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Revealing the 2011

NKBA Design Competition AWARD WINNERS

Best Kitchen Award Winner:

Best Bathroom Award Winner:

Chris Novak Berry, brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths

Holly Rickert, Ulrich, Inc.

PLUS: 10 Kitchen and Bath Trends from the 2011 NKBA Design Competition

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cover story 22 The 2011 NKBA Design

Competition Awards

Bob Narod, Photographer

Top designs are revealed. The latest advances in technology and innovative design concepts are seen in designs from across the U.S. and Canada.

Bill LaFevor


ON THE COVER – 2011 NKBA Design Competition Award Winners Cover photos: Best Kitchen (left), Designed by Chris Novak Berry, brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths, St. Louis, IL, Photo by Alise O’Brien Photography; Best Bath (right), Designed by Holly Rickert, Ulrich, Inc., Ridgewood, NJ, Photo by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography


12 2011 Kitchen & Bath

Industry Hall of Fame Inductee

Surjit Kalsi – one hot idea after another. Expert in cooking range design - credited with introducing commercial ranges into residential kitchens.

Corbin Kell Photography


14 Green Companies KBIS exhibitors are making green the norm rather than niché. Best green practices and products from top manufacturers.

Courtesy of Kichler Lighting



Introducing Julien kitchen faucets








Sinks + Faucets

1 866 901 5624




features (cont’d.) 64 2010/2011 NKBA

Student Design Competition


Announcing the winners - the next generation. Students face the challenge of a high-rise project.

72 10 Trends from the 2011

NKBA Design Competition Fresh and forward-thinking concepts.

Palettes, products, and materials-take a look at the latest. ©Dean Birinyi

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“With certifications under their belt, they have a personal sense of accomplishment and it shows. The increased knowledge adds to their level of marketable expertise.” – Joseph Feinberg, CGC, CR, 2011 NKBA Board of Directors MEMBER PROFILE: Pg. 84

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Association, 687 Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011 |

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Launches at KBIS


Donna Griffith Photography



designed by nkba Member tim scott OFFICIAL MEMBER PUBLICATION OF THE NKBA | 1.800.843.6522 | Follow Us:

NKBA Magazine is published quarterly by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 687 Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840. Telephone (800) 843-6522, fax (908) 852-1695 and web address: Subscriptions are free to members of NKBA. Copyright 2011 by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced without written permission. Any organization that is not a member may elect to become one by calling (800) 843-6522 or by visiting us online at NKBA. org. NKBA reserves the right to reject advertising or request changes to advertisements which it deems inappropriate or not in keeping with the Mission Statement of the NKBA or otherwise in violation of the rights of its members. The NKBA logo, KBIS®, CKD®, CBD®, CMKBD®, AKBD®, CKE®, and CBE® are registered trademarks of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

first word NKBA Magazine – Spring 2011


Fellow Industry Professionals, Whether you’re receiving this issue of NKBA Magazine at home or at KBIS, I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the award-winning designs from the 2011 NKBA Design Competition as well as the 2010/2011 NKBA Student Design Competition. Take the opportunity to read about the exciting trends seen in competition entries received from across the U.S. and Canada, companies exhibiting at KBIS who are showing their true “green” colors, along with the accomplishments of the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Hall of Fame inductee, Surjit Kalsi. If you’re here in Las Vegas, I’d like to welcome you to the largest venue for networking, inspiration, and information in the kitchen and bath industry. And to make your time at KBIS go even more smoothly, make sure to visit to download the KBIS Mobile App, free to all smartphone users. Features include linking with colleagues’ schedules, interactive floor maps, and real-time show and exhibitor announcements. Be certain to stop by the NKBA booth, where you’ll find the Design Competition Inspiration Gallery, Twitter Wall, and Product Display Showcase, as well as roundtable sessions and complimentary 30-minute presentations at Center Stage. In addition to highlighting two of our respected members in the Member Spotlight section of each issue, we’re excited to introduce a new section with updates for the different segments of our industry. Take a look at what’s going on in your segment and others. Looking ahead, I’m excited at the many ways that I’ve already seen NKBA members and leadership “take the next step.” I am really proud of how the 2011 NKBA Board of Directors has been forward-thinking and willing to tackle the important issues necessary in making our association everything it should be. And over the past month, I have been able to listen to insightful discussions and ideas generated by our Chapter Officers, Chapter Reps, and Advisory Councils at the Annual Planning Meeting. I want to thank everyone for all the personal dedication they give to our organization. With KBIS 2011 proving to be yet another excellent opportunity where kitchen and bath professionals can take the next step towards growing our businesses and professional relationships – the NKBA is seeing success all around.

2011 NKBA Annual Planning Meeting David Alderman, CMKBD, 2011 President (left) with Mark L. Karas, CMKBD, 2011 Immediate Past President (right)

Follow us at Join the NKBA group on Linkedin Scan this QR code with your smart phone to view the digital version of this issue.

The future of our industry and the NKBA is a bright one, and I’m honored to be part of the growth and development in 2011. Looking forward to seeing you here at KBIS in Las Vegas and next year at KBIS in Chicago! Sincerely,

David Alderman, CMKBD 2011 NKBA President | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


feedback Q:

If the NKBA is trying to reach you – our membership – with information you may find of value or interest, how should we communicate with you?

If we’d like to share updates, news, or information about the NKBA and the latest member offerings – how should we achieve this? What is the best way to catch your attention?


Communication is at the core of any successful relationship, in this case the relationship that exists between National and the NKBA members.

In trying to better understand how our members feel about communication and the best way to accomplish it, we went to our Advisory Council members for answers. Members from nine councils representing the cross-section of ages, professions, regions, and backgrounds that makes up our membership, gave us their input. Some of their responses are below. Take a look and see if you agree.


I like actual print communication when it’s important. When print is not possible, I like clean e-mails with very descriptive headlines - just tell me what the article’s going to be about, so I know if I want to read it. Include simple links to the article that I can read it on my cell phone - concise and to the point. Too often I come back from a long trip, and I have 500+ emails. A newsletter, from any organization probably will be deleted, so if I haven’t read the information on my cell phone, it probably won’t be read. If the information absolutely requires a picture, put it on your face book page, and duplicate it simply as an e-mail that I can read on my cell phone. A short headline about something that interests me will make me read beyond



the headline. A short message that gets to the point is the best way to get my attention – especially if it is duplicated in your magazine, in your electronic newsletter, and on your Facebook page. Duplicating the important ideas on a Facebook page helps reinforce the message, but e-mails are most helpful. I do read NKBA magazine. I look at at least every couple of months, but I would assume that that is more than most people. I read your electronic newsletter when I have less than 50 e-mails. Unfortunately, the newsletter is not very cell phone friendly, so I can’t really read the newsletter when I have extra time in an airport or while I’m waiting for a meal. Mark S. Goldman, AKBD – Portland, IN Advisory Council of Manufacturers/Suppliers


T hank you for your questions and opportunity to answer. I love to read NKBA Magazine. I love that I can take it with me, write in it, make notes in it, highlight and underline things I want to remember, and share it with others. I then save it for future

feedback reference. When it comes to the electronic NKBA News, I honestly do not open every one of them but I do open most of them. It all depends on my time and if the topic sentences for the articles appeal to me. I love magazines! I was just on today to register my CEUs and check out future meetings and the education classes that may be of interest. I spent about an hour there and also checked out leads and job opportunities section, and looked around at random information. This has made me think a bit more about how I communicate and as it turns out one of my colleagues dislikes texting and would prefer phone calls. Sara Flynn, CKD – Hebron, KY Advisory Council of Dealers


I feel the best way to communicate to us is through NKBA Magazine, along with social media sites (ex: LinkedIn, Twitter). This way if we don’t have time to thumb through the magazine, we can get “sound bites” of information on our electronic devices. I feel people are oversaturated with e-mails, but not everyone does Twitter, FB, or LinkedIn. Alan Hilsabeck, Jr., CMKBD Flower Mound, TX Advisory Council of Designers


I prefer e-mail communication because it is paperless and doesn’t contribute to the clutter that surrounds my job. I usually try to scan them but do not always have time to click through the links. I use often in my role as chapter officer but as a distributor member have not often used it for that purpose. When I see the issue of the magazine that goes to my company, I do thumb through it. Kathy St. Joseph – Bolingbrook, IL Advisory Council of Wholesale Distributors


I would love to see NKBA Magazine as an IPad app. That would be my number one request. I often find that the problem with communication is the fact that “life happens” and we don’t

read those emails. I think that the best way to communicate ideas or topics of interest most efficiently is through email with links to the complete communication. I like the NY Times online model where you can look at the opening paragraph of the article and then read the whole thing if you are interested. A searchable feature for archived information would be really helpful. The other issue is that communication has to be tailored to the individual, so it is nearly impossible to have a one-size-fits-all model. A single model will not satisfy everyone. I do read the electronic newsletter, look to the website, and visit LinkedIn. Anthony Izzo, CKD – Ballston Spa, NY Advisory Council of Multi-Branch Retailers


E-communications is great – but if our inbox has a lot of emails, we might tend to open it, not read it completely, and hope to jog our memory to open it later when we have the time to read it

Or we might open it, print it out, and read it later. I prefer both ways – I still like print version because I can bring it home and read it on my time. I don’t go to the website as it has been difficult to find items – I know that is changing. It might be nice to have links sent to us, directing us to the web page that has info NKBA wants to share with us. We all have our different methods. In general e-communication is effective in speed of info as well as saving costs Jan Neiges, CKD – Centennial, CO Advisory Council of Decorative Plumbing & Hardware


I prefer e-mail with a header that defines the message (i.e. this is an education update; this is a business issue, marketing issue, advocacy issue, membership issue, etc.) I prefer digital communication so I can forward it or print it out. I do read NKBA News, and I typically scan the magazine to see what captures my attention. I do not often look to for updates. John Todd, CGR, CAPS, CGP, CSP, CMP – Frisco, TX Advisory Council of Builders/Remodelers

A: I read e-mails if I have time or consider it important (i.e. meeting info, meeting minutes, etc). If not, I delete it and away they go. I am of the generation that reads physical mail printed on paper. I do read NKBA Magazine and am thrilled that you still sent it! I am fed up with K&B Biz and KBDN. I only see e-mail stuff and never seem to find the time to open. When I do, it takes too long to navigate. My feelings are likely somewhat due to my generation. Charlie McCamy – Charlotte, NC Advisory Council of Manufacturers’ Reps A:

I definitely prefer digital communications. I rarely elect to receive any content in print form. Digital format allows me to read it when it is most convenient to me. It also allows me to save information neatly and in an organized fashion. If possible, I would like to have NKBA Magazine come in an iPad format or app form. I use my iPad to access websites, including Mark Kovich – Winchester, VA Advisory Council of Manufacturers/Suppliers

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS: To speak out, send your thoughts with your name, address, and phone number via MAIL: NKBA, 687 Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840, Attn: Letters; FAX: (908) 852-1695; or E-MAIL: Letters may be edited for length. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Kitchen & Bath Hall of Fame Honors a New Inductee

Surjit Kalsi – One Hot Idea After Another

By Sean Ruck

Corbin Kell Photography




Established in 1989, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Hall of Fame honors those who have made a lasting, positive impact on the kitchen and bath industry. Inductees are picked by a committee from nominations submitted by voting members of the NKBA. A formal induction takes place during at a special event during KBIS each year. Nominations come from far and wide — just like this year’s inductee. Surjit Kalsi was born in India and graduated Bombay University in 1956. “I was going to become a doctor,” he recalled. “I headed to London to join London Medical College, but it wasn’t possible because I couldn’t pursue that level of study while working full-time.” So Kalsi did the next best thing, he decided to become an engineer. He worked days and attended class nights. His job and studies meshed well. “My very first job was at a gas supplier management company in their research and development department,” he said. He was a quick study. “I was tasked with creating maximum efficiency burners. So I created my first dual-burner where I had two chambers in a burner fed by a duplex valve,” he remembers. “Turning the control to a certain degree would supply one burner and a little more would supply both.” When his boss at the time, impressed with Kalsi’s ingenuity rhetorically asked, “Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought about doing this?” he replied, “Because anyone else is not me!”

Presented by the

vice president of engineering for more than double his salary. After one month on the job, he received a call from a man in Mississippi. “He had an idea and wanted to meet with me,” Kalsi said. “He wanted to produce a commercial range for residential use.” He offered to pay Kalsi’s salary for the company as well as the development cost of the product. The man was skeptical when Kalsi told him it would take one year to create what he wanted — others weren’t even able to create a prototype. Kalsi applied burners and grates that were to be used for the product to an existing 48” wide range from U.S. Range. He insulated it so thoroughly that it passed every household appliance standard when it was submitted to the certifying agency for approval. His client was initially intending to purchase 35 units, but quickly upped the order to more than 100. He already had a distribution system in place and the product was hugely successful. Today, Fred Karl Jr.’s company is better-known as Viking range. Kalsi stayed with U.S. Range for a few more years before again deciding to work for himself. “By then, I decided never to work for another person. I had an idea that since I had given Viking the full range, with my new company, I could give people the range top,” he said. Within its first year, Kalsi’s new company, Dynamic Cooking Systems, was churning out 100 units per month. During that year, he attended the National Association of Home Builder’s show in Atlanta, where he met both the president of Thermador and Wolf, and encouraged them to visit his company.

The idea wasn’t patented though, because in 1957, the technology was simply too expensive to include in a home range. Still, his initial design success and a raise within his first year encouraged him to stay in the industry.

The president of Thermador accepted the invitation. “I was sitting on a box of screws with a table made of a sheet of wood with four screw boxes as legs, talking to someone on a phone that was barely more than a toy, when I felt a tap on my shoulder,” Kalsi recalled.

Soon, Kalsi had another hot idea – literally. “I came upon a way to clean the oven using heat — if you elevated the oven temperature to 900 degrees, all the fat would disappear,” he said. “That, I did patent. It’s under my name and the company’s name.” Thus, the pyrolytic self-cleaning oven was born.

“Thermador’s president asked how many units the company made in a month. He wanted 400 to 500 a month. I told him if he gave me a 50% advance and 50% on delivery we had a deal. He told me he couldn’t do that – that wasn’t how they paid their vendors.”

Kalsi continued to climb the company ladder and was brought onto the board of directors in 1970. At that point, he had another hot idea – he decided to start his own company. Since England was filled with industry giants, he decided to return home. But he encountered problems. “I realized I had forgotten some things about India,” he admitted. “First and foremost, there wasn’t a gas supply in the country.” He also faced power shortages and a shortage of skilled labor. After 10 years of struggle, he had enough and packed up and moved to Baltimore, Maryland. In Maryland, again an employee, he was back down the ladder at a salary of $20,000. Within six months, he received an offer for an interview from a company in Pennsylvania. Upon arriving, he was told an interview wasn’t necessary. “They hired me on the spot for research and development at $35,000.” Three years later in 1985, another rung on the ladder was within reach – a headhunter contacted him about a job in California as

He called back that night and asked Kalsi to come over for further discussion. Kalsi returned home that night with an order for 5,000 units and a check covering half the amount. His partners and he sold their company. Today, he has finally found the company where he feels at home. Capital Cooking was started by his son and some of Kalsi’s former employees. Kalsi was brought on as chairman and president. They continue to introduce new product and deliver innovation to the industry. Kalsi now holds six patents, with others pending and the satisfaction of knowing that most high-end consumer kitchens in America showcase something that he brought to life. When asked what advice he would offer others striving to succeed, he says, “Regardless of difficulties, if you stick with it, you’ll succeed.” And does he have any regrets about never becoming a doctor? He laughs and says, “I have many friends who are doctors — they tell me I did the right thing.” | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Green Companies KBIS exhibitors are making green the norm rather than niché.

Visit these green NKBA member companies exhibiting at KBIS

Just another way that the NKBA is working to promote the efforts of its membership – and this time the KBIS 2011 Member Exhibitors are the ones benefitting. For the first time ever, products in one of three categories: Green, Universal or Kitchen & Bath Technology will be on-display in the NKBA Booth. Member companies such as American Standard, Air King, Kichler Lighting, Osborne Wood Products, Scotsman Ice Systems, Native Trails, Grothouse Lumber, Kohler, and Rocky Mountain Hardware are taking advantage of this complimentary opportunity to have their latest product seen. Take a look at some of the company’s green products and practices. 14


The function of a professional range. The form of a work of art.

