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By Alyson Boxman Levine

In Transition Effortlessly Ease Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall


aying goodbye to summer is never easy, and when it comes to those favorite seasonal wardrobe pieces, parting is such sweet sorrow. Just when you begin to fall in love with the lighter fabrics and oh-so-bare arms and shoulders, the calendar turns once again and tells you to pack up all your summer favorites and banish them until next year. While many fashionistas are champing at the bit to reveal their new fall wardrobe, the weather at the shore in September is much too warm White-on-white look, Kobi Halperin


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Bomber Jacket, Needle & Thread


for most autumn fashions. As you prepare your closet for the transition, remember not to store away the summer items you can still wear. Items like tanks, tees, lightweight blazers, and dresses are all pieces you should keep in your closet year-round. And don’t pack away your shorts either, at least until the first frost; you can’t help but look fashion forward in a cute pair of shorts over patterned tights. As you mix the fun of summer with the practicality of fall, you create Khaki Jacket, IRO Paris

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