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2014 Design FEBRUARY 2014 | NKBA.ORG

2014 NKBA Design Competition Winners MEMBERS - DESIGN - BUSINESS - NEWS

Being Green Takes Experience

Competition Winners More Connected Than Ever Before


Student Design Competition Winners


Your style Your way 10 Tips to a Better World of Design

Membership Highlights ®

opens its virtual doors Bring your ideas vividly to life for your kitchen design clients. Talk through plans and products in a variety of full-scale kitchens, with our resident experts standing by to assist. To fi nd your nearest showroom, visit subzero-wolf.com/locator.




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Ideas from today’s top designers





Member Benefits

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals. Nearly 50 years after its inception, the NKBA has a membership of more than 50,000 members and is the proud owner of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

NKBA member benefits are both exciting and extensive! These valuable benefits are for companies of all sizes and are designed to showcase their products and brands to key kitchen and bath professionals and consumers across all segments of the industry. Just a few of the most sought after and beneficial programs, services and opportunities available exclusively to NKBA members include: ˜KBIS Exhibitor Discounts ˜B?658Yg][b7cadYh]h]cb ˜Gdcbgcfg\]dg ˜B?657\UdhYfg ˜AYaVYf8]gWcibhg ˜5WWfYX]hYXGW\cc`g ˜KYY_`mBYkg`YhhYf ˜DfcGYUfW\ ˜9`]hY=bXighfm7Yfh]¾WUh]cbg ˜5aVUggUXcfg7`iV ˜@YUXYfg\]d5XjcWUWm For more information, send an email to feedback@nkba.org or call 1.800. 843. 6522. NKBA Certification

THANK YOU!  NKBA  and  the  National  Association  of  Home  Builders   (NAHB)  will  co-­locate  the  Kitchen  &  Bath  Industry  Show  (KBIS)  and   the  International  Builders'  Show  (IBS)  in  Las  Vegas  through  2016.   The  NKBA  thanks  all  Design  and  Construction™  Week  attendees,   exhibitors,  and  sponsors  who  have  contributed  to  the  success  of  this   event.  See  you  next  year!

Kitchen And Bath Industry Show® Each year the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS®) provides numerous learning and networking opportunities. Members receive substantial attendee discounts on registration, conference sessions, and NKBA courses. Come be inspired and connect with fellow industry professionals at one premier venue, and do it affordably as a member. For more information, visit KBIS.com

Available only to members, NKBA certification is an excellent way to distinguish yourself as an industry authority.

The NKBA offers the following certifications: Design Certifications: ˜5ggcW]UhY?]hW\Yb6Uh\8Yg][bYf ( AKBD®) ˜7Yfh]¾YX?]hW\Yb8Yg][bYf7?8› ˜7Yfh]¾YX6Uh\fcca8Yg][bYf768› ˜7Yfh]¾YXAUghYf?]hW\Yb6Uh\fcca Designer (CMKBD®) Non-Design Certification: ˜7Yfh]¾YX?]hW\Yb6Uh\DfcZYgg]cbU` 7?6D

For more information, visit: NKBA.org/Certification

K\Yh\YfmciUfYUbYghUV`]g\YXdfcZYgg]cbU``cc_]b[ to expand your business or a student who wants to break into the kitchen and bath market, the NKBA offers educational courses that will improve your position in the industry. NKBA Ib]jYfg]hmZYUhifYgUWcadfY\Ybg]jY@YUfb]b[DUh\g Dfc[fUahcdfcj]XYUb]bX]j]XiU`]nYXUddfcUW\hcdfcZYgg]cbU` development. Kitchen and bath professionals can now personally manage the growth of their careers in eight key competency paths, each offering a step-by-step approach, from introductory to experienced levels. Our learning packages and options are tailored to further develop your niche area and your business.

Eight Learning Paths to Choose from: 1. Design & Inspiration 2. Communication 3. Adapt & Innovation 4. Focus on the Customer 5. Business Management 6. Leadership 7. Sales & Marketing 8. Talent Management Take your career to thte next level and enroll at NKBA University today!


The NKBA offers valuable opportunities for companies of all sizes, from small dealers to multinational manufacturers, to expose their products and brands to key kitchen and bath professionals across all segments of the industry. ˜:UVf]WUhcfg ˜Builders/Remodelers ˜=bghU``Yfg ˜7UV]bYhG\cdg ˜Manufacturers Suppliers ˜8YU`Yfg ˜Manufacturers’ ˜8YWcfUh]jYD`iaV]b[ Representatives & Hardware Showrooms ˜8Yg][bYfg ˜ Multi-Branch Retailers ˜8]ghf]Vihcfg

Bold is simple style from start to finish.

With a clean and classic apron-front, the Whitehaven™ sink is a simple way to bring farmhouse style into the kitchen. And it seamlessly fits any standard cabinetry for a beautiful finish, too. See the options kohler.com/whitehaven © 2013 Kohler Co.


Download a Free Trial Version Smarter Design Software Kitchen, Bath & Interior Design 3D Design, Floor Plans & Elevations

Chief Architect




Home Design & Remodeling Custom & Manufacturer Catalogs Construction Drawings CAD Tools & Section Details

Be inventive. When details are unusual, even subtly unusual, that’s exciting. “The kitchen is part of the décor of the overall home now. The details, the choices you make for it tell the story of what you love. Get excited about materials, and blend them in interesting ways. Consider open shelving, not just for pots and plates but for pottery and other statement pieces. Bring in artwork. Embrace clean lines, but make it dramatic. Details can be simple but sophisticated and surprising, too.”

Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth Winner of the 2011 Stars of Design Award for Interior Design

Watch Matthew as he shares how details large and small all add up, and see more experts, at jennair.com/kitchendesigner

®/™ ©2014 Jenn-Air. All rights reserved.


“Open shelving can bring

“Consider mixing diverse

“The new Jenn-Air ® Accolade Downdraft Ventilation

other elements of your

materials on an island to

System’s elegant curve and fluid movement create a

home into the kitchen.”

define separate spaces.”

visual masterpiece. It’s sleek and quiet, yet powerful.”



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A Shoreline Stroll

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Party in the penthouse


Before and after kitchen

UNIVERSAL DESIGN. HÄFELE STYLE. At Häfele, we have a long history of providing products that help designers create spaces that are highly functional, accessible and usable by the greatest number of people, regardless of their ability level. Our philosophy is that good, smart design is Universal Design. From LED lighting to cabinet and drawer organization solutions, our broad selection of products offers designers and dealers with more ways to create the perfect kitchen. For details, call 1.800.423.3531 or visit www.hafele.com/us. Showrooms: New York, Chicago

Request our new Kitchen Idea Book. Visit www.hafele.com.



73 | Introducing the 2014 NKBA 30 Under 30 80 | 2014 Student Design Competition Winners 90 | 10 Tips to a Better World of Design 92 | Being Green Takes Experience 96 | More Connected than Ever Before


Iconic American Farmhouse

8 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Being environmentally conscious


Social Connectivity

FF2400 kitchen faucet, LB5200 hot and filtered cold water dispenser and MHX-PKX11028 stainless steel apron front sink.

FRANKE KITCHEN SYSTEMS SINK into Luxury with Franke‘s latest faucet design!

Franke quality in a fluid transitional design. Franke introduces a new family of faucets which fulfills the wish for stylistic unity in the kitchen and bar/prep area. Matching point-of-use faucets are available to coordinate the look, as well as a soap dispenser. Finish options include Chrome, Old World Bronze and Satin Nickel.

For a showroom near you, visit www.frankeksd.com. FRANKE PROVIDES PREMIER INDUSTRY SPONSORSHIP at KBIS 2014

Franke was proud to support the KBIS 2014 opening night party hosted by the NKBA on February 3, 2014 at the Tryst Nightclub, Wynn, Las Vegas. Read more at frankeluxuryusa.tumblr.com. www.frankeksd.com | 800.626.5771


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Member Relations Representatives are available Monday thru Friday from 9 am - 5 pm (EST). Ph: (800) 843-6522 Em: feedback@nkba.org

10 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

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2014 NKBA Executive Committee

President - John A. Petrie, CMKBD President-Elect - Maria Stapperfenne, CKD, CBD Vice President - Ric Coggins, CGP, CAPS, NCT Treasurer - Denise M. Dick, CMKBD Secretary - Debra H. Robinson, CMKBD Immediate Past President - John K. Morgan

2014 NKBA Board of Directors Blue Arnold, CKD, CBD Jenifer Bruno Dawn Deluca, AKBD, CAPS Robert R. Gabert, CKD Jane Heiling Brandon Hochhalter, CKD Anthony A. Izzo, CKD Linda Johnston-Panatonni, CKD Mark Kovich David Linzer, CKD, CAPS, CGP Ruth Ann Lohrenz

Lorenzo Marquez Anastasia Rentzos, CKD, CBD Dennis H. Sass Cathy Sparling, CKD, CBD William R. Standish, JR. Barbara Szurek, CKD, CAPS Chris Terrill Erin Ware, CKD, CAPS Peter Webb Mary K. Wisman, CMKBD Miles “Skip� Woodall, III Marc R. Yops, CKD

NKBA Senior Management Staff

Chief Executive Officer - Bill Darcy Director of Learning & Development - Nancy Barnes Senior Director of Finance - Steve Graziano General Counsel & Director of Legislative Affairs Edward S. Nagorsky, Esq. Director of Business Development & Member Relations Suzie Williford Senior Manager - Marketing & Communications Project Management - Paul Narvaez Senior Manager of Human Resources - Karen Sichieri

NKBA Mission Statement

The mission of the NKBA is to enhance member success and excellence, promote professionalism and ethical business practices, and provide leadership and direction for the kitchen and bath industry worldwide.

© 2013 Moen Incorporate

A STATEMENT PIECE FOR YOUR BATHROOM. Just as the right necklace can transform your look, the 90° faucet can transform your bathroom. See how jewelry designers were inspired by Moen® faucets at moen.com/statementpiece. ™

Visit us at Design & Construction Week™ | Booth N2627


A Message from the NKBA President In the midst of all the excitement building up to the first Design and Construction Week to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it is a pleasure to unveil the KBIS edition of the NKBA magazine. The NKBA has kicked off a three year relationship with NAHB, the outcome of which you will be experiencing on a grand scale this week. The co-location of KBIS and IBS not only facilitates a common platform for attendees to connect with hundreds of additional exhibitors in the remodeling and construction industries, but also provides a wide expanse of networking and learning opportunities. My first exposure to the NKBA was twenty seven years ago when I joined the company that I now own. The NKBA was well known for the education available to its members and I readily took advantage of those opportunities. Now, after acquiring the highest level of NKBA certification available to a designer, I can boast of the quality of NKBA programs and of the recently launched NKBA University. Eight distinct learning paths are available to the enterprising students of our industry. These paths are detailed in the following pages. In this issue, you will read about the winning projects in the 2014 Design Competition. Chosen from nearly 400 entries from across the United States and Canada, the winning designs are truly top-notch. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by the designers’ play of creativity and their trendsetting mix of styles, finishes and appliances. The NKBA has always been a pillar of support to the student community as well as to emerging talent in the industry. As you flip through these pages, you will read about our well-deserving student design competition winners as well as our newly inducted 30 under 30 group. Take time to learn about the various activities and programs organized by our NKBA Chapters, geared toward improving the professional development of our membership, augmenting networking opportunities and enhancing their business expertise. You will also see how effectively various Chapters have incorporated social media as a means for furthering their local influence in the market place. I trust that KBIS 2014 at Design and Construction Week will be a productive, educational and stimulating experience for you. The insightful combination of information on trends, learning, social media and industry talent in this issue will perfectly capture and complement the essence of our show. I wish you a very happy and prosperous year ahead! Best Regards,

John Petrie, CMKBD, 2014 NKBA President

12 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


STAINLESS STEEL HEATED TOWEL WARMERS At Amba Products we believe that comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand: Not only do our stainless-steel heated towel racks improve the aesthetics of any room, but also help cut down on laundry loads by keeping towels warm, dry, and mold/mildew free!

www.ambaproducts.com +1 (40 4) 3 5 0 – 973 8

NKBA Membership Highlights NKBA members boast great achievements in 2013

This past year was all about community building for the British Columbia Chapter. Members took part in five trade shows, boasting record attendance. They staged two design contests and raised $800 for the province’s Cancer Agency. They gave back to the community through clothing drives, food drives and more, all while growing by 52 new members. The Central New York Chapter hosted their first-ever joint Professional/Student Charette at Onondaga Community College. Participants were given an architectural problem to solve within a two-week timeframe. All projects were displayed and voted on. The top three kitchens and top three bathrooms were awarded and winners were published in the Home & Garden section of the newspaper. It was a great collaboration from both students and professionals.

The NKBA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. We asked our chapters to share some of their greatest achievements from this milestone year. The results show that one thing is clear: the NKBA is a vibrant, active association whose members contribute greatly to the betterment of our industry and the communities in which they live and work. We hope you enjoy this roundup of NKBA activities from across the United States and Canada. Take pride in your own chapters’ accomplishments, and get inspired by your peers.

The smiling faces from Tri-State Chapter’s Annual Design Contest are (from rear left) Andrew Becher, Danielle Robertson, Wendy Johnson, Eva Andersen, Sara Bovee and Jessica Soto, Robert Brisson, (front row from left) Amy Van Wie, Jim Shannon and Jay Miller. Committee members not shown are Colleen Coleman and Nancy Moore. Photo by Brenda Fairbanks

New York Tri-State Chapter held their Second Annual Design Competition and doubled attendance from 2012. With 132 entries (an increase of 82 entries from last year) 11 award winners and 11 sponsors, the event was the place to be in Saratoga Springs, NY. In July, the chapter hosted the 8th Annual Tom Dolan Golf Tournament. The chapter also increased membership, and several of their designers are now studying for their certifications. The Georgia Chapter held a successful holiday event in December with a ‘progressive’ style format. Three showrooms shared in hosting duties, and all had recently been updated or renovated. The event began with appetizers at Diversified Cabinet Distributors, then Noland Plumbing for dinner, and finally a stop at CSI Kitchen and Bath for dessert. The 150 people who attended raved about the event.

NKBA President John Morgan with members of the Olympic-West Sound Chapter in Washington. This Chapter held a successful Round Table program in 2013, inviting specialists in art glass, closets, and tile and stone care to educate members on their areas of expertise.

Thanks to a new sponsorship campaign, Minnesota/South Dakota/North Dakota Chapter successfully implemented a new website highlighting members’ award-winning projects, and providing easy to access information. The chapter partnered with Midwest Home magazine for their annual Design Awards Gala evening, allowing their design community’s work to be highlighted in publication.

Continued on page 16 14 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


See us at KBIS booth #N452. H





February 4-6 | LaS Vegas, NV North Hall, n535


Central Coast & Valleys Chapter described 2013 as simply “stellar”. They launched a new website, hosted their first trade show – a huge success – and set a record for recruitment of new corporate and individual members. The chapter partnered with other design-related associations to share events in their newly crafted newsletter. Texas Gulf Coast Chapter had a busy year. Members attended a meeting at a wine bar where the speaker – who designed the space – spoke on the topic of commercial design. The chapter’s VP of Academic Relations organized a bus tour of member showrooms for students from the local NKBA accredited college; a great way to make connections with the next generation of design professionals! The year was capped off with an impressive 20% increase in membership. Prairie Chapter members arrived in style for their Red Carpet Gala. Shown are (back row, left to right) Aaron Woods, Tony Savinkoff, Jeff Ott, Sean Woods, (front row) Nadine Hawkins, Jaimy Beaudoin, Susanne Taylor, Tammi Dowd, Sandie McGhee, Brenda Bittner

In October, the Prairie Chapter showcased their western hospitality as they hosted their first annual Red Carpet Gala. The event’s silent auction raised over $3,000 with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity, Southern Alberta. The keynote speaker was 2013 NKBA president, John Morgan. Following dinner, the winners of the Cambria Design Awards were announced. The evening wrapped up with music, dancing and cocktails.