The Epicure速 Dual-Fuel Range by Dacor.速 The only range that has managed to blend culinary artistry with pure artistry. Beauty is in the details. Dacor is in the details. Attending KBIS 2011? Visit Dacor in booth 4529 to check out our latest innovations and products, including the complete Distinctive Series!


Free Dishwashers, Warming Drawers, Microwaves and Ventilation Systems from the only kitchen that loves you back For a limited time. Offer ends December 31, 2011 Visit for promotion details or call 1-800-793-0093.

Grothouse Lumber

American Standard

American Standard Brands is deeply committed to reducing water use efficiently and effectively, without a sense of sacrifice. From offering some of the highest performing WaterSense-certified toilets, faucets, showerheads, and flush valves on the market to our cross-country Responsible Bathroom mobile marketing campaign, American Standard has worked hard to increase demand and preference for water-saving products. Other efforts to raise awareness of practical water conservation solutions include three major initiatives: • A two-year, $1 million commitment to support the Nature Conservancy; • Sponsoring a unique K-12 curriculum that teaches students about sustainability and the environment through a partnership with the Green Education Foundation (GEF); • Participation in the New Jersey Water Savers “Water Champions” pilot program, with American Standard donating more than $100,000 worth of high efficiency plumbing products to schools and other public buildings throughout New Jersey. • A 21-home retrofit test in the Atlanta metropolitan area. In the NKBA booth at KBIS, American Standard is showcasing our H2Option toilet, the first first truly siphonic dual flush toilet. Independently rated to flush as much as 1,000 grams of solid waste, the innovative PowerWash™ flushing system provides quiet jetted action under the rim to strengthen the siphon. We are also showing the EcoSilent™ Whirlpool System from American Standard cuts noise levels by 50 percent and uses 45 percent less energy than previous whirlpool systems. At American Standard, it all begins with our unmatched legacy of quality and innovation that has lasted for more than 140 years. We provide the style and performance that fit perfectly into life, wherever that may be. For more information about water efficient plumbing products from American Standard, visit or

KBIS Booth C7038



The Grothouse Lumber Company, the premier supplier of custom-built wood counters, tables and bar to ps, operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility located on a 50-acre farm in Pennsylvania. The wood surfaces facility was designed by owner Paul Grothouse using a range of energy efficient materials and systems. From its solar power and highly insulated ICF construction technique to a heating system powered by scrap materials, nearly every aspect of the facility is designed using energy conserving techniques. Excess sawdust produced at the facility is donated to local livestock farmers for use as animal bedding. A significant portion of the 50-acre property surrounding the facility continues to be farmed by local farmers, producing corn, soybeans and other grains. “Part of what’s attractive about our product is the fact that it brings the beauty of nature indoors,” explains Grothouse. “We recognize that as a consumer of these natural products we need to nurture the environment to ensure the longevity of our operation and minimize any environmental impact.” The Grothouse Lumber Company often utilizes local woods and woods that have been Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), Rainforest Coalition approved and Bamboo to construct their wood surfaces. Each day, wood surfaces are built by experienced craftsmen from over 60 species of high quality woods sourced from around the world. Intricate shapes and monolithic sizes are an everyday occurrence. Grothouse products ship in 2 to 3 weeks and arrive with a lifetime warranty. The Grothouse commitment to the environment, quality, and customer service guarantees a product that exceeds every client’s expectations.

KBIS Booth C6578


At VT, we turn design on its edge to give you an edge. It starts with an array of edge profiles, including proprietary 5

offerings exclusive to VT. And it continues with an extensive line of laminates, featuring the newest colors and 6

3 4




stone-like effects from Wilsonart and Formica . VT also gives you a business edge through our precision manufacturing practices that provide for fast and accurate installations. When you add attentive service, timely deliveries, and our VT PRO Team — a network of trained fabricators —

PROFILES: 1. Futura 2. Barcelona 3. Tempo 4. Nova 5. Geneva 6. Valencia 7. Caprice

nothing comes close to the VT Edge. ©2011 VT Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Please ask about FSC availability. 1-800-827-1615 (ext. 512)

TE ST YOU R KN OWLEDGE AN D WIN . Fifth-graders? Not that tough. If you want a real challenge, see how you stack up against customers. With our free online training program, you’ll learn about different customer types and how to sell them InSinkErator® food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers. You’ll also have the chance to win exciting prizes, from electronics to travel. It’s fun, easy and will only take a few moments of your time.

Sign up today at For more information on representing InSinkErator products, call 1-800-323-5050.

“Tiffany’s going to be so jealous when she sees my new kitchen...”

“Indulgent Indeed”

“Mom would like it, but we know Mother Earth must come first...”

“Keen to be green”

©2011 InSinkErator, InSinkErator® is a division of Emerson Electric Co. All rights reserved. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Must be legal U.S. resident 21 or older and currently employed as a sales associate in a kitchen or bath design showroom responsible for selling/ recommending InSinkErator products. SWEEPSTAKES NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Sweepstakes begins 3/7/11 and ends 8/31/11. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes subject to official rules available at www.insinkerator. com/smarter. SPONSOR. InSinkErator div. Emerson Electric Co., Racine, WI 53406


Kichler Lighting

Since 1938, Kichler Lighting has been dedicated to developing stylish, quality and energy-efficient products for homeowners. In addition to optimizing their customers’ lighting and energy savings, Kichler demonstrates that energy-efficient fixtures can be beautiful as well as practical. Kichler offers hundreds of highly energy-efficient lighting solutions, many with ENERGY STAR ratings and advanced Design Pro LED award-winning technology for quality performance, a certified long life, and a pure, even flow of light. Design Pro LED Modular and Disc 2.0 As one of the first winners of the prestigious Lighting for Tomorrow award for solid state luminaires, Kichler has again captured a win for the redesign and upgrade of their Design Pro LED Modular and Disc 2.0. This innovative lighting system features an ultra-thin profile that comfortably fits into even the tightest cabinet spaces in the kitchen to emit a warm, white light. Now compatible with all available Z-Wave®* home automation equipment with the proper accessories, this 24-volt DC linear fixture has full dimmable capabilities for premium light level control. These fixtures can be used individually, snapped directly together or connected via interconnect cables. With a high brightness, cool operating temperature and superior color rendering, this affordable, energy-efficient product offers the ultimate in energy savings, using 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting with a 40,000 hour lifespan and limited lifetime warranty. When used with the right power supplies and accessories, this under-cabinet lighting system is ENERGY STAR-qualified. Taskwork LED Tape Kichler’s Taskwork LED Tape is a great option for accent lighting in the bathroom or kitchen. Its ultra-low profile, 16 feet of consistent light and sleek design make this 12-volt linear system the ideal way to highlight tray ceilings, toe-kicks, under-counter surfaces, above cabinets, and inside bookshelves, coves and a variety of other areas. One side features 3M adhesive, the other side is lined with LED chips on a copper band. Taskwork LED Tape can be cut every two inches at the designated sections along the strip. Kichler also offers numerous accessories for flexible installation, such as a corner connector for making 90-degree “picture frame” turns. It also offers a 10,000-hour lifespan with a one-year warranty. KBIS Booth C4151

Kukel International Group Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech water heating system. Registered in Hong Kong, the Group’s diverse product portfolio ranges from porcelain-energy heat faucet, hot shower to water heating system. Kukel is proud to be the first company in inventing the groundbreaking Porcelain-Energy Technology™. Kukel had invented the world’s smallest heater by using porcelain technology with heater integrated inside the faucet/hot shower, making instant hot water supply possible. Water temperature can be changed according to usage type, definitely taking water heating technology into a new horizon. The patent Porcelain-Energy Technology™ revolutionizes the model of conventional water heating. No need for a hot water pipe, water heater or hot water tank. Water wastage due to cold water running from pipes and unused hot water cooling down in tank and pipe can be avoided. Kukel’s product is applicable to households, schools, hospitals, offices and hotels. Simply using single-phase electric power and patent porcelain heat conductor built inside tap or shower, you can enjoy instant hot water supply. This design uses power only when hot water is running. Alternate power source can be chosen according to the amount of hot water supply, temperature and season, and can work from a single electrical source.

KBIS Booth C6597

*Z-Wave® is a registered trademark of Zensys Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Osborne Wood Products

We take a holistic approach to sustainability at Osborne Wood Products. Whether it is the materials used in production, procedures instituted for manufacturing and shipping, or the production facilities themselves: green methods and sustainability are always part of the conversation. Where materials are concerned, we provide our customers with a choice. When selecting wood types for any of our turned wood legs, we provide an alternative of two FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified options from which to choose. A great deal of attention was paid to material selection during our most recent facility expansion. Following a period of research into eco-friendly products we selected sheetrock, paints, timber and floor coverings that are low –or no – V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our blown insulation is fiberglass free and made from recycled materials as is the soundproofing materials in several of the new spaces. Osborne Wood Products is always interested in implementing production methods that improve the quality of life on the planet. A recent example of this is the investment made this past December in a shredder machine that recycles cardboard received on inbound shipments into package insulation for outbound shipments. This recycled material, which replaces the non-biodegradable foam peanuts previously used, has been a hit with both customers and internal accounting that estimates the $5,000 investment will pay for itself within a year. It is another example of something we see all the time at Osborne: things that are good for the planet are often good for business as well.

KBIS Booth C4577




TOTO USA is headquarters of the Americas Division for the TOTO Global Group, which began in 1917 with the founding of TOTO, Ltd., in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world, having produced more than 60 million plumbing fixtures to date. With over 1,500 engineers on staff and three centers devoted solely to research and development, TOTO is the undisputed global leader in product innovation, high design, precision engineering, and sustainability. In North America, TOTO is owner/operator of two major manufacturing plants and two large assembly and logistics/warehousing facilities, located in Georgia and California. In 2008, the company launched TOTO Sanitarios de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.; its third major manufacturing facility on the continent, bringing its total employment in North America more than 1,100 people. In 2011, TOTO expanded its market to include South America with the launch of its newest subsidiary, TOTO do Brasil Distribução e Comércio Ltda. TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer to be honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency and the winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions. In 2010, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue honored TOTO with the “Conserve Georgia ‘Water Conservation Award’” for leading the way in sustainable water use by developing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, ensuring the highest levels of resource efficiency in its Morrow plant, and educating employees, the community, and fellow businesses on the importance of water conservation and how to achieve it. TOTO continuously innovates sustainable water technologies that enhance the lives of its customers and the environment. Connecting people with water in ways that enrich the flow of their daily lives through elegant products that save water and energy with every use without sacrificing an ounce of performance is the company’s stated mission.

KBIS Booth C5938

The sink is truffle, the look is inspired. Expand your color palette… open your imagination.

Delectable in every sense of the word, truffle is the newest and most versatile color in our SILGRANIT® II collection. Designed to complement a range of countertops from warm to cool tones, there is no limit to what you can create. And SILGRANIT® II won’t scratch, chip or stain, providing the ultimate in innovation and inspiration. Sink: BLANCO PRECIS™ MULTI-LEVEL Faucet: BLANCO CULINA™ Semi-Professional THE LOOK. THE FEEL. THE DURABILITY – ONLY BLANCO

Truffle, Biscotti, Metallic Gray, Café Brown, White, Anthracite and Biscuit.

Top Designs are Revealed Representing fresh design strategy, and well-integrated kitchen and bath spaces.

By Annette Gray

The NKBA Design Competition offers the opportunity for designers from across the U.S. and Canada to show their best from the past year. Each year, the outcome is greatly anticipated, as the opportunity to see the judges’ selections in the latest innovation, creativity, technology and artful results are awaited. The following awards represent the stand-out designs in sustainability, use of budget, greatest transformation from before and after, overall best in kitchen and bath, in addition to the prevailing choices decided upon by consumer vote.

The NKBA is honored to present the following ten award- winning designs, and proud to acknowledge their skilled and talented creators.



11 0 2 e Th


ON I T I T M P E ustr y

O of the Ind C N Art SIG

“Best Of” Award Winners Pg. 24 Best Kitchen – $15,000


Pg. 28 Best Bathroom – $15,000

Best Kitchen Winner Chris Novak Berry

Pg. 32 Best Before & After: Kitchen – $2,500 Brea Photography

Pg. 36 Best Before & After: Bathroom – $2,500 Pg. 40 Best Sustainable Kitchen – $2,500 Pg. 44 Best Sustainable Bathroom – $2,500 Pg. 48 Budget- Friendly: Kitchen – $2,500 Pg. 52 Budget- Friendly: Bathroom – $2,500


Pg. 56 People’s Pick: Kitchen – $2,500

Best Bathroom Winner Holly Rickert

Pg. 58 People’s Pick: Bathroom – $2,500 Sal Benedetto

Category Winners Pg. 60 1st Place – $1,000 | 2nd Place – $500 | 3rd Place – $250 The competition is divided into the following nine categories: 1 - Small Kitchen 2 - Medium Kitchen 3 - Large Kitchen

4 - Open Plan Kitchen 5 - Powder Room 6 - Small Bathroom

7 - Large Bathroom 8 - Master Bathroom 9 - Showroom

Sponsored by | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Brea Photography



Alise O’Brien Photography

Best Kitchen Award Winner $15,000

Best Kitchen

Chris Novak Berry brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths, St. Louis, MO Co-Designer: Emily Castle

A Y-shaped floor plan was developed by St. Louis Designer, Chris Berry, to minimize the massive addition’s impact on the cabin, with the cabin at the foot of the Y and the kitchen at the intersection of the master and guest wings. Rather than matching the cabin, the new spaces complement it with natural materials of hefty scaling used throughout with a decidedly rustic modern feel.

Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

A circa 1820’s salvaged cabin was reconstructed several years before on a ridge overlooking unspoiled views of the river valley and woods. Second owners took the addition of the ones before, and developed and expounded on it, resulting in an entirely redesigned and reconstructed home with only the cabin remaining intact.

Where the paired cabin rooms are enveloping, dark wood spaces; the kitchen is light filled and spacious with spectacular views that invite indoor-outdoor entertaining. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Alise O’Brien Photography



Alise O’Brien Photography

Alise O’Brien Photography

Best Kitchen Award Winner $15,000

The challenge of venting the French stove without it being visible from the dining room was beautifully solved by backing the range area with a stone partition wall. Double-sided deep peninsula cabinets with dish drawers and a beverage center wall of shelves with cabinets above brought about a viable and well-incorporated solution for glassware and dish storage. To accommodate remote country living, a walk-in pantry and second refrigerator and freezer were added to the design. To smoothly breach the transition between the stone floors of the whole house and the wood floors desired for the kitchen, a fragmented appearing remnant effect was created and furniture feet were added to show the transitional detail.

Berry credits in part “a beautiful shell” also going on to say that architect, Laurent Torno, came out of retirement to help create the space. Berry helped to bring about a different “flavor” than the other homes he had worked on for these clients. “I see a new trend. Most of my clients are looking for large open informal spaces that are full of light, natural materials, and character. The mix of historic and modern is magnetic and speaks to most people!”

Special features of the design include the branches on custom leaded glass doors, mahogany cabinetry with mesquite cabinet center panel accents, Typhoon Green honed granite countertops, natural limestone flagstone flooring as well as fumed wide plank pine flooring. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Sal Benedetto



Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Best Bathroom Award Winner $15,000

Best Bathroom

Holly Rickert A family of six required something very different than the dull 1980’s master bathroom contained in their 100 year old home. Raised in Japan, she wanted to incorporate traditional family-style bathing, which often takes place outside. A magnificent view conveyed great potential to New Jersey-based Designer, Holly Rickert. By borrowing additional closet space in the adjacent guest room it allowed for the necessary space to accommodate and include a large walk-in shower and separate water closet.

Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

Ulrich, Inc., Ridgewood, NJ Co-Designer: Julia Kleyman

The Kohler water tiles provide a rain shower rinse and a slide bar offers conventional showering. The linear drain provides a clean look and blocking has been located for future grab bar installation. A curved wall defines the shower, and houses a drained planter and shampoo niche. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer



Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Best Bathroom Award Winner $15,000

Rickert selected the window as the natural location for the deep sculptural tub with in-line heater, and goes on to explain, “As in the classic Ofuro – Japanese bath, we eliminated the overflow drain and placed the tub in a drained fiberglass pan so water can cascade over the tub’s edge. The wood textured porcelain floor tile blends seamlessly with the loose river rocks around the tub. Shower walls of sky blue glass tile blur the boundaries, reflecting and reinforcing the feeling of being outside.” The shower and WC ceilings are ship lap cedar and lower due to roof lines aiding in keeping the bather warm when showering. Looking up, or out, the sky is always in play through the cedar slatted lattice ceiling. The organic, undulating, vertical cedar face with LED up lighting creates constant interest and movement. The sleek dark stained cherry cabinetry with thatch inserts, black slate counter, and trough sink provide spacious simple function. LED lighting over the mirror supplements track lighting. The TV behind the mirror allows up to the minute financial infor-

mation in the morning and entertainment while bathing. A peaceful place has been created here, and by bringing the outdoors in, and maintaining an entirely organic feel to the interior, the ultimate goal was achieved. The skilled designer and her team took insight from the clients’ own self-awareness of what they wanted in their home, and brought technology, innovation and beauty to a new level of accomplishment. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Peter Cutts Photography



Bob Narod, Photographer

Best Before & After: Kitchen Award Winner – $2,500

Best Before & After: Kitchen

Savena Doychinov, CKD Design Studio Int’l. Kitchen & Bath, LLC, Falls Church, VA The goals to achieve when the project began were greater amounts of light, additional work surfaces, and ample storage. The storage needed, was to include spaces designated for grains, tea, coffee, books, and wine. The new design was also intended to create a better, more convenient connection to the dining room, and den. An essential ingredient for success was eliminating the ongoing issue with traffic jams in the hallway. The clients also desired a place to display their collection of pottery.

Renderings by Waypoint™ Living Spaces


Designer Savena Doychinov, CKD of Falls Church, VA set out to integrate the kitchen with the surrounding areas of the home, while creating a distinctive architectural cohesion to the design approach. An eating area in the kitchen, and the incorporation of unique and very subtle Asian touches were part of the initial plan, as well as the successful resolution of a number of structural challenges. Doychinov included in the design, unique cherry ledges and full height countertop brackets, and affirmed “I’m proud of them, as I feel that they add a very personal, subtle Asian element, but are also reflective of a contemporary American home.

Sponsored by | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Bob Narod, Photographer

Bob Narod, Photographer

Best Before & After: Kitchen Award Winner $2,500 Before I love how the double-sided ledge intersects the vertical opening between the kitchen and the dining room.” The driftwood stain on rift cut white oak floor, and honed Pietra grey stone countertops serve as a cool balance to warmer brick and wall colors. From start to finish, the overall transformation included fully integrated appliances, distinctive cabinets, handmade hardware, 72 square feet of countertops to accommodate many cooks, large openings between the kitchen and adjacent rooms to allow light in the space as well as better traffic flow. Seven openings into the kitchen designate this space as the center and heart of the home. A 90” long base cabinet between two central columns acts as a divider between the rooms with a multitude of cubbies to house all of the predetermined items, in addition to adequate wine storage. Open shelves, long ledges, tall cabinets with glass doors on both sides offer many display options for the clients’ collections. Tall columns and floor to ceiling openings create a vertical visual line, and new doors and windows bring an abundance of daylight into the once closed space. For evening, a multi-zone lighting plan was incorporated. 34


Doychinov explained the extent of the changes and their impact, saying, “Without a doubt, the major reconstruction of all four kitchen walls qualifies as the most dramatic alteration. It is also what made the biggest improvements possible – unimpeded traffic flow throughout a busy space and seven thoughtfully positioned openings. This introduced three additional access points than there was previously, and created a intuitive and logical integration of the kitchen with the backyard and other rooms.” Through graceful curves in the island, hood and pendant lighting over the island, this family kitchen was transformed and complete, in function and form.

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Dennis Wile



Renderings by Waypoint™ Living Spaces


Sponsored by

Bill LaFevor

Best Before & After: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

Best Before & After: Bathroom

Melissa Morgan Sutherland, CKD Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery, Nashville, TN Co-Designers: Carla Taylor, CKD & Kathleen Tims The initial objectives at the projects onset included opening up this master bathroom space, improve traffic flow, create a shared vanity space, improve storage and add luxury and elegance. Some of the challenges addressed by Melissa Sutherland, CKD, designer on the project were two entrances and a central closet resulted in a cramped maze of isolated vanities and closets, and overall lack of organization options in the existing closet as well as working within an unchanged footprint. The clients were also looking to gain a larger shower and two person tub, as well as an area to sit for make-up application.

Although Sutherland agrees that the space was adequate, she describes the existing bathroom as dreadful, going on to describe the floor plan obstacles, “The u-shaped walkway meandered to the back of the room where the shower, tub and water closet were located. The clients felt isolated. Style was lacking, and the closets left a lot to be desired.” Sutherland designed a new T-shape to the space, which created a more | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Bill LaFevor

Bill LaFevor

Best Before & After: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500 Before

expansive feel, while also utilizing the locations of existing windows. One set of pocket doors replaced two smaller entrances. A niche was incorporated behind his closet, to house linens and hampers. Suitcase storage, which was a specific client request, was added by lowering the ceilings in the shower to allow for storage space above that can be accessed through her closet. The open shelf shoe storage doubles as a built-in ladder to retrieve stored suitcases. The shower and toilet were reversed in their location to accommodate the desired larger shower. Vanities and sinks were configured so as to make space for the seated make-up station. Natural tile in shades of honey and bands of brown as accent were selected to compliment the clean lines and espresso finish on the wood. Repetition of honey and espresso create a linear appeal to the overall design. Illuminated tray ceilings add a comfortably grand dimension and paired with glass block windows as a focal point over the tub, the result is one of timeless appeal. Open partitions with glass shelves separate the vanities from the bathing area, and house tambours for storage at the counter. They also convey a pillared effect and help to define the overall space of the room. 38


A wide framed oval mirror and the distinct and massive circular lighting fixture soften the otherwise rectilinear space. Subtle touches of smoky swirling countertops, honey yellow hues, the use of glass block and the sculptural feel of the design have introduced a deco feel that contribute to a fresh new beginning, to what was once an awkward space. This newly-designed master bath is a well-crafted and timeless beauty, and rather than leaving its inhabitants feeling isolated as it once did, the room embraces and unifies. It has endured a grand transformation at the hands of a skilled team of artisans.

refrigeration reimagined

Mark Karlsberg, Studio Eleven



Michael J. Lee Photography

Best Sustainable Kitchen Award Winner $2,500

Best Sustainable Kitchen

Jessica Williamson, AKBD Kitchen Views, Newton, MA

Some of the sustainable design solutions that Jessica Williamson, AKBD, Massachusetts-based designer incorporated, with the clients’ approval are: LEED Certified Cabinetry with No VOC finish and no added formaldehyde cabinetry, a recycled glass backsplash, all GE Monogram Energy Star-rated appliances, a whole house lighting system, and recycled Redwood countertops. A PEX Plumbing system, which allows for the addition of a grey water recovery system, was also part of the whole house plan for sustainability.

Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

A young family of five made a transition from city townhouse to larger suburban home. As their decision became one of building a new house, they wanted to ensure that the kitchen was a focal point to their open plan living space. The clients also desired not only a green kitchen, but an eco-friendly approach in construction from foundation to roof.

Sponsored by

To accommodate the lifestyle of this active and two-cook family, a large island with seating that adds to the dining area was incorporated. In addition, separate cooking | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Michael J. Lee Photography

Michael J. Lee Photography

Best Sustainable Kitchen Award Winner $2,500

and cleaning zones were designed into the space to allow for both adults, as well as three children to comfortably reside there during various meals and times of the day and evening. One design challenge, which Williamson successfully solved, was the use of rough stone as the surround for the range top and stainless hood to tie in the fireplace from the family room. In addition, the large distance between the cabinetry on either side of the kitchen window could have appeared disconnected; however Williamson approached that challenge with what she describes as her favorite element by stating, “My single favorite element is the valance above the window. It is a custom element that I designed. The clients do not have a traditional style, so a valance was a hard sell. But by using the same corbels that we used on the island then running the bead board on the underside – leaving the face of the valance box flat made a normally traditional component much more transitional.”



“The item that makes the strongest green statement is the cabinetry,” confirms the designer, who goes on to say, “The clients are very concerned about air quality and toxins in their home. Aesthetically though, the strongest green impact is the recycled redwood countertop on the island. I think it is really a beautiful piece of wood and it has history, since it was reclaimed from the Heinz factory floors.” This light clean airy space is a welcome family gathering spot and is the eco-friendly recipe of components and materials sought out by the clients.

KOHLER: As I See It, #96 in a series “Sometimes you just need to flip.” HANDSHOWER: Flipside TM Four unique sprays with one flip turn. ARTIST: Liz Von Hoene 1- 800 - 4 - KOHLER

©2011 Kohler Co.

Jo-Ann Richards, Works Photography



Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

Sponsored by

Jo-Ann Richards, Works Photography

Best Sustainable Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

Best Sustainable Bathroom

Ines Hanl The Sky is the Limit Design, Victoria, BC Co-Designer: Kimberly Lewis Manning Designer Ines Hanl, based in Victoria, BC, relying on sustainable components and materials such as locally-built white concrete trough sink with recycled glass content, non-VOC chocolate bamboo plywood cabinets – built on-site, and a wall-hung low flow toilet, created a bathroom well-suited to this amazing bathroom space that appears to be floating over the lake beyond. The clients requested dual access to the room so that it can act as a guest bathroom

as well as the bathroom to accompany a workout space. Ambient floor heat originating from a geothermal heat pump that is also used as the water heater provides technical support to the sustainable approach, and a lighting system on different circuits and dimmers offers greater control so potentially less electricity. A mirror that extends to the ceiling reflects natural and artificial | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Jo-Ann Richards, Works Photography

Jo-Ann Richards, Works Photography

Best Sustainable Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

ing to decrease the need for day time lighting and a pyramid shaped skylight invites natural light into the space. Even beginning with the construction of the home, it was designed to sit on the lot so as to ensure the maximum amount of natural light. The cabinet and counter were built on-site so as to reduce fuel and costs in shipping. Hanl indicates her favorite aspect of the design is the stark lines, going on to say, “It’s very rectangular and masculine, but the blend of the bamboo with greenish hue of the glass and the glass/marble mix help to soften it.” A challenge with the lighting offered a chance for Hanl to solve it creatively by designing a bamboo bulkhead where lighting could be installed, and from there she went on with the concept by incorporating bamboo paneling. “I had just received the icestone countertop samples and liked the sage green as a complement to the bamboo, so the design started to create itself, with green glass and the green frosted/gloss marble tile for the shower,” Hanl explains, while talking about her source for glass tile. “I use glass tile in all shapes and sizes and am so excited about he great new designs. We have one producer in



Vancouver, which makes it for me – a local source.” Classically elegant, Travertine Macchiato tile used on the floor and wall add a dramatic and artistic touch that rounds out this stylishly beautiful example of sustainability.

Birdwell Photography & Multimedia



Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

Sponsored by

Birdwell Photography & Multimedia

Budget-Friendly: Kitchen Award Winner $2,500

Under $40,000

Budget - Friendly: Kitchen

Allison McCowan Linn’s Prestige Kitchens & Baths, Destin, FL The challenge faced by Florida Designer Allison Mc Cowan was the budget of young first-time home buyers, and what Mc Cowan described as “a poor little kitchen that had been waiting for us to save it.” The young couple had a modest budget but high hopes for a stylish new kitchen. The small space needed to accomplish many tasks. It needed to house the only dining area in the house, give a nice professional range to an aspiring young chef, keep costs to a minimum by not moving electrical and plumbing to any great extent. The

kitchen originally had a gas range with no ventilation, leaving walls and cabinets stained with grease, so even the addition of a hood has made a drastic change in the space once described by Mc Cowan as “an ugly duckling.” Although the kitchen was small, the homeowners wanted to be able to hang out with each other in the kitchen. A banquette was designed that exceeded the length of the table so she could | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Birdwell Photography & Multimedia

Birdwell Photography & Multimedia

Under $40,000

Budget - Friendly: Kitchen Award Winner $2,500

lounge and visit while he cooked. The banquette also housed storage for larger items. Mc Cowan indicates, “I think this design stands out because we were able to fit so much into a little kitchen without it feeling cramped. Every last nook and cranny that was available was used for storage. It was about making the right selections for the right price in the right place.” The base cabinetry was pulled forward on the main run of cabinetry to gain an elevated extra second level of counter space at the backsplash surfaces and still allow the chef to have an area for quickly accessible kitchen items. An organizational tower to the left of the refrigerator provides additional organizational solutions with pull out drawers to hold smaller items. A 30” Viking range that was slightly damaged offered an affordable option for an aspiring chef. The remaining appliances are LG – offering the function, style and price tag that was required. Exposed stainless appliances, Corian countertops, a glass tiled



backsplash, slate floors, and sleek lines in the cabinetry – all contributed to the contemporary transitional appearance of this little giant. With the clients doing their own tile installation and making the banquette cushion themselves, the result of this little dynamo kitchen remained uncompromised by the bottom line.

NKBA winner

CO N G R AT U L AT I O N S . YO U ’ R E G O I N G TO N E E D M O R E BUSINESS CARDS. Way p o i n t L i vi n g Sp ace s™ ap p laud s the w i n n e r s o f t h e NKBA Professional D esign Comp e t i t i o n . Yo u r t a l e n t s w i l l b e a p preciated by clients as you create living spaces in the years to come. © 2011 American Woodmark Corporation® • “Exactly what you had in mind”™ and Waypoint Living Spaces™ are registered trademarks of American Woodmark Corporation

Roger Turk - Northlight Photography



Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

Sponsored by

Roger Turk - Northlight Photography

Budget-Friendly: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

Under $20,000

Budget - Friendly: Bathroom

Scott Gjesdahl Bristol Design & Construction, Lynnwood, WA Co-Designer: Sandra Gjesdahl The goal for this project was to create a bath reminiscent of the Balinese outdoor showers that the owners fell in love with on their travels and also adhere to a modest budget. As one of three guest bathrooms in the house, the location of the space lent itself well to the application as it is located directly off the half acre Asian influenced gardens. Although the bathers in this northwest bath can’t enjoy the open air as many in the Southeast Asia do, the transition from the garden to the interior space is strongly rein-

forced with the stacked pebble accent tile, black basalt shower floor and other natural stone materials. One cost-saving strategy was that the space was created by working within the original footprint, keeping the location of the toilet and sink. Certain accents such as the Island Stone stacked pebbles were used as not only a stunning addition to the overall look, but also budget-friendly. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Roger Turk - Northlight Photography

Roger Turk - Northlight Photography

Under $20,000

Budget - Friendly: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

The porcelain copper tile was chosen for the shower walls beautifully imitating a natural rustic worn wall. Honed Maron Bois Granite was the perfect choice for the vanity counter and shower curb and shelf with its river rock character. The freestanding vanity and mirror detail add a level of sophistication to establish compatibility with the rest of the home. Moody, organic and rustic, this bath now offers an escape nostalgic of Indonesia. With some of the primary initial objectives including a shower ‘al fresco’ feeling and a connection to the Japanese garden, Designer Scott Gjesdahl set out to meet the challenge of creating a guest bathroom in his and his wife’s own home. With an interior location within the house, there was no natural light. This allowed for the possibility and welcome result of a more moody ambience. Natural pebbles, stone and copper tile contributed to the overall effect of a natural environment. A freestanding vanity offered a lighter more open feel. 54


Based on time spent in Southeast Asia, the Gjesdahl’s wanted to bring that feeling to their Seattle-area home. Gjesdahl notes that some of his favorite aspects of this garden suite bathroom are the simple and organic detail with the sophistication in the furniture piece and European lights mounted on the custom built mirror. “The combining of key materials in this project is very powerful. The rock, copper, chrome geometric details in the plumbing as well as the linear grain of the quarter sawn Afromosia furniture piece really achieved the simple aesthetic that we were looking for,” confirmed Gjesdahl as client and designer.

Preview First

People’s Pick: Kitchen Award Winner $2,500

Peter Gray

People’s Pick: Kitchen

Cheryl Hamilton-Gray, CKD Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc., Carlsbad, CA

At, 14,672 consumers voted this kitchen design as their favorite from the finalists.

