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On the Horizon Magazine Summer 2016 Editors Destiny, 9th Grade Sophia , 10th Grade Natalie K. Johnson

Photography Destiny, 9th Grade Hector, 9th Grade John Carlos, 9th Grade Ruth, 9th Grade Sophia, 10th Grade Contributing Authors Destiny, 9th Grade Hector, 9th Grade Joli, 9th Grade Sophia, 10th Grade Natalie Johnson, Instructor

“Race relations in U.S. at a low point in recent history, new poll suggests!” This was the headline to an article written on the PBS.com website on September 21, 2015. This article was written after PBS and Marist College in New York conducted a survey about how people (both African-American and Caucasian) think races in our country get along. The survey showed that both groups of people thought racial tension had increased in our country after the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the murder of 9 African-American people in a church in South Carolina. Even in our own city of Chicago racial tension is high, as we see protests and press conferences between police and people in the community. According to CNN News, Chicago is one of America’s most segregated cities. People in Chicago live in 77 different communities that are separated, and the people in those communities do not necessarily mix. Not only are the neighborhoods segregated, the schools are as well. HOWEVER, here at Horizons for Youth that is not the case. Since 1990, Horizons for Youth has provided students with resources for their education in grammar school, high school, and support them even after high school. Horizons works with families from almost 40 different neighborhoods. We have mentors of all races, staff of all races and friends and people who donate to us from all over the city and suburbs. We have outings throughout the year like the Back-toSchool Picnic and Ice Skating where we all come together. We have tutors from all over Chicago who help us learn. In the summer, we have the summer program where we all come together from different schools and parts of the city to learn and have fun together. This summer in our Photojournalism class, we had the chance to study, interview and photograph people, places, and events that we hope will show you that Horizons is a place where we all come together! Enjoy your journey through our magazine!

Destiny, 9th Grade


Hector, 9th Grade

Sophia, 10th Grade

Joli, 9th Grade

Natalie Johnson

John Carlos, 9th Grade Ruth, 9th Grade Sophia, 10th Grade Natalie Johnson, Photojournalism Instructor/Program Manager


As we know, Chicago is a place that is very segmented and segregated. However, the Horizons for Youth community is NOT! Our students, families, mentors, staff members, and even our donors come from the many different communities in Chicago and surrounding areas, and THAT makes Horizons such an awesome place! Brian Broccolo, Program Manager Interviewed by: Sophia , Grade 10

“Horizons for Youth has given me the opportunity to dream big! Horizons gave me the opportunity to take risks, and start programs that I would never have done otherwise. I like Horizons, because the people that are a part of its community are genuinely committed to the children. We really do work together as a team.� Shalanda Dexter Director of Diverse Learners Program Interviewed by: Sophia & John Carlos , Grade 10


“I appreciate the fact that Horizons supports students of all capabilities. Other places in the education world point out the inabilities and disabilities of students, but Horizons for Youth does a great job of showing parents, families and the outside world that these students can accomplish great things with the right support. Horizons for Youth is really good at building and maintaining relationships and connections. It is a place that many call home! Even though the organization continues to grow, it stays true to its mission, but yet it is able to adapt to fit the needs of the current generation it serves.

Yasmine Bennett Horizons for Youth Alumni/Current Mentor Interviewed by Joli, Grade 9

“Becoming a part of the Horizons for Youth community has become a way to honor the memory of my son, Declan. It is a very powerful moment during “No Ordinary Evening” to see all of the Declan’s 75 students on stage, because it reminds us all why we are there. It also reminds us that the work we do here at Horizons truly benefits the students in a way that is meaningful to the entire community.” Barry Sullivan Vice President of Development Interviewed by Sophia, Grade 10


Written by: Sophia, 10th Grade Horizons for Youth High School Students who participated in the Summer Photojournalism were given the opportunity to visit the NBC 5 News Studios, and to meet Channel 5 News Anchors Alex Maragos and Marion Brooks. Students got to take a tour of the newsroom, the control room where they edit the news, and actually got to watch the 11 o’clock news as it was being filmed!

One student, Hector, had this to say about the experience; “It was awesome. I actually got to stand behind the cameras as they were filming! It was one of the coolest field trips EVER!”

Special thanks go to Horizons for Youth Program Manager, Brian Broccolo for arranging the Field Experience Opportunity for our class, and to Alex Maragos for taking time out of his busy schedule to escort us on our tour and answering all of our questions about broadcast journalism! It was an experience that none of us will ever forget!


Photography by: Sophia -10th Grade, Joli,-9th Grade , Destiny -9th Grade, John Carlos-10th Grade & Ruth -9th Grade




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Horizons for Youth Student Summer Magazine  

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Horizons for Youth Student Summer Magazine  

Magazine created by Summer Photojournalism Class


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