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Public Market

Alumni Conference Center

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Residence Hall Cell Study


Public Market

A Market situated in a field and object Organization was to be designed with emphasis on natural day lighting, engagement with the surrounding environment, and natural circulation. The interior to my solution consists of two identical objects outlining the market stall space. The space between the objects defines the central axis allowing natural circulation. The field consists a glass shell, with the roof made of mostly photo voltaic cells. Along the central axis of the roof a distinctive shading system is integrated, with its shadow guiding shoppers to the stalls.

Alumni Conference Center


Within the confounds of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Kenwood Conference and Alumni Center, the grounds for conference and continuing education facilities for the University and its Alumni was to be developed. These facilities include a tiered lecture hall, meeting rooms, and guest lodges for the lectors. My solution was to situate the buildings in a Cloister form surrounding the sunk-in garden, with the lecture hall and meeting rooms located at the western end of the cloister. These 2 facilities themselves were designed in a Field and Object form, with roof mounted sunshades to reduce solar gain.



Investigating the characteristics of a specific material, a 1’ cube was to be designed and constructed. The material I chose was wood, and I used it in additive form to create an intricate design which forms the cube. the

Each element in

Cube is made of 3 or more pieces of

wood which form keys to create a more formal perpendicular connection. In

the central space of the cube, exterior pieces are extruded to form smaller cubes in the corners. When placed on

its side, these extruding pieces create a square grid with hierarchal corners.



Residence Hall Cell Study

A design study of a singular floor or cell of a university residence hall was designed to accomodate ten students,

providing sleeping quarters, bathrooms, a kitchen, and study space.

My design is

organized in a jogged linear form, with

the bedrooms and study spaces situated in the paralells, and the kitchen as a central gathering space in the jogged section.

Study tables and benches

visually fold out of the floor along the main circulation path. to provide adequate space in the bedrooms, the

beds and storage drawers are combined into a built-in unit. The bed also lofts to provide additional seating.

Nicholas Mather Architecture Portfolio  

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio

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