Standout architectural and decorative elements such as arched entryways and openings, exposed ceiling beams, and wrought iron fixtures with authentic detailing create the foundation for this hacienda style kitchen. The warm yellow and wood tones, custom carved cabinets, terra cotta pavers and custom painted backsplash tile along with a cozy elevated sitting area with fireplace are just some of the aspects of this kitchen design, created by Cheryl HamiltonGray, CKD, which made this a stand-out favorite for consumers that voted on Hamilton-Gray describes some of the initial goals at the project’s onset as “Unique and custom, one-of-akind cabinetry and design features, a space that will



Preview First

Preview First

Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

maximize natural light and landscape views.” Convenient access to the breakfast prep space for him and an overall user-friendly approach for the children, as well as a specified baking area and ample prep and cook space for her, held appeal for consumer homeowners as well as professional judges. A custom marble topped furniture piece opposite the clean up sink is an added convenience component for baking. Another custom feature is the carved door that leads to a walk-in pantry next to a drinking fountain that offers a stylish solution to filtered water dispensing for family members. A window was added with a deep sill feature and the chiseled granite wash-up sink centered between two dishwashers ensures convenience in every way. The prep island holds a warmer drawer and microwave opposite the Cornu Fe range. The level of innovation and technology is matched to the level of detail seen in areas such as the French doors at one end of the nook leading to an outdoor courtyard, a custom swing door that accesses to the dining room, and what Hamilton-Gray describes as a “Mexican-colonial styled bar, clad with hammered copper panels and rustic hardware.” Skylights between reclaimed beams and wrought iron fixtures light the prep-island and butcher block.

Sponsored by In the overall accomplishment of finding balance between function, form and customization, this kitchen design reached new heights, and in-keeping, the designer stretched the expected levels of skill and creativity. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

People’s Pick: Bathroom Award Winner $2,500

Sal Benedetto Photography

People’s Pick: Bathroom

Holly Rickert Ulrich, Inc., Ridgewood, NJ Co-Designer: Julia Kleyman At, 14,756 consumers voted this bathroom design as their favorite from the finalists.



This restful place is the peaceful reprieve that Holly Rickert, along with her co-designer Julia Kleyman created for their clients, a family of six, who desired a family bathing space, which would emulate classic outdoor family bathing established in Japanese tradition. The panel of competition judges, all certified designers, was captured by this stunning space for its integration, artful attention to detail and contemporary function. It would appear the consumer public that voted on, and selected this as their favorite, also saw the external beauty, and the beautifully integrated concept of the Ofuro tradition. The

Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

level of detail exceeds. “We eliminated the overflow drain and placed the tub in a drained fiberglass pan so water can cascade over the tub’s edge,” explained Rickert. “The wood textured porcelain floor tile blends seamlessly with the loose river rocks surrounding the tub,” she went on to describe in addressing the level of detail incorporated. The graceful lines of the freestanding tub on river-worn rocks, with the broad window behind that allows the outdoor to come in, are an obvious focal point that when combined with the wraparound warmth of the ship lap cedar ceiling and walls, makes an irresistible space to envelope family members. A large walk-in shower and separate water closet allow for comfortable accommodations for multiple inhabitants. A curved wall defines the shower space and contains a drained planter, further supporting the natural outdoor effect. Sleek dark stained cherry cabinetry with thatch inserts, a black slate counter, and a trough-style sink are contemporary components that round out this lovely space and additionally contribute to the family function aspect. The designers on the project have succeeded in creating a rejuvenating space that appears to be tucked away in the corner of a lush and green garden.

Rendering by Waypoint™ Living Spaces

Sponsored by | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


the 2011

DESIGN COMPETITION Category Winners 1st Place – $1,000 | 2nd Place – $500 | 3rd Place – $250 From among hundreds of entries received, the judges have selected the best designs from this year’s competition. The NKBA is proud to honor the winners of the 2011 NKBA Design Competition. Read more about these designs in the winter 2011 issue of NKBA Magazine. View the digital issue at

The NKBA would like to extend a special thanks to the certified designers who lent their expertise as judges for this year’s competition: • Tony Hunt, CKD, CBD • Marie Lail Blackburn, CMKBD • Dustin Stehr, CKD, CBD • Jeannie Fulton, CKD, CBD • Sharon L. Flatley, CMKBD • Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD, CAPS, CAASH • David H. Newton, CMKBD • Daniel J. Lenner, CMKBD • Blue Arnold, CKD, CBD • Claudia F. McCabe-Cort, CKD, CBD

2011 NKBA Design Competition Category Winners

Cat. 1 Small Kitchen

Cat. 2 Medium Kitchen

First Place

First Place

brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths St. Louis, MO

Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs Mississauga, ON

Chris Novak Berry

Anastasia Rentzos, CKD, CBD

Co-Designer: Julie Gragg Alise O’Brien Photography

Averill Lehan/PAI

Second Place

Second Place

Kitchens by Rose Ramsey, NJ

Glen Alspaugh Co., LLP St. Louis, MO

Rose Marie Carr

Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

James E. Howard, CKD, CBD

Alise O’Brien Photography

Third Place

Third Place

The Kitchen Consultant Long Beach, CA

DeWitt Designer Kitchens Pasadena, CA

Dana Jones, CKD

Armen Asadorian Photography



Elina Katsioula-Beall, CKD

Suki Medencevic

Cat. 3 Large Kitchen

Cat. 4 Open Plan Kitchen

First Place

First Place

Glen Alspaugh Co., LLP St. Louis, MO

brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths St. Louis, MO

James E. Howard, CKD, CBD

Chris Novak Berry

Co-Designer: Emily Castle Alise O’Brien Photography

Alise O’Brien Photography

Second Place

Second Place

Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc. Carlsbad, CA

Dream Kitchens, Inc. Delafield, WI

Cheryl Hamilton-Gray, CKD

Preview First

Terri Schmidt

Edmunds Studion

Co-Designer: Linda Eberle, CKD, CBD and Keven Schmidt

Third Place

Third Place

Jane Lockhart Interior Design Toronto, ON

balthaup by Kitchen Distributors, Inc. Denver, CO

Jane Lockhart

William Landeros, CKD

Co-Designer: Jed MacKenzie, CKD Brandon Barré

Ron Ruscio by Ron Ruscio Photography

Cat. 5 Powder Room

Cat. 6 Small Bathroom

First Place

First Place

Ulrich, Inc. Ridgewood, NJ

Bristol Design & Construction Lynnwood, WA

Holly Rickert

Scott Gjesdahl

Co-Designer: Julia Kleyman Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Co-Designers: Sandra Gjesdahl Roger Turk - Northlight Photography

Second Place

Second Place

The Sky is the Limit Design Victoria, BC

Soleil by Design, LLC Brier, WA

Ines Hanl

Ellie R. Baker, CKD, CAPS, CGP

Co-Designer: Kimberly Lewis Manning Works Photography

Roger Turk - Northlight Photography

Third Place

Third Place

Marrokal Design & Remodeling San Diego, CA

Binns Kitchen + Bath Design Pickering, ON

John Mills Davies, CGBP

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Victoria Shaw

Tim McClean Photography | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


2011 NKBA Design Competition Category Winners

Cat. 7 Large Bathroom

Cat. 8 Master Bathroom First Place

Elizabeth A. Rosensteel Elizabeth A. Rosensteel Design/Studio, LLC Phoenix, AZ

First Place

Holly Rickert Ulrich, Inc. Ridgewood, NJ

Co-Designer: Meredith Comfort ©2010 Robert Reck

Co-Designer: Julia Kleyman Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Second Place

John A. Granato II, CKD Mater Designs Syracuse, NY

Second Place

Lori W. Carroll Lori Carroll & Associates Tucson, AZ

Christina Bregou

Co-Designer: Mary Roles Jon Mancuso

Third Place

Christine Salas, CKD, CBD Cocina Interior Design, LTD Calgary, AB

Third Place

Victoria Shaw Binns Kitchen + Bath Design Pickering, ON

Brian Charlton/OBEO

Tim McClean Photography

Cat. 9 Showroom Sponsored by

First Place

Artur Leyzerov Symphony Kitchens, Inc. Toronto, ON Co-Designers: Oleg Vasyliychuk Roy Timm Photography

Second Place

J. David Ulrich, CKD Ulrich, Inc. Ridgewood, NJ Peter Rymwid Architectural Photographer

Third Place

Areti Tanya Rentzos Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs Mississauga, ON Averill Lehan/PAI



Co-Designer: Anastasia Rentzos, CKD, CBD

Sliding Door Systems Room divisions with privacy shields and light protection!

Towel Warmers

Bathroom Accessories

Cabinet Hardware

Stainless Steel Decorative Hardware



DESIGN COMPETITION Announcing the Winners

The National Kitchen & Bath Association is proud to unveil the winning designs of the 2010/2011 NKBA Student Design Competition, which received more than 320 entries from students studying at colleges and universities across North American. For the first time ever, the competition challenged students to design a condominium unit in an upscale high-rise building on Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago. This year’s competition asked students to design for Thomas and Margaret Fletcher, a couple who sold their home in the Chicago suburbs and purchased a lakefront condominium in downtown Chicago. The Fletcher’s, a couple in their 50’s, plan to remain in this residence for an extended length of time. These avid collectors of European sculptures and Venetian hand-blown glass host a catered dinner party for 30 guests once a month and intimate dinner parties for six weekly. Each of the winning designers faced the challenge of using materials that could be transported to the 65th floor via a large freight elevator. There were construction challenges due to the high-rise project site. These included working around the current hot water heater and addressing mechanical and electrical concerns. The design should capatilize on lakefront views. The bathroom needed to accomodate the couple as they prepare for the day,

the kitchen project The clients desire an overall renovation of the existing kitchen whose origin is the 1960s. The couple’s Evanston home contained a kitchen island with seating for two, where they enjoyed informal snacks and meals. This is a component of their previous kitchen that is to be incorporated into their new one. The north view from the kitchen affords views of Lake Shore Drive, Lake Michigan, and the beach. Navy Pier can be seen from the dining room. When they host a dinner, a caterer is hired for meal preparation, serving, and clean-up. The only meals that are prepared by the couple in their kitchen are breakfast and the occasional convenience meal. They dine out for lunch and most dinners. As a result, only a minimum amount of storage space is needed for dishes, cooking utensils, and food storage. The clients prefer a sleek contemporary kitchen with the latest technology. Their request is for only high-end materials and appliances. This request should be thought of as the driving directive for the design. Please note: Only electric appliances are permitted and the cooking ventilation must be recirculating or routed into the existing 6” x 6” vent. The vent is 80” AFF and 9” from ceiling. This 6” x 6” vent is centered between the sink and wall presently enclosed in a wall cabinet. The food preparation area(s) and clean-up area(s) should accommodate several catering staff members for all tasks related to preparation, serving and clean-up. A designated area to plate and serve food located conveniently near two warming



By Sherylin Doyle, NKBA Manager of Academic Relations

drawers is necessary. A specific clean-up sink with a garbage disposal, along with two dishwashers is required. A bar area that can be manned by a staff member is needed. The bar area must have adequate storage for fine stemware, display space for the clients’ top shelf liquor, and refrigerated wine storage. There should be floor space available near the bar to store the 30” x 30” racks of stemware provided by the caterer when larger groups are being entertained. The need for easily accessed ice, refrigerated mixers, and drink garnishes should be considered when designing the area.

the bathroom project The clients envision a master bathroom suite that is a soothing and relaxing place to begin hectic days. Their busy schedules often require that they get ready for the day simultaneously. The designer should incorporate the following components in Margaret’s dressing area: a vanity sink, dressing area, a makeup application area, and appropriate storage and lighting. She prefers to listen to classical music while getting ready in the morning, so access to a sound system is a must. Similarly, Tom requires: a vanity sink, dressing area, appropriate storage space for undergarments, robes, and towels. In addition, Tom enjoys watching the news while preparing for work or an evening out, so his vanity area must include a fl at screen television. The shower space should allow for showers taken separately or together. They would enjoy the alternative of a soaking tub to relax in after a frenzied day.

Sponsored by

Our sincere congratulations go to the winners of the NKBA 2010/2011 Student Design Competition. The projects were once again very challenging. And nearly 350 students across the country were up to taking on that challenge. I am sure that you will agree that the creativity and long hours of work invested in producing the entry are obvious and the results totally amazing. Each year the contest sets the stage with a design problem that gives the students a look at what a career in the kitchen and bath industry is like: challenging, gratifying and never, ever boring. We’d also like to thank the judges who give up their personal time to thoughtfully evaluate these entries. It is no small task. I would also like to recognize the colleges, instructors and coordinators all across the country for their contribution to the students, association and the industry. Without them, we would not have such well prepared future designers. So whether you had a winner this year, in the past or are planning on one in the future, we congratulate you. Waypoint Living Spaces, a brand of American Woodmark Corporation, is proud to sponsor this meaningful event for seventh consecutive year. To the winners, we wish you every success. You make us all proud! Sincerely, Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD, Director of Design Waypoint Living Spaces


On behalf of Sub-Zero, Inc. and Wolf Appliance, Inc., we congratulate the winners of this year’s NKBA Student Design Competition. Your selection as the best of the best is a significant achievement and something to be proud of. The ability to create beautiful designs on a blank sheet of paper takes dedication, skill, training, and self confidence. At Sub-Zero and Wolf we admire these attributes and are pleased to recognize them through this competition. Through supporting skilled professionals we can jointly raise the profession of kitchen and bath design in the eyes of your peers, allied associations, and the general public. As leaders in manufacturing residential appliances, we understand what it takes to succeed in a competitive market. Those are the skills you have demonstrated in achieving the winning kitchens and baths and the determination you have put forth in pursuing your education. A student’s passion for fine design separates those individuals from others while ensuring a great future for the kitchen and bath industry. We look forward to seeing more beautiful work using our award-winning products, and if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Congratulations again, and best of luck in the future. Sincerely, Michele Bedard, Vice President of Marketing Sub-Zero, Inc. and Wolf Appliance, Inc. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


1st Place Kitchen - Mary Anne Jarrell Seminole State College, Heathrow, FL First place student kitchen design winner Mary Anne Jarrell captured the attention of the judges with her upscale sleek contemporary design solution that features unique advanced products and materials which are bound to impress the Fletcher’s many guests and friends. She titled the project Catering to Art, a play-on-words to emphasize the clients needs to accommodate large scale entertaining using a catering staff and to display their extensive collection of European sculptures and Venetian hand-blown glass. “My design inspiration was the client’s glass art collection,” stated, Mary Anne. “I was raised in a family that collected glass art work and I love it. I wanted the glass sculptures to be the focus of the design and to create display areas that would capture and illuminate their beauty. Enhancing the beauty of the glass artworks and sculptures, the finishes are done in monochromatic earth tones accentuated with Black Eco countertops that contain a “touch” of sparkle. The color pallet provides a natural backdrop to the many colors of the art sculptures and vases. The uncomplicated lines of the architectural features contrast the sinuous lines and shapes of the glass art work. All glass shelf displays are illuminated with wall wash recessed lighting.” The open perimeter floor plan design allows ample natural light to cast upon the glass artwork from the large floor to ceiling windows. A walled center island in the middle of the kitchen partially obscures the kitchen activity from dinner guests. The dining room or east side of the island wall displays glass artwork on suspended glass shelving above the buffet serving area. The peninsula located on the north side of the kitchen has suspended glass shelving to store and display the fine stemware. Continuing down the bar; drinks are served on a raised glass countertop located below a suspended glass shelf that holds a selection of top shelf liquors. Under the bar counter is a refrigerator with ice maker and refrigerated wine storage. A custom bar height two person dining table is located at the end of the bar in the northeast corner of the kitchen. The




Metal Wall Tiles



table is placed where the diners can enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and Chicago from the 65th floor. The Waterstation provides two work stations, for catering personnel, as well as multiple rotating work surfaces. A trash compactor is conveniently located next to the prep area as well as a dishwasher. Mary Anne’s design solution for the Fletcher’s living space not only meets the aesthetic and planning considerations, it also addresses the construction and mechanical concerns. A decorative door hides the non-removable water heater, yet provides access for future repairs and also doubles as additional pantry storage. The ceiling was dropped to accommodate electrical wiring for lighting and appliances. The peninsula wall was used to provide electricity to the wine storage, refrigerator and dishwasher.

