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Affordable Drug Rehab Programs In North Carolina

By: Richard Mays For Professional Drug Detox and Information – Call 1-855-602-5102 The population of state of North Carolina has numerous social challenges. Drug addiction is among these challenges. Precisely, North Carolina has over 9,380,884 people and a huge number of this populace is struggling with various drug addictions ranging from marijuana abuse to heroin addiction more especially among many college and campus students. The fact the addiction is rampant among the young and productive portion of the populace is scary to the future economic productivity of the people in North Carolina and USA as a whole. The situation worsens further due to the fact that most of the associated treatment programs are not affordable. If you are looking for affordable drug rehab programs in North Carolina then you might find information in this article very resourceful. Equally, you can help a friend, colleague or loved one get relevant information that will assist them in dealing with and solving their drug addictions for long term results. Free drug rehab programs Due to the seriousness of the drug addiction challenge and the associated costs for full treatment, you will find free rehab programs very affordable more especially if you are struggling with economic challenges as well. In fact, no price will beat the price of free. Now, you can face drug addiction fears, undertake the programs and commit your efforts to achieve addiction free lifestyle you will enjoy in the long run, thanks to free drug rehab programs. The free option you can take advantage of in the effort of getting lasting solutions is the Office of Prenatal Substance Abuse, OPSA, that target both women and their children. The OPSA has been on free offer since its inception in 1990. Integrated into this free program include services like case management, daycare rehabilitative services and detoxification for both in-patient and outpatient programs. Affordable drug rehabilitation programs Besides the free drug rehab programs, you can also get affordable programs to help you handle drug addiction challenges with lasting results. Perhaps the features of most of these programs that make them affordable to many is their other integrated services. Some will offer free

assessment that will slice a huge portion of the overall cost of the rehab program. With most of affordable rehab programs, you will expect to get dedicated life help that usually provides useful and relevant information to help you in your decision making. Horizons Outpatient Services As the name suggests, this program offers outpatient services for their patients. It is a local company situated at 1816 Lyndurst Avenue in North Carolina. You can get additional information if you visit their website. Assessment Dynamics Assessment Dynamics is a local company situated in 5107 Monroe Road Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer assessment services for patients and customers. You can find more and detailed information on their website in case you are interested.

Affordable drug rehab programs in north carolina