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What to Expect When You Seek Out Drug Abuse Assistance By: Richard Mays For Professional Drug Detox and Information – Call 1-855-602-5102 A lot of people, including the drug addicts themselves, have instilled mistaken beliefs on drug addiction and recovery. Beliefs and expectations on addiction treatment definitely clash with the reality. False beliefs such as, a person can get rid of drugs alone or that an addict once recovered can become drugfree permanently. All these ideas stem out from the conception that continuous drug use or the inability to overcome drug addiction is solely rooted from ones kinky character, deficient willpower and the lack of knowledge. Research has solid and crystal clear results, that addiction is a chronically defined brain disease and not merely some kind of willpower thing. On the other hand however, willpower plays a vital role in making changes and taking steps to get better. When addiction reaches the point of helplessness, despair and misery, rehabilitation and treatment centers and institutions pave the way for recovery and hope. It’s the only option that offers hope for a new life. Entering into a rehabilitation treatment center is a tough decision and it’s vitally important to prepare oneself; physically, emotionally, and psychologically, and bear in mind that this won’t be easy. So, what to expect when you seek out drug abuse assistance? Expectations could be too high and unrealistic. Setting up a few realistic goals, helps to make sobriety attainable and sustainable. Here are some expectations commonly brought up. 1. The program entails more physical activities. It’s the first thought that usually comes in the mind when one enters a rehab facility, Physical activity, is indeed a part of the rehab program as well as a part of recreational activities that fend off the person from the thought and cravings from the substance and the act itself. 2. Prohibition of drugs and other substances inside the institution. This is highly expected because it’s the rehab institution’s main goal to restore health at its best as much as possible. They provide and implement necessary actions to attain the goal for the best of both parties.

3. Strict monitoring in all aspect. Strict monitoring is important for the institution to monitor the status of their patients. It has to be strict and disciplined, so that the patients abide by the rules and regulations of the institution, for their own benefits. 4. Emotional stress and depression can often occur. Changes in the routine may cause emotional stress and depression. Also loneliness and home sickness can be triggered, and thus might affect the person’s perception and thinking about the rehab recovery process; and makes them feel that sobriety is impossible to achieve. 5. Withdrawal syndrome. Sudden changes in the routine may cause withdrawal syndrome to occur and might result in relapse. It’s a normal bodily reaction on the sudden stoppage of the drug and routine that the body is so used to. 6. Better person, changed life. The end results will probably be the best. A successful person becomes stronger and better. The process might be the toughest part but the result is the best. The assurance of the rehab treatment and other types of drug abuse assistance and support is not 100% guaranteed. The person may succeed or fail. Realistic expectations prepare the person for what lies ahead so as to better prepare himself for possible outcome.

What to expect when you seek out drug abuse assistance  
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