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Best Before & After: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

Best Before & After: Bathroom

Melissa Morgan Sutherland, CKD Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery, Nashville, TN Co-Designers: Carla Taylor, CKD & Kathleen Tims The initial objectives at the projects onset included opening up this master bathroom space, improve traffic flow, create a shared vanity space, improve storage and add luxury and elegance. Some of the challenges addressed by Melissa Sutherland, CKD, designer on the project were two entrances and a central closet resulted in a cramped maze of isolated vanities and closets, and overall lack of organization options in the existing closet as well as working within an unchanged footprint. The clients were also looking to gain a larger shower and two person tub, as well as an area to sit for make-up application.

Although Sutherland agrees that the space was adequate, she describes the existing bathroom as dreadful, going on to describe the floor plan obstacles, “The u-shaped walkway meandered to the back of the room where the shower, tub and water closet were located. The clients felt isolated. Style was lacking, and the closets left a lot to be desired.” Sutherland designed a new T-shape to the space, which created a more | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  
NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  

The KBIS Issue, NKBA Design Competition Winners Revealed