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Jiayun Fang 2010-2011 NJ Lieutenant Governor Div 14

Official Newsletter of NJ District of Key Club International Division 14


3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 1-800-KIWANIS FAX 1-317-879-0204 Division 14: Chatham | Columbia | ECLC | Jonathan Dayton | Madison | Millburn | Summit | Union

Month of august: 4th Issue

Table of Contents LTG Update ......................... 1 Div. Meeting Recap ..... .... 2 Fall Rally ............................... 3

Jiayun’s Journal LTG Update

RTCs ...................................... 4 Public Relations .................. 5

Hi everyone,

Divisional Projects .............. 5

Hope you’re soaking up the last of the sunshine before school starts! Enjoy the last few days as we get ready to go back to school!

Advocacy ........................... 6

As the last days of summer slip away, so does everyone’s free time. So, officers, if you are still untrained (Chatham, Madison, and Summit) then please contact me via Facebook, call, etc. as soon as possible! I’m sure that neither of us wants the hassle of trying to schedule an OTC when school starts.

Shout Outs

Chatham, Columbia, Jonathan Dayton, Madison, Millburn, and Union for Thanks to

attending the Divisional Meeting on Aug. 14th!

Jiayun Fang

For those who came to the divisional meeting, I hope you had a great time getting to know everyone! For those who couldn’t make it, I hope you can come to the next divisional event. Speaking of which, our current divisional event is CSH ribbon sales! Each club who attended the Aug 14th meeting received ribbons to take back to school and sell. You can sell them for $1 or with a cupcake or whatever

other way you prefer (see Pg 5)! Please send all money to me by mail or have your president bring them to me at the mid-September PCM. Feel free to make more ribbons and have fun selling! Another to keep in mind as the summer homework dawns on us: CMRFs are due 10th of each month! Secretaries, please be reminded that these are part of your service agreement. I completely understand that the start of school will overwhelm a lot of people, so please try to plan ahead and submit CMRFs ahead of time! That’s it for now and I hope you had fun this summer! Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Twitter: JnFang

On Saturday August 14th, I held Division 14 Meeting in the Chatham United Methodist Church. The agenda included speeches by the NJDB and icebreakers!

Next, Editor Nicole Darrah talked about her Jersey Key and the new Advice Column. Submissions of service project recaps, artwork, and writing are all welcome. There is also a new section: To loosen things up, we first held an Outstanding Advisor/Member this year. icebreaker call the Color Jacuzzi. Everyone got to feel more comfortable Please email me anything you would like around each other. If you couldn’t make and I will gladly pass it on! it, wait until next meeting to experience LTG Neepam spoke next, promoting the this fun icebreaker! Public Relations Committee. He is committed to publicizing Fall Rally and We began with a briefing on the KCI RTCs as much as possible. So, please hierarchy and an explanation on the check out Pg 3 and 4 of this newsletter importance of keeping in touch with for the dates. LTG Neepam also club both advisors from Governor Rachel Orbach. She also publicized this organized a quick icebreaker during the year’s DCON (April 8-10), but she hopes break. to see everyone much sooner: at RTCs!

LTG Jared spoke next about the International Programs Committee,

covering everything from the Service Partners to Key Leader to the new cookbook. Enjoy your new service recipes and I hope you can put them to use this year! Lastly, we ended the meeting with a ribbon –making contest in which we made 144 ribbons in 4 min! Ribbons will be sold for $1 each and all funds will go to CSH. I would like to thank the Chatham Kiwanis for helping me with the location and providing the food! In addition, great job to the host club: Chatham Key Club, especially Gianna Strand for helping me throughout the meeting.

Back Row- L-R #1 to #11: 1-Stephanie Cooperman, CMS Builders Club Adv; 2-Annie Monson, Chatham HS Key Club President; 3- Mitch Badua Columbia HS (Maplewood) Key Club President ; 4-Jiayun Fang, Lt Gov Div 14; 5—Gianna Strand, Chatham HS Key Club Co-VP, 6— Vivienne Buenaventura Union HS Key Club President; 7—Demi Buscar Union HS Key Club Treasurer; 8—Neepam Shah LTG Div 19; 9—Brenna Anderson Madison HS President; 10 – Emily O’Gorman Madison HS Secretary; 11-Gail Frey (ECLC) Middle Row - #1- #7: 1-Neil Cooperman, Millburn HS Key Club Advisor; 2—Kallan Murray Chatham HS Corresponding Secretary/Editor; 3— Shivam Patel District Webmaster; 4—Nicole Darrah District Editor; 5—Rachel Orbach District Governor; 6—Bhavna Patny Millburn HS President; 7—Melissa Fich Millburn HS Editor Front Row - #1- #5: 1- Betty Anne Keat, Chatham HS Kiwanis Adv.; 2--Jared Greene LTG Div 16; 3--Ashley Polukord Jonathan Dayton HS (Springfield) Key Club President; 4--Lewis Oweifie Columbia HS Key Club Co-President; 5—Vanessa Liwag Union HS Key Club Secretary

