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Your Complimentary Excerpt of

EVERYDAY MAGIC & MIRACLES Harnessing the Power of Visualizing With the Joy of Inspired Action

eBook by RenĂŠe Brown

EVERYDAY MAGIC & MIRACLES Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action



INTRODUCTION: My Passion & My Purpose


Chapter 1 - Law of Attraction


Chapter 2 - Power of 17 Seconds


Chapter 3 - Vibrational Universe


Chapter 4 - Emotional Guidance


Chapter 5 – GPS: Guiding Principle Strategy


Chapter 6 - Laser-Like Focus


Chapter 7 - Facing Challenges


CONCLUSION: Three Simple Steps You are the Lighthouse


The Universe is the Power


It’s time to Become the Sculptor





To my Aunt Nancy, my first teacher of the power of visualizing When I was a young girl, I used to spend as much of my summers as mother would allow with my grandparents and my Aunt Nancy, whom I called Auntcy. She is the person who introduced our family to metaphysics, specifically to the teachings of Unity.

During those wonderful summer visits with Auntcy, we would fall asleep nearly every evening listening to the red LP albums of a New Thought Unity minister named Catherine Ponder. It was through her ministry that my aunt learned to make Treasure Maps, which today are known as Vision Boards. My beloved Auntcy taught me to make a Treasure Map for anything I ever wanted, and I continued to do so throughout my life. My Auntcy achieved everything she placed on her Treasure Maps, and so did I. She was a wonderful teacher, and the best aunt you could want.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Rev. Catherine Ponder and one of her most devoted and deserving students, my dear Auntcy.


Congratulations! The fact that you are reading the pages of a book exploring magic and miracles as an everyday occurrence deserves celebrating. I hope you will pause for a moment and recognize your courage in making this bold move. And celebrate yourself for a moment. Are you curious about the title I chose – Everyday Magic & Miracles? Here’s why I chose that title. Einstein suggested that we must either recognize all things as a miracle, or nothing. I believe what this great scientist and profound thought leader was suggesting to us is this: Every moment in life is filled with such power and potential, magic awaits! When we embrace that belief and connect with the Power that Creates Worlds (found in every tiny atom of matter – all things seen or unseen) miracles are inevitable. Now that’s exciting! THAT is my passion and my purpose for this eBook. I want to contribute to an improved understanding and a more joyful embracing of this concept as a way of everyday life for people – starting with you, right now. And I want to make it so simple and clear, that you can grasp this understanding with a quick read of this short eBook in less than an hour. Then move immediately into action using the accompanying daily action guide – Your Daily Compass. Whether you undertake this study as a spiritual pursuit or a philosophical study makes no difference. In my way of thinking, they are the same. I believe we ponder philosophy to answer the same questions we seek in our spiritual quest, and the same Guiding Light will lead us to the answers we seek. As the Master Teacher told us -- Ask, and it will be given to you. I was fortunate to be raised with a strong spiritual background, a metaphysical background. I was even more fortunate that so many people surrounding me from a very young age were both spiritually dedicated and worldly successful - living vibrant, passionate lives. Over the course of my life, I have observed many wonderfully dedicated spiritual people who (much to my surprise) seemed unable to flow that spiritual dedication -- their powerful inner guidance --

into their outer world to create a meaningful life filled with personal success and deep happiness. There were times in my life when I have experienced that same inability, with great frustration. It spurred me to search for a solution that would empower spiritual students (like myself) to attain the harmonic balance I witnessed with my spiritual mentors from childhood. After years of dedication to that purpose, I am excited to reveal the solution I developed! It’s a process I’ve used personally for years. As I have shared this process with many people over the past few years, they have enjoyed amazing results from it. It is a process that teaches you a simple, but impressive skill set: How to apply powerful spiritual concepts to develop a laser like power of focus. Then, leverage that power of focus with my visualizing technique. This daily ritual is surprisingly simple, and can be accomplished in only 15 minutes. When applied to your most important daily action steps, the speed and ease of your results are staggering. These are some of the results people have experienced, using this exact process - which they learned by phone or email, and in some instances, during live Master Mind groups: doubling your income (in one case, tripling it) launching a sales career on straight commission in a new market (knowing nobody) and building so many accounts, you are able to pick & choose the ones you like best, then refer the other ones to sales reps who were struggling to meet their quota achieving financial benefits quickly and easily beyond money - financial gains in many unexpected ways, such as items you desired being given to you or unexpected revenue showing up - unexpected inheritance or other surprise payments finding the love of your life quickly and more easily than you could imagine (in one case, they are now happily married and living a dream life together) finding a new job quickly and easily after moving to a new city that will provide financial support while you formulate a new and exciting entrepreneurial plan starting over from a devastating divorce, and creating the ideal career – a career unknown to you at first, but perfectly suited for your skills and desires clarifying your deepest passion, then developing the courage and action plan to terminate unpleasant jobs or relationships to go for it! vastly improved relationship with a child that had been strained for years (another parent moved cross-country to re-connect with children) improving from being financially broke to starting over and landing a good job, buying a new car, and finding the perfect new home completing a book, publishing it, becoming a bestselling author, and launching a new speaking career resolving conflict between divorced parents so they could communicate harmoniously for their children’s benefit attracting new dating relationships easily and enjoying them with true confidence miracle healing of a herniated cervical disk (neurosurgeon told her she was healed & there was no medical explanation) earning extra cash to build a swimming pool in the backyard in a few short months

