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Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Every year in the middle of cold, dark, and snowy February, Valentine’s Day arrives. Isn’t it ironic that the day of love — usually associated with heat and passion – falls in the “heart” of the winter season? What’s a lover to do? You can escape the cold by flying yourself and your sweetie South to warmer climates, or, as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” So, rather than complain to your Valentine about the cold, you may want to “embrace” the winter wonderland around you and enjoy it with your love. Here are four ideas to create a wintery and romantic Valentine’s Day with your special someone … cold weather be damned! Ice Bars Where can you find a bar where the walls, furniture, and even your glasses are made of ice? No, you are not on Disney’s Frozen set. So, where exactly are you? The Minus5° Ice Bar is literally one of the coolest Valentine’s Day experiences you can have. With locations in Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, and the Cayman Islands, you and your date can enjoy a drink (chilled of course) while sitting on ice chairs and benches. Depending on the ice package you select, you get gloves and a parka (or you can upgrade to faux fur attire) to help take the chill off the 23° F. room (- 5 Celsius, thus the name of the bar). Music and LED lights make the experience even more fun while sipping drinks surrounded by themed ice sculptures suited to the locale and the

By Molly Golubcow

season. For example, the New York City bar offers Andy Warhol-encased iced art, ice fire hydrant sculptures, and Broadway signs. In addition, to being able to chill on and in an ice room with your Valentine, Minus5° provides professional photographers who provide photos of your visit to help “freeze” the memory of your ice experience forever! Ice Hotel If the ice bar sounds n-ice to you, how about sleeping in an ice room? Located 10 minutes from downtown Québec City, the Hôtel de Glace boasts of 44 rooms and suites with dazzling all ice decor. The hotel offers several packages, including the Nordic Escape that provides each guest with a Nordic sleeping bag, welcome cocktail served in an ice glass, and access to hot tubs and sauna under the stars. If you think an ice room is just too chilly, some suites offer fireplaces to help you and your ice partner stay warm if the sleeping bag and/or romance needs a little heating up! After a unique evening of hot tubs el fresco and sleeping in an ice room, you and your Valentine also get breakfast — a warm one — to complete the Nordic package. Polar Plunging Bernarr MacFadden, founder of The Coney Island Polar Bear Club in 1903, believed swimming in the ocean in the wintertime was “a boon to one’s stamina, virility, and immunity.” On Valentine’s Day, who

couldn’t use a little bit of all of the above! Many polar plunging events, taking a quick dip in a winter ocean, usually occur on New Year’s Day — Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Ocean City all have their own plunge event. If you feel like you missed your chance to boost your virility factor in January, have no fear. February offers several local opportunities to take the plunge including the Freezin for a Reason plunge in Long Branch on February 4th and a costumed plunge in Sea Isle City on February 18th. Ice Skating Even if you are not Olympic material, ice skating is a special outing for Valentine’s Day. If you or your partner cannot skate, maybe a lesson would be fun. If you can both skate, imagine yourself gliding across the ice, hand-in-hand, enjoying the fresh cold air. Locally, there are several public skating rinks. For example, Flyers Skate Zones have rinks in the Atlantic City area, as well as Voorhees, Pennsauken, and Philadelphia. If you are in a travelling mood, New York City offers several famous and romantic ice skating options, including well-known rinks at Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park. Surrounded by NYC skyscrapers and the romantic ambiance that only the city can offer, a skate date on Valentine’s Day would be perfect. Regardless of where you end up skating with your honey, cap off the evening with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the chilly Valentine’s Day evening. n

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