2nd Place Kitchen

Elaine Treadwell

Bettina Rasmussen

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division, Pittsburgh, PA Elaine Treadwell’s design titled Shore-View Showcase accentuates the Fletcher’s view of the shore along Lake Michigan. “My inspiration for the design was the open windows of the Fletcher condo. I wanted my design to match that openness and offer a barrier-free view of the north windows from any location in the kitchen. Filled with high-end appliances, breath-taking finishes, and richly smooth surfaces. Elaine Treadwell addressed each of the Fletcher’s needs by creating work centers. The bar area located on the north side houses a small wine refrigerator and a 27” combination drawers, to include a refrigerator drawer to hold all the mixers and garnishes for drinks and a freezer drawer. A larger 24” wine refrigerator is conveniently located across from the bar center in the island. Following the NKBA Kitchen Planning Guideline #6 the designer planned for a full 48” work aisle between the perimeter cabinets and the island. The cooking center complete with an induction cook top flush-mounted in the large white quartz countertop provides space for several catering personnel to prepare and serve from 2 to 30 guests easily. The electrical and lighting construction limitations were well indicated in the plans and described in detail by this winning designer and featured in the design statement, “Shallow soffits house the small halogen recessed light fixtures while creating architectural beams across the room. Under-cabinet lighting gives a subtle glow and allows the glass backsplashes to bring depth and intrigue to the space. A vertical chase wrapped in stainless steel houses the electric supply for the island, while adding a contemporary flair and architectural interest to the design”.

Bamboo Cabinetry

Quartz Countertop

3rd Place Kitchen

Bamboo Cabinetry

Portland Community College- Sylvania, Portland, OR Third place winner, Bettina Rasmaussen’s strong curved peninsula evoked images for the judges of a fire engine red Italian Ferrari sports car. And like the strong images of a fast Ferrari, this winning designer states “Since catered entertaining is one of the main uses of the kitchen, I wanted to make the kitchen a focal point by using bold curves in a striking color, red. A well designed custom made, strongly curved peninsula creates visual movement. The upper glass cabinets reflect the strong curved shape of the peninsula below. The Fletcher’s fine liquors, Venetian Murano glass and sculptures can be seen in these lit, curved, upper glass cabinets. Break resistant, artistically shaped glass faucets were used to reflect the client’s glass collection, displayed in the upper glass cabinets. The marble flooring material, onyx countertops and upper cabinets have been designed in white in order to provide a contrast to the vibrant red laminated kitchen cabinets. “I chose not to use upper cabinets where they would obstruct the stunning view of Lake Michigan”. All of these sleek items contribute to the designer’s initial inspiration to design a contemporary Italian kitchen. This winning designer’s focus was for the kitchen to function efficiently while adhering to some key NKBA Planning Guidelines. She adhered to NKBA Kitchen Guideline #3 keeping the distance between the refrigerator, sink and cook-top, with no single leg of the work triangle measuring less than 4’ nor more than 9’. Construction changes well documented in the plan included the removal of the wall between the kitchen space and the laundry room. Lowering the ceiling 5” for electrical concerns and specifying 9” toe kick space under the peninsula cabinets to accommodate plumbing lines.

Marble Floor

TIle Backsplash

Onyx Countertop | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


1st Place Bathroom - Alexis Cannariato Brigham Young University- Idaho, Rexburg, ID First place student winner Alexis Cannariato design Lines of Light was inspired by a manufacturer’s line of plumbing hardware. Alexis used three main principles to design this winning plan, strong lines, conscious use of light, and carefully selected materials to emphasize the luxury bath items. Alexis states, “The concept for my bath, Lines of Light was inspired by a bath faucet. The angels of the faucet are repeated throughout the space in the architecture, on the walls, and with Margaret’s vanity chair. The faucet also inspired my use of light and the incorporation of high-gloss, luxurious materials. Line is used to create a harmonious space that is serene, yet energizing. The floating planes of the cabinetry give a strong sense of horizontality that is contrasted by the diagonal lines of the tiled wall design. This wall tile is the most unique material used in the winning design. These large rectangular porcelain tiles have subtle horizontal stripes running through the white glossy finish. A chrome line, repeating the angels of the faucet, contrasts the horizontal tiles as it flows around the walls of the bath. Throughout the bath, the faucet’s distinctive angles are repeated. From the slope of the angled shower wall to the walls themselves, the faucet’s lines are echoed in the architecture. Even the angle of Margaret’s vanity chair incorporates the unique line. This repetition of a single element was a signature design method of Frank Lloyd Wright; by using his method in this space, the Fletcher’s bath becomes an established creation of thoughtful, enduring design”. This winning design uses light to enhance color in this achromatic color palette of soothing whites. Use of chromatherapy in the tub and the shower adds light and creates a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. The designer states, “The Fletcher’s request for only high-end materials has most assuredly been answered in this space. The selective use of natural materials adds warmth to the polished finishes. For the floating cabinets, Carpathian elm wood is used. Its unique grain adds organic visual texture and movement. Snow white



Porcelain Wall Tiles

Tile Flooring


Elm Cabinetry

countertops of engineered stone create clean, pure, planes. The walls, paneled with glossy porcelain tiles, have a linear metal design running through them. These sleek finishes add to the sophistication of this contemporary bath. The crowning jewel of luxury in this bath is a small detail that incorporates the Fletcher’s love of Venetian glass. Each lavatory has a Venetian jeweled vanity waste cover. Its black and gold finish echoes the gold hue of the onyx and makes this space the pinnacle of luxury”.

2nd Place Bathroom

Kimberly Ann Fetzer

3rd Place Bathroom

Elizabeth Enberg

Brigham Young University- Idaho, Rexburg, ID

St. Louis Community College- Meramec, Kirkwood, MO

“Two major philosophies were the inspiration for this design”, Kimberly Ann Fetzer 2nd place winner stated. “For a contemporary look, I studied the international style of Mies van der Rohe. His design philosophy, ‘God is in the Details’, inspired me to believe that a truly beautiful space will use a simple arrangement of natural elements to portray beauty. Repetition of simple shapes, lines, and exquisite materials provides a minimal, natural, and relaxing space to start and end the day. The strong sense of horizontal and continuous line from the teak cabinetry also reflects international design.

Beach Spa is the theme of 3rd place winner Elizabeth Enberg’s design. She defines beach spa as “a design possessing the colors of the beach, creating a natural and neutral background to form a soothing environment, with décor and features of the bath providing the relaxing qualities of a spa. This neutral pallet sets the scene to highlight the client’s extensive hand-blown Venetian glass art collection. The glass pieces selected to be displayed in the bathroom area to standout against the cream tiles range in the color from sea green to deep-ocean blue”.

“Japanese design provided my second inspiration. Very contemporary and simplistic, Japanese design incorporates natural elements allowing occupants to be a part of nature. Japanese rock gardens inspired the flooring for the space and shoji screens give the space a relaxing repetitious feel”.

The theme is reinforced with material selections; pebble floor tiles lead guests to the back wall displaying a path of dark pebble wall tiles. Driftwood is used for vanity stools, raised planks for the ceiling and sconces. The cabinetry consists of distressed weathered wood.

As the couple opens the shoji screen door located at the farthest western point of the space, they are immediately transferred to a peaceful Zen-like state of mind enhanced by the pebble flooring, and use of teak in the floor, for cabinetry and on the walls. Soothing sounds of waterfalls and classical music will calm and relax the couple to prepare them for the start of their busy day. The ceiling height was lowered to 88” to accommodate the electrical and mechanical changes necessary. His side has a large built in mirror with vanishing television, so that he can watch the news while dressing. The opposite side houses her vanity space. Their storage for robes, undergarments, and towels will be beautifully concealed behind shoji screen inspired cabinetry on either side of her vanity space. Uplift cabinetry with a built in stereo system allows for classical music while preparing for the day.

Teak Cabinetry

Pebble Flooring

Marble Wall Finish

The large shower with two rain heads, four water tiles, and one hand held shower hear will allow for a two-person shower. Conveniently located outside the shower is a large custom linen cabinet for towel, robe, and bath supply storage. The designer located vanities and sinks across from each other; complete with adequate storage and backlit mirrors with hidden televisions. These dressing areas feature stone vessel sinks that resemble large rocks that one could imagine were smoothed and rounded by water erosion. The ceiling height was lowered to 90” in the interior sections and 84” where soffits were created to accommodate the aesthetic, electric and mechanical concerns. The many lighting features installed in the bath illuminate the room at a push of a button. The lighting system has five custom “scenes” each to best benefit a certain task.

Concrete Flooring

Glass Wall Tile

Pebble Wall Tile | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Honorable Mention: Kitchens


Rebecca Butikofer

Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg, ID

Elaine Treadwell

Honorable Mention winner Rebecca Butikofer’s solution to meeting the client’s entertaining needs was to design a functional U-shaped kitchen with contrasting materials to emphasize the contemporary theme desired by the Fletchers. All the appliances are finished in stainless steel, in contrast to the base cabinets beautiful warm ebony wood and wall and tall cabinets black lacquer finish adorned with glass insets. The countertop materials are contrasting in black and brown quartz on the u-shaped island and are accented by the pink quartz circle inlay in the seating area. Electricity is brought to the island from the dropped ceiling through three poles three inches in diameter. The poles create a contrasting rhythm to the horizontal shelving units facing out from the island.

Honorable Mention recipient, Elaine Treadwell’s “Contemporary Retreat” creates completely separate dressing areas enclosed with textured glass doors on a barn door hinge system. This designer’s unique plan places the tub and shower area in the outermost portion of the space. This was accomplished by creating a 5 inch raised platform to accommodate the plumbing necessary for the bathtub. Custom glass dividers with rain texture create the walls that separate the space from the bedroom.

Virginia Lewis

Jennifer McKell

West Valley College,

Saratoga, CA The curvilinear walls of the architecture of the building and waves lapping against the shore of Lake Michigan inspired this designer to title her project Waves. Honorable Mention recipient Virginia Lewis divided the kitchen into two main work zones, the bar and the cooking area, to accomplish meeting the extensive catering needs of the clients. The wave theme is repeated in this open floor plan with the curvilinear custom glass bar top situated in the northwest corner. Custom glass curved shelves suspended on chrome poles display the client’s top-shelf liquor and fine stemware. An oversized base cabinet with a tambour door is large enough to store the additional 30 x 30 crates of glasses required by the catering staff and remains out of the way under the counter.


Honorable Mention:


Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division, Pittsburgh, PA

This allows light from the exterior windows and capitalizes on the spectacular lake views. Conveniently located towel warmers adorn the wall adjacent to the tub and shower. The perimeter of the tub/shower area has a dropped soffit to accommodate the electric and lighting needs.

Brigham Young University- Idaho, Rexburg, ID In this winning design, titled Pearl Paradise, Jennifer uses mother of pearl chevron wall covering as an inspiration for the entire space. The chevron design is repeated in the tile throughout the space, in the wall covering, and the dressing vanities are placed on angles to repeat this motif. This simple design inspired by the work of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in his creation of the Barcelona Pavilion is functional, allowing for the couple to prepare for their day together. This notable design Pearl Paradise evokes feelings of relaxation by surrounding the couple with luxurious materials in soothing colors, and contemporary clean lined fixtures provide the glamour this couple desires in their living space.

Here’s to a future with open doors. Sub-Zero and Wolf salute the winners of the NKBA Student Design Competition.

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3/29/11 5:26 PM

Wo o h o o.


Yo u r outstanding wo r k h as gotten you notice d a n d gi ve n yo u a head star t toward promising careers. © 2011 American Woodmark Corporation® • Waypoint™ Waypoint Living Spaces™ and Exactly What You Had in Mind™ are registered trademarks of American Woodmark Corporation


TRENDS from the 2011

Design Competition

1. Commitment to Color Jennifer Gilmer, CKD Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd, Chevy Chase, MD

Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC

Clients and designers alike are making strong commitments to color. With pairings and accents in vivid colorations, clients are saying, “yes” to prominent colors. These particular clients of Maryland-based designer, Jennifer Gilmer, CKD, were drawn to exotic wood veneers in darker tones. To balance the dark feel of the Macassar Ebony cabinetry, Gilmer specified some to be in white laminate and added a white island wrapped in Macassar Ebony with black granite counter surface. The relationship with color is introduced into the room through a backsplash of back painted glass in a respectable carrot orange. Although prominent and noticeable, the orange selected represents a color that is smooth and fresh, and also refined enough to pair with the contemporary exotic wood cabinetry. “The orange does compliment the Macassar well, since there is orange in the striping of the wood. When we put all of the samples together, we knew that it was just right,” Gilmer confirmed, regarding the collaboration of color. This is a sleek kitchen deserving of a color that makes a statement without overbearing. The tangerine, mango, carrot family of colors is being incorporated into the palette of stylishly appropriated residential spaces across the country.

2. Tactile Appeal through Textures Aimee Nemeckay Susan Fredman Design Group, Chicago, IL

Nick Novelli, Novelli Photodesign



The use of actual and implied texture allows a tactile and visual feast. Lines, colors or patterns can act as either a point of interest in a given space or a mellow background to a more prominent component. There are two areas in this suburban reprieve, where the artistic textured touch is obvious. An oversized glass mosaic tiled rug is inset into the limestone floor, creating the effect of an actual textured and patterned area rug. Custom-made glass keystone tiles bring a shimmering quilted effect, which can also be seen in current fashion trends, to the wall of the shower. This adds a softly tactile appeal to a two person shower that can be controlled from auxiliary panels near the clients’ respective sinks. According to Chicago designer, Aimee Nemeckay, the busy homeowners wanted to create and enjoy a luxurious and relaxing haven. Ambient lighting highlights the unique color of the cabinetry along with the touch-friendly surfaces of their private spa.

Representative of what’s currently fresh and forward-thinking in kitchen and bath design, there can be seen in the nearly 500 entries received in the 2011 NKBA Design Competition — distinct visual elements and color, unique design detail, personalized products and materials, as well as an architecturally artistic approach to proportion. By Annette Gray

3. The Attributes of Glass Kirsti Wolfe Kirsti Wolfe Designs, Bend, OR

Paula Watts Photography

Glass is shining and glimmering from various spots throughout kitchen and bath designs this year and before. Oregon designer, Kirsti Wolfe brought glass into this design in an integrated and complimenting fashion. Lighted panels of Mica art glass incorporated into the design of the volcanic stainless steel hood along with the window in the door, added not only touches of color, but color in such a way that it conveys the sense of artfulness and creativity behind its presence. The mica art glass is a complimenting accent to the mission style Stickley lamps that are situated in the great room. Glass also shines from behind granite countertops as Wolfe opted for a glass tiled backsplash. This kitchen, which Wolfe describes as Asian-Craftsman with contemporary highlights is a shining example of the use of glass as various components. Here in this space it acts as the pop of color and light against the warmth of wood. It has helped the overall cohesive result, and as glass continues to be used in so many places and spaces, the use of it appears limitless.

4. Freestanding and Angled Tubs Susan J. Klimala, CKD The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn, IL Large freestanding tubs are taking front and center in bathroom design, and in this master bath retreat, the tub is literally centered and visible through French doors leading to the bedroom space. Susan J. Klimala, CKD of Glen Ellyn, IL wanted to help clients transform their uninspiring 90’s era bathroom into the calm beautiful spa that would fulfill the clients’ lifestyle needs and desires. One big transformation was the installation of this sleek rectangular tub opposite newly-incorporated French doors. In so many current bathroom designs, freestanding tubs are the norm. It allows them to be focal points of near sculptural quality. Rounded, rectangular and angled tubs are specified as an artistic accent that also provides the soothing soak that today’s homeowners may be looking for, following a busy day. Whether situated on stones, wood flooring or a low stage of sorts, the freestanding soaking tub is playing a prominent part in the master or family bathrooms of today.

Carlos Vergara Photography | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011



TRENDS from the 2011

Design Competition

5. Espresso and Chocolate in Cabinetry Melissa Nierman Rutt of Las Altos, Los Altos, CA

©Dean Birinyi

Silky hues of chocolate and espresso shimmer from the door and drawer fronts of distinct cabinetry incorporated into stand-out kitchens, ranging from contemporary to the more traditional and transitional. Natural finishes — absent glazing, distressing and overall pomp and circumstance, are what you will find in many kitchen designs. Although dark brown has remained somewhat of a fixture in kitchens over the past few years, an overriding number of seemingly simple chocolate browns are acting as the smooth and understated partner to brighter accents. “The client walked in one day with a piece of Walker Zanger Xilo tile and said I want this for my backsplash, can you design a kitchen around this?” explained West Coast designer, Melissa Nierman. “And that is how it all began.” With traffic flow issues to tackle, and words like clean, contemporary and functional in the mix, Nierman went to work. The resulting family and entertaining friendly space is the result. Whether black coffee or milk chocolate, the cabinetry foundation in the mid to dark brown family of colors appears rooted in the residential design approach.

