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1st Place Kitchen - Mary Anne Jarrell Seminole State College, Heathrow, FL First place student kitchen design winner Mary Anne Jarrell captured the attention of the judges with her upscale sleek contemporary design solution that features unique advanced products and materials which are bound to impress the Fletcher’s many guests and friends. She titled the project Catering to Art, a play-on-words to emphasize the clients needs to accommodate large scale entertaining using a catering staff and to display their extensive collection of European sculptures and Venetian hand-blown glass. “My design inspiration was the client’s glass art collection,” stated, Mary Anne. “I was raised in a family that collected glass art work and I love it. I wanted the glass sculptures to be the focus of the design and to create display areas that would capture and illuminate their beauty. Enhancing the beauty of the glass artworks and sculptures, the finishes are done in monochromatic earth tones accentuated with Black Eco countertops that contain a “touch” of sparkle. The color pallet provides a natural backdrop to the many colors of the art sculptures and vases. The uncomplicated lines of the architectural features contrast the sinuous lines and shapes of the glass art work. All glass shelf displays are illuminated with wall wash recessed lighting.” The open perimeter floor plan design allows ample natural light to cast upon the glass artwork from the large floor to ceiling windows. A walled center island in the middle of the kitchen partially obscures the kitchen activity from dinner guests. The dining room or east side of the island wall displays glass artwork on suspended glass shelving above the buffet serving area. The peninsula located on the north side of the kitchen has suspended glass shelving to store and display the fine stemware. Continuing down the bar; drinks are served on a raised glass countertop located below a suspended glass shelf that holds a selection of top shelf liquors. Under the bar counter is a refrigerator with ice maker and refrigerated wine storage. A custom bar height two person dining table is located at the end of the bar in the northeast corner of the kitchen. The




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table is placed where the diners can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and Chicago from the 65th floor. The Waterstation provides two work stations, for catering personnel, as well as multiple rotating work surfaces. A trash compactor is conveniently located next to the prep area as well as a dishwasher. Mary Anne’s design solution for the Fletcher’s living space not only meets the aesthetic and planning considerations, it also addresses the construction and mechanical concerns. A decorative door hides the non-removable water heater, yet provides access for future repairs and also doubles as additional pantry storage. The ceiling was dropped to accommodate electrical wiring for lighting and appliances. The peninsula wall was used to provide electricity to the wine storage, refrigerator and dishwasher.

NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  

The KBIS Issue, NKBA Design Competition Winners Revealed