This collage captures some of the fun had during Ontario Chapter’s Gilligan’s Island boat cruise, which included dinner and dancing. Members got into the spirit, dressing up as the Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger and other characters from this classic TV series.

It was anchors away for the Ontario Chapter in 2013. The chapter organized a boat cruise, complete with dinner and dancing. The event had a “Gilligan’s Island” theme, and members dressed the part. Members paid only a nominal fee to attend, with the chapter covering the majority of the costs as a way to give back. Many brought along potential new members as guests.

West Michigan Chapter used some star power to attract a record turnout for their fall meeting. Michigan resident Tyler Devereaux was the guest speaker. He shared his HGTV Star experience. Those who attended say Tyler inspired both veteran and new designers to focus on their passion for design! Virginia State Chapter clearly has some great talent. In 2013 they boasted not one, but two members in the NKBA’s 30 Under 30. The chapter was thrilled to see members Ebony Stephenson and Jessica Whitbeck Altman chosen for this national award!

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter made events and education a priority in 2013. Shown here are the Chapter’s incoming President Elizabeth Marcocci, Becky Ward and current President, Pat Caulfield.

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter spent 2013 creating exciting events such as a trip to GE Monogram in the Architects & Designers Building in NYC, and a joint meeting with the Mid Atlantic Chapter at Fretz in Philadelphia. Members raised funds for Phoenix Assistance Dogs. They also hosted interesting and educational events at fabulous locations including the Lancaster Arts Hotel, Grothouse Lumber, Ai, The Art Institute, Hajoca, Conestoga Tile, and Fromm Electric.

Continued on page 18 16 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

The Latest Necessory from TM

“Often when I visit a home, I will observe what is out on the countertops and then, when designing,I consider better ways to store these items. For example, medicine bottles sitting out need a secure method of accessible storage.” - Philip E. Rudick, Architect – KBDN, May 4, 2010

Removable Acrylic Bins

Drop-In Dividers For Additional Personalization

Universal Pull-Down Pre-Printed and Customizable Labels

Scalloped Inserts For Medical and Spice Bottle Storage

Other solutions requested for aging homeowners were coffee areas and special internal storage features inside the cabinets to allow for items to be brought out into full view. - RICKI, The Golden Years Study

Come See How We Organize at KBIS Booth N1817. 800-626-1126

Members of the Oklahoma Chapter enjoy a successful event. Shown are (from left) Denise Mankin, Jayme Buck, Eddie Mora, Jo Meacham, Jeri Lunsford, Blanca StClair, and Tom Schroeder.

The NKBA Oklahoma Chapter hosted their 2nd Annual ChapteExpo and Membership Party in October of 2013. They had 16 vendors displaying their wares and services, and had over 75 people in attendance! The Puget Sound Chapter held their 4th Annual Student Design Competition. Sponsored by Willis, it was an outstanding success. The competition is a way for the NKBA to connect with students and make up-and-coming designers aware of the association. In turn, the chapter benefits by connecting with the future of the industry, and being exposed to the students’ modern design ideas: A true win-win for all involved! The Houston Chapter grew by 31 new members in 2013. The Chapter’s Holiday Social event supported the DePelchin Children’s Center, with members donating hundreds of toys, gift cards and money to support this non-profit organization. They are also proud to report that their VP of Communications and Technology, Ashely Kasper, has been named to the 2014 30 Under 30.

Congratulations to all of our chapters on a successful 2013. Here’s to making 2014 even bigger and better for the NKBA! 18 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Is your career feeling a little dated too? Taking a course from NKBA University is one of the easiest and most effective ways to freshen up your approach to business. Reignite your passion for the kitchen and bath industry with topics like Design & Inspiration, Talent Management and Leadership. We deliver timely, pertinent courses that fit conveniently into your lifestyle. We know what matters to your business, and we help you focus on developing skills that translate into real, tangible results. Visit nkba.org to plan your career makeover today. ®


NKBA U ad-half page vert-floor.indd 1

13-12-16 3:01 PM

LAUFEN Debuts at KBIS 2014 Offering a Dynamic Range of Products for Showroom Differentiation More than ever, kitchen and bath showrooms must deliver on a number of levels in order to differentiate themselves: providing the best customer service, competitive pricing and the best products for an audience hungry to see the best. LAUFEN has made a major commitment in North America to become the brand that your customers will want. Their latest innovations, including their revolutionary SaphirKeramik, Kartell by Laufen collection, hidden drain with optional hidden overflow and their patented ‘EasyFit installation’ all offer unique solutions for designers and homeowners. LAUFEN offers products for every budget.

SaphirKeramik A recent recipient of the prestigious GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award, SaphirKeramik turns old ceramic into completely new shapes: closely defined radii and edges with ultrathin walls are now possible. With SaphirKeramik, a more delicate design language, more defined in shape and line, becomes possible.

Hidden drain with optional hidden overflow LAUFEN is breaking the mold again when it comes to drain design with their hidden drain. The water disappears into a narrow, hidden drain through an elegant pipe. A concealed overflow system has also been developed and a special valve allows you to choose between a solution which is always open or which can be closed off.

EasyFit Installation LAUFEN has developed a revolutionary wall fixation system for WCs and urinals (Patent pending). The invisible, easy to mount fixation system meets the needs of both installers and homeowners. Homeowners are impressed by a ceramic WC with a flawless surface which is really easy to clean. Installers are enthusiastic about the time-saving, intuitive mounting system.

Kartell by Laufen Since its introduction in March, the Kartell by Laufen collection has been garnering praise from architects, designers and media. Combining the playful aesthetic of the iconic Kartell brand with the elegant ceramic designs of LAUFEN, the architect and product design team of Roberto and Ludovica Palomba designed a collection that is re-defining anything that had been done in the bathroom before.

With a renewed commitment to the North American market, LAUFEN’s new US Managing Director, Javier Korneluk is unwaivering in his effort to build strategic partnerships and help showrooms differentiate themselves in ever more challenging times.

See everything that LAUFEN has to offer your showroom and your customers at

KBIS 2014 Booth #N145 For more information about LAUFEN, please contact Javier Korneluk at javier.korneluk@laufen.ch

The 2014 NKBA Design Competition Winners By Ash Sukumar

For the past 49 years, the NKBA Design Competition has served as the prime industry platform, bringing to the forefront, impeccable kitchen and bath designs that are often poised to be the year’s trendsetters. From an expansive field of nearly 400 designs that entered the 2014 NKBA Design, 25 projects emerged as frontrunners. While each winning designer embraced myriad styles, materials and finishes, they conformed to one common motif: excellence. There is clearly no dearth of variety in this year’s winners as coastal themes, English cottage and farmhouse styles, Asian influences, and

more, define the distinct identity of these kitchens and baths, while appealing to the unique sense of the diverse clientele. While expert industry designers served on the judging panel to select the top designs of 2014, consumers had a say as well. The NKBA People’s Pick Awards, featured on HGTV.com, declared two winners, selected solely by consumer votes. More than 15,000 votes were cast, the designs were viewed more than five million times, and the images were re-pinned on Pinterest more than 7,000 times. Read on to learn more, and meet the exclusive category and specialty award winners of 2014!



The competition is divided into the following six categories -

The competition entries are scored on:

• Small Kitchen (less than 150 sq. ft.) • Medium Kitchen (150-350 sq. ft.) • Large Kitchen (more than 350 sq. ft.) • Powder Room (must contain a sink and a toilet, no tub or shower) • Small Bathroom (less than 55 sq. ft.) • Large Bathroom (more than 55 sq. ft.)

1. Safety & Ergonomics

Category Prizes 1st Place: $2,000 2nd Place: $1,000 3rd Place: $500

Specialty Awards • Best Kitchen: $10,000 • Best Bath: $10,000 • People’s Pick Kitchen and Bath: $2,000 • Before & After Kitchen and Bath: $2,000 • Budget-Friendly Kitchen and Bath: $2,000 • Green Design (Kitchen or Bath): $2,000 • Universal Design (Kitchen or Bath): $2,000

Honorary Award

• Builder/Remodeler Award: In honor of Clay Lyon, CR, 2012 NKBA Secretary (1962 – 2012)

20 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

2. Elements & Principles of Design 3. Design Planning 4. Creativity 5. Presentation Each of the industry experts selected to judge is either a CMKBD, or both a CKD and a CBD. Judges consider the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines with Access Standards when scoring entries.

Thank-you to the judges of the 2014 NKBA Design Competition:

• Peter J. Albanese, CKD, CBD • Blue Arnold, CKD, CBD • Joel S. Hill, CKD, CBD • Karen F. Hockley, CKD, CBD • Jeffrey Holloway CKD, CBD • Maria Stapperfenne, CKD, CBD • John M. Torelli, CMKBD

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

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Old version - pixelated and choppy.

"Mode": Font; Secret Code : Color:RGB 0/150/193, CMYK 85/25/13/0 "Superior Products by Design" Font: Walkway Bold Color: RGB 126/126/126 CMYK 52/44/44/8

SPONSORS Floor Plan Renderings Provided by Bronze Sponsors:


Best Kitchen

Tim Scott

XTC Design Incorporated | Toronto, ON Co-Designers: Erica Westeroth CKD, NCIDQ; Sheena Hammond Photo by Arnal Photography - Larry Arnal


Best Bath

Sol Quintana Wagoner

Jackson Design and Remodeling | San Diego, CA Co-Designers: John Kavan; Vanessa Tejera Photo by PreviewFirst.com

Small Kitch 1ST PLACE

24 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


The Antique Jewel Box From a small apartment galley kitchen to an elegantly crafted jewel box, this gourmet kitchen has undergone a transformation that completely satisfies the client’s passion for cooking and entertaining. The wall between the kitchen and dining area was removed to allow the free flow of natural light into the space. The designer maximizes on storage space, making the best use of the entire room, from floor to ceiling. The rich cherry wine/dessert server functions as an ideal serving area for fine dining and parties, and the pantries on either side are ideally located for food storage. The custom antique tin hood, the jewel of the kitchen, serves as the main focal point, only to be complemented by the custom hand-painted tile backsplash. An elegant table centered under a beautiful crystal chandelier, makes room for that impeccable dining experience.

Warming Drawer: Dacor; Special Features: Sub-Zero wine cooler; Cabinetry: Mastro Rosolino Custom Cabinetry; Countertops: Stone Surfaces – Granite; Faucets/Fittings: Hardware Designs; Flooring: Stone and Tile Emporium; Lighting: Capital Lighting; Tile: Stone and Tile Emporium

Products Cooktop: Wolf; Dishwasher: Miele; Refrigerator: Sub-Zero; Microwave Oven: GE; Ventilation: Custom tin hood – blower by Simply Amy;

Photos by Peter Rymwid Architectural Photography | pgs. 24 & 25

Peter Ross Salerno, CMKBD

Peter Salerno, Inc. | Wyckoff, NJ Co-Designers: Marsha Thornhill; Kimberly Hill, CKD, CBD

Small Kitchen Germán Brun, LEED AP | DEN ARCHITECTURE | Miami, FL Co-Designer: Lizmarie Esparza

Vogue Meets Vintage The kitchen in this 1941 cottage was located uncomfortably far from the rest of the house, as a result of certain unsuccessful home additions. In the new, centrally located kitchen designed for a young couple, the overall aesthetic was inspired by the days of early pioneers. Elements such as alligator-patterned porcelain, rustic beechwood butcher-block, a white farmhouse sink, and vintage-style filament light fixtures, employ an antique material vocabulary within a modern design language.


Cooktop: IKEA “Nutid” Glass Ceramic Cooktop; Dishwasher: LG LDF551ST Stainless; Garbage Disposal: InsinkErator Badger; Microwave Oven: LG Stainless; Range/Oven: IKEA “Datid” Built-in Oven; Refrigerators: Kenmore side-by-side stainless; Cabinetry: Custom fabricated with white “Thermofoil” faces; Countertops: IKEA “Numerar” Beach wood butcher block; Faucets/Fittings: IKEA “Ringskar” w/ pull-out; Flooring: La Faenza “Nouvelle” plank format; Lighting: HALO recessed low voltage lighting; Sinks: IKEA “Domsjo” farmhouse apron sink; Tile: Ceramica IMOLA; Wall/Ceiling: Rex Ceramiche Artistiche “Croc” wall tile; Windows: RC Aluminum CM 100 Casement Window

For Full Article See Budget-Friendly Kitchen - pg 58


26 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by Greg Clark

Small Kitchen Tim Scott | XTC Design Incorporated Toronto, ON Co-Designer: Carmen Mueller

The Modern Marvel This sleek condominium kitchen features modern conveniences such as new, compact European appliances, white quartz countertops, demi-high units housing the oven and microwave, integrated refrigerator, and a compact wall-mounted wine chiller in a corner space, accessible from the back of the peninsula. The ceiling detail embraces the depth of the pot light, and adds lightness and interest to the space. The use of pop-up countertop receptacles enables the uninterrupted flow of the glass backsplash. Not to mention, the articulat-


ing faucet adds whimsy and fun to the structured design of the kitchen, featuring straight and clean lines. Other special features such as long lift-up hardware and grain match veneer give this kitchen the finishing edge.


Cooktop: AEG, Induction; Dishwasher: Miele Slimline; Range/Oven: AEG (with steam function); Refrigerators: Liebherr; Ventilation: Faber; Wine Cabinet: Liebherr; Cabinetry: Custom; Countertops: Caesarstone; Faucets/Fittings: Kohler, Karbon; Flooring: Ciot; Lighting: Eureka; Sinks: Blanco; Tile Backsplash: Interstyle

Medium Kitc 1ST PLACE

WINNER Best Kitchen

28 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


The Timeless Amethyst A family of four, that loves to often entertain, desired a modern, yet warm kitchen that featured two work zones, good storage options for point-of-use-essentials, and other features such as a six-burner cooktop, ovens, large refrigerator, recycling bins, and a small TV. The main design challenge of this space was the fact that the designer had to work from an architectural plan for a yet-to-be constructed new home; one with an exterior architecture featuring a mix of ‘60s material and style.

and wood-clad wall. The central double-sided island topped with striated, chunky back-beveled marble brings the wow factor to the space! Demi-high oven units next to the central cooktop, create a vertical median line and open space for wall art. Special features of the kitchen include vertical bi-fold doors hiding a TV, a stainless steel island base with built-in lighting, stainless steel custom ventilation hood, an entertainment island sink, stainless steel cooking counter and steel-clad drawers among more.

In order to cater to the clients’ wish list, the designer relocated the planned entrance to the mud room and the walk-in-pantry to the back wall of the kitchen. In addition, the windows were slightly relocated and the previously planned window style was also modified to blend in with the design. The kitchen is now essentially separated into two galley sections for preparation/cooking and clean-up/storage. The tall units are placed along the back wall, between the newly located pocket doors, partially recessed into the strapped-out

Photos by Arnal Photography - Larry Arnal | pgs. 28 & 29

Tim Scott

XTC Design Incorporated | Toronto, ON Co-Designers: Erica Westeroth CKD, NCIDQ; Sheena Hammond

Three-dimensional wavy backsplash tiles and free-form pendants provide a remarkable contrast to all the other rigid lines. The wood floor insert and the wood-clad back wall create a focal “C� with the wood-dropped ceiling, which provides an area for up-lighting. The muted aubergine background offsets the warmth of the walnut cabinetry and offers a striking contrast to the lava stone floor and white accents. Embellished with various exceptional elements, this kitchen shines as one unique, timeless jewel!

