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National Journal of Medical and Health Sciences AUTHOR'S CERTIFICATE AND TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT Manuscript Title:

It is certified that above-cited manuscript submitted to National Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (NJMHS) is original and has not been submitted to another publication for concurrent consideration. I/we also attest that the studies conform to the ethical requirements of the concerned Institutional Review Board. I/we further attest that all the financial and other relationships have been fully disclosed and anything, which may be construed as a conflict of interest, has been acknowledged. I/we understand that manuscript may be edited to conform to the journal format/needs Further, I/we agree to the peer review process of the NJMHS journal.

Please specify author contributions: (THIS MUST BE COMPLETED) Conception and design Collection and assembly of data Analysis and interpretation of the data: Drafting of the article Critical revision of the article Statistical expertise: Final approval and guarantor of the article I/we agree to pay a prescribed publication fee if the manuscript is accepted for publication in NJMHS.

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