After seeing these results, I’m sure you know why I feel so passionate about sharing this process with you – because if other people are receiving tremendous benefits, so can you! These are the very people who have been encouraging me to share this process with the world, and so - here it is.

HOW TO USE THIS eBOOK & DAILY ACTION GUIDE: I hope you will carefully follow my instructions for how you use these materials as I explain the entire process, and help you learn to implement it right away. This will provide the ideal method to ensure that you are able to apply the process effectively to your everyday life, beginning today. First, read this eBook all the way through – I designed it to be read in less than one hour so that you can block of a little time and dive right in. This eBook serves as your basic instruction manual to understand Law of Attraction. You must truly grasp the depth and scientific simplicity (and unerring accuracy) of vibrational energy – which is the power underlying Law of Attraction - before you begin using the accompanying Daily Action Guide: Your Daily Compass. Next, after you’ve completed this manual (eBook), begin using the daily sheets as a Daily Action Guide. Inside Your Daily Compass, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Follow those instructions carefully – it is simple, but powerful. Don’t skip over any step. It takes only a few minutes each morning. In fact, you will only need 15 minutes to complete the daily process including your visualization practice each morning. You will gain amazing skills to focus powerfully – and achieve real results - from this minimal investment of time to read this eBook, and then use the accompanying Daily Action Guide for about 15 minutes each morning. You will develop a laser-like focus that “moves mountains” for you. You will feel compelled to take the inspired action that results from setting Your Daily Compass in the direction of your purest Joy! You will know how to harness the Power that Creates Worlds with the absolute Joy of taking action so inspired that it feels marvelous to do so, and without struggle or strain in any way that feels negative to you. That’s when magic and miracles will become an everyday occurrence in your life. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Let’s begin!

Chapter 1 – LAW of ATTRACTION Everything in this Universe is vibrational.

Most likely, you’ve heard a lot about Law of Attraction. Maybe you learned about it from the hit movie, The Secret – or the book by the same title. Maybe you learned about it from another spiritual teacher. I’d like to suggest you open your mind to this possibility: You may not have learned the most important element. We must explore a key element right now -- before you attempt to use Law of Attraction and meet with disappointment or feel disheartened because it seems not to work. That key element is vibrational energy. It is vibrational energy that explains the science behind Law of Attraction so vividly that you will be able to trust it explicitly, and therefore apply it with the accuracy of other scientific laws … like gravity, for instance. You don’t doubt the law of gravity, right? Do you ever tell yourself – gravity works for that person, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure gravity will work every single time, in every instance. I may not be deserving enough for gravity to work for me. Or, because I didn’t get a physics degree to ensure the most full and comprehensive understanding of the law of gravity, I’m not qualified to use it. Of course you don’t. You learned a basic understanding of gravity, embraced it as a scientific law of the universe, and now you accept that it works without fail. You trust it and work with it in all that you do, every single day (probably without even realizing it). You can trust Law of Attraction and learn to work with it to achieve that same level of consistent, accurate results. All you need is a basic – but accurate – understanding of how it works, and the tools and process to begin working cooperatively with it in your everyday life.