Products Cooktop: Thermador; Dishwasher: Miele; Microwave Oven: AEG; Range/Oven: AEG; Refrigerators: Thermador; Ventilation: Custom; Warming Drawer: AEG; Tall Wine Unit: Miele;

30 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Steam Oven: AEG; Countertops: Zodiaq, Saddle Brown; Stainless Steel, Marble, Equator; Faucets/Fittings: Grohe, K4; Flooring: Boguebay, Durastone, Steel Grey; Lighting: Eureka; Sinks: Blanco; Tile: Porcelanosa; Wall/Ceiling: Pittsburgh Paints; Entertainment Sink: Kohler

Photos by Arnal Photography - Larry Arnal | pgs. 30 & 31

Medium Kitchen Lauren Levant Bland | Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath LTD. Chevy Chase, MD

Sands of Time A sense of balance, and soft Asian qualities define this kitchen space that underwent a major transformation, overcoming significant architectural challenges. The floating beams unify the ceilings, and along with the parallel track lighting, create a sense of solidarity that brings the space together harmoniously. The kitchen opens up to a spacious, open cooking area, a central prep zone, and an additional coffee station for a household that loves its caffeine! While a majority of the cabinetry is finished with a soft oatmeal-colored paint, the use of dark cherry accent color highlights balances the

play of light and dark. The hood flaunts a custom stainless design, and the backsplash boasts of a beautiful sculpted-limestone tile. The kitchen countertops feature Mother of Pearl, with a fossilized brown limestone on the coffee station. The kitchen’s originality, with the integration of prehistoric shells and fossils, make the clients one happy family!


Dishwasher: Miele, Microwave Oven: Dacor; Range/Oven: Wolf; Refrigerator: Sub-Zero; Ventilation: Rangecraft; Warming Drawer: Dacor; Special Features: U-line Wine cooler ; Cabinetry: DĂŠcor; Countertops: Natural Stone; Faucets/ Fittings: Grohe; Flooring: Existing Hardwood; Lighting: Tech Lighting; Sinks: Lenova; Tile: Architectural Ceramics; Special Features: Wood beams - pine


32 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC

Medium Kitchen Jane Lockhart | Jane Lockhart Interior Design | Toronto, ON

English Cottage Charm A traditional kitchen with contemporary flair and whimsical touches is what the client desired. Influenced by an English cottage design, this kitchen emphasizes the quaint and soft details of this style. The steel-blue solid maple cabinets, modern floral pillows decorating the eating area, splashes of strong pink, and the hand painted backsplash tiles lend an artistic quality to this kitchen. The hood mantel center arch is recessed, with an added plate rail displaying the client’s antique plate collection. Leaded glass doors on either side of the hood mantel, create depth and add soft light. The

cabinetry, designed slightly deeper than the average to mimic traditional furniture, also maximizes upper and lower storage. With the exposed face framing around all drawers and doors, the extra bead detail adds texture and a handcrafted flare. Flaunting excellent craftsmanship and wonderful English cottage detailing, this kitchen ensures a feast for the eyes.


Cooktop: Wolf CT361U; Dishwasher: Miele Advantage; Microwave Oven: Wolf; Range/Oven: Wolf; Refrigerators: Sub-Zero; Ventilation: Sirius Range Hood; Cabinetry: Custom Cabinetry by Brice’s Furniture; Countertops: Cambria – Newport F & V profile; Faucets/Fittings: Perrin & Rowe, Bridge Kitchen faucet with side spray; Flooring: Hardwood floor stained on site; Lighting: Potlights; Sinks: Kindred Granite – mythos; Tile: Tumbled Sina Carrara from Cercan Tile; Wall/Ceiling: Benjamin Moore; Windows: Custom Cabinetry by Brice’s furniture


HGTV and the National Kitchen and Bath Association present the 2014 NKBA Design Competition People’s Pick.

Photo by Brandon Barré

Large Kitch 1ST PLACE

34 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


The King’s Feast If there is a kitchen that’s truly fitting for a house with strong industrial aesthetics – this would be it! Functionally, the kitchen is ideal for quick family meals or large social gatherings – warm, organic and sturdy materials enrich the integrity of the design. The work zone consists of an outer island that anchors the kitchen space, providing transition, storage and seating. The dish and glass storage is supplemented by 42” full height base cabinets at the outer island. The outer island counter overhang, supported by a custom steel post, is designed to resemble the ceiling trusses. What’s more, the round hood stack, above the top of the upper cabinets creates the feel of a building detail. Refrigerator drawers in the island make for a tight prep triangle, and strategically placed matching cabinetry in the pantry conceals the room’s open shelving. Other special features such as polished concrete flooring, stone and wood walls, exposed trusses and vaulted ceiling add to the grandeur of this kitchen, perfectly crafted for a modern-day feast!

Zero; Ventilation: Best by Broan; Refrigerator Drawers: Sub-Zero; Wine Cooler: Sub-Zero; TV: Sharp; Cabinetry: Quality Custom Cabinetry; Countertops: Leathered and honed granite; Faucets/Fittings: Brizo; Flooring: Concrete; Lighting: LED by Hafele, Pendants by Hammerton; Sinks: Kohler; Tile: Glass

Products Dishwasher: KitchenAid; Microwave Oven: Sharp; Range/Oven: Wolf; Refrigerators: Sub-

Photos by David McFadden | pgs. 34 & 35

David McFadden Past Basket Design | Geneva, IL Co-Designer: Debbie Larson

Large Kitchen Claire Reimann, AKBD | Jason Good Custom Cabinets | Victoria, BC

Party in the Penthouse Who wouldn’t want to party in this dramatic penthouse kitchen, with a panoramic view of the sprawling cityscape? Ideal for entertaining, this kitchen embraces an open layout with the adjacent dining and living spaces. This layout separates lounging and socializing areas from the prepping and serving zones, yet remains unified as one space. All doors and drawers open conveniently to the reverse slope bevel, which is reflected in the pure-white custom quartz countertop profile. The

centrally located sink is seamlessly integrated into a custom fabricated stainless steel cube, situated between two high-gloss white peninsulas. A raised floating china buffet cabinet with custom grain and oiled Rose veneer, contrasts with the high-gloss finishes of the surrounding cabinetry. The dark Basalt tile flooring provides this bright and open space with a strong foundation. The tall cabinetry wall is divided into equal door widths, housing a walk-in pantry, fridge, freezer, breakfast pantry and a hidden TV. Party anyone?


Cooktop: Gagganau; Dishwasher: Miele; Range/Oven: Miele; Refrigerator: Gaggenau; Ventilation: Gaggenau; Special Features: Miele built-in coffee maker; Cabinetry: Jason Good Custom Cabinets; Countertops: Caesarstone; Faucets/Fittings: KWC; Flooring: Basalt Tile; Sinks: Julien


36 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by Joshua Lawrence

Large Kitchen Joseph A. Giorgi, Jr., CKD | Giorgi Kitchens & Designs I Wilmington, DE Co Designers: Erin Paige Pitts; Dru Hinterleiter

By the Serene Seaside This newly constructed beach house features a large, open kitchen, catering to the casual style preference of the client. Designed to optimize on the functionality of the space, the kitchen is grouped into various distinct work zones. The cooking zone showcases an island, stainless farmhouse sink, located just a few steps from the cooktop and the refrigerator. The clean-up zone features an elevated dishwasher in the main island, allowing ease of loading and unloading. A twin bin waste pull-out is conveniently located to the right side of the sink. A second island


Photo by Peter Leach

with a small entertaining sink and an undercounter refrigerator is a perfect space for an intimate family gathering. Two wall cabinets for storage are balanced on either side of the casement windows, and a combined pantry and display storage is located on the back wall. The classic white and bayou-blue two-tone cabinetries with gray accents are complemented by Blue Celeste marble tops and iridescent glass backsplash tile. A spectacular ocean front view serves as the quintessential setting for this breathtaking kitchen.


Cooktop: Wolf 5 burner; Dishwasher: Bosch; Garbage Disposal: InSinkErator; Microwave Oven: Wolf; Range/Oven: Wolf; Refrigerator: Sub-Zero; Ventilation: Wolf; Warming Drawer: Wolf; Special Features: Sub-Zero icemaker, U-line wine refrigerator; Cabinetry: Rutt Regency Pacifica; Countertops: Blue Celeste Marble; Faucets/Fittings: Kohler Vinatta; Tile: Oceanside

38 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Powder Ro 2014

Best Bath

40 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014



Dramatic Asian Flair Catering to the clients’ affinity for Asian and contemporary themes in an alluring atmosphere, this powder room makes a memorable, dramatic impression. The original powder room dwelled in colors, materials and fixtures that were run-of-the-mill. A sliding window above the toilet was covered with shutters, creating extra clutter, a swing door made the space feel even smaller, and the room had very little storage. While the new design called for a free-standing vanity, an exhaust vent coming up through the vanity could not be moved.

An ochre wall, designed with a strip of flowing niches, displays treasured collectibles, concealing the venting system and allowing the addition of a free-standing vanity. Behind the vanity, an impressive expanse of tile gleams in deep hues of ebony, gold and dark brown, illuminated by gold-leaf lighting. The sensor-activated lighting system is designed on a cable system housing height-adjusting weights – a functional solution with Asian roots. A curved mirror with a rustic Asian-themed wood frame is the backdrop for a stunning arced onyx sink with gold fixtures, which ap-

Incorporating contemporary and Asian-inspired elements, improving functionality, making the powder room seem more spacious without adding square footage, and bringing in more light and texture to the room were the top priorities of the clients, a couple that frequently entertained guests from their professional circle. In order to address these concerns, this space underwent a major renovation that conveyed a glittering sense of drama in a small area, featuring a simple, elegant black pocket door with Shoji-style panels.

Photos by PreviewFirst.com | pgs. 40 & 41

Sol Quintana Wagoner Jackson Design and Remodeling | San Diego, CA Co-Designers: John Kavan; Vanessa Tejera

pears to glow with creamy luminescence. The sliding window above the toilet was replaced with a fixed window with obscure glass, reducing clutter and adding natural light to the room. A natural stone floor in dark black with metallic gold sparkles provides a striking foundation to this extraordinary room. In the small hallway, located directly outside the powder room, an impressive bamboo linen closet with an Asian motif provides generous storage, also making a statement as a piece of art. This meticulously planned room, with a touch of Asian-inspired glamor and sophisticated design discipline is bound to inspire!

42 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Products Cabinetry/Vanity: Ronbow 36� Shoji, Linen Closet – Dewils; Countertops: Absolute Black Granite; Faucets/Fittings: Newport BrassKeaton; Flooring: Tile; Lighting: Besa Lighting; Sinks: Stone Forest; Tile: Vista Tiozzo; Toilet: Kohler - Saile Toilet Seat, Curv Comfort Height Toilet Elongated Bowl, Persuade curve Dual flush tank; Wall/Ceiling: Frazee, Korma & Frazee

Photos by PreviewFirst.com | pgs. 42 & 43

Powder Room Lori W. Carroll, ASID, IIDA | Lori W. Caroll & Associates | Tucson, AZ Co-Designers: Debra Gelety, Allied ASID, EDAC; Mary M.Roles

Rising from the Ashes Much like a mythical Phoenix – the legendary bird that rose from its own ashes, this beautiful powder room symbolizes transformation and rejuvenation. After a devastating fire that destroyed the clients’ home, some materials were saved from the embers to be metamorphosed in the reconstruction plan. Items salvaged from the ruins: tile, wall sconces and a ceiling pendant, became the inspiration for this powder room. The old Spanish Hacienda pairs well with the brick floors, and the Tumbled 1” x 1” Golden Sienna Travertine mosaics on the feature wall convey a

warm, antiquated look. The remaining walls and ceiling are finished in a textured Venetian plaster, and the decorative details in the plaster make a beautiful design statement and add sophistication to the more rustic qualities. Floating Mascarello granite countertop and dazzling mica and quartz in the stone, complement the simpler elements in the space. The hand-forged candlestick sconces and romantic ironwork ceiling fixture, bring about a colonial ambiance, perfect for this powder room renaissance.


Countertops: Mascarello Granite; Faucets/Fittings: Mirabelle Cordoba lever handle oil rubbed bronze; Flooring: Marion Ceramics; Lighting: Laura Lee Designs; Sinks: Stone Forest; Tile: Golden Sienna Mosaic; Toilet: Kohler Memoirs; Wall/Ceilings: Venetian plaster; Windows: Custom window design element; Special Features: Custom Mirror by Rudy Hodgers, Inc.


44 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by William Lesch @ Lesch Photography

Powder Room Sheena Hammond | XTC Design Incorporated | Toronto, ON | Co-Designers: Erica Westeroth, CKD, NCIDQ; Tim Scott

Soaking in the Twilight This contemporary bathroom features a new curved wood wall that adds architectural interest to the space, bringing in a feeling of warmth with the addition of a natural material. The curved wall, built in front of the existing wall, enabled the creation of a recess, which in turn, made room for a flat wall surface to mount a mirror and a faucet. The double recessed adjustable light fixture above the sink vanity and the LED strip lighting in the wood cove detail, add warmth to the space. A


Photo by Arnal Photogrpahy – Larry Arnal

vertical band of mirror visually expands the space and reflects light from the window. The sleek wallmounted toilet & floating vanity allows the wood wall detail to continue to the floor un-obstructed, also making room for a free floor space with a clean look. The mirror reflection of the chrome fittings creates a sculptural element and an interesting side profile.

Products Cabinetry: Custom Floating Vanity; Countertops: Caesarstone, pure white; Faucets/Fittings: Graff, Luna Series; Flooring: Voguebay, Durastone; Sinks: Toto – Legato Under counter Lavatory; Toilet: Toto, Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet: Wall/Ceiling: Walls & Trim – Pittsburgh Paints; Special Features: Custom Curved Wood Wall

Small Bath 1ST PLACE

46 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Off to the Beach This bathroom’s driftwood hued floor tile, blue/ sand glass backsplash and sea foam colored walls evoke a feeling of a tranquil day at the beach. Designed for a family of three, the space feels natural and comfortable, and is easy to maintain. The designer incorporated a small foot-print from an adjacent bedroom closet to allow enough depth for a walk-in shower. The sink area was relocated to the opposite wall to provide ample counter space and storage for three users. The large expanse of framed mirror visually expands the space and helps bounce the light. Other special features such as the wood-like tile floor and the exposed thermostatic shower valve blend into the bathroom’s simple color palette and subtle texture.


