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Understanding drug abuse By: Richard Mays For Professional Drug Detox and Information – Call 1-855-602-5102 What is drug Abuse? Drug or substance abuse is the use of harmful drugs or substances in general to change or alter one’s mood. Practitioners in the medical field define drug abuse as the indiscriminate use of illicit drugs for the purpose of feeling ‘high’ or the use of prescriptions for other purposes other than the intended use. They also define drug abuse as the use of more quantities of the drug other than the quantity directed by the qualified doctors. Understanding the full concept of drug abuse is not that simple. Some substances such as solvents and inhalants are not drugs but people abuse them in order to alter their moods in an attempt to feel high. Contrary, there are other drugs that some people abuse that don’t alter the mood or intoxicate the body. Steroid is one of such drugs that are abused and doesn’t change ones mood or intoxicate the body. Most of the people generalize substance abuse as the use of illegal or illicit drugs. Drug prevention professionals also argue that when one use a drug that is termed as illegal by law is actually abusing that drug. According to them a drug has to be classified as illegal in order to be abused. But that is not the case. A substance need not to be classified as illegal in order to say that it has been abused. As I explained earlier, there are other aspects of drug abuse such as drug prescription misuse that qualifies to be termed as drug abuse. Some people also argue that some recreational use of some drugs such as marijuana is not actually abuse but use. They say that recreational use is not harmful and it does not lead to addiction. In other words, they say that the use of marijuana is not addictive just like harder drugs like cocaine. These people are absolutely wrong because recent researches have shown that marijuana brings a wide range of harmful effects (physical or mental) in one’s life. Therefore the line between substance abuse and use is very thin. Some people take a glass of coffee before going to bed while others must take a bottle of a soda after work. Now, where can you classify these two groups? Are they classified as users or abusers? Generally speaking in these two scenarios, one can argue that where use ends immediately abuse starts or begin. Therefore the constant urge to continue using something is termed as addiction. When it comes to illicit drugs, the government stands clear that their use is harmful. Through this effort, the government put in legal burden or prohibitions on those who use or sell them. The government also channels a lot of resources to the drug rehabilitation centers in order to help drug abuse victims to stop abusing drugs. They put these measures in order to protect the individual and societies from the effects of drug abuse.

What is drug abuse and how to treat it