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Jared’s Journal Hey division 16! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. Thank you for reading the fourth issue of Jared’s Journal. Remember, although school is done, service will never stop, and neither will my support. I’m here for anything you need!

Volume 1 Issue 3

Summer Although the summer is a time to enjoy the sights, sun, and free time, it is not a time to abandon your club. Although projects and activity may decline for some clubs, if you let yourself abandon your club for the summer, you’ll only have more work when the school year starts, a time already full of chaos and stress. Fortunately by following the two easy steps below, you can keep active and productive over the summer, while minimizing the work you’ll have at the beginning of the school year. Contact  By staying in touch with your Lieutenant Governor (me!) and as many of your members as possible, you will be able to hear about exciting Key Club news and updates to keep you up date. I can also help you with your second step, planning for the upcoming school year. Planning  Planning for the upcoming service year is a quick and easy task that can do wonders for ensuring member retention and creating membership growth. By advertising, planning for fall rally, and devising a service project to jumpstart the year, you can get members excited, engaged, and involved from the very start of the year.



Fall Rally & Regional Training Conferences Fall Rally Get ready and get pumped because Fall Rally is approaching fast! On October 10th we will be reaching a historic number of 3,000 attendees! You’re invited to join us while we make history! Come enjoy a day of roller coasters, spirit, and fun with us while we sing the songs of service on October 10th at Six Flags! Come with us to fall rally, and be a part of history!

Regional Training Conferences The North Regional Training Conference (RTC) is approaching fast and will take place on September 25th at Milburn High School. An RTC is a unique opportunity to learn all about the different ways to improve your club. By taking a few hours out of your morning one weekend, you can revolutionize the way your club works by utilizing the valuable information you gain there.

An Advocacy Announcement Over 738,900 people in New Jersey live at or below the poverty level.

27% of children in New Jersey live in low-income households.

1 out of 5 families in New Jersey do not earn enough to afford basic necessities such as food and housing. These are all serious problems that are occurring in our own state, and they are rapidly increasing. However, we have the power to change them. That is why we are so excited to announce that the focus for the District Programs Committee for the 2010-2011 Service Year is Poverty. (All facts can be found on the New Jersey AntiHunger Coalition Website: This year, the committee will be dedicated to giving each club an opportunity to choose how they would like to go about advocating and serving while guiding them along the way. We chose to run the committee this way because each community is hit with poverty in different ways. Some examples of ways to advocate are to advertise as much as possible (such as posters and videos), and to contact your local government representative and attend press events. An easy way to get support would be to not ask for money, but instead trying to provide supplies, food, and service. Clubs could provide a “service tip of the month” and statistics to give the members easy pieces of information to follow and spread.

Clubs and divisions could also participate in service activities such as: -

Collecting school supplies at Fall Rally


Collecting food at your school and community throughout the year (not just holidays)


A “Fill the Bus with Food” fundraiser (line up and pass the food to the bus)


Volunteering at shelters/food kitchens

July: 10th: Club Monthly Report Form Due!

August : 10th: Club Monthly Report Form Due!

September: 19th: South RTC, Central High School 25th: North RTC, Millburn High School 26th: Central RTC, J P Stevens High School

Contact Information •

District Administrator:

Mr. Barrie Werfel

Lieutenant Governor: Jared Greene (ME)

District Administrator: Mr. Barrie Werfel

District Governor: Rachel Orbach

District Treasurer:

District Secretary:

Devan Corona

Kevin Sun

District Webmaster:

Zone Administrator:

Shivam Patel

Mr. Stephen Gandley

District Editor: Nicole Darrah

Division 16 Newsletter 3  

by Jared Greene

Division 16 Newsletter 3  

by Jared Greene