Bathtub/Whirlpool: Shower Pan – Neptune, Zen; Cabinetry/Vanity: Custom; Countertops: Cambria – Torquay; Faucets/Fittings: Grohe; Flooring: Olympia Tile; Lighting: Sconces – Murray Feiss; Shower Enclosure: Neptune – Zen; Sinks: Neptune – Zen; Tile: American Olean, Shower: Ciot; Toilet: Toto; Walls: Benjamin Moore

Photos by Arnal Photogrpahy – Larry Arnal | pgs. 46 & 47

Tim Scott XTC Design Incorporated | Toronto, ON Co-Designer: Erica Westeroth CKD, NCIDQ

Small Bath Leslie Lamarre, CKD | TRG Architects | Burlingame, CA Co-Designer: Erika Shjeflo

A Shoreline Stroll Situated just steps away from the home’s stunning, infinity-edge pool and the guest bedroom, this stunning pool bathroom is conveniently located, accessible from inside as well as out. The client sought a calming space with a beach-like feel that could at once be casual enough for pool goers and tailored enough to make the guests feel special. Although the original space was traditional, the clients desired a transitional look for the new space, taking some cues from contemporary styles without straying too far from being traditional. The bathroom is adorned with a limestone that’s reminis-

cent of sand in both its color and subtly speckled appearance; a tumbled glass mosaic that looks and feels like beach glass; and a complementary hand-crafted grayish blue ceramic tile. The largeformat limestone tile, wainscot, continues from the vanity area, straight into the shower, helping to maximize the appearance of the space. For the vanity and floating shelves, clear-coated beech provides a natural look and keeps the palette bright.

Products Cabinetry/Vanity: Custom Beech, HC Kitchen Cabinets; Countertops: Pewter Limestone – Materials Marketing; Faucets/Fittings: Rohl Modern; Flooring: Pewter Limestone – Materials Marketing; Lighting: Circa Lighting; Sinks: Kohler – Ladena; Tile: Pewter Limestone flooring, fireclay tile, Sonoma Tilemakers; Toilet: Kohler Memoirs; Windows: Glass Door – Pella; Special Features; Mirror inset into tile wall


48 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by Bernard André Photography

Small Bath

Nar Bustamante, CR | NAR Fine Carpentry, INC. | Carmichael, CA

Contemporary Asian Retreat The Asian arts and crafts collection in this home inspired the designer to create this bathroom with a contemporary look and feel. The bathroom features a Vertical Grain Douglas Fir flush inset cabinet to pick-up on the Arts and Crafts theme and also displays inserted black walnut panels, legs and door dowels to mix in the Asian furniture look. To create a clean feeling with the finishes, the designer tiled the complete wall, eliminating backsplash, shower tile lines and surface mount mir-


Photo by PhotographerLink/Fred Donham

rors. The tile, sporting a light, horizontal combed pattern, laid horizontal 24” X 12” straight stack, helps provide a feeling of depth. The flush inset mirror, recessed into the tile, highlights the contemporary qualities of the home and the gray slate tile flooring adds to its old world Japanese feel. The sparkly countertop contributes to the contemporary twist and elevates the bathroom to a new level!

Products Cabinetry/Vanity: Crystal Cabinetry; Countertops: Cambria – Whitney; Faucets/Fittings: Hansgrohe; Flooring: Tile; Lighting: Cree LED with Lutron switches; Shower Enclosure: Skyline Hardware; Sinks: Ronbow countertop vessel sink; Toilet: Toto Aquia one piece toilet; Wall/Ceiling: Tile – VG63562; Windows: existing – Simenton;

Large Bat 1ST PLACE

50 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Contemporary Sophistication This dated condominium bathroom underwent a major renovation, with the designers working within the constraints of using the original plumbing and footprint of the space. In order to meet the challenges of providing a large storage area in a relatively small bathroom, bringing in good lighting in lieu of natural light, and catering to tall clients when the bathroom’s dropped celling cast a closed-in and claustrophobic feeling, the designer implemented a series of creative solutions. The large tub area was converted into a shower with a bench, and the existing shower stall was transformed into a linen closet. One of the two existing sinks was removed, allowing two large storage towers to be installed in this new space above the vanity. Double sconces on either side of the sink provide ample light for make-up and shaving. Three additional recessed lights were installed in the main part of the room, and a moisture-resistant recessed light was installed in the shower. The ductwork, relocated to the perimeter of the room, allows the ceilings to be raised. The detailed striped tile work in the shower sports

three different types of tiles, expertly installed to create an interesting and dramatic focal point.


Cabinetry/Vanity: Custom design by Laura Stein Interiors, Millwork by Diamond Custom Cabinetry; Faucets/Fittings: Cabano; Flooring: Marble Granite Depot; Lighting: Restoration Hardware; Shower Enclosure: C.R. Laurence Co.; Sinks: Toto; Tile: Marble Granite Depot, Stone Tile; Toilet: Toto; Special Features: towel bar, robe hooks, towel rings – Cifial USA

Photos by David Bagosy Photography | pgs. 50 & 51

Laura Stein Laura Stein Interiors, Inc. | Toronto, ON Co-Designer: Natalie Graziano

Large Bath Janice Stone Thomas, ASID, CKD | Stone Wood Design, Inc. | Sacramento, CA Co-Designer: Alia Richards

The Stay-cation Spa This professional couple craved a spa-like retreat to help recall memories of relaxing vacations. Catering to the contemporary, yet meditative simplicity that the clients sought, the renovated bathroom truly enhances the experience of luxury. Soft curves create the flow of space and relaxing visual lines – a floor to ceiling, concave wall creates the boundaries of the shower. This partition supplies storage niches on one side while the outside curve creates a tiled accent where sheeting water flows, kindling the therapeutic sound of circulating water. A sliding door glides easily over the toi-

let room for privacy. The sculptural tub repeats the theme with an elegant ellipse. Doors over the vanity create the minimal look of all drawers, hiding asymmetrical pullouts and plumbing traps. Large, beige directional texture tile create a basket weave pattern, and a beautiful pebble floor adorns the shower area. A collective whisper of respite from the world!


Bathtub/Whirlpool: MTI Alissa Freestanding; Cabinetry/Vanity: Columbia; Countertops: Concrete by Peter Jones of Solid Creativity; Faucets/Fittings: Faucet – Altmans Adina, tub filler – Jado, floor mount/ shower- Hansgrohe Axor/Jaclo rain machine; Flooring: Walker Zanger; Lighting: Sara pendants from Tech Lighting; Shower Enclosure: Custom by Stonewood Design; Sinks: Integral concrete formed by Peter Jones of Solid Creativity; Tile: glass - Sonoma Tilemakers, shower walls – Walker Zanger; Toilet: Toto with Gerberit in wall tank system; Wall/Ceiling: Tile/ paint; Windows: fixed ribbed glass in shower; Special Features: custom waterfall wall


HGTV and the National Kitchen and Bath Association present the 2014 NKBA Design Competition People’s Pick.

52 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Photo by Dave Adams Photography

Large Bath Corey Shannon Klassen, CKD | Corey Klassen Interior Design | Vancouver, BC Co-Designers: Ian MacDonald; Scott Lumby

Reveling in Luxury This high-style master spa for a power couple features a large walk-in shower equipped with steam, digital controls, rain showerhead, a hand-held wand, and a seated area, perfect for a relaxing nook to detoxify and cleanse the body. A carefully placed cast iron soaking tub conceals the wallhung toilet, allowing for some much needed floor space. A large double-sink vanity with custom cabinetry helps optimize storage space. Decorative lighting fixtures combined with recessed lighting and a skylight, keep this space well-lit, and custom designed linen roman shades ensure privacy. Re-claimed fir, originally from the floor joists, makes for a ledge for bathing and a contemporary design solution to


Photo by Jason Karman

transition surface materials while coordinating a bright color palette with paired accent materials. Engineered quartz surfaces, linen fabric window coverings, warm metal plumbing fixtures and the decorative lighting recall the Georgian motif and create a cohesive design vision in the remainder of the home.


Bathtub/Whirlpool: Kohler Reve Cast Iron Tub; Cabinetry/Vanity: Merit Kitchens Ltd., Lonsdale; Countertops: Cambria Newport, Caesarstone Canada Inc. Lagos Blue; Faucets/Fittings: Hansgroe Metris C., Kohler; Flooring: Icantile Distributors Inc. Natural Trend, Everstone Fossana Honed; Lighting: Robert Abbery Inc., Shower Enclosure: Custom; Sinks: Kohler Laderna; Spa/Hot Tub/Sauna: Steam Shower: Steamist; Tile: Icantile Distributors Inc.; Toilet: Duravit Stark 3; Wall/Ceiling: Benjamin Moore; Special Features: Reclaimed Fir Custom Stain, Window Treatments: JF Fabrics Fate & Whisper

Before & After Kit 2014

Before & After Kitchen

54 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


At the Heart of Hospitality This kitchen is an exemplary combination of functionality and pizzazz, designed for a couple that entertains at least once a week. While the couple had adopted separate roles of chef and host in two different levels of the house, they realized the need for a space where they could best entertain together. By moving the dining room to the existing den area and removing two walls, the designer successfully created a larger kitchen space as well as a more open plan. Repositioning of the two entry doors improved traffic flow and maximized available wall space, and the installation of a tray ceiling above the 8’ ceiling enhanced proportions of the new larger room. The kitchen features two areas for entertainment and cooking, separated by the prep island, with the refrigerator adjacent to both of these spaces. A lighted, carved glass backsplash behind the cooktop, a curved range-hood, paneled refrigerator and pantries designed to look like an oriental cabinet, curved cabinets, countertops and a serpentine sink in the entertainment area, and a special nook for the family’s dog are some of the highlights of this stunning kitchen.

Touch-free faucets, an induction cooktop and touch/remote operated cabinets serve as some of the other conversation-starters of this space! Glowing in soft shades of gray and green, this kitchen extends its glowing warmth to the guests.


Cooktop: Wolf induction; Dishwasher: Fisher/ Paykell; Garbage Disposal: InSinkErator; Microwave Oven: Wolf Microwave Drawer; Range/Oven: Two Wolf e series; Refrigerators: Jenn-Air; Ventilation: Thermador; Warming Drawer: Wolf; Special Features: U-Line wine cooler; Cabinetry: Crystal Cabinetworks and Stancy Woodwork, Island; Countertops: Newport Granite; Faucets/Fittings: Brizo; Flooring: Kandefer construction; Lighting: Littman Lighting; Sinks: Elkay; Tile: Dal Tile; Windows: Pella; Special Features: Carved glass backsplash, Attention to Detail


Kaye Hathaway, CKD, NCIDQ, ASID Photo by Jozef Jurcisin

Dea Design Group. LTD | Island Lake, IL Co-Designer: Catherine Heir

Before & After 2014

Before & After Bath

56 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


A Step into the Savannas As a remedy for the existing master bathroom that lacked sophistication and attention to detail, the clients wanted a spacious, well-lit bathroom that connected to the master bedroom and resonated with its more refined architectural style. Introducing a layered lighting scheme and light colored, reflective surfaces brings a bright, refreshing feel to the space. A glass shower door replaces the original solid tub/shower wall, enabling an open feel to the room. Bathing, washing and toilet areas are treated as individual, formal, symmetrical compositions, connecting to one another for a unified architectural expression. The addition of a second 30” door provides for a more generous, open “suite” connection to the bedroom. A palette of classic forms and materials unify the space and connect it to the similarly-refined forms of the bedroom. Special features like silver-tray ceiling with crystal chandelier, Calcutta marble floor laid on a herringbone with inlaid tile rug, niche for art or flowers behind a free-standing tub, frosted glass French entry doors and unique toilet storage/ display cabinet, add to the distinctive style of this stunning bathroom. Fresh and revitalizing, like a step into the savannas!


Paul Knutson Photo by Troy Thies

Knutson Residential Design, LLC Saint Paul, MN

Products Bathtub/Whirlpool: Bain Ultra Naos; Cabinetry/ Vanity: Custom Cabinetry by Aanes Furniture Company; Countertops: Titanium granit by Stone Counter Outlet; Faucts/Fittings: Brizo-Vesi – vanity faucet and tub filler, shower set; Flooring: Marble; Lighting: Schonbek Petit Crystal Delux, Restoration Hardware Keller sconces; Shower Enclosure: Custom heavy glass shower enclosure by Minneapolis Glass; Sinks: Kohler Memoirs; Toilet: Kohler Memoirs; Wall/Ceiling: Sherman Williams, silver leaf tray ceiling by Trompe Decorative Finishes; Special Features: Silver leaf tray ceiling

Budget-Friendly K $$ 2014 $$

Budget Friendly Kitchen

58 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Vogue Meets Vintage Continued from Small KitchenSecond Place Winner

This kitchen features an inexpensive, rustic butcherblock counter that contrasts with the modern white cabinetry. Wrapped butcher-block is also integrated around the upper cabinets and island, contributing to the consistency in design. A doubled breakfast island increases counter space, while also providing additional storage with the concealed lower cabinets. Dark porcelain plank-format floors throughout the house emphasize and complete the subtle and natural feel created in the kitchen, while allowing continuity and integration with adjacent rooms. The economical marriage of modernity and antiquity truly does impress!

IKEA “Numerar” Beach wood butcher block; Faucets/Fittings: IKEA “Ringskar” w/ pull-out; Flooring: La Faenza “Nouvelle” plank format; Lighting: HALO recessed low voltage lighting; Sinks: IKEA “Domsjo” farmhouse apron sink; Tile: Ceramica IMOLA; Wall/Ceiling: Rex Ceramiche Artistiche “Croc” wall tile; Windows: RC Aluminum CM 100 Casement Window


Cooktop: IKEA “Nutid” Glass Ceramic Cooktop; Dishwasher: LG LDF551ST Stainless; Garbage Disposal: InsinkErator Badger; Microwave Oven: LG Stainless; Range/Oven: IKEA “Datid” Built-in Oven; Refrigerators: Kenmore side-byside stainless; Cabinetry: Custom fabricated with white “Thermofoil” faces; Countertops:

Photos by Greg Clark | pgs. 58 & 59

Germán Brun, LEED AP DEN ARCHITECTURE | Miami, FL Co-Designer: Lizmarie Esparza

Budget-Friendly $$ 2014 $$

Budget Friendly Bath

60 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

y Bath

Beauty on a Budget In need of a big change on a small budget, this space, previously an upstairs hall bathroom for kids, needed to be transformed into a beautiful, welcoming bath for guests. The main challenges of the space were the dated materials, a 1980’s glass block window, and rotting floor. The painted, custom cabinetry creates a neutral backdrop from some stunning finish options. Subdued yet efficient, double sconces found at a floor clearance sale replaced the harsh vanity lighting. An elegant, dark gray quartz countertop (bought as yard stone) adorns the painted cabinetry. Fun, jeweled knobs add a dash of color and a hammered nickel vessel sink works with the overall aesthetic. The rustic round mirror, found in an unused bedroom, works perfectly, finishing off the space with an eclectic look.

and whimsical shower curtain serves as a beautiful canvas, and new, modern, gray floor tiles ground the space and complete this updated look. A fun and inviting space to enjoy for many years to come!


