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At Home With…Candice Adler Design An intrinsic eye for style sets this local designer apart from the pack By Felicia Lowenstein Niven

for your pantry, sketch out an elaborate design for custom made bookshelves in your study, or find that elusive accent piece for your hall — and that’s just the beginning. As a full-service interior designer, she works with builders, architects, and homeowners on everything from a single room to a complete home, and delivers 100% client satisfaction. It’s no wonder that her career has skyrocketed since she launched Candice Adler Design in 2006. But it was a successful career that almost didn’t happen. “I’ve always had a love for fashion, fabrics, colors, and design,” said Candice. “But it was important to my mother that I was able to support myself, so I went to school to become a teacher.” She earned her master’s degree and spent some time in the classroom before leaving to raise a family. It ended up being her entrée into interior design, too. “I gutted and renovated our home in Margate,” she said. “It got written up in the Press of Atlantic City because it was such a transformation!” Soon after, Candice was hired by Kensington to refurbish furniture for their Shabby Elegance line. Her natural style and ability did not go unnoticed, and owner Michael Grossman took her along to a furniture buying show. “The CEO of one of the most successful upholstery lines in the country told Michael that he was going to hire me to do all of his buying,” she said. “He said, you can teach the logistics of the business but you can’t teach style and taste, and this girl has it.” The experience at Kensington showed Candice the business, and her husband taught her to read blueprints and work with those computer programs used by architects. By 2006, she was ready to go out on her own. Today, she’s got two assistants and a full-time, unrelenting schedule. A self-proclaimed workaholic, Candice personally manages every detail of each job to make sure it is perfect. “I’m really structured and organized,” she said. “The minute I get hired for a job, I call and introduce myself to the team. I get the schedule, and understand the parameters and expectations so that there are no surprises. A lot of people in our industry tend to say, no, it can’t be done because of the extra effort it may require. That’s not acceptable on my jobs. It’s our job to make sure it does get done.” As for those who might be design challenged — but who want a gorgeous space — Candice is a good resource. “I can walk into an empty space and see it fully furnished and decorated in the client’s style,” she said. She has her clients share some images they like so that she can get a sense

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Kitchen designed by Candice Adler (left). Cabinetry supplied by Euro Line Designe.

of their colors, tone, texture and feel. “People have a hard time expressing what they like sometimes,” she explained. “My job is to complete the picture for them.” Candice is definitely a rule bender, though. “People say you can’t mix wood tones, or you have to keep colors in a certain spectrum,” she said. “Each space is as individual as the people who will be using it, and the rules don’t always apply.” A sampling of some of Candice’s designs are on her website. But, she cautioned, don’t be intimidated by the photos. “I have tremendous buying power,” she said. “I can buy direct from any store that I want. That means I can get the finest materials and still control my costs, and I then pass the savings onto my clients.” Her growing client list includes homes in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida, and Puerto Vallarta. If that’s not testament enough to her success, there’s another recent accomplishment. Candice is featured in a hardcover book, Luxurious Interiors: Breathtaking Homes by America’s Finest Interior Designers (LLC Panache Partners, March 2015). In fact, she has a nine-page spread. Candice credits her success to her passion for the business. “It’s important to do what you love,” she said. “If you go to work each day and you’re passionate about it, you can’t miss.” n

“People have a hard time expressing what they like sometimes. My job is to complete the picture for them.”

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