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The Effects of Drug Abuse By: Richard Mays For Professional Drug Detox and Information – Call 1-855-602-5102 Drug or substance abuse not only affects individuals but also affect friends, families and even the society. Effects on the Individual Individuals who abuse drugs are faced with a wide range of both physical and psychological effects. The use of cocaine for example brings anxiety and fatigue to an individual, increased depression and a desire to use more of this drug in order to return into the normal body state. Other drug substances such as alcohol and marijuana can make an individual to cause automobile accidents. This is possible because alcohol contain a substance that when absorbed into the body interfere with automobile control. The prolonged use of some drugs such as heroin causes an automatic addiction to the drug. Those individuals who try to abstain from these drugs face withdrawal symptoms such as muscle cramps, vomiting, headache, or even convulsions. As one continues to abuse the drug, the body develops tolerance in that the quantity or the amount one need to feel ‘good’ also increases. In places where people share drug injection needles, the rate of HIV infection is high. These hypodermic needles transmit HIV or hepatitis from one individual to another. In addition to that, the abuse of drugs increases the sexual desires hence increased sexual activity among drug users. Through sexual activities individual increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Finally, drug abuse causes death increase criminal activities or makes people go into prostitution in order to raise money to buy drugs. Drug Abuse Effects on Family Drugs preoccupy one’s mind leading to constant change in mood and performance. The result of this is that it leads to poor performance at school or college, lead into work dismissal or result into marital problems. The abuse of drugs brings forth some secondary effects to one’s life such as disrupted way of life, causes family to separate or divorce, causes denial in the family or causes an individual to become bankrupt. Women who use drugs while pregnant give birth to babies who are underweight because of the effect of various substances in the body or lack of self care. The abuse of drugs such as heroin gets into the woman blood stream and finally to the placenta where it is enters into the baby through the umbilical cord. The resultant of this is that it leads to addicted babies who most of them, immediately after birth, go through withdrawal. Drug abuse on the society Most of the societies where drug abuse is preference are affected in many ways. Drug abuse lead to low productivity at work places due to lost work or inefficiency. Those people

who use drugs at workplaces are more likely to cause work related accidents, injuring themselves or those who work around them. As I mentioned earlier, drug abusers can cause automobile accidents such as highways accidents that lead into many innocent deaths. Crimes that are related to drugs disrupt many neighborhoods due to crimes committed by drug addicts, violence among drug users and drug dealers or frequent shootout between the police and drug dealers.

The effects of drug abuse  
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