6. Walk-in Pantries Sheila Off, CMKBD Signature Woodworks, LLC, Gig Harbor, WA

Brian DalBaclon



In some kitchens being designed for today’s homes, the need for a larger separate pantry has been necessitated by less wall cabinets. Open plan kitchens are requiring alternative pantry and storage solutions, such as walk-in pantries due to the absence of wall cabinets. In this spacious kitchen, designed by Shiela Off, CMKBD based in Gig Harbor, Washington, the need is not so much in lack of wall cabinetry, but in the sheer size and desired functionality of the space. Off’s clients wanted their Colonial Revival style home to have a comfortable but elegant feel, and this included the kitchen. With the space grand in size – it aptly allowed for a walk-in pantry that is used as a working pantry. “She will be able to cook for the two of them or for large groups of family and friends with the professional appliances installed in both the main kitchen and the working pantry,” explained Off. Sinks, dish storage, and food storage can be incorporated into pantries that appear as this one, to be entirely integrated in appearance into the space, and serving as a transition from one room to the next. This working pantry has V-Groove paneling that was selected as the backsplash to compliment the tongue and groove material used on the ceiling.

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TRENDS from the 2011

Design Competition

7. Detailed Ceilings Jodi Hook Klaff’s, Inc., Danbury, CT

Digital Arts

This sophisticated design has a rustic touch that relies on traditional architectural features paired with sleek contemporary finishes and materials. The detailed rough-hewn barn beam ceiling is a beautiful example of a highly detailed ceiling, and although the detail was newly created, it appears as if original to a comfort-worn space. Connecticut designer, Jodi Hook blended warm toned English Sycamore and Cherry wood cabinetry with stainless steel and honed concrete counter surfaces to create the perfect balance between warm and cool. This balance allowed for the introduction of high-visibility detail in the ceiling. The ceiling is highlighted by cable-strung lighting, which sparkles and lights the textures and natural intricacies of the rough wood, helping to bring cohesion and intimacy to the elongated space. This design feature straddles two trends seen strongly in the competition – detailed ceilings and textures.

8. Natural Elements Lori W. Carroll Lori W. Carroll & Associates, Tuscon, AZ

Jon Mancuso



This refined rustic southwestern powder room is the perfect example of the use of natural elements in design. An agate slab located on a buying trip became the foundation for this bathroom space that’s as unique and distinct as the elusively elegant stone itself. Translucent crystal formations within the rock are highlighted by backlighting that sets off the smoky grays, brown, and icy white. “Through Mother Nature’s breathtaking creation, this space has become the picture of naturally elegant living,” stated Arizona Designer Lori Carroll. She and her team were called on by clients to design a powder room with just enough casual elements to reflect the down-to-earth southwestern lifestyle, while conveying a sense of natural opulence. The use of polished stone combined with leather wrapped cabinetry, weathered bronze fixtures, a custom bronze toilet, along with combed wall tiles, the color of brown sugar, has resulted in a beautifully refined space. The result also, was a perfect example of an aspect of design seen strongly in countless applications and varying styles across the country – the use of a material that only nature could create. The beauty seen in nature is unrivaled, and when it can be brought inside a home and made functional, the impact too is unmatched.

Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction. J.D. Power and Associates ranked Miele “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dishwashers”

 � 800.843.7231

©2011 Miele, Inc. Miele received the highest numerical score for dishwashers in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Kitchen Appliance StudySM. Study based on 15,853 total responses measuring 18 brands and measures opinions of consumers who purchased dishwashers from a retail store or their new-home builder during the previous 24 months. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed in March-April 2010. Your experiences may vary. Visit



TRENDS from the 2011

Design Competition

9. A Tiered Approach to Proportion Tia Moras, CMKBD Lonetree Ent. Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Gary Beale, B-Plus Studios LTD

Tia Moras, CMKBD of British Columbia brought the concept of stacked components and graduated overlapping heights to a new level of sophistication in this Vancouver kitchen. The landscape of the kitchen, compliments the cityscape just outside the windows. Rounded cabinetry handles, a circular ventilation hood and a chandelier that sprouts arched wires over the dining table convey an appealing contradiction to the rectilinear shapes of the island. Mountains in the background just outside the windows are the rounded backdrop to the city buildings that match the artistic approach to the interior. The varying heights of the island surfaces, the elevated and overlapping dining counter top, and the statuesque pantry cabinet create asymmetrical proportion. Moras indicates her favorite aspect of the design being the use of a thicker top. “We use a good fabricator who miters the edges of the ground quartz material in the desired thickness. I did not want brackets to show, so the top was engineered to be installed without visible support.” The tallest point of the pantry, thickness of the counter tops, and the dining surface resting effortlessly on the prep and cook surface, convey a proportionally tiered balance to this contemporary kitchen.

10. Inlay Floors Mark Allan Schag, CKD Allen Cabinetry & The Counter Top Shop, Mansfield, OH Detailed floors, more specifically variations of inlay flooring are being seen in great numbers of new kitchen and bath designs. In this French style master bathroom, the flooring was the first request of the clients, who asked for a wood and stone parquet floor. To accommodate the wet environment of a bathroom, Designer Mark Allen Schag, CKD based in Mansfield, OH suggested a new wood-look ceramic tile combined with natural travertine. “Each piece was hand-fitted and angled to mimic the look of a real parquet floor,” explained Schag. Building on the French Chateux feeling that began with the floor, the remainder came together through maple cabinetry, wood wainscoting, French carved legs for the cabinetry, and more, to result in this stunning beauty. With floors grabbing the attention of clients, designers, and visitors in the home, we are sure to see more and more innovation and creativity in the materials and how they are brought together and installed.

Mark Allan Schag



The greatest designers the world has NEVER known.

Staying in Front of Your Customers A powerful seminar for designers at this year’s KBIS, booth C6623. Register at ACT NOW! Go to and register for “Staying in Front of Your Customers”. Or call 847-358-4848 to register. This course has been approved by the NKBA to qualify for 0.1 CEU and 1 NKBA Educational Hour at KBIS and webinars.

©2011 Interline Creative Group, Inc.

This course is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education for 1.0 LU upon completion, but not at KBIS.


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KBIS 2011– Collaborate. Innovate. Inspire.


The industry’s premier event hits Las Vegas.

By Annette Gray

If you are attending KBIS 2011, and are here in Las Vegas – welcome to the 48th annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. The NKBA and its partners have been working hard to ensure the biggest value, best benefits and maximum results for attendees and exhibitors alike.


With speakers such as Keynote presenter Pat Croce, Disney veteran Dennis Snow, technology expert and 2011 NKBA Vice President John K. Morgan, Masco Cabinetry President Karen Strauss, industry leader, educator and columnist Sarah Reep, CMKBD, and other top presenters, you’re sure to come away from the conference program inspired, renewed and ready for business in 2011, and going forward.

design, green design, water conservation and efficiency, and more. Check out the Twitter Wall, where you can see new products, and up-to-the-minute announcements and event updates. Center Stage will feature complimentary 30-minute presentations on essential industry topics, which include: social media, universal design, increasing consumer leads and technology for kitchen and bath businesses.

New at the NKBA Booth this year, stop by and see some of the latest products from top exhibitors in the Product Display Showcase. Come and view the winning designs in the 2011 NKBA Design Competition, which have just been announced live, here at KBIS. These can be seen in the multimedia Design Competition Inspiration Gallery. Join in one or more of the Roundtable Sessions – interactive exchanges on topics such as universal

Relax and recharge at the new KBIS Multimedia Lounge, sponsored by SCRIPPS Networks Interactive. The lounge will offer seating, live presentations, celebrity guests, inspiration gallery, internet access,


headlines KBIS 2011

charging stations, and a concierge/reservation desk. Also as a first this year, Know It All Lounge, located on the show floor – a place for you to put your feet up and take a break from the fast pace of the show. Test out some of the newest technology such as the Mobile App and KBIS Connect. Staff will be on-hand; available to answer questions and help you make the most of your time seeing exhibitors and enjoy the cash bar located in the lounge. Make the most of your time at KBIS, and enjoy Las Vegas!

Mobile App Free to all Smartphone users, the KBIS Mobile App features linking friends’ schedules, interactive floor maps with booth routing, social media, and the ability to receive real-time show and exhibitor announcements.

Visit to download | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


headlines KBIS 2011

KBIS 2012 - Back in the Windy City Indulge your senses with the sights, sounds and tastes of Chicago.

By Annette Gray

Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau

KBIS 2012 – the annual industry event you won’t want to miss, is returning to Chicago’s McCormick Place. Plan some free time while you’re attending the networking event of the year. Chicago boasts countless entertainment, dining, theatre, and museum options or tour the city on foot, bike or Segway. Historic Navy Pier offers 50 acres of parks, shops, restaurants, entertainment and attractions. And originating from Navy Pier, depending on whether you want to dine, or are going for speed, select any one of numerous boat tours on the Odyssey, Spirit of Chicago, Mystic Blue, or Seadog. Visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, the nation’s most historic zoo, and also one of the last remaining free admission zoos. It’s home to 1,000 mammals, reptiles and birds. See some of the world’s rarest creatures including wild dogs, pygmy hippos and black rhinos, along with an impressive primate exhibit.



Enjoy peaceful gardens indoors at Garfield Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Conservatory. There is no shortage of amazing sights in the Windy City. If shopping is what you do, take in the view along the Magnificent Mile. Consider the world from overhead – and gain a birds-eye view from the 103rd floor of Skydeck Chicago in Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower or the 94th floor Hancock Observatory. Walk the lakefront along 29 miles of scenic paths following the shore of Lake Michigan, in a city that’s considered to be one of the world’s most walk-able and beautiful cities. Enjoy alfresco dining, music, art, landscape design and architecture as part of Millennium Park’s offerings. See the light show at Buckingham Fountain. Chicago is home to legendary Chicago Theatre on State Street, Steppenwolf Theatre, Broadway Playhouse, Royal George Theatre – so nightlife in the city is varied and whether comedy, music or

Broadway productions are your preference, it’s all here for the taking. Don’t miss out on anything you want to see and do in Chicago, while you’re in town for KBIS. Stop by the Chicago Cultural Center – Chicago’s Architectural Showplace for the Lively and Visual Arts and the city’s official Visitor Center. You’ll want to check out dining options ahead of time, with so many cuisines and restaurants to choose from, advance planning may be in order. In addition to well-known favorites of Chicago-style pizza, hot dogs, and steaks, ethnic cuisine from around the world can be found in the city, and nearby outlying neighborhoods. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend KBIS and spend some time in Chicago, our welcoming Midwestern host city!

Go to for additional information on dining, entertainment, theatre, museums and tours.


Thermador defines kitchen innovation. From introducing the first built-in wall oven over 50 years ago to redefining gas cooktops with our high-performance Star Burner, our thinking is far from conventional. But we never innovate for innovation’s sake. Every feature and control on our handcrafted appliances are designed to make cooking easier, better and more rewarding. If you truly love to cook, welcome to the true kitchen leader.


on luxury Thermador appliances, including a free dishwasher, during the One, Two, FREE Sales Event. For a dealer near you please visit or call 800 735 4328. Offer expires December 31, 2011.




Leading by Example

Promoting professionalism, customer service excellence, and volunteerism.

Joseph Feinberg, CGC, CR

2011 NKBA Board of Directors Advisory Council of Dealers BOD Rep. Allied Kitchen & Bath, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Allied Kitchen and Bath in Fort Lauderdale is one of nearly 2300 dealers in the NKBA membership. Members since 1987, brothers and partners, Bill and Joe Feinberg lead their company’s team of 40 professionals by example – one of high standards in service, volunteerism and giving back. In addition, they not only encourage, but support the efforts of their employees in continuing individual professional development. Joe brings his nearly 30 years of business leadership experience to the NKBA Board of Directors as a recently inducted 2011 board member. NKBA: How did you find your beginnings in the kitchen and bath industry? JF: In 1984, after moving from Philadelphia a few years before, my brother Bill and I purchased property on Oakland Park Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, and opened a window, door, and home remodeling business. Today, 27 years later, Allied Kitchen and Bath employs a staff of nearly 40 employees, and offers a showcase of hundreds of decorative plumbing and hardware product lines, among the finest in the trade. NKBA: What services are offered by your company today and how has your business grown over 27 years in business? JF: Allied Kitchen is a complete remodeling and design/build firm for kitchens, baths and entire home projects. We offer a broad selection of decorative plumbing and hardware. We are open to the public, and also cater to the retail trade - serving designers, builders and other industry partners. In 2008, after 24 years in business in the same location, we demolished our three original smaller buildings and constructed a new 15,000 square foot design showroom. We are a destination for anyone considering a kitchen, bath or home remodel. NKBA: What is your approach with trade retail; other professionals in the industry who may overlap some of the services your company offers? JF: We strive to develop longstanding relationships with other contractors and remodelers. We want them to view us as a resource rather than a competitor. We work hard to maintain these relationships, and will go above and beyond in collaborating with other professionals. Our relationship is with the contractor, designer, or decorator, not their client. 84




By Annette Gray

NKBA: Based on your proven success, how would you describe your business approach or philosophy? JF: Our staff at Allied truly stands out to anyone entering our doors. It is a unique experience shopping at Allied. We are all about concierge service. Potential clients and existing clients are greeted with genuine kindness, and a sincere willingness to assist by an extremely knowledgeable team. At Allied Kitchen and Bath, TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More, and we firmly believe this to be true. Making everyone feel welcome in our home is our goal. Allied has been serving the South Florida market for 27 years - we believe in what we sell, and back up what we say and do. NKBA: In what ways do you encourage your employee’s individual professional development? JF: We have very high ethical standards, and our entire team upholds them. Knowledge is what we impart to our clients. Our design team has seven NKBA-certified designers, and several others working towards that goal.

“I know we have had potential clients come into our showroom and request to meet with one of our certified designers. The NKBA is reaching homeowner consumers, and there is the proof.” NKBA: What is the benefit of having certified designers on your staff? JF: Although we don’t require staff to be certified, it certainly has a great deal of value to us as well as being valuable to their own future in the industry. I know we have had potential clients come into our showroom and request to meet with one of our certified designers. The NKBA is reaching homeowner consumers, and there is the proof. With certifications under their belt, they have a personal sense of accomplishment and it shows. The increased knowledge adds to their level of marketable expertise.

NKBA: Outside of traditional professional roles within Allied, how do you, your brother and staff remain involved in the community? JF: My brother Bill and I encourage our team to be involved in trade organizations, civic groups and charitable causes. We lead by example; Bill is highly involved with the Oakland Park/Wilton Manors council of the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Allied has supported more than 75 different non-profit organizations by acting as host and venue for events. We provide food and beverages at no cost to the charity, and all funds raised at the event go toward their cause. I’m particularly proud of the staff and their level or participation. Everyone pitches in, stays late, assists with hosting and greeting guests. We actively believe in, and stand behind a “Pay it forward” philosophy.


Continuing to Grow

California designer and council member achieves highest level of certification.