Division 14


Fall Rally By LTG Neepam Shah

Sing the Songs of Service!

3000 Key Club Members.

13 Roller Coasters.

Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, cheering to win the Spirit Stick, and are getting excited to perform an amazing year of service. That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be holding their annual Fall Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Be a part of a record 3,000 attendees, as we Sing the Songs of Service to celebrate the start of what is shaping up to be one of the best year’s the New Jersey District of Key Club has had in a while! Here are five reasons why this year’s Fall Rally will be place to be on October 10 th: 1. Dress up as your favorite musician to participate in our celebrity look-alike competition and you could win a gift basket! 2. You’ll get to cheer for your division as you compete to win the coveted Spirit Stick. 3. Keynote speaker Amy Mansue, the CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, will be speaking on the importance of our service to CSH. 4. Tools4Schools will be holding a school supplies collection drive for students in underprivileged schools. 5. You’ll have the chance to brave some of the world’s greatest coasters for a price lower than regular admission! Regular Registration

Register before Oct 1st!

$32 per person

$37 per person Season pass holder:


Free bus pass!


KEY CLUB Division 14 Newsletter

Pg 4

Public Relations By Editor Nicole Darrah & LTG Brian Cheung

The Public Relations Committee was formerly known as the District Relations Committee… until it was changed back in the 2009-2010 service year. The general idea of this committee is simple: Publicize + Build + Inform = Public Relations. Throughout the service year, this committee is assigned to create PowerPoints and videos, contact

the local media, write articles, create brochures, and to overall publicize Key Club and its work in any way possible. We cannot do what we do without YOU, the members of this organization! It takes work on our part, but it’s a very simple thing for you to do. Why do you love Key Club? What makes Key Club so great? What does Key Club give to you? Instead of answering these questions in your head, answer them by telling your

friends! By letting your friends know all about the wonderful thing that is Key Club, you are doing exactly what this committee entails: publicizing! If you have any questions or comments about the Public Relations Committee, contact cochairs Nicole Darrah ( or Brian Cheung (!

Checklist for Divisional Projects  Sell ribbons for $1. Tryout out different ideas! Sell them with a cupcake, brownie, etc.

 Make more ribbons! All clubs (including those who didn’t attend the divisional meeting) should have sold some by the September PCM. Ribbon formula: safety pins + cut ribbons = CSH ribbons!

 Contact local or chain restaurants to find out about their policies for Restaurant Nights or Dine to Donate

 Ask for available dates from Oct 30th to Nov 7th, then let me know by October 1st!

 Find 1 or 2 acts for Generosity Rocks concert. Each act must have at least one high school performer. The act can be anything related to music from singing to playing in a band. Division 14


~By Crystal Ibe LTG Div 11

Pg 6

Mrs. Celeste Werfel Zone Administrator

Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14 Facebook: Jn Fang

Vivienne Buenaventura President of Union HS KC vivienne.buenaventura@y

Ashley Polukord President of Jonathan Dayton HS KC in Springfield

Rachel Orbach NJ District Governor governor@njkeyclub. org

Devan Corona NJ District Treasurer treasurer@njkeyclub. org

Bhavna Patny President of Millburn HS KC

Brenna Anderson President of Madison HS KC m

Eric Hermann President of Summit HS KC

Nicole Darrah NJ District Editor

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.



Mr. Barrie Werfel NJ District Administrator

Annie Monson President of Chatham HS KC

Mitch Badua President of Columbia HS in Maplewood

Kevin Sun NJ District Secretary secretary@njkeyclub. org

Shivam Patel NJ District Webmaster webmaster@njkeyclu

Division 14 August Newsletter  
Division 14 August Newsletter  

by Jn Fang