Bathtub/Whirlpool: existing: Cabinetry/Vanity: Custom – in detail; Countertops: Caesarstone Raven; Faucets/Fittings: Lav Faucet: Jado – Shower: Hansgrohe; Flooring: Florida tile wood look tile; Lighting: Hudson Valley; Shower Enclosure: curtain – Clarke and Clarke; Sinks: Native Trails; Tile: Florida Tile and accent – Mixed up Mosaic; Toilet: Existing; Special Features: knobs – existing and reused mirror – existing and reused

The existing tub was retained, but the surrounding, dated fiberglass was changed to Calcutta gold marble, running in a classic subway pattern. The focal point of this shower is the beautiful custom glass tile in the center, sitting under the new rectangular transform window. A colorful

Photos by Greg Riegler | pgs. 60 & 61

Cheryl Kees Clendenon In Detail Interiors | Pensacola, FL

Universal Des 2014

Universal Design

62 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Graceful Appeal with a Purpose This master bathroom was meticulously designed for a paraplegic client and his girlfriend to make them feel at home, yet accommodate the medical issues. Understanding the client’s physical capabilities, a 42” wide pocket door was designed, allowing it to pocket in 36”, leaving a 36” clearance and 6” to attach a large handle to both sides so the client could push it open and shut. To accommodate a ceiling track lift system, a ceiling that included the radius features of the rest of the house was designed, concealing the track. The system would lift the client from his bed through the bathroom door, over the tub, the hat box toilet, the new artistic bidet, into the shower, over the wall and into the changing table, and then into his wheelchair.

shower caddie was built to accommodate a curved wall, and a remote-operated shower system was integrated. The client will then finish-up his routine in his non-standard ADA vanity. Carefully catering to the client’s specific needs, this sophisticated bathroom is fully functional and ready to serve!


Bathtub/Whirlpool: Amma Oval freestanding; Cabinetry/Vanity: Bentwood Cabinetry; countertops: Granite; Faucets/Fittings: Cifial Techno 465 floor mount single lever; Flooring: Titan Prometheus ceramic tile; Lighting: Hampton shaded chandelier with Pendants; Shower Enclosure: Custom Tile shower; Sinks: Kohler Invitation Barrier free; Tile: Titan Prometheus ceramic tile and glass tile; Toilet: Kohler Purist Hatbox with custom water jets; Wall/Ceiling: Glass tile – V4 ceiling Track lift

In order to make this system functional, a Control4 system was integrated for the client to run all the lights and smart home systems. Sections of the track lift were reengineered by the manufacturer to comply. An elegant looking carefully sculpted water system assists the client in his cleansing routines. The shower features a two-drench system with a zero clearance system. A custom stainless steel

Photos by Bob Greenspan | pgs. 62 & 63

Shawn McCune, CKD Kitchen Design Gallery Inc. | Lenexa, KS

Green Des 2014

Green Design

64 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


A Haven at Home Aficionados of natural elements as well as recycling enthusiasts, the clients desired their bathroom suite to bring forth a soothing feeling, with a material mix evoking the outdoors and a hidden system to recycle greywater. The layout accommodates an open plan featuring the couple’s long vanity, with the water closet to the right and shower to the left. Across from the shower, the large deck features a bath tub, big enough to accommodate two. Below the tub deck, a water pump feeds the greywater to the garden.

Products Bathtub/Whirlpool: Americh; Cabinetry;/Vanity: Serrao Cabinets, White washed Bamboo; Countertops: Silver Vein cut travertine; Faucets/Fittings: JADO Glance; Flooring: Roman Travertine; Lighting: Sconces by Lightology; Sinks: Le Bijou; Tile: Bamboo tile by Walker Zanger – Glass tile by Waterworks, Gray pebble by SOLI; Toilet: TOTO Carlyle; Wall/ Ceiling: Dulux paint; Windows: Millguard, Synmax glass

Gray pebbles and bamboo, resting on a bed of quiet “anticato” travertine, are the key materials evoking a nature’s retreat. The recycled glass mosaic appears on the shower walls and shampoo alcove. The streamlined, gray-washed bamboo cabinetry includes a hamper, individual recycling below the sinks and mini product-pantries for all toiletries. A natural tapestry of gray pebble rocks behind the tub introduces a spa-like backdrop. Slim sconces wash the stunning texture with a hidden halogen source, which conceals direct light while bathing. This is the ideal escape for environmentalists to relax, wash away urban dust, and restore themselves and their environment!

Photos by Suki Mendencevic | pgs. 64 & 65

Elina Katsioula-Beall, CKD Dewitt Designer Kitchens | Pasadena, CA

Builder/Remod Clay Lyon Honorary Award

66 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Farmhouse Kitchen with a Future This sophisticated farmhouse style kitchen, resonating with the clients’ house makeover, features elegant tones of creamy yellow and peppercorn, clean lines, simple cabinet and drawer faces, contrasting granite countertops with simple edge treatments, well-placed appliances and sinks, and energy layered lighting. The clients required the kitchen to serve two future needs for years to come: (i) aging-in-place features including wide doorways and aisles for wheelchair or walker, deep drawers with one-handed functionality, and several other features(ii) group home for a special needs teenager accommodating multiple cooks in an adult communal living setting.

plumbing, fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, lighting and backsplash, combined with Universal design elements, make this kitchen as functional as is striking!


Cooktop: Wolf; Dishwasher: KitchenAid; Microwave Oven: Sharp; Ovens: KitchenAid; Refrigerators: KitchenAid; Ventilation: Vent-a-Hood; Cabinetry: Fieldstone; Countertops: Granite: Amber Yellow Island; Virginia Mist Perimeter; Faucets/Fittings: Moen; Flooring: Hardwood – Newark Flooring; Lighting: Shades of Light Pendants; Sinks: Elkay; Wall/Ceiling: Behr Paints; Windows: Andersen

Overcoming several design challenges, this kitchen flaunts a simple and unfussy aesthetic, maximizing on the sprawling mountain and wildlife views. Removing multiple walls enabled a large and open floor plan, and a large island and eating area create the perfect environment for entertaining large groups. New electric and

Photos by Wing Wang | pgs. 66 & 67

Carl Bruen, CGR Bruen Design Build, Inc. | Morristown, NJ Co-Designers: Robin Bruen; Debbie Kerr, CKD


Opens Its Virtual Doors By Julie Senzig

NKBA University officially launched in the fall of 2013, offering industry members and other professionals more opportunities for on-line and on-demand learning. According to Nancy Barnes, NKBA’s Director of Learning, NKBA University resulted from conversations with NKBA members who were seeing a need for more in-depth learning in areas other than design. These professionals were looking for business management, talent management or sales topics and turned to the NKBA for help. Jane Heiling, NKBA Board of Director representative for the Wholesale Distributors’ Council, recalls that the council had a frank conversation with Association executives at the first quarter Annual Planning meeting in 2012. “We felt there were no programs outside of the design realm being offered,” said Heiling. “Our segment pays a hefty amount of dues money and we felt that there were not enough learning offerings for us including business, sales and more.” The NKBA placed resources and time into these requests from the councils and the foundations of NKBA University began. “The needs we heard articulated from the membership for a broader type of learning was very important to planning next steps. We also recognized that we had to align our learning strategy with the same strategies used by corporate universities. Many members don’t have access to these courses 68 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

on their own, and it is our role to provide them with tools and resources to help build their skills and further their careers,” commented Barnes. NKBA University has been designed for everyone – dealers, designers, manufacturers, decorative plumbing and hardware professionals, sales people, HR professionals, and more. There are eight categories of courses, or Learning Paths, with three levels of courses for all learning stages including Introductory, Intermediate and Experienced. NKBA University is unique because the same person might take an Introductory course from one Learning Path and find an Experienced-level course is more appropriate in a different Learning Path. The program is customizable based on an individual’s goals and requirements.

People often ask about the importance of self development: Why should they continually develop themselves, and learn new skills? The benefits of self development include opportunities to work to higher levels of potential, and improve their overall morale. Companies benefit from workforce development by reducing staff turnover

as well as contributing to better communication among team members or between departments. What areas do you need to grow in? Which NKBA Learning Path will fit into your current professional development situation? NKBA provides a free Learning Path self-quiz located at www.nkba.org/ university which will help you determine which area you would like to improve.

There are eight different learning paths to choose from:


Design & Inspiration

Developed for designers at all experience levels, kitchen and bath designers as well as interior designers who want to know more about kitchens and baths.



Communication is not just about verbal skills, but also represents written and presentation skills as well.

3. 4. 5.

Adapt & Innovate

This path will help professionals work effectively in the face of ambiguity and change. Learn how to adapt priorities and skills to successfully tackle new challenges.

Focus on the Customer

Learn how to deliver exceptional customer service, how to get the edge on your competition by providing outstanding customer service.

Business Management

Achieve positive business results by learning how to manage resources, control risk by aligning finance, organizational structure and marketing initiatives to business goals.



Development for those who are in new leadership positions, including volunteer positions or chapter officer positions. Learn to demonstrate leadership by being a role model, promoting ethical behavior and managing workloads to achieve business goals.


Sales & Marketing


Talent Management

Learn to build relationships and offer resolutions that meet custom needs; analyze and prioritize sales activities to increase market share, grow current accounts and develop new customers.

Learn how to participate in the selection, onboarding and ongoing development of organizational talent. This path not only deals with hiring and orientation of new employees, but also how you can develop yourself for advancement.

“We encourage self-awareness – people should know their own strengths and weaknesses – but we also encourage attendees to try something new and not just stick with the design and inspiration path they are comfortable with,” said Barnes. “Trying a course in sales or negotiation skills can allow them to grow on the business side of the industry.” To register for a course or take the self quiz, visit: www.nkba.org/university or go to www.nkba.org and click the NKBA University logo at the top of the page.


Increase your win ratio and delight customers with 3DVIA Home. Watch our video here www.3ds.com/3dvia-home

Visit Dassault systÈmes in booth # s1461 | nKba international builDer show | February 4-6, 2014 | las Vegas

Could your career use an update too? NKBA University offers courses designed to take your career from drab to fab. Whether you’re a sales rep, designer, manufacturer or remodeler, we have professional development options to help freshen up your approach and generate better business results. Take our free Learning Paths Self Quiz at nkba.org to see which of our eight Learning Paths is right for you. With affordable prices and the option of live, instructor-led or on-demand courses, NKBA University is the most convenient, reputable option available to professionals in the kitchen and bath industry. Invest in your future today.

nkba.org/university 70 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


What would you design for $10,000?

2014 GE Kitchen Display Competition Contest Entries must be received by 2/14/14. Visit www.DesignGEKitchen.com for official rules.

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY. Open only to eligible legal residents of 50 US/DC who are 21 or older, and are professional kitchen designers, designers, consultants or design students. Starts 12/13/13 at 12:00 A.M., ET; Contest Entries must be received by 2/14/14. Go to www.DesignGEKitchen.com for Contest Entry requirements, Contest dates, judging criteria, prizes, & important details. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: General Electric Company, 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06828 (This Contest is offered by Sponsor’s Appliances & Lighting Division, P.O. Box 34820, Louisville, KY 40232-9923.)

Newly revised NKBA Professional Resource Library volumes are now available!

SucceSSful kitchen and bath deSign projectS require conStruction know how aS well aS effective buSineSS and project management. Kitchen & Bath Residential Construction and Systems and Kitchen & Bath Business and Project Management are the latest volumes of the NKBA Professional Resource Library to be thoroughly revised and updated. Also planned for release in March, 2014 is the newly revised Kitchen & Bath Design Presentation. Two entirely new volumes on Lighting and Sustainable Design are scheduled for release late in 2014.

Order Today>> NKBA.org/Store

The revision and development of the NKBA Professional Resource Library volumes would not be possible without the generous support of the following Platinum Sponsors: Cosentino USA | Delta Faucet | Fisher & Paykel | Franke | Hafele | Jenn-Air | Kohler LYNX Grills | Masco | Moen | Toto | Waypoint Cabinetry 72 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

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30 2014

Kitchen & Bath Industry Exceptional Young Professionals

NKBA’s 30 Under 30 program highlights 30 exceptional young professionals who are excelling in today’s kitchen and bath industry. The program has been designed to provide these selected individuals with new opportunities for growth and at the same time, acknowledge their current success during KBIS 2014. By Amy Castillo, Julie Senzig and Ash Sukumar

Moe Abbas

Ottawa General Contractors, Ottawa, Ontario Moe is the Chief Executive Decision Maker of Ottawa General Contractors and founder of the Canadian General Contractors group of companies. Moe sits on the board of directors of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. He is also a 2012 recipient of the prestigious 40 Under 40. His flagship company Ottawa General Contractors won in the Small Business of the Year category at the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards, and he was a finalist at the Torch awards in the same year. Moe gives back by holding fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity NCR and creating jobs within the local community.

Jessica Sterling Altman

Hatchett Design/Remodel, Newport News, VA Jessica has been a professional in the design field since graduating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in 2007. She graduated with a BA in Apparel, Housing and Resource Management with a focus on Kitchen and Bath Design through the NKBA accredited program. Jessica was a founding member of the student NKBA chapter on campus. Jessica joined the team at Hatchett Design/Remodel as the sole designer to a sales staff of five. Jessica believes continuing education is the key to success and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn from and share with her fellow 30 under 30 members.

Carolyn P. Andrews

Preston Feather Building Company, Traverse City, Michigan Carolyn is a kitchen and bath designer with Preston Feather Building Company. She majored in Interior Design and minored in Construction Management. She also holds Green Build Certification, is a certified Home Inspector, and recently joined the board for the Northern Michigan Chapter of the NKBA. In the past, Carolyn has worked as an estimator for a large national building corporation, a building material sales representative, and manager in the cabinetry and appliance field. One of Carolyn’s recent kitchen remodels was featured in the Traverse Northern Michigan Magazine. She believes that there is nothing as satisfying as overseeing the seamless transformation of a project from beginning to end.

Molly Christina Barr

Erskine Interiors – Hudson, Wisconsin & Edina, Minnesota Molly started her career at Madison Area Technical College and paired her formal education with a step in the right direction at Madison East Home Depot. Molly moved further north to pursue her Bachelor’s degree and transferred from Madison to Woodbury Home Depot into one of the designer positions. She reformed old processes, excelled in sales, earned multiple awards for sales and customer service, and spun clients’ dreams into spaces they adore and utilize with joy. Molly believes that organization, tailored designs, passion, attentive listening, and strong relationship building between designer and client has been the cause of her success.

Danielle Burkhardt, MBA

Robern – A Kohler Company, Bristol, PA Danielle started her career in the kitchen and bath industry in June, 2010 and currently works as a Senior Marketing Analyst for Robern – A Kohler Company. She graduated with an MBA from Rutgers Business School with concentrations in Marketing and Global Business. Danielle began her career at American Standard as an Assistant Product Manager for the retail and wholesale faucet division. She worked on the teams that successfully presented and launched American Standard branded faucets in Lowe’s and Menards. Danielle joined the channel marketing team at Robern in March 2013, where she develops, executes and evaluates marketing programs, and conducts marketing and sales analysis.

Felix Antonio Capitulo

Aeon Stone and Tile, Vancouver, BC Felix Antonio Capitulo has been working in the kitchen and bath industry since 2011. He is one of the most promising sales reps of Aeon Stone and Tile and is the only one in Aeon Stone and Tile to be given access to working with fabricators, interior designers, architects, retail stores, and builders. Felix also works closely with the BC Chapter of the NKBA and its members. He has helped in several NKBA functions and has organized the largest NKBA BC Chapter meeting to-date.

Challaigne Cole

The Home Depot, Pearl City, Hawaii Challaigne’s passion for drawing and graphic arts, lead to her first job with a printing and graphic design firm. At 18, she began working for The Home Depot as an appliance associate. She became the top seller and associate lead of the appliance department, was promoted to the kitchen design department and skyrocketed as one of the top designers in The Home Depot Hawaii region. She works full-time while earning a degree in graphic arts and continues to study for the AKBD Certification. Her accomplishments include winning 3 Silver Homer Awards, 4 Home Depot “All Stars” Award, the “Executive Homer” Award for sales, and more.