Ayeshah Morin, CMKBD

Advisory Council of Dealers Designer Kitchens, Inc. Tustin, CA

Ayeshah Morin, CMKBD turned a kitchen fire that occurred in her home; a house she describes as a quintessential California home, into a passion and professional pursuit. And recently she accomplished yet another pursuit by becoming a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer. As an active NKBA member, Morin sought to become part of the Advisory Council of Dealers, and be involved in generating ideas to not only help develop the dealers segment, but the NKBA as a whole. NKBA: How long have you been in the kitchen and bath industry and how did you begin designing kitchens and bathrooms? AM: I have been in the industry for 27 years, and became a CKD in 1999. In 1983, the cook top in our Eichler home caught on fire, which led me to design and remodel our kitchen and then later, our bathroom. During the design and remodeling process, I was able to utilize my knowledge from the real estate improvement course I had taken at the university, and discovered I immensely enjoy recreating existing spaces. Then I went to work for a kitchen design company in Los Angeles that was importing high-end German cabinets, and learned the metric system and gained much more knowledge about cabinets, interior spaces, and design. In 1985, I opened the doors of Designer Kitchens, Inc. with support from my previous employers and became a dealer in Orange County for their cabinets. Our design studio is a full-service kitchen and bath design and remodeling company. We provide turn-key operation, as well as design consulting alone or cabinetry. NKBA: What are the characteristics and origin of an Eichler home? AM: We found an Eichler home when we moved to California from the east coast. We were looking for a California home with an open plan and outdoor living spaces to optimize our enjoyment of the wonderful weather in California. Eichler, a post WWII home builder epitomized the West’s departure from the traditional homes and emphasized California as a trend setter with his love of contemporary architecture and modern design. His signature ‘modern homes’ had an entry atrium and were built with post and beam construction, which allowed for full glass walls, 10” high ceilings and tongue and groove wood ceilings. Eichler homes



By Annette Gray

with their open floor plan and glass walls were in contrast to the traditional transition of space, and using glass walls, entry atriums and skylights, bring the outdoors inside.

NKBA: What are some design trends you would label as quintessential California or West Coast? AM: A prominent look for California is one of “Less is more”. It’s approached with a clean, uncluttered look, using warm and dark rich wood tones, and contrasting finishes on the cabinetry. Glass backsplash tiles are available and being implemented in many shapes and textures, as well as solid stone or quartz countertop surfaces, and LED lighting. The emphasis seems to be in ease of cleaning and maintenance, in a room where family and friends gather and entertain on a more casual basis. I see more accent colors on the walls, which is a welcome departure from the safe beige and cream tones that have dominated the homes for the past decade. The overall palette contains dramatic contrasts between dark woods, white cabinets, exotic countertops and backsplashes.

“I became a CMKBD as of January 2011. I feel this was a major accomplishment after passing rigorous tests, and establishing years of practice in the industry.” NKBA: What involvement have you had in the NKBA? AM: Based on my past involvement with Study Task Forces for appliance and fixture companies, I wanted to find a way to exchange ideas and take part in brainstorming and planning, so I decided to join the Advisory Council for Dealers to see how we can work to help dealers and other segments, and to establish a better awareness of the NKBA to the general public. NKBA:

What was the catalyst for you pursuing NKBA certification, and how do you feel it has helped you develop your career? AM: I felt it was a great way to augment my industry knowledge and set myself apart from competitors. I believe the certification has given me a much broader knowledge base and has reinforced what I already knew. I became a CMKBD as of January 2011. I feel this was a major accomplishment after passing rigorous tests, and establishing years of practice in the industry. Also, the certifications have given more credibility to my expertise and knowledge in the industry.

NKBA: What aspect of NKBA involvement stands out as most valuable to you personally or professionally? AM: To be able to learn from my peers, and in-turn share my 27 years of industry knowledge, expertise, and education. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011



Industry Segments – Staying Informed News and headlines from across the industry. By Annette Gray


Live Installation on the Show Floor

DeCorative Plumbing & Hardware Bathroom installation featuring TOTO products created by NKBA Arizona Chapter President Annette Denham

BUILDER/REMODELER Remodeling Gains Expected for 2011

Following a three-year downturn, a sustainable recovery for the remodeling industry is expected in 2011, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) released this month, by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. The LIRA projects annual growth in home improvement spending of 6.5% in the third quarter of 2011. “Favorable interest rates, a pickup in home sales, and the strengthening economy should lead to healthy gains in remodeling spending this year,” says Eric S. Belsky, managing director of the Joint Center. “After an initial burst in activity, the recovery may lose some steam later in the year as continuing problems with weak house prices and large numbers of distressed properties keep home improvement gains in check,” says Kermit Baker, director of the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center. “But the overall trend is for continued growth in 2011.”

DEALER Confidence Index Measures Kitchen and Bath Industry

The Wall Street Journal online, according to an article posted February 2, 2011 that cited NKBA Chief Executive Officer Don Sciolaro conducted research measuring the confidence level of kitchen and bath dealers. According to the article, out of 150 dealers polled nationwide, more than 70% expected an increase in showroom visits and sales volume from kitchen and bath remodels. This latest reading comes in at 37, a 23-point spike from the inaugural fourth quarter index, with the quarterly index ranging from –60 as quite pessimistic to +60 as extremely optimistic. 86


Coverings tile and stone trade show, held March 2011 in Las Vegas was the venue where NKBA Arizona Chapter President Annette Denham had the opportunity to participate in the Installation Design Showcase where leading installers and designers partnered to convey the importance of each role and highlight various design aesthetics in tile and stone. Denham, along with other designers such as HGTV’s Design on a Dime, Ali Azhar showed their skill and creativity live on the show floor, and worked over the course of the show to create and install a bathroom space. From inception to completion, participants remained on hand to discuss their projects.


Jenn-Air Enlists Industry Leaders for Inaugural Design Advisory Council Jenn-Air has enlisted the expertise of NKBA professionals to be part of an ongoing forum of experts asked to provide commentary on kitchen and design industry topics, including trends and feedback on new product designs. Members of the new council will offer guidance on improving and standardizing product specifications across the entire Jenn-Air line, as well as other Whirlpool Corporation brands, meeting several times throughout the year to develop design ideas on everything from prototypes and marketing initiatives to customer service. The following members of the new council include ten NKBA members from around the country. Morton Block, CMKBD Karla Krengel Susan Broderick, CKD, CBD Judith Neary, CMKBD Mary Jo Camp, CKD, CBD Gary Paul Ellen Cheever, CMKBD Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD, CAPS, CAASH

Julia Johnston Terry Smith Roberta Kravette, AKBD Billy Williams

The NKBA Professional Resource Library the ultimate industry resource is now available in hardcover and digital e-book format Purchase the print version and receive 50% off the digital e-book of each title or the entire set of nine volumes. Order Today>> Visit NKBA Booth C3529 or

order both the print and electronic versions at kbis and receive a free copy of the nkba kitchen & bath Planning guidelines | 1.800.843.6522 | Follow Us:



Promoting the Experience and Outcome, to Promote the Product

According to a recent press release this month, NKBA Member Firm, Viking Range Corporation, has introduced their first-ever cookbook, In the Viking Kitchen, by internationally renowned Chef Grant MacPherson and photographed by bill Milne. In addition to lavish photography and accessible recipes intended to showcase the beauty and visually stimulating side of home cooking, Milne also provides relevant commentary throughout the books about the importance of equipment form and function, with regards to enhancing the dining and cooking experience. Photographs of stunning Viking kitchens, both commercial and residential, are scattered among the pages, providing design inspiration as well.

NKBA ADVISORY COUNCIL OF FABRICATORs (left to right) Bill Wyman, Robert Blanchard, Frederick Meyer, Eric Kirby, William Standish, Jr. Not pictured - Karen Rothenberg and Don McCandless



Leader in Fitted Kitchens Joins the NKBA

As of 2011, the NKBA is pleased to welcome Poggenpohl U.S., Inc. into the membership. Poggenpohl, founded over 110 years ago as the first German kitchen brand, it is now present in more than 70 countries globally. “For the first time, Poggenpohl U.S. has joined the NKBA as a national member to support the industry as a whole, take advantage of the marketing benefits the organization has to offer and continue to maintain our leadership position as the #1 German luxury kitchen brand. In addition, we hope to build our brand visibility in the U.S., promote our commitment to sustainability, increase our dealer network, and host networking events in our showrooms. It’s the perfect complement to our 88


Business-to-Business Apps

A growing number of technology giants and software start-ups are trying to make business applications more “social” as business-software vendors and customers look to take advantage of people’s growing interest in social networking. The difference between this and Facebook is that it is limited to co-workers or colleagues with defined criteria creating a wall, of sorts, around the network, disallowing anyone outside that criteria from accessing or joining the network. The purpose or reason that this is considered valuable in the B-to-B arena is that it’s aiming to perpetuate and encourage meaningful interaction and communication. The idea is to encourage effective communication between co-workers and colleagues in business. It helps connect all the moving parts of a company or specific network such as one that might exist within the manufacturer and manufacturers’ rep roster of colleagues.

New in 2011, the NKBA has formed an Advisory Council of Fabricators.

The purpose of an Advisory Council is to provide a link between major segments of the kitchen and bath industry and the Board of Directors to ensure that the needs of all the industry are being appropriately monitored and evaluated. The Councils shall meet annually to advise the Board on industry trends and make recommendations for appropriate products, programs and services to meet the needs of all members of the association. To act as the voice of the Fabricators segment, a newly-formed Advisory Council of Fabricators was announced and met for the first time in March, 2011 at the Annual Planning Meeting.

existing national marketing plan.” - Ted Chappell, president, Poggenpohl U.S., Inc.



Big-Box Retailers Migrate to the City According to the NPR News, Big-box retailers are making the move into city markets. “Retailers have been following the growth of the suburbs for decades, setting up shopping centers and big-box strip malls far outside the core of major American cities. But a reversal of that trend is becoming apparent. Big-box retailers – companies that built their discount businesses out where land was cheap and space was plentiful – are now moving inward. Both Wal-Mart and Target are prime examples of big-box stores with big-city plans. They’re aiming at the likes of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Washington D.C.” Something to follow is the paths of Lowe’s and Home Depot, as they do or do not follow suit.

Myth: “My clients don’t need financing.” Fact: In the current environment, homeowners who

use financing initiate larger projects, buy higher-end items, and are more likely to return to your retail showroom again.

With instant credit lines up to $10,000, average ticket sizes with GE Money are often double or triple than that of other major credit cards or cash.

GE Card vs. Bankcard

Tickets lift by offering flexible financing First purchase average ticket on GE Money Home Design card program

Private Label Credit Card Bankcard



*Based upon 2010 YTD data; average tickets may be even higher in other GE Money CE/AP programs

“I found the best partner possible to ensure my Company’s future success: GE Money.” -Dave Linehan

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headlines NKBA UPDATES

Education & Membership BECOME A CHAPTER OFFICER Chapter officers are recognized as leaders in the industry by both consumers and peers. There are a number of ways for you to serve as a chapter officer in your local NKBA chapter. Whether you have expertise in event planning, education, marketing legislation, finance, or leadership, there’s a position as a chapter officer that’s perfect for you. Visit the Members section at and click on the Chapter Officer Tools. In this section you will find the Chapter Officers’ Leadership Manual for individual officer positions with their responsibilities. Also watch the Chapter Officer’s Training video, a 20-minute recording for more information on the various positions. Benefits of becoming a chapter officer include a VIP Package for KBIS, leadership training, and connecting with local industry leaders.

2011 Member CENSUS Your NKBA membership is a tool that gives you a competitive edge in your market place, and the switch that turns it on for you – is you! To continue providing products and services that meet your needs, the NKBA asks individual members to complete an annual census and update information. Industry Company members are also asked to keep their information updated. Product line and website information will be made available to the public on ProSearch.

2012 NKBA Hall of Fame Here’s your chance to make a difference in the kitchen and bath industry. The annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Hall of Fame interactive nomination form is available online at Now is the time to begin to considering your nomination- an industry leader who has made extraordinary contributions to the kitchen and bath industry and/or the NKBA. We’re counting on you to involve yourself and make a difference. Nominations will be accepted through midnight, July 29, 2011. The NKBA Hall of Fame is the opportunity through which outstanding industry professionals are formally recognized for their contributions to the growth of the kitchen and bath industry. If you walked the show floor at KBIS, consider those new inventions or products that made an impression upon you. Not sure if you have voting privileges? Contact NKBA Customer Service at 1-800-843-6522.

Through the customer’s eyes Our business in the Customer Service Department at the NKBA is to help you as the industry professional member, make the NKBA work for you. Following the platform of 2011 NKBA President David Alderman, CMKBD, we have taken the next step in strengthening our services to help you strengthen your business. All customer service representatives have completed the “Through the Customer’s Eyes” Customer Service Certification Program approved by the International Customer Service Association. We’ve demonstrated our willingness to learn new skills, and improve effectiveness and service quality. Skills taught included the art of active listening, appropriate questioning techniques, as well as reinforcement of ongoing skill areas such as the importance of patience, knowledge of the association’s systems, and best practices to more effectively serve our membership. NKBA representatives display exceptional service attitude, and we invite you to contact us today at 1-800-843-6522 to take the next step in strengthening and growing your business. 90



CEU’s: 0.5 • NKBA Hours: 3 Green Purchasing Accredited Professional Certification (GPAP) – The Green Standard™ Each time the interior space of the home or the office, residential or commercial is being renovated, rebuilt, or refurbished, the building’s ecological and sustainable footprint is being affected. As a kitchen and bath professional, your purchasing decisions require that you understand the difference between green and green washing. GPAP Benefits: • Convey to your clients and employees that you are a leader in the field • Increase your value as a professional • Apply green product specification to the LEED Green Building Rating System For more information, see our ad on page 93.

NEW NKBA CertificatioN

Launching this summer 2011 The new Certified Kitchen and Bath Professional (CKBP™) certification benefits all industry segments. In order to possess this universal certification, the holder must prove a high level of proficiency in professional knowledge, industry experience, and education in the kitchen and bath industry. The focus of curriculum and critical areas of knowledge will be in the areas of, construction, general business knowledge, sales, materials and product knowledge, and project management. In order to sit for this multiple choice exam, the applicant must be in the kitchen and bath industry for at least five years, and have attained 40 hours of NKBA education. Previous NKBA certifications will be credited toward NKBA educational hours. Benefits to the market place, to your customers, your clients, and enduser will certainly add that cutting edge to your skills-set that sets you apart. Research shows that certifications are respected and trusted by consumers. The CKBP appellation affords the recipient an opportunity to convey a high level of professionalism.

NKBA EDUCATION One of NKBA Education’s missions is to be a valuable go-to resource for current knowledge and education. In the past two years, members are finding education through NKBA on-line courses and through grass roots methods that align with their employment. We know that learning in a face-to-face setting is still a demand by our members. So call and select from one of our many approved topics and instructors on: Working with Technology, Ethics in Design, Aging in Place, Common Sense Green Opportunities, Color Trends, Green, and Outdoor Kitchens. Time slots are: • Monday through Friday – evening programs available • Saturdays and Sundays also available Courses are awarded NKBA hours and CEUs. In this new NKBA Education business model, we are supporting the efforts of the VPs of Programs and the VPs of Professional Development.

2010 Chapter Program Contest Awards Winners announced.

By Janet LaLonde, NKBA Manager of Regions & Chapters

The NKBA Chapter Programming Contest recognizes the best programs of the NKBA’s 73 chapters. Chapter representatives from the eight regions presented their chapter’s best program. Each of the NKBA’s eight regions then selected a winner. The 2010 winners are:

Region 1 Grand Prize Winner Southern New England Chapter “Aging in Place…The Design Challenge” As we age, there are a number of challenges that naturally occur. All of these challenges have design implications that not only force designers to sharpen design skills to meet cognitive, physical, and sensory changes but also broaden understanding of the aging process. Chapter attendees were divided into groups - each with a group leader. The groups moved through four stations, involving various types of tasks at each station. Drawing on the extensive design experience in the chapter and the new experience with disabilities, a discussion was conducted.

Region 2 Mid Atlantic Chapter “Natural Stone: Nature’s Art in Design” In trade-show style, chapter members and guests were invited to view exotic stones from around the world highlighted in vignettes created by top designers, while savoring Mediterranean delights at various food stations placed through Tropical Stone’s 50,000 sq ft. indoor showroom. The marketing director presented an intriguing program that

tracked the path of natural stone from mining to designing.

Region 3 Winner Baltimore/Washington Chapter “Power of Brands” The President of Charles Luck Stone Center brought a lively discussion on: How did the best known companies develop, nurture, and celebrate their BRANDS? The speaker discussed how branding is critical in aligning consumers with companies. He also presented the point that everyone has a brand, including individual designers, and companies must position themselves for future growth.

Region 4 Central Florida Chapter “Be a Hometown Winner! Product Showcase at Tampa Yankee Stadium!” A team of NKBA Central Florida Chapter leaders turned challenges into growth! A unique program provided an educational venue for NKBA Florida kitchen & bath designers who did not have the budget to attend KBIS 2010 in Chicago. For an affordable cost, NKBA members were educated by twenty different kitchen & bath product vendors in booths at the “Product Showcase” portion. This all took place at Tampa’s Yankee Stadium.

