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Kichler Lighting

Since 1938, Kichler Lighting has been dedicated to developing stylish, quality and energy-efficient products for homeowners. In addition to optimizing their customers’ lighting and energy savings, Kichler demonstrates that energy-efficient fixtures can be beautiful as well as practical. Kichler offers hundreds of highly energy-efficient lighting solutions, many with ENERGY STAR ratings and advanced Design Pro LED award-winning technology for quality performance, a certified long life, and a pure, even flow of light. Design Pro LED Modular and Disc 2.0 As one of the first winners of the prestigious Lighting for Tomorrow award for solid state luminaires, Kichler has again captured a win for the redesign and upgrade of their Design Pro LED Modular and Disc 2.0. This innovative lighting system features an ultra-thin profile that comfortably fits into even the tightest cabinet spaces in the kitchen to emit a warm, white light. Now compatible with all available Z-Wave®* home automation equipment with the proper accessories, this 24-volt DC linear fixture has full dimmable capabilities for premium light level control. These fixtures can be used individually, snapped directly together or connected via interconnect cables. With a high brightness, cool operating temperature and superior color rendering, this affordable, energy-efficient product offers the ultimate in energy savings, using 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting with a 40,000 hour lifespan and limited lifetime warranty. When used with the right power supplies and accessories, this under-cabinet lighting system is ENERGY STAR-qualified. Taskwork LED Tape Kichler’s Taskwork LED Tape is a great option for accent lighting in the bathroom or kitchen. Its ultra-low profile, 16 feet of consistent light and sleek design make this 12-volt linear system the ideal way to highlight tray ceilings, toe-kicks, under-counter surfaces, above cabinets, and inside bookshelves, coves and a variety of other areas. One side features 3M adhesive, the other side is lined with LED chips on a copper band. Taskwork LED Tape can be cut every two inches at the designated sections along the strip. Kichler also offers numerous accessories for flexible installation, such as a corner connector for making 90-degree “picture frame” turns. It also offers a 10,000-hour lifespan with a one-year warranty. KBIS Booth C4151

Kukel International Group Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech water heating system. Registered in Hong Kong, the Group’s diverse product portfolio ranges from porcelain-energy heat faucet, hot shower to water heating system. Kukel is proud to be the first company in inventing the groundbreaking Porcelain-Energy Technology™. Kukel had invented the world’s smallest heater by using porcelain technology with heater integrated inside the faucet/hot shower, making instant hot water supply possible. Water temperature can be changed according to usage type, definitely taking water heating technology into a new horizon. The patent Porcelain-Energy Technology™ revolutionizes the model of conventional water heating. No need for a hot water pipe, water heater or hot water tank. Water wastage due to cold water running from pipes and unused hot water cooling down in tank and pipe can be avoided. Kukel’s product is applicable to households, schools, hospitals, offices and hotels. Simply using single-phase electric power and patent porcelain heat conductor built inside tap or shower, you can enjoy instant hot water supply. This design uses power only when hot water is running. Alternate power source can be chosen according to the amount of hot water supply, temperature and season, and can work from a single electrical source.

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*Z-Wave® is a registered trademark of Zensys Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  
NKBA Magazine Spring 2011  

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