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Division 20

Issue 2: June 2010

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June Newsletter

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A Word from Your LTG by Brian Cheung LTG Div 20 Hello Division 20! As final projects are handed in, it is apparent that the school year is winding down to a close. More importantly, it means the start of summer! June is an important month for Key Club, as it is a crucial stage in preparing clubs for the start of the school year in September. Although the start of the 2010-2011 school year seems so far away, the summer sun will come and go and your service projects will begin! I encourage all of you to look through this newsletter, a take a peek at things you can do during the summer, and bookmark all of the important dates! It is imperative that you spend the rest of June discussing your plans for the next year as you pack up, and part of that planning process is maintaining communication with me. Check out the calendar on page ____ for dates and other information about OTCs, PCMs, and other events you should know about. So as you whip out the sun tan lotion and wax your surfboards, be sure to keep Key Club in mind. Send me an email, text me, call me, or facebook me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Like you, I will probably have plenty of things to do in the summer, but I always have time for Key Club. Yours in Caring and Service,

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Contact Me! Cell/Text: (862)-432-8900 Email: AIM: gencheungchicken

Brian is Going to Asia. IMPORTANT

I will be travelling across Asia during the summer. This will affect any kind of communication you try to make with me. Check the following dates for individual details on how to contact me.

July 18-25: Hong Kong

Highly Likely for Internet Communication

July 26-30: Taiwan Likely for Internet Communication

July 31-August 3: Hong Kong

Highly Likely for Internet Communication

August 3- August 18: Tour

Unlikely for internet connection

August 18-August 20: Shanghai Likely for internet connection

June Newsletter

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Division 20 On the Web by Brian Cheung LTG Div 20

Need to keep up with all the news about Division 20? Check out the official Division 20 website at This website is a resource always available to you, and features tabs for all the Division 20-related information you could ask for. Important dates, embedded newsletters, document downloads, pictures, videos, and general Key Club information are all featured on the brand new site. The Division 20 site is also apart of you too! I encourage all to email or contact me about any information they would like on the site. If you would like a service project posted online, I would be more than happy to advertise it for you. In this day and age, the Internet is the most convenient resource. With that said, Division 20 is now only a couple clicks away.

Check out embedded newsletters!

June Newsletter

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Regional Training Conference by Brian Cheung LTG Div 20

The Spring Regional Training conferences are over. Missed them? Have no fear, the next Regional Training Conferences will be held in September! Know that it is mandatory for all Key Club executives to attend at least one RTC. South: Central Regional High School (Sunday, September 19) North: Millburn Senior High School (Saturday, September 25) Central: J.P. Stevens High School (Sunday, September 26) The south and north RTCs (at Brick Memorial Township High School and Morris Knolls High School, respectively) were a fantastic resource for Key Clubbers, and educated attendees about the district and anything else Key Club-related! Both host schools did a fantastic job of welcoming Key Clubbers from across the state. A special round of applause goes out to Morris Knolls, who represented Division 20 for all of North Jersey. If you attended RTCs and missed a workshop you were enthusiastic about, handouts and powerpoints are available online at And if the pictures here aren’t good enough for you, go to to see more.

June Newsletter

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What’s Happening in NJ KC by Brian Cheung LTG Div 20 Every year, the New Jersey District of Key Club designates a district project, a district focus, a major emphasis program, and international service partners. Each decision dictates the direction in which the district fundraises or volunteers for throughout a service year. Furthermore, each designated program comes with a goal for fundraising, service hours, or both. The decisions have been made, and the names are in. Here are the goals you need to be aware of, so your club can pitch in for the effort to better our world.

District Project The New Jersey District of Key Club has chosen Children’s Specialized Hospital, commonly abbreviated as CSH, for the District Project for the fifth year in a row. Children’s Specialized Hospital is a New Jerseybased rehabilitation hospital for children with lifechanging illnesses. With eight locations across the state, CSH has grown immensely throughout its 119 years of service. In 2009 alone, CSH changed the lives of over 17,000 children from all over the country. Service Goal: 15,700 Hours (100 hours for each club) Fundraising Goal: $75,401.65 (Breakdown: 7 for seven days of service, 5 for fifth year of service with CSH, 401 for thousands of dollars the New Jersey District would have raised if goal is met, 65 for 65th annual DCON) I encourage each club to make at least one Recreational Therapy visit or group tour during the service year, on top of fundraising projects. Check out for more information about CSH, and about/districtproject for information about the District Project as a whole. Email or contact me if you are interested in organizing a CSH visit sometime during the summer. The closest CSH location to Division 20 is in Mountainside, NJ.

District Focus According to the United Nations, one-third of deaths are the result of poverty-related predicaments. This equates to 18 million people a year, 50,000 people per day, and 270 million people since 1990. Poverty, the state of being extremely poor, has been chosen as the New Jersey District’s focus project for the 2010-2011 service year. The district encouraged clubs to host food drives, volunteer at local soup kitchens, collect clothing, or do anything else to help fight poverty. Check out end-hunger for more information about poverty.

Major Emphasis Key Club International has chosen “Live 2 Learn” as the major emphasis for the 2010-2011 Service Year. “Live 2 Learn” is an effort to help children (from the ages of five to nine) overcome learning obstacles. As a part of the major emphasis, Key Clubbers are encouraged to help these children improve their grades through mentoring, tutoring, and volunteering at local primary schools. Organize a meeting with local schools to contribute to the “Live 2 Learn” project! Check out servicewedo/mep/live2learn.aspx for more information about Live 2 Learn, and email me if you would like to plan a primary school visit.

June Newsletter

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International Service Partners by Brian Cheung LTG Div 20 The New Jersey District of Key Club has chosen the organizations of UNICEF, March of Dimes, and the Children’s Miracle Network as International Service Partners. As a service partners, the New Jersey District of Key Club will work to fundraise a pre-determined amount of money towards their efforts.

UNICEF is an official branch of the United Nations, and is designed to advance the cause of humanity by protecting the world’s youth. The organization combats disease, violence, poverty, and other unfortunate circumstances that pose obstacles to young children. As a service partner, the New Jersey District of Key Club has committed to a fundraising goal of $33,190.25 (Breakdown: 33 to represent 3.3 million babies that die within a month of birth, 190 to represent the number of countries UNICEF operates in, and 25 to represent 25,000 children that die from avoidable circumstances each year.) Check out to learn more about UNICEF.

March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization that focuses on pregnancy and baby health. They address issues like birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. As a service partner, the New Jersey District of Key Club has committed to a fundraising goal of $3,000. Check out for more information about March of Dimes.

The Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that is committed to fundraising for children’s hospitals and other foundations throughout the world. It currently supports over 170 children’s hospitals and helps ill kids in local communities. Check out for more information about the organization.

June Newsletter


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June Newsletter

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Division 20 June Newsletter  
Division 20 June Newsletter  

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