Alexa Dorsey

KraftMaid Cabinetry, Ann Arbor, MI Alexa Dorsey, in her role as Product Manager for Masco Cabinetry, seeks to give designers the right tools to be successful. Her education combined with her experience at several residential architecture and interior design firms provided the perfect background to join Masco Cabinetry in 2010. Alexa moved into her role as Product Manager with a broad understanding of manufacturing and marketing. Using the skills and insights developed in her previous positions, combined with her fresh, creative perspective, she has worked to introduce products that expand Masco Cabinetry’s product portfolio and drive sales in new product categories. 74 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Mark Eglington, MBA

Euro-Line Appliances West, Vancouver, BC Mark interned with an international company, Liebherr, throughout Europe in 2003. He came back to Canada to work part time in the shipping department for Euro-Line Appliances, the Canadian national importer and distributor of premium European appliances. He pursued his Graduate Diploma of Management and then his MBA with a designation in Financial Management. Mark rejoined ELA in 2010 in Ontario and has since had numerous roles within the company including order administrator, marketing coordinator, and regional director of sales and training. In March 2012, he moved to Vancouver to oversee and expand operations in the Western Canadian market, and is currently the President of ELA West.

Neshi Frankforter

Utica Avenue Plumbing Supply, Brooklyn, NY Neshi Frankforter has worked in the kitchen and bath industry for over four years. Using her background in fashion design from F.I.T., Neshi implements the same aesthetic principles when creating kitchens and bathrooms for clients. In August of 2013, Neshi designed Utica’s revamped, functioning showroom. She regularly attends NYC-metro NKBA events, as well as leading product training seminars held at Utica Avenue Plumbing Supply.

Brittany Gardner, CKD, NCIDQ

American Woodmark Corp.-Timberlake Cabinetry, Atlanta, GA Brittany graduated with honors from the East Carolina University, where she was a founding member of the NKBA Student Chapter, serving as both Treasurer and President. She became an AKBD in 2009, NCIDQ certified in 2010 and a CKD and GA Registered Interior Designer in 2011. She volunteers through the NKBA GA Chapter: she has served as the VP of Academic Relations and is now the VP of Programs. She was recently promoted to Lead Designer at Timberlake Cabinetry, American Woodmark‘s Atlanta Builder Center. Brittany recruites and mentors next generation designers for her company and within her professional network. She is now working towards a CMKBD certification.

Danielle Gundrum

Oasis Showrooms by APR Supply Co., Harrisburg, PA A Harrisburg (PA) based kitchen and bath designer, Danielle has been in the industry for 6 years. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in Interior Design. Danielle is employed by APR Supply Company as a design consultant for their kitchen and bath showrooms. Danielle launched the Oasis Showroom’s social media presence and continues to manage all aspects of social marketing at APR. Recently featured in Central Pennsylvania’s premier design magazine, Susquehanna Style, she discusses the top bathroom trends in today’s market. Danielle hopes to one day become CAPS certified in order to help clients with age-in-place design.

Ashley Kasper

Kitchen & Bath Concepts, Houston, TX Ashley graduated with a degree in Interior Design and has specialized in the kitchen and bath industry for over six years. She is a Kitchen and Bath Designer at Kitchen & Bath Concepts. Ashley is currently studying for her AKBD Exam and is looking forward to continuing her education in the field. She has worked on the NKBA Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Board for over three years as the Secretary and VP of Communications & Technology. Ashley is the 2014 NKBA Texas Gulf Coast Chapter President.

Jennifer Kowalski

Best Plumbing Showroom, Seattle, WA In 2007, Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She interned at VILLA Fine Kitchen and Bath, and moved on to a full-time position as designer and showroom manager. In 2010, SieMatic Moebelwerke offered her the position of Showroom Manager and lead designer in Seattle. In 2012, she took a position at Best Plumbing, a high-end residential plumbing fixture showroom in Seattle. Jennifer has been an active member of the NKBA Puget Sound chapter since 2007. In 2013, she signed on as Co-Chair of the Great Kitchen and Bath Tour, and recently took over as Chair for 2014. She is currently studying for her AKBD, and plans to take the CKD next year.

Corey Laurysen, MBA

Laurysen Kitchens Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario Corey Laurysen, MBA, has been working in the kitchen and bath industry since the age of 15, where he spent his summers in a manufacturing facility. As the Special Projects Manager, Corey has worked in the Order Processing Department and trains the staff in the new systems and operation procedures that have been implemented over the last two years. He is also on-site as a Project Manager, overseeing the design, manufacturing and installation of a number of significant condo projects in Ottawa. His MBA is serving him well as he becomes the third generation in his family-owned business.

Lauren Lawless

Giorgi Kitchens, Wilmington, DE Lauren travels whenever she can, exploring other cultures’ interpretations of design and architecture. She holds a BS in Interior Design from the NKBA Accredited program at Art Institute of Philadelphia as well as an MS in Interior Architecture and Design from Drexel University. Lauren believes it is crucial that the kitchen above all other rooms must be representative of the client’s style and personality. She works for Giorgi Kitchens in Wilmington, DE as an assistant designer and is also an ALA Certified Lighting Specialist and currently a member of the NKBA. She is working towards her AKBD accreditation.

Alicia Lowe

Stone Source, Inc., Plymouth, MN Alicia started working at Cold Spring Granite in 2009 where she discovered her love for kitchen and bath design and natural stone. She graduated from the NKBA Accredited program at Century College. She was active in the NKBA, holding the Secretary position for her student chapter and becoming part of the Technology and Communication Committee in the MN Chapter. She is working toward her certification as an AKBD. She worked as a Kitchen Designer for the Home Depot in March 2012 and recently started working for Stone Source, Inc.

Alicia Meeker

Pacific Rim Cabinets, Vancouver, BC After completing her education in Interior Design, Alicia further specialized in this field by enrolling in an NKBA Accredited Kitchen and Bath Design program. She experienced great professional development, and had the opportunity to compete in the GE Charette competition, where she placed first across North America. Alicia brings a fresh perspective to her current position as a Designer and Project Manager for a custom millwork company, where she has exceeded her sales targets in the first year. Alicia will continue her involvement with the British Columbia Chapter of the NKBA, as she moves into the position of VP of Communications for 2014.

Cassandra Nordell-MacLean

William Standen Co. Design, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Cassandra began her career at a renowned design-build firm in Toronto. In 2006, she co-founded Nordell Design/Build, Custom Homes. Cassandra co-founded a second company, William Standen Co., in 2010, to specialize in kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and renovations. She has been recognized nationally by Profit Magazine, as a leader of one of Canada’s most promising businesses. Cassandra strives to give back wherever she can.

Vanessa Pinelli

Troico Home Solutions and Manufacturing, Coquitlam, British Columbia Vanessa transplanted a viable business from Ontario and made it her own, while adding a modern and tech-savvy twist. In February 2012, Vanessa and her partner, Michael Richter started Troico. Troico has grown exponentially in just over one year, from doing small renovations to completing six-figure custom-built full home renovations. Troico recently moved into a 11,000 square foot showroom, millwork and design facility, which truly encompasses the ‘one-stop shop’ idea that they have aimed for since the company’s early stages. She is a member and supporter of the NKBA, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. 76 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Courtney Rogers Renewal Design-Build , Decatur, GA Courtney is an award-winning designer and graduate from the NKBA Accredited University of Georgia. Her passion and drive to succeed have led to a thriving career. Courtney was the recipient of a 2013 Chrysalis Award as well as a 2011 Calla Award given by the NKBA-GA Chapter. To fuel her passion, Courtney recently started the design blog a CLeaR design (aCLeaRdesign.blogspot.com), where she highlights current projects, design trends, and her own inspirations. Her work at Renewal Design-Build has enhanced her ability to create beautiful and innovative solutions while effectively balancing the individual budget of each client.

Andrew Saladino

Just Bath Vanities, New York, NY Andrew is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and was recognized in 2011 by President Obama as a top young entrepreneur on the Empact100 America under 30 List. Saladino is the co-founder and CEO of Just Bath Vanities, an online retailer of all things bathroom including vanities and furniture. In 2013, Saladino was selected by the NKBA for the 30 under 30 award in its inaugural year for his first company, Kitchen Cabinet Kings. Saladino’s business advice has been featured in Mashable, Huffington Post, AOL Jobs, AMEX Open Forum, Yahoo! Small Business, and other major publications.

Stephanie Stead Willis, Seattle, WA

Since 2009, Stephanie has been a sales representative for Willis, the distributor of DuPont™ Corian®, DuPont™ Zodiaq®, Artisan Sinks, & ARPA Laminate. Stephanie is very active in the NKBA Puget Sound Chapter, serving as the 201213 Secretary, and 2014-15 VP of Membership. She created and founded the Willis- DuPont™ Corian® Student Design Competition, in which local design students are encouraged to participate, whether active NKBA Student Members or those that have expressed interest in becoming members. In 2011 Stephanie was awarded the Willis Company’s Founder Award, given to a select few in recognition of “excellence in individual accomplishments and going the extra mile.”

Ebony Stephenson

Criner Remodeling, Newport News, VA Ebony graduated from NKBA Accredited Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). She is now head of Design and Selections at Criner Remodeling in Newport News, Virginia where she focuses on high-end custom residential remodeling. Ebony uses her own daily struggles with Fibromyalgia to design custom spaces for elderly clients and people with disabilities. Ebony currently serves as Vice President of Technology and Communications for the Virginia State Chapter of the NKBA.

Molly N. Switzer, AKBD

Precision Countertops, Portland, Oregon Molly graduated with dual BS degrees in Interior Design and Housing Studies in 2008 from then NKBA-accredited Oregon State University. She was involved in the NKBA student organization at OSU serving as Student Chapter President for three years. She has continued involvement with the local NKBA Columbia River Chapter serving in various positions such as co-chair of Academic Relations, Secretary, and currently as the chapter’s VP of Programs. Molly has been with Precision Countertops for five years, working closely with clients designing and selling custom kitchen and bath projects for one of the largest custom countertop companies in the US.

Kristy Weber

Apex Surfaces, Inc., Harmony, PA Kristy works with custom designers and home builders to create interesting and unique countertop designs for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and fireplaces out of a variety of materials. Her early education in Business Marketing and love for granite, has enabled her to travel and live in multiple countries to better understand the granite business. Kristy currently is the Marketing Director for Apex Surfaces, Inc. One of Kristy’s many hobbies includes working with JBWYAA.org, a non-profit charity she created to help underprivileged children obtain scholarship funds and support to reach their academic and business goals.

Kristin Whalen

The Home Depot, Hadley, MA Kristin started in the home design industry as a visual merchandiser before turning her passion for kitchen and bath design into a successful career. It is Kristin’s greatest pleasure to inspire her clients to live well and to live in style. Kristin has been a remarkable asset in organizing and promoting in-store clinics and events. Staying up-to-date on current trends and innovations is something Kristin attributes to her success. She is currently working towards her AKBD certification.

Robert Willis

Whitehaus Collection, West Haven, CT Robert Willis has been working in the kitchen and bath industry since 2007. He currently holds the title of Marketing Director, to which he was promoted three years ago. He oversees the company’s Art and Marketing departments and has made it a mission to push the company’s online presence and use of new technologies. He has been instrumental to the implementation of the luxury brand’s visual, print and online image. Willis holds a Bachelor’s degree in management as well as multiple Information Technology Certifications through the USAF.

Kristi Wittmann

Inside Outside, Gulfport, MS Kristi graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Design from NKBA-Accredited University of Southern Mississippi. She graduated at the top of her class and received the NKBA “Outstanding Student Award.” Kristi was hired as an assistant designer and receptionist at Inside Outside and was promoted to showroom manager and head of sales and design. One of the most exciting things to Kristi about being in the kitchen and bath industry is the ability to take an idea or concept that a homeowner has and bring it to life.

Megan B. Zimny, AKBD The Kitchen & Floor Shoppe, Beardstown, IL Megan Zimny is the owner of The Kitchen & Floor Shoppe, located in Beardstown, IL. Her business is founded upon her passion for design, creative design solutions, and hands-on service. Megan received her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design and later earned her AKBD certification. Megan also co-designed a showroom display that was awarded second place in the 2008 NKBA Art of the Industry Design Competition.

NKBA would like to congratulate all of the 30 under 30 delegates. Your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed. We look forward to following your careers and wish you much success. Platinum Sponsor

78 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

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2013/2014 Student Design Competition Winners


By Amy Castillo, Julie Senzig and Ash Sukumar

The Project: The new construction home of a one bedroom cabin for Ann and John Davis will be built in a casual natural habitat lake community in Nebraska. Mrs. Davis is not happy with the original design and wants the designer to make changes to the kitchen and master bath. The back of the home faces southeast with a view of the lake and a boat dock. A natural habitat island is in view of the back of the house as well. The kitchen area faces northwest. The new construction consists of a wood frame with some brick/stone veneer and will have a full finished walk-out basement. The vaulted ceiling extends throughout the living area only. Mrs. Davis wants to maximize the use of natural light in the home. Their proposed lake home is their permanent year round residence.

The clients: Both Ann and John Davis are in their early 40s with no children and two small dogs. Mrs. Davis works outside the home and also helps her husband with a thriving home-based business. They also own and maintain a large cattle feeding operation. Both Ann and John are active and have no physical limitations. They want their home to reflect the casual lake community and lifestyle. They are avid participants in the lake community activities of ATV trail riding, boating, fishing, etc. They entertain a great deal in a casual manner with outside deck barbecues, Nebraska Big Red game day potluck parties, and impromptu gatherings of sometimes 20 or more people. Materials should reflect the lifestyle and selection should be based on performance characteristics as well as aesthetics that reflect their lifestyle. They have an avid appreciation for the preservation of the natural habitat of the lake community and Mr. and Mrs. 80 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Davis have a large collection of framed photographs of this natural habitat they would like displayed throughout their home. Mrs. Davis prefers natural stones, woods and colors. Mr. Davis maintains a large home office and has clients come to the home on a frequent basis.

Kitchen Project

Mrs. Davis is unhappy with the original design of the kitchen. She would like the kitchen redesigned to include a large built-in refrigerator, gas cooktop with hood, and double sink, dishwasher, separate double ovens plus microwave, warming drawer, an ice-maker, second sink with second smaller refrigerator, either drawer or under-counter in the bar or beverage area. She wants a serving area for potluck dinners and a bar area convenient to serve drinks to the open living room area. The door to the pantry can be relocated to the hallway if necessary. The island can be changed and relocated. The windows located in the corner over the sink can be changed, relocated, or moved but natural light is required. Lighting is important to Mrs. Davis and she would like creative use of accent and/or art lighting in both the master bath and kitchen.  

Bath Project

The original floor plan of the master bathroom/closet is unacceptable to Mrs. Davis. The entire original closet/bathroom area can be redesigned but must remain in the original footprint. She would like the bathroom and closet redesigned to include two sink areas, a large jetted tub and separate large shower with multiple shower heads. The toilet and separate bidet may or may not be located in a separate compartment. Doors/windows in the bathroom/closet (including entry to the bathroom/closet) can be removed/repositioned and/or combined. Approximately 1/2 of the total footprint of the bathroom/ closet area should be the bathroom and 1/2 the closet. She would like some natural light in the bathroom. Lighting is very important to Mrs. Davis and she would like creative use of accent and/or art lighting. Mrs. Davis would like a natural habitat outdoor feel to the bathroom.

