at a push of a button. The lighting system has five custom “scenes” each to best benefit a certain task.

Concrete Flooring

Glass Wall Tile

Pebble Wall Tile | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  

The KBIS Issue, NKBA Design Competition Winners Revealed