Region 5 Prairie Province Chapter “Stampede Party Membership Drive/ 15th Anniversary as a Chapter” Calgary is known worldwide as the host of the greatest outdoor show on earth the Calgary Stampede. It was the perfect time for a membership drive in conjunction with our Chapter’s 15th Year Anniversary. The event was 100% sponsored and the chapters’ largest attended event in years. A plaque was displayed highlighting our founding members and a live band provided country western style entertainment. The event was an opportunity to introduce 20 new members and reconnect with existing members. New

committee members were recruited and there was interest generated in volunteer positions.

Region 6 Northern Michigan Chapter “Lessons Learned” Members discussed their best and worst experience in the business and how they handled them. Knowledge was gained from the experiences of colleagues, and the event was held in conjunction with a Vendor Fair. This was an opportunity for our Manufacturing and Sales Reps to use their expertise by acting as judges in determining the best business story and awarding a prize.

Region 7 Central Coast and Valleys Chapter “Tour of Kitchens” The tour provided a remarkable journey through 16 designer kitchens, created by the finest NKBA kitchen and bath professionals in the Santa Clarita Valley and Ventura County. Proceeds were shared between the Chapter and the Michael Hofflin Foundation and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Region 8 Nebraska/Kansas Chapter “An Artist in the Kitchen” For the holiday season, the Chapter was looking to generate a fresh start. A group of Midwest artists: potters, glass blowers, metal artists and more were brought together. The new Board members were introduced at the induction ceremony during the luncheon. The artists set up displays of their wares. This provided an excellent opportunity for chapter members to meet local artisans who could be called on to create and contribute quality products, and distinctly unique pieces of art for their kitchen and bath designs. Each of these winning chapters receives a check for $500 in recognition for their accomplishment. The grand prize winner receives $1,000. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011



NKBA Legislation Headlines


Legislation Across the Nation Stay informed and involved.

By Edward S. Nagorsky, Esq., NKBA General Counsel & Director of Legislative Affairs

Illinois – a full practice act was just introduced to limit the right of our members to work in spaces other than in single family dwellings. After a great deal of opposition from NKBA along with NARI, AIA and others, the sponsor withdrew the bill from consideration. Massachusetts – bidding bill and title act introduced. Michigan – no action on practice act from last year’s term.

While poor economic conditions and the Republican victories in November might have dampened ASID’s and legislators’ enthusiasm for enacting additional legislation that would harm our members’ ability to continue working, it appears the ASID and its supported coalitions are emboldened and seeking to make good on their goal of introducing design bills in all 50 states this year. The following is an update on the status of legislation that is anticipated or pending: Arizona – a title and building plan submittal bill was submitted to the House. Due to the opposition of NKBA and others, the bill sponsor withdrew the bill from consideration and the scheduled hearing was cancelled. California – we’re told that the proposed practice act that was slated for introduction in 2011 has been put on hold due to the California economy. Colorado – the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee rejected the efforts of the interior design lobby to pass Senate Bill 11-67 to license the practice of interior design. The members of the Committee voted to deny further consideration of the Bill. Florida – the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of that state’s existing design practice act, finding that the legislature could have concluded that the law was necessary for the protection of the public “health, safety and welfare”. We understand that the ruling will be appealed and that the Florida legislature has established a commission to review the necessity for maintaining the interior design board. Idaho – a full practice act with an exemption for residential dwellings not exceeding 2 stories in height – the sponsor is in the process of revising the bill and has not yet introduced it to the legislature.



Minnesota – proposed revision to current certified interior designer rules has been proposed to the Interior Designer Board to require that applicants for certification be graduates of a 4-year interior design program. This will impact 2 year schools in Minnesota since their graduates will no longer qualify for certification. The NKBA does not intend to take a position on the rule change, since it most likely will not affect our members and will also mean that fewer designers will be eligible to become certified, thus increasing the number of designers that will object to a practice act should one be introduced. Mississippi – a title bill was introduced and passed and is now on the Governor’s desk. The NKBA has opposed the bill; however with very little involvement from our members, it appears likely the bill will be signed into law. New York – 2 bills pre-filed to limit submitting bids for state work to only interior designers who are certified and to open and extend the grandfathering of designers. We also expect a “sign and seal” bill to be introduced this term. There has been no movement in the legislature on these bills. Oregon – a practice act was pre-filed to limit designers who are not certified in drafting design studies, drawings and renderings, schedules, specifications, space plans, and designs or specifications of fixtures, furnishings or equipment only in single-family residential dwellings. Pennsylvania – there is conversation that a practice act is being contemplated without much chance of traction this year. South Carolina – practice act drafted but not yet introduced. Tennessee – new practice act has been introduced to change existing title from “registered interior designer” to “licensed interior designer” and allow licensed interior designers to prepare non-structural interior design plans for large commercial projects. Washington – a practice act was introduced in the Senate, but the Committee Chair has said that unless the NKBA and other design organizations can all come to terms, there will be no hearing on the bill. The bill will not be heard this term.


Manier Creative


Designed by NKBA member Siri Evju, CKD, CBD

WHAT IS GREEN PURCHASING? As a Green Purchasing Accredited Professional (GPAP), you will be able to efficiently and effectively navigate today’s environmentally-sensitive business landscape, while building value, competitive advantage and social responsibility.


Green Purchasing AP certification will help you: • Create consistency and transparency in your purchasing strategies • Position your firm as a leader in the green economy that is advancing green production & consumption

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BECOME A GPAP - 6 TRAINING MODULES AND AN EXAM 1 - Introduction and Understanding the Framework of Best Practices 2 - Understanding Comprehensive Standards, Certification Programs and EcoLabels 3 - Understanding Industry-specific Standards and Programs for Various Product Categories 4 - Looking at Green Purchasing Tools and Programs 5 - Deeper Understanding: Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations

7 - Accreditation Exam & Certification

on how products of all types are designed, is measured, verified and reported by

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6 - Creating Your Own Green Purchasing Policy

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headlines NKBA UPDATES

2011 NKBA/GE Charette Competition The winners are announced.

By Sherylin Doyle, AKBD, NKBA Manager of Academic Relations

The NKBA and GE for the sixth consecutive year announced the winners of the 2011 NKBA/GE Charette Competition, which awards students over $20,000 in scholarships. This competition recognizes students who each demonstrate kitchen design skill by planning a safe, functional kitchen duringa three-hour timed test. “GE is committed to the emerging design community and proud to recognize the talent and creativity of students at NKBAaccredited colleges,” said Monogram Marketing Manager Brandon Hochhalter. “It is exciting to see the designs including GE Monogram® appliances in their kitchens. We congratulate all the finalists for their outstanding designs.”

More than 400 students from 28 colleges participated in the challenge, which tests students’ abilities to apply their knowledge of kitchen design by producing a floorplan with specifications, a design statement, and a perspective or elevation of a kitchen featuring GE appliances—all within three hours. Each of the 28 colleges chose up to three local winners to award $50 each. This year’s scenario asked students to design a kitchen using GE Monogram® series appliances, which offer commercialgrade features, into the design for their clients, Greg and Mariana Temple. Mrs. Temple has just published a cookbook and hosts cooking classes in her ranch home. The clients desired a contemporary style kitchen with seating for four and space for seven people to watch the cooking class. All designs were required to adhere to the NKBA Planning Guidelines, as well



2011 NKBA/GE CHARETTE COMPETITION 1ST PLACE WINNER: Kelsey Warren – Alexandria Technical & Community College, Alexandria, MN

as to NKBA Graphic and Presentation Standards. The winning designers successfully incorporated these elements into their creations, along with special features that impressed the judges. First-place winner Kelsey Warren, from Alexandria Technical College located in Alexandria, MN, was able to create a design that best utilized the space to meet the needs of the clients and was aesthetically pleasing. She created a strong focal point for the room by placing decorative glass tiles above the GE Monogram 36” Dual Fuel Range and under the GE Monogram Professional stainless steel hood. Art was added to two walls to accentuate the vertical feel of the room.

WINNING STUDENTS 1st place - $5,000 Scholarship: Kelsey Warren Alexandria Technical & Community College; Alexandria, MN 2nd place - $4,000 Scholarship: Katelyn Shipe Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA 3rd place - $3,000 Scholarship: Ryan Young East Carolina University; Greenville, NC

4th place - $2,500 Scholarship: Courtney Simper Brigham Young University- Idaho; Rexburg, ID 5th place - $2,000 Scholarship: Jennifer McKell Brigham Young University- Idaho; Rexburg, ID Honorable Mentions - $1,000 Scholarships: Jennifer Murray-Huffman Baker College of Clinton Township; Clinton Township, MI Alexandria Van Nuys Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Blacksburg, VA Kevin Fields Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Blacksburg, VA Jenna Nibourg Lakeland College; Vermillion, AB, Canada Nozomi GallowaY West Valley College; Saratoga, CA

NKBA Professional Resource Library Education Series

Bath Planning

Accomodating users in lavatory and vanity heights. The following is an excerpt taken from the new e-book version of the NKBA Professional Resource Library volume Bath Planning. For more information, see our ad on page 87 or call 1-800-843-6522. To order, visit Lavatory Height Traditionally, the lavatory has been 30 inches to 32 inches high, although recently higher cabinets have become available. Work surfaces in the bath, like those in the kitchen, should be about 3 inches below the users’ elbow height. Subtracting 3 inches from the average female’s elbow would place the comfortable height at 36 inches. Panero and Zelnik (1979) recommend a range of heights. For men it is 37 inches to 43 inches; for women, 32 inches to 36 inches; and for children, 26 inches to 32 inches. When a knee space is planned for a seated user at a vanity, the height of the lavatory may range from 28 inches to 34 inches.

floor space in front of, and under, the fixture. When using a pedestal sink, the designer will be limited by the height of the specified product. The pedestal may need to be placed on a platform to reach the appropriate height for the user. Finish the platform at the baseboard height, and in the same material as the floor, so that it blends. Several styles of vanity lavatories can be placed in a counter: integral, self-rimming, under-mounted and rimmed. A vessel lavatory can be set on or cut into the counter. In all of these applications, it is important to estimate the actual height of the lavatory rim. A vessel lavatory will sit several inches above the counter, so add the height of the lavatory to the cabinet and counter heights, to get the finished height. Because vanity bases are often low (30 inches to 32 inches), a cabinet or console may need to be adjusted to place the lavatory at the appropriate height. Although a 34 ½-inch cabinet with 1 ½-inch countertop might be the appropriate height, specifying a kitchen cabinet might be out of proportion to the specified lavatory. Standard kitchen cabinets are 24-inches deep, but many lavatories have been designed to fit in the typical 21-inch deep vanity cabinet. To get the vanity cabinet at an appropriate height, specify a higher cabinet, or raise a standard cabinet by placing it on a deeper toe kick or mounting it on the wall and not using a toe kick. If the toe kick is raised, consider raising the baseboard dimension throughout the room for a clean line at the room base. If the cabinet is raised, it creates a “floating” effect, which can be enhanced by decorative lighting. Plus, it improves access by increasing clear floor space. The same flooring material used throughout the bathroom should be used beneath the cabinet.

The recommended range of lavatory heights in the Bathroom Planning Guidelines reflects adult users and is 32 inches to 43 inches. Remember to plan the lavatory height so that the rim is 3 inches below the elbow of the user. If two users will use the same lavatory, a compromise will have to be made and discussions with the client will help determine which height is most comfortable. Two lavatories of different heights may be the best solution. There are many styles of lavatories, and the selection will impact how lavatory height is planned. Wall-mounted lavatories and those placed on wallmounted counters offer flexibility in the height of the fixture. Pedestal sinks, wall-hung sinks and consolestyle vanities also improve the clear

NKBA Bathroom Planning Guideline 7 The height of the lavatory should fit the user. For adults, this could range from 32 inches to 43 inches high depending on the user’s height. | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011


Kitchen & Bath Hall of Fame NomiNate a professioNal who has made aN impact oN our iNdustry Nominate Today>> Craig Thompson Photography

Designed by NKBA member Thomas David Trzcinski, CMKBD | 1.800.843.6522 | Follow Us:

KBIS Booth C6223

gment Recruite a n rs Ma of Davidson KITCHEN & BATH Executive Search

(866) 919-3282 All Building Products

THE HULA TUB This 5 ½’ Dual Acrylic Tub not only enhances a traditional style with the modern stainless steel frame, but its durable acrylic structure ensures practicality.

last word Pet to Pro – Ms. Alli Goes to the Show


Beverly Adams, CMKBD and her beloved Lhasa Apso take on Westminster. In addition to her role as president of her own Denver-based design firm, Past President of the NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter, and current member of the National Advisory Council of Designers, Beverly Adams, CMKBD also spends time and energy devoted to another love – her love of a breed and her own Lhasa Apso, “Ch Nuseng’s Oh What a Gal Singdu”, more familiarly known as “Ms. Alli”. This devotion led Adams along with Ms. Alli, all the way to New York and the show ring at the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, recently held February 14 – 15, 2011.

NKBA: How old is Ms. Alli, and how long has she been showing? BA: She just turned 5, and I’ve been showing her for 4 1/2 years around Colorado, Wyoming and at AKC Eukanuba in CA. NKBA: Have you handled, trained and shown other dogs? BA: I have not handled or shown any other breed. I championed her father who is now 9, as well as Alli who is now 5. I learned to handle dogs through watching, going to conformation classes, and making a lot of mistakes.

NKBA: How did you come to pursuit dog handling and training, and what aspects do you enjoy most? BA: I love the win. I love my breed, and I love my dogs. Dog shows, handling, and handlers, can be political. Professional handlers are sometimes selected over owner handlers. Preferential judging can occur. Advertising and promotional efforts can impact the judging. It is an honor to show my dogs as an owner and win. I know with certainty that the animal has taken the win, and not my status. NKBA: Aside from the obvious challenges, you had an additional obstacle to overcome in getting to Westminster, and enduring the physical demands of showing. What’s the story behind that? BA: On December 23rd, I was hit by a snowboarder, who did not stop, while skiing at Keystone Resort. I am an expert skier, and was moving quite fast. He broke my ski, not allowing me to stabilize my balance. I tore the MCL and fractured various parts of my knee. Recovery included working out with my personal trainer to strengthen other muscle groups, the help of my chiropractor 3 times a week to put my body back together from over-compensating my walk, swimming, and walking in the pool. My leg was braced two weeks prior to Westminster. I took the brace off three days prior to the show to start to bend my

By Annette Gray

knee. It was horribly painful and because my Lhasa was scared of the crowds, I had to kneel to comfort her and handle her in the ring. The pain from kneeling was horrific and my recovery from that continues even now.

NKBA: What is your most memorable experience from Westminster? BA: My most memorable experience was going into the Lhasa ring with 12 other Lhasa Apsos, and being among the best-of-the-best in the United States. I have worked hard in this hobby. It requires four to six hours of grooming prior to the show, two hours of grooming prior to the ring time, travelling with an abundance of doggie paraphernalia, and a tremendous devotion to the animal. Nothing would have stopped me—even with a broken knee, fractured fibula head, fractured tibial plateau, and grade 2 torn MCL, I was determined we would show well. With thousands watching, cameras flashing, and me trying to conceal that I had just begun walking again three days prior, it is an achievement that stands alone in my mind. That level of dedication and the love of my Lhasa Apso were the only thing that mattered. NKBA: What is your background with the NKBA? BA: I have been an NKBA member for 20 years and am a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer. I am Past President of the NKBA Rocky Mountain Chapter and currently sit on the National Advisory Council of Designers. I am the president of my own design firm, Interior Intuitions, Inc. in Denver Colorado. The NKBA is a tremendous community of professionals that represent the best leadership, training, and networking for now and the future of the kitchen and bath industry.

Looking Ahead NKBA Magazine – Summer 2011: The Green Issue • Materials and Finishes - Transcending Trends • Tactile Affinity - Trends in Textures • Shoestring Sustainability

• Lighting Technology - A Stylish Approach to Conservation • Sustainability from the Ground Up | NKBA MAGAZINE–SPRING 2011

97 Mark Ehlen/Ehlen Creative Communications

Olson Photographic, LLC

Designed by NKBA Member Wendy F. Johnson, CKD, CBD

Designed by NKBA Member Lynn David Monson, CKD, CBD



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