I first learned about Law of Attraction from The Abraham Teachings, through Esther and Jerry Hicks. In my opinion, this is the most accurate, vivid, and thorough teaching of Law of Attraction. I recommend that you learn from them, too. I will not attempt to explain the depth and clarity of their teaching. Instead, my purpose here is to offer you a succinct understanding of Law of Attraction, and a simple process that can be easily learned in the reading of this eBook – requiring less than one hour of your time and focus. I will share with you the process which I developed for myself, and have used with amazing results in my life. As I told you in the introduction, I’ve shared this process with friends and colleagues in the past few years, and they have been delighted with the fabulous results that happened in their lives. They encouraged me to share it with more people -- like you. I am enormously grateful to Esther and Jerry Hicks, and to our beloved Abraham friends, for the beautiful and masterful teachings they so courageously share, and to their dedication to its purity. It is not my intention to attempt to teach Law of Attraction as they do, with such mastery and depth of understanding. As I said, my passion is to provide a succinct and easily applied understanding for you. If you would like more depth, I highly recommend that you explore the Abraham-Hicks teachings. In fact, I recommend this teaching to people frequently, and they tell me with great joy how powerfully it serves them. My best suggestion (for those who would like to begin studying their teachings) is to begin by reading this book: Ask and It Is Given. From there, follow your own guidance to select from the hundreds of CDs or dozens of DVDs (or perhaps another of their wonderful books) which are available for purchase from their website: For those of you who are completely new to the concept of Law of Attraction, you may need to do more research before my process makes real sense to you. It isn’t my goal in this eBook to provide a depth of scientific proof for someone who has not yet embraced Law of Attraction. (although, if you want that, I understand completely) There are some great resources to provide you that kind of evidence, and please feel free to pursue that if you wish. If you are new to studying Law of Attraction, I suggest that you read through my entire eBook, continue onto the next step which is the Daily Action Guide – Your Daily Compass. Begin by completing both of these, and watching the training video, then decide if you need more background information. Did you get the results you wanted? If not, you probably need a stronger foundation. If that is true for you, I would recommend the DVD, What the Bleep Do You Know? to provide you a wealth of scientific evidence from medical doctors, quantum physicists, and many highly educated and respected experts. Plus - it’s a really fun way to learn the heavy, technical background, so you can build a solid foundation about Law of Attraction. After watching What the Bleep Do You Know? you may want to read the book I referenced above, by Jerry & Esther Hicks – Ask and It Is Given. Another great resource to help provide the

scientific foundation to understand Law of Attraction are the many books by Gregg Braden. My favorites are The Divine Matrix and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

Now, let’s begin exploring the Law of Attraction and a brief daily process for you to apply it effectively in your everyday life for amazing – and very real - results. Fundamentally, every thought is energy vibrating. This is what great scientists like Einstein (and many more) have proven for us. All matter is actually in motion at varying vibrational frequencies. As a thought vibrates, it causes a magnetic reaction in the world. Some energy is measurable and discernible to the human senses, some is not. Here are some examples of energy radiating that we know how to measure. You probably have a basic awareness that your brain and heart radiate energy waves which can be measured with modern medical equipment, and your body has an electric current flowing through it which can be measured. If you’ve ever received acupuncture, you’ve felt firsthand the awesome experience of opening that flow of energy for improved health of your body. We know that a span of waves we call sound creates music and other sounds, such as voices by humans or animals. We know that a span of waves we call light creates the visual world we see. Some animals hear beyond our sound frequency, so we cannot hear what our dog hears, but that sound still exists and we pay attention to it. With powerful technology, we can see light waves that our eyes do not see – but they do exist and we enjoy many modern benefits because we accept that as true and utilize it. Wouldn’t it be foolish to refuse to believe there are energy waves creating sound and light, simply because the human senses cannot discern them, and then miss out on the pleasure of listening to the radio or watching television? So, let’s expand on this idea of radiating energy. You think about something – something you desire to have, or something you fear to experience – and that thought radiates out from you into the universe. Like a sound wave or a light wave, you cannot see it or hear it with normal human perception. Nevertheless, once you release it energetically just by your thought, the vibration of it goes on and on. Law of Attraction instantly magnetizes your thought vibration with another vibration that matches the one you projected. It increases in power because of the new vibration which has joined the original vibration. Much like waves traveling across a lake, the greater the force creating the wave, the greater the resulting impact when they hit the shoreline. One small wave from a boat expands widely as it crosses the water. What kind of waves are you sending out across the expanse of the Universe? Are they joyful or fearful? There is a simple and certain test for you to determine this, if you are unsure. I will explore that in the next chapter and discuss the power of only 17 seconds of pure, focused thought vibration.

Everyday Magic & Miracles: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action  

Introduction to Visualize 123 System, a process that teaches how to apply the Power of Focus basedd on Law of Attraction. You can learn thi...

Everyday Magic & Miracles: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action  

Introduction to Visualize 123 System, a process that teaches how to apply the Power of Focus basedd on Law of Attraction. You can learn thi...