1st Place Kitchen Susan Gordon, West Valley College, Saratoga CA In order to best cater to Ann and John’s requirements, this new kitchen is “L” shaped with an angle “C” shaped island, creating separate work stations for more than one cook and also a spare bar area to serve drinks. The kitchen was laid out in order to capture as much natural light as possible. The small front corner sink windows were replaced, and now almost the entire northwest features windows. A custom built art cubby will be used to display the homeowners’ photographs along with art glass and sculpture. Light from the window will flow in and around the artwork and bathe the main sink area with natural light. The island can be changed to incorporate a double farm sink and a large work/prep space with views to the lake. The person working in the kitchen can

now face the living room and be part of the conversation. The main work triangle includes the sink at the island, with the gas cooktop and LG French door refrigerator directly across. The double oven (with upper tray storage) and lower warming drawer is located at the end of the run. The half-circle prep sink at the end of the island, (with faucets at both ends) can be used by two people at the same time – one on either side of the island. The inner “C” shape of the island is where the bar area is located. This shape allows for easy access to the living room and an independent work space. The shape also makes for easy accessibility to work surfaces and appliances. There are two open shelves over the island to store glassware and/ or liquor/drink mixes. Appliances within that space

include: the ice machine (for drinks), drawer microwave (to heat beverages/and game-day food), refrigerator drawers (cold drinks/overflow party food), and sub-Zero wine cooler. The end of the island has been raised to 42” with a bar countertop and includes seating for four. The door to the pantry has been relocated to the hall to allow for more wall/cabinet space in the kitchen. The awkward placement of the power room door has also been relocated to the hall. Since Ann has clients over at her home, the design needed to find a balance between rustic cabin and everyday home. Blending these two ideas, a mix of traditional wall sconces (accent lights) and the custom whimsical pendant lights were incorporated. The mix of wood, stone and metals (all natural and durable materials), along with colors found in nature, add visual interest and casual feel to the design. To sum it up, this new kitchen design is a perfect fit to the clients’ wish list.

2014 Student Design Competition

2nd and 3rd Place Kitchen

Ashley McDonald

Christina Sample

Alexandria Technical & Community College, Alexandria, MN

Century College, White Bear Lake, MN

Warm, natural and inviting are the words that define this kitchen designed for Ann and John Davis. With entertaining being a constant occurrence in their home, designing a kitchen that had all the appliances from the large refrigerator down to the ice-maker was important in the floor plan layout. By relocating the pantry door and extending the hall wall, a triangleinspired peninsula was created. Since the cooktop is included in the peninsula, the main work triangle area is separated from the entertaining area. This creates an easy flow for the cooks and quick access to the pantry. By placing the prep sink and refrigerator drawers in the large triangle peninsula, this area becomes the serving bar for entertaining during potluck dinners and impromptu gatherings, and includes seating for four. The floor is covered with autumn leaf glazed porcelain tiles with a rough surface texture. The cream colors of the brick mosaic pattern used in the backsplash is highlighted by LED under cabinet strip lights, complementing the warm woodsy hues found in the Lindwood countertop. Espresso finished oak cabinets with matte black pulls and knobs will warm the space along with hand-hammered copper used for finishes on the custom cooktop hood and sinks. A frosted glass pantry door featuring an etching of a tree-inspired countertop supports the choice of swivel bar stools which look like tree branches. A honey wheat uncut stone used on the backside of the peninsula gives the natural look of a stone face and is highlighted by LED puck lights under the countertop. Adding more warmth to the space are accent pendants featuring bronze with a gold leaf finish. A nature inspired design theme for the kitchen brought in natural colors and textures that created a warm and inviting feeling to the space where Mr. and Mrs. Davis can entertain for years to come.

82 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

This kitchen design ensures convenient entertaining for up to 20 people, featuring a large island with a seating area, beverage bar, ice maker and galley multi-function work station. The Galley allows the clients to efficiently wash, prepare, serve and clean-up food (and beverages), in one convenient location in the kitchen. When filled with ice, the galley is perfect for serving cold beverages and chilled food in potluck/buffet style. To maximize the use of natural light in the kitchen, a large arched window was placed on the wall facing the front of the house. To marry the clients’ love for the natural lake habitat with exquisite artisan lighting, the arched portion of the window is custom-made with stained glass panels depicting a lake scene. Nebraska’s state symbols, which are commonly seen in the clients’ lake community habitat, are incorporated into the stained glass artwork. In order to further develop elegant, artisan stained glass lighting, two Dale Tiffany Agate dragonfly light fixtures hang over the island from a wooden beam. To enhance the use of natural stone, natural colors, and woods species, stacked stone was used to accent the island wall facing the entry. Also, an Engrain Wenge wood countertop and ceiling beam were incorporated in the island design. To develop a touch of refined sophistication within the lake home style kitchen, chocolate leather-handled cabinet hardware was chosen. The leather embodies the success of the cliens’ large cattle feeding operation. To promote organization and an efficiently flowing kitchen, specified drawers were fitted with a Waypoint cutlery divider, Waypoint space drawer inserts, and Rev-A-Shelf vinyl pegboard for pots and pans. To incorporate the Davis’ small dogs’ needs into the design, yet separate from general kitchen traffic, a tall cabinet with a 13 3/4” high x 11” deep closed toe kick was placed facing the hallway. This enlarged and deep toe kick space creates an open nook for the dogs’ bowls at the base of the cabinet. For added convenience, a drop zone for purses, etc. and a charging station for cell phones (a shelf with built in electrical outlets) were also integrated into the tall cabinet.







© 2013 American Woodmark Corporation® • Waypoint® Waypoint Living Spaces® and Exactly what you had in mind® are registered trademarks of American Woodmark Corporation

You rose to the design challenge of transforming a Nebraska cabin into a more comfortable living space. Your hard work has gotten you noticed and a head start on a promising career. Well done!

1st Place Bath Mark Dwyer, Great Falls College MS, Great Falls, MT With the new construction of this master bathroom, Mr. and Mrs. Davis will have a simpler time stabilizing their lives and finding the balance they need. Symmetry is the key to this space – from the sliding glass doors upon entering this space, to the even wall placement. Through symmetry, Mr. and Mrs. Davis will begin to find the rest they need in this oasis. The large Kohler free standing tub will soak up the pain and stiffness of life on those quiet nights for relaxation and contemplation. On the recurring hectic days that seem to permeate our lives, Ann and John will find relaxation in the multi-head shower system with linen, imitating tiles and the simple integration of radiant flooring. For a soft feel for the step, wood grain porcelain by Dal Tile has been incorporated.

2014 Student Design Competition

84 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Two vanities are located on opposite walls and match each other to preserve the balance of the space. A large window over the men’s vanity is reflected on the other side by a mirror that has the same trim around it. The vanity is topped with a blue stone slab, which was used in the construction of Stonehenge and has been said to have healing properties by balancing one’s energies. The rich blues and grays of the blue stone complement the cherry morel finish for the cabinetry by Dura Supreme. A simple door style of Lynden will complement the rocky Mountain Hardware cabinetry pulls of silicon bronze. The primary wall color is a beautiful blue with soft green undertones. This paired with night shade,

a brown paint for the trim, will bring a feeling of color and life. A bright green used on the ceiling to warm the rather cold color palette, adds a blast of fun into the space. Relaxation is the purpose of any master bath, and the clients will find that here, with balance and harmony that will carry on through their entire life and in every adventure that they have.

2nd and 3rd Place Bath

Amalia Thomas

Krista Savino

Santa Fe Community College, SANTA FE, NM

Lakeland Community College, VERMILLION, AB

Creating a spa-like sanctuary for Mr. and Mrs. Davis provides them with a private space for relaxation and rejuvenation. The designer located the bathroom in the area closest to the bedroom, which provides better access as well as privacy from the entrance and porch. A separate toilet and bidet, located close to the bedroom offer convenience. The separate compartment allows the couple to utilize the bathroom at the same time, while maintaining a private atmosphere.

The interiors of this bathroom reflect the natural habitat of the outdoors that surrounds Ann and John’s lakeside home. This bathroom is designed to be a soothing space, providing a relaxing retreat for them after a long day of work or trail riding.

A luxurious jetted corner tub uses space efficiency, and is large enough for two people. A 15� tub surround/tub seat provides convenience and accessibility. Two sinks on a large vanity as well as a separate dressing table provide multiple grooming areas. To maximize the use of natural light, a high window will be installed across the North East wall of the bathroom with a screen of birch branches to bring in an element of nature and maintain privacy. Natural wood vanities, granite countertops, vessel sinks carved from large rocks, river stone accents, wood-like porcelain tile flooring and wall tile that feels like blades of grass utilize those elements. The green glass tile in the shower and backsplash mimic bamboo forests reeds or stalks with their vertical lines and variegated color. The recessed LED cans provide ambient lighting while the LED wall washers are placed to illuminate photographs from their collection. The LED lighting adds to the preservation of electricity, the environment and their community. LED lighting does not contain UV rays and will not damage art. Storage is provided with the wall cabinet in the toilet compartment, two medicine cabinets above the sinks, the large drawers in the vanity and the dressing table. There is further storage in the adjoining closet. A towel warmer provides the luxury of heated towels while adding an additional heat source. 86 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

The space is created with natural sustainable materials and colors. Natural curvatures are seen in the flooring pattern, highlighted with the stacked stone walls surrounding the rustic oil-brushed bronze bathtub and in the shower. The ceiling features FCS wood, with all trim and vanities retaining the flow of the natural material. The identity of these materials embraces the natural habitat around them. The palette is all natural colors found in nature, completed with oil-brushed bronze fixtures and accessories to keep it casual. Clerestory windows enhance the natural light throughout the space. Layered lighting is achieved at the vanities and throughout the bath, with a dimming option to set a relaxing atmosphere. Adjustable, recessed lights are also added to provide proper lighting for their artwork. Overall, the layout of this development has a sense of openness and good energy. Designed to meet the Davis’ productive lifestyle, this space ensures they will always have a pace to relax with a strong relationship to the outdoors that is in perfect harmony with nature.






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Honorable Mention Kitchen

Elizabeth Lyon

Michelle Talley

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA

The wood textures and rustic elements of the iconic American farmhouse were incorporated throughout the space to further the natural feel desired by the clients. White wood cabinets accompanied by a neutral tile backsplash create a clean, modern update to the farmhouse aesthetic. The repetition of vertical lines in the cabinetry and windows is also a key feature that creates the feeling of lots of wide open spaces, transporting you to a rural farmhouse field.

This kitchen design concept creates open spaces, enabling easier service to guests. The wood used in the cabinets and open shelves are native to Nebraska, and the countertops and other materials were specifically chosen to blend in with the concept of nature.

Rough textures from wood and stone elements in the space evoke the feeling of a dock and beach on the lakeshore. In order to balance these rough textures, several smooth textures, such as stainless steel appliances and glass in the cabinets will be used. To entertain large groups of people, spacious, light-colored quartz and wood countertops will provide a lot of surface area for cooking and serving. Several large accent windows are to be specified behind the sink to highlight and appreciate the views of the lake community and provide lots of natural lighting. Lighting below the cabinetry, recessed lighting in the ceiling and track lighting in the island will create a warm, cozy feel that will help draw people to the kitchen, reinforcing it as a central gathering and entertaining space. The use of neutral, natural materials and a classic Americana feel throughout the space create an environment that celebrates the lake community atmosphere and provides opportunities for cooking and entertaining comfortably.

The design of the kitchen allows for easy access on either side. Elements of openness and nature are seen from all angles. The cabinets are hickory, with a distressed finish. The window on the long exterior wall is extended. Open shelves flank both windows to further draw natural light into the kitchen. For the upper wall cabinets, and the open shelves in the island, glass is used to convey the clearness of water and to allow for accent light to shine through. The island’s wood table top is made of maple and oak and is mainly supported by a walnut tree trunk. Accent light is placed under the table top to graze the tree trunk. The open shelves near the narrow window are also made of walnut with a live edge. The floor is porcelain tile that is designed to look like light oak wood planks. All lights in the kitchen are LED, and all with a dimmer. Overall, the final design for the kitchen addresses the needs and desires of Mr. and Mrs. Davis, while providing a hint of dramatic flair to help bring attention to what is important to them – nature, light and openness.

NKBA UNIVERSITY - The NKBA’s NEW Online Professional Develo 88 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Honorable Mention Bath

Samantha Weckwerth

Megan MacNaughton

Alexandria Technical & Community College, Alexandria, MN

Lakeland Community College, VERMILLION, AB

The calm, refreshing design of this bathroom works in harmony with the lakeside scenery to give the clients exactly what they wanted. The large picture window invites the outdoors into the space and the stone flooring completed by the river rock pebbles and stacked stone are all-natural and environmentally friendly.

The natural elements of the rock, limestone, teak wood flooring, and the wood vanity give this bathroom a relaxing feel, with a twist of a contemporary edge with chrome finishes throughout the room. There is a large window by the tub, and nearly a wall-to-wall glass block window in the shower to get natural lighting throughout the room that meet the Davis’ requirements of natural lighting.

The space features two sink areas and a separate bidet. The sinks were placed in the front of the room, across from each other to provide both harmony and usability. As the desired a separate bidet so a cove was built to enclose both the bidet and the toilet. A sliding barn door made from reclaimed barn wood provides privacy and seclusion.

There is a toilet and bidet in a separate room for privacy and two separate vanities for the couple. The bathroom is free from clutter, featuring a spacious walk-in shower, floating vanities and a freestanding tub. Natural and down-to-earth, this is a bathroom that the Davis’ will love.

The space also features a large tub and separat e shower area. A large jetted tub placed directly in front of the picture window and is enclosed by stone walls on each side. This setting makes the tub a focal point and the stone walls create a cave like atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing. The large roll-in shower features multiple showerheads and not only offers a consistent flow, but also allows aging in place. The shower includes a large shower faucet, body sprays and a rain head, all of which work together to produce a relaxing water fall setting.


This bathroom captures the rustic feel of the outdoors while providing all the modern comforts that Ann and John will enjoy for many years to come.

opment Program... Choose Your Path: www.nkba.org/university

10 Tips to a Better World of Design

By Sean Ruck


Buy local, build local.

Familiarize yourself with local artisans, craftsmen and companies. If you’re able to source locally or better yet, source directly, you not only reduce the project’s carbon footprint, you also support your local community.


Reuse not refuse

Perfectly fine appliances and hardware are trashed during remodels every day. If your client is just looking to update an otherwise serviceable room or building, find out if they’d be willing to let you remove, rather than trash materials and appliances. If it’s something you can use for another job, you might be able to pass the savings on to the client. Or you can look into donating the materials or appliances to charity. In either case, keeping it out of a landfill is a win.


Repurpose on purpose

From design elements to construction materials, repurposing can help to reduce costs, waste and the carbon footprint. Getting creative and turning an old door into a table top for example, or barn beams into a design element can deliver a unique one-of-a-kind look that clients will love to show off.


Know the names

ENERGY STAR and Green Seal labels are both good ones to look for, but other reputable thirdparty certification is out there. Get to know which are legit and which are “greenwashing” products that aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly, but instead, just better than classic options.


Get the LED out (or in)

While CFLs are a good go-to over incandescent, the cost of LED has been slowly dropping while performance has been improving. As the technology continues to improve, the future will only get brighter. 90 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014


Let your design be one with nature

You can’t improve upon nature — that’s not necessarily a scientific fact, but that shouldn’t prevent you from working with nature. Create designs that can make the most out of natural light. Designing a home that benefits from how it’s situated in its locale to keep it warmer or cooler is great too.


Be a LEEDer

Formalizing your dedication to green initiatives and practices will help to set you apart from the crowd. Knowing the LEED guidelines and delivering quality design following those guidelines as well as being an active member of the USGBC are great marketing tools and provide a wealth of educational opportunities as well.


Don’t get painted into a corner


Insulate yourself from criticism

When starting a project, talk to your client about the benefits of low or no VOC paints. Of course, you should also talk to them about the main disadvantage – the increased cost. Still, the health benefits in comparison to traditional paints will be enough for many to get past the increased cost, leading to healthier and happier clients and employees.

Insulation has a notoriously bad reputation when it comes to its environmental impact as well as its impact on health. From asbestos, to fiberglass to foam insulation off-gassing formaldehyde, the sector hasn’t been a green favorite. But there are companies going blue to get green. Reclaimed and diced up blue jeans is just one of the materials being used to insulate ecofriendly buildings.


Follow your muse

Don’t be afraid to consider creative solutions and alternatives to deliver the most environmentally friendly projects possible, while still delivering the quality and performance your client wants. Thinking outside of the box can pay off big. And since you’re done with the box, don’t forget to recycle it!

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©2014 Lowe’s. LOWE’S, Gable Mansard Design, and Never Stop Improving are registered trademarks of LF, LLC.

Being Green Takes Experience By Sean Ruck In the movie The Graduate, the character of Mr. McGuire, played by Walter Brooke, uttered a word that became one of the best-known movie quotes of all time . . . “Plastics.” Nearly fifty years later, it seems McGuire was on to something — plastics are everywhere and in everything. Unfortunately, they literally are in everything — from Texas-sized islands of trash floating around in our oceans, to microscopic specks found in the digestive systems of microscopic organisms. It’s a major problem and it hasn’t gone unnoticed even by the general public and manufacturers, designers and contractors have taken note. In fact, if McGuire were to offer advice today, his one word piece of advice might be “sustainability.”

When the design element is replaced, can it be reused or recycled? Was the material locally sourced or brought in by land, air or sea? The ultimate goal here is to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible, limiting the impact on the planet and environment. But there’s another environment to keep in mind when building and choosing materials — the immediate environment of the customer.

Whether you’re more familiar with the terms “green” or “eco-friendly,” you’re still more enlightened than the majority of builders and designers were back when The Graduate was first in theatres. Today, going green is big business. Customers ask for environmentally conscious options, manufacturers offer entire lines dedicated to those options and somewhere down the line, future generations are thanking us, even if we are getting a late start on things. While nearly everyone has at least a passing knowledge of green options, fewer people realize what things they should consider when making the move. When it comes to green design, the two major considerations are the Earth-friendly aspects and the occupant-friendly ones.

For Earth-friendly, designers need to consider the sustainability of the materials they’re choosing. They also need to think about the lifecycle of the materials — how long will it last before it needs to be replaced? 92 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

First the bad news . . . Indoor air quality is generally much worse than outdoor air quality. As an extra kicker, newer homes or those built in the past few decades, typically have poorer air quality than older homes because they’re better insulated. Less drafts translates to less air circulation, so unless there’s a good ventilation system in place, stale air laden with toxins can build up in the home. For those particularly sensitive, like children, the elderly or those with health conditions that make them more susceptible to problems, poor indoor air quality can create or exacerbate health conditions. Fortunately, research continues to be published to help educate both consumer and professional alike and more options are being introduced to limit the introduction of toxic building materials into the home. Knowing what to use and when and where to use it is key to healthy clients and your employees will also benefit from lower levels of exposure. One of the most common materials in construction to avoid is pressed wood products that include particle board, fiber board, paneling and plywood. It can be a real challenge to avoid those types of wood product since they’re often used for cabinet and draw interiors because they’re inexpensive alternatives to solid wood. Unless specifi-

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cally noted, assume the binders used for those materials are the type that contains urea resins and off-gas urea formaldehyde – a chemical linked to elevated risks of cancer. Better yet, or ask your supplier what the formaldehyde content is. The glues and binders used in carpets can also be problematic for the same reasons. Of course, having a beautiful wood floor, maintained with green cleaners and polishes is often the best option for better indoor air quality since dirt and dust is easier to remove. If your client is set on having carpet, there are a slew of options that are healthier than traditional carpeting. If carpeting must be used, rooms should be properly ventilated for as long as possible to clear out chemical exhaust. People sensitive to the chemicals released may experience headaches and nausea — that’s because they’re literally being poisoned with every breath. Even after the “new carpet” smell goes away, carpets can continue to off-gas for years.

As Cheng pointed out, even though granite is natural, the steps it takes to deliver it to the end-user are many and each step adds to the carbon footprint. “A slab of granite quarried in Brazil or India might be sent to China to be processed. Moved to Italy to be sliced up and diced up, sent to a fabricator’s warehouse in the U.S. and ultimately delivered to the end-user,” he says.

Another potential hazard is delivered by Mr. McGuire’s darling plastics. Some plastics may contain Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, a chemical that has been banned in baby bottles and sippy cups, but is still found in many other products we use every day. Meanwhile flexible plastics often contain phthalates, another chemical under suspicion of being carcinogenic. So ridding your design plans of those types of materials should be a goal. But like the pressed wood problem, it’s not an easy task. Phthalates are found in countless items, including shower curtains, wallpaper, plastic pipes, vinyl flooring and wood finishes. It’s not impossible to avoid them, but it does take a serious commitment to educate yourself about your options.

Balancing acts To avoid the hazards of chemicals, remember the Navy-supplied acronym K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). The simpler, or more close to a natural state you can get with the materials you use, the less likely it is that you’ll be introducing harmful compounds into your customers’ homes. This translates to using more solid wood, certain solid surfaces for countertops, glass and metals. But some of the benefits of keeping it close to a natural state are negated if chemical sealers and cleaners are needed to keep the materials in shape. Even going the natural route with your material choices doesn’t get you out of the woods, or protect them, as the case may be. To truly stay on the green path, you need to go back to the question of sustainability. In a perfect world, you’ll be able to locally source sustainable materials that require minimal upkeep and last for ages. Taking it a step further, reclaiming materials locally deliver even greater eco-benefits.

Buying used, building used If the idea of reclaiming and repurposing construction materials seems extreme, it may be. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Perhaps one of the best-known case studies of someone who practices what they preach, would be designer Fu-Tung Cheng. Inducted into NKBA’s hall of fame in 2006, Cheng’s design career started with a home he purchased in 1975. Cheng used reclaimed timbers, gymnasium flooring and salvaged steel-frame windows among other materials. It was also the place where he created what he may be best-known for — the concrete countertop. 94 | NKBA.org | KBIS 2014

Concrete reasons to consider other options “We’ve trained 4,000 or 5,000 contractors in casting concrete countertops,” Cheng says. “It’s still a minority of countertops made with concrete, but the aspects of customization are attractive to many as is the aspect of having locally sourced materials — usually, the cement is made in a factory well within the 200 mile LEED limit.” He likens working with concrete to sewing your own clothes, except the economics work out better because the scale works in the designer’s favor. “When you’re working with countertops, you’re limited to two dimensional surfaces produced 3/4 of an inch thick. Therefore, any modulation of the surface becomes incredibly expensive because it’s already been cut and crafted. My clients want customization, they want something they haven’t seen before, and they don’t want what I call “fast-food materials” where the design is ubiquitous. “ The make-up of the concrete has some eco-aspects to it too. It utilizes fly ash which reduces the amount of cement powder by 25 to 30 percent. Reducing the amount of cement powder also reduces some of the factors contributing to global warming, with every little bit helping. Nearly 40 years later, the successful self-taught designer still lives in the home that started it all for him. Although he’s successful and routinely builds homes that dwarf his 1,300 square-foot house, he doesn’t feel the need to have more. As for his clients, he believes that even the very wealthy do what they can to leave the lowest carbon footprint, balancing it with the luxury they desire. “Anyone with a conscience wants to do the best they can and I feel people are more conscious of their impact now, but we can’t help having an impact to some extent,” he says. In the end, it all circles back to doing the best to educate yourself, your staff and your customers in order to deliver the products best for them, the environment and your business.



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Business today is created and maintained by building meaningful relationships. With the advent of social media, the ways in which these relationships are formed and sustained have been completely revolutionized. Late in 2012, we decided the time had come to seriously look at social media as a business tool to help us further our mission of connecting the Kitchen and Bath industry. With input from our marketing collective, we developed a clear strategy that would allow us to connect with our members and online kitchen and bath communities in a purposeful way. 2013 was a big “social” year and we’re happy to report that the NKBA is more connected than ever. We have had great success developing our communities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Have you been watching and connecting with us? Here’s a look at where we were, where we are now, how we got there and what to expect from us throughout 2014 and into the future:

NKBA Community Growth 2012/13 NKBA COMMUNITY GROWTH 2012/13 Metric

2012 Benchmark


% of Growth





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Conversations 2012

Conversations 2013

Organic Reach 2012

Organic Reach 2013

Roadmap to Success For a roadmap to be useful, one must fully understand his or her starting point. So, before we implemented any changes to our online communications strategy, we took a detailed look at our baseline. In the early stages, it became clear that we were working as publishers; putting out information but very little interaction with community members was happening. If we were to truly reach out and connect the industry, we knew this would have to change. And change it did. We shifted to a conversational model and began participating in industry chats, asking questions and providing calls to action. We also launched two new platforms on Pinterest and Tumblr. Each of the social media platforms we now employ has a specific job to do based on its audience and functionality. Creating a strategy to properly leverage these has been an important step in forming our successful social media architecture. From there we looked closely at our overall goals as an organization. NKBA priorities such as learning opportunities and new learning paths, KBIS (Voices From The Industry Conferences), our 50th anniversary, the design competition and the first ever 30 Under 30, were worked into a detailed social media content system. The graphic (figure 1, opposite page) shows how our current platforms (solid lines) interconnect, how information flows and how they work together maximize results.

nnected Than Ever 速

Support & Energize

Community Hub

Drive Conversation

Gathering Place For KBIS

Build Authority

Gathering Place For KBIS

Entertain & Inform

NKBA U Outpost

Our Commitment to Ongoing Growth Perhaps the most important lesson this year is that there is no one path to social media success. Social media platforms, communities and the people who belong to them are constantly evolving. It is important to keep up with digital updates and trends. Taking frequent readings of metrics such as online impressions, number of conversations or engagements and overall tonal sentiment as well as asking for feedback directly from our online communities, has helped us gauge our social media success, and when necessary, we have been able to tweak our strategy based on evidence from this data. Even before the ink was dry on our strategic road map, the social media environment itself has continued to evolve and spin at a rapid pace. Platforms offered new features (e.g., Instagram video), new metrics (Pinterest recently introduced reporting features) and new influences (Google+ has recently reached 500 million users) making it essential to never be complacent, and always be dynamic. (figure 1)

Looking back over 2013, we are more committed than ever to leveraging social media. These platforms have proven to be a powerful tool that we can use to tap into the kitchen and bath industry, listen to our members and provide them with the tools and information to keep their businesses and organizations thriving and connected. Continued on page 98

What’s Next for 2014? We’ve laid the framework. Our next step is to empower our chapter officers and their members so we can start connecting with our communities at the regional level to the same extent that we have on a national level. We’re excited to be building a series of 3 social media learning modules that will easily detail how chapters can best use these social media platforms for their own communications and marketing activities. Look for those from your VP of Communications in the first quarter of 2014.

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How can you connect with us? Say hi and jump in. It’s a big social world out there and the NKBA is claiming its space and voice in a vibrant kitchen and bath community.


Member Benefits

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals. Nearly 50 years after its inception, the NKBA has a membership of more than 50,000 members and is the proud owner of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

NKBA member benefits are both exciting and extensive! These valuable benefits are for companies of all sizes and are designed to showcase their products and brands to key kitchen and bath professionals and consumers across all segments of the industry. Just a few of the most sought after and beneficial programs, services and opportunities available exclusively to NKBA members include: ˜KBIS Exhibitor Discounts ˜B?658Yg][b7cadYh]h]cb ˜Gdcbgcfg\]dg ˜B?657\UdhYfg ˜AYaVYf8]gWcibhg ˜5WWfYX]hYXGW\cc`g ˜KYY_`mBYkg`YhhYf ˜DfcGYUfW\ ˜9`]hY=bXighfm7Yfh]¾WUh]cbg ˜5aVUggUXcfg7`iV ˜@YUXYfg\]d5XjcWUWm For more information, send an email to feedback@nkba.org or call 1.800. 843. 6522. NKBA Certification

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Kitchen And Bath Industry Show® Each year the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS®) provides numerous learning and networking opportunities. Members receive substantial attendee discounts on registration, conference sessions, and NKBA courses. Come be inspired and connect with fellow industry professionals at one premier venue, and do it affordably as a member. For more information, visit KBIS.com

Available only to members, NKBA certification is an excellent way to distinguish yourself as an industry authority.

The NKBA offers the following certifications: Design Certifications: ˜5ggcW]UhY?]hW\Yb6Uh\8Yg][bYf ( AKBD®) ˜7Yfh]¾YX?]hW\Yb8Yg][bYf7?8› ˜7Yfh]¾YX6Uh\fcca8Yg][bYf768› ˜7Yfh]¾YXAUghYf?]hW\Yb6Uh\fcca Designer (CMKBD®) Non-Design Certification: ˜7Yfh]¾YX?]hW\Yb6Uh\DfcZYgg]cbU` 7?6D

For more information, visit: NKBA.org/Certification

K\Yh\YfmciUfYUbYghUV`]g\YXdfcZYgg]cbU``cc_]b[ to expand your business or a student who wants to break into the kitchen and bath market, the NKBA offers educational courses that will improve your position in the industry. NKBA Ib]jYfg]hmZYUhifYgUWcadfY\Ybg]jY@YUfb]b[DUh\g Dfc[fUahcdfcj]XYUb]bX]j]XiU`]nYXUddfcUW\hcdfcZYgg]cbU` development. Kitchen and bath professionals can now personally manage the growth of their careers in eight key competency paths, each offering a step-by-step approach, from introductory to experienced levels. Our learning packages and options are tailored to further develop your niche area and your business.

Eight Learning Paths to Choose from: 1. Design & Inspiration 2. Communication 3. Adapt & Innovation 4. Focus on the Customer 5. Business Management 6. Leadership 7. Sales & Marketing 8. Talent Management Take your career to thte next level and enroll at NKBA University today!


The NKBA offers valuable opportunities for companies of all sizes, from small dealers to multinational manufacturers, to expose their products and brands to key kitchen and bath professionals across all segments of the industry. ˜:UVf]WUhcfg ˜Builders/Remodelers ˜=bghU``Yfg ˜7UV]bYhG\cdg ˜Manufacturers Suppliers ˜8YU`Yfg ˜Manufacturers’ ˜8YWcfUh]jYD`iaV]b[ Representatives & Hardware Showrooms ˜8Yg][bYfg ˜ Multi-Branch Retailers ˜8]ghf]Vihcfg

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With a clean and classic apron-front, the Whitehaven™ sink is a simple way to bring farmhouse style into the kitchen. And it seamlessly fits any standard cabinetry for a beautiful finish, too. See the options kohler.com/whitehaven © 2013 Kohler Co.

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opens its virtual doors Bring your ideas vividly to life for your kitchen design clients. Talk through plans and products in a variety of full-scale kitchens, with our resident experts standing by to assist. To fi nd your nearest showroom, visit subzero-wolf.com/locator.




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NKBA Magazine KBIS 2014 Issue  

2014 NKBA Design Competition Winners Revealed

NKBA Magazine KBIS 2014 Issue  

2014 NKBA Design Competition Winners Revealed


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