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Official Newsletter of Division 10 East Brunswick ~ Edison~ JP Stevens~ Monroe ~ New Brunswick ~ North Brunswick ~ Old Bridge~ Perth Amboy ~ Piscataway ~ South Brunswick


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Getting to know your LTG!

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Hey Division 10 Key Clubbers! My name is Sarah Noorani and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 10 for the 2010-2011 service year! First off, I just want to commend the entire division for doing such a great job in the past years, and I know that we make this year even better!

ICON/RTC ................ 3

So right off the bat I want to share a little about me and what I am all about. I am currently a junior at John P. Stevens high school in Edison, New Jersey. In addition to being a member of Key Club, I am also a member of Future Business Leaders of America and also partake in class and student councils. In my free time, I love to read and listen to music, watch movies, spend time with family and friends and explore the culinary arts. Key Club has been a passion of mine ever since I began my high school career, and I cannot express how excited I am to be your LTG. I look forward to working closely with every single club in the division to ensure that we have a fun, successful, and awesome service year! Most importantly, I am always available for questions, comments, or just to say hi! Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything; I would really love to hear from you guys on any and all occasions.

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Upcoming Events! South RTC: May 22th @ Brick Memorial HS North RTC: May 23rd @ Morris Knolls HS Officer Training Conference: TBD

Yours in caring and service,

Sarah Noorani

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Me! Cell: (908) 227-4534

Home: (908) 755-3377

AIM: locoxcocoa786

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DISTRICT CONVENTION 2010! Traveling the World of Service! The 64th Annual District Convention of the New Jersey District of Key Club International was overflowing with dedicated Key Clubbers all gathering together to travel the world of service from one Service Year to another! From awesome sessions with the 2009-2010 NJ District Board to two amazing dances, there was never a dull moment at the Valley Forge Convention Center for DCON! We arrived on Friday ready to begin our journey through the world of service. Almost 700 Key Clubbers and I had the distinct honor of meeting our Keynote Speaker Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo. It was amazing to see such a high ranking and wise Kiwanian in person. After the welcoming session we all went to caucuses to hear the candidates’ speeches. Each candidate was very creative and excited to be running for an Executive Board position! Saturday was by far the busiest day of the weekend. We woke up early for breakfast and then attended the first general session of the day. After this quick session we headed to our workshops and learned about everything from how to be an effective club editor to how to belly dance. After the workshops were a few free hours in which the talent show took place. The acts were inspired as they are every year; the amount of talented Key Clubbers is amazing! Also on Saturday, the House of Delegates met to vote on Executive Board races, amendments, and resolutions. On Saturday evening, the contests winners were given their trophies and the outstanding members of the New Jersey District were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. On Sunday, there was a walk to benefit Children’s Specialized Hospital hosted by our own Brick Memorial High School. The Farewell Session on Sunday is both sad and happy simultaneously; sad because it is the time when the current district board is retired, but happy because it is also the time when the new district board is installed. Your 2010-2011 New Jersey District Board includes: Twenty-one Lieutenant Governors; District Webmaster -- Shivam Patel; District Editor--Nicole Darrah; District Treasurer--Devan Corona; District Secretary--Kevin Sun; District Governor--Rachel Orbach. Written by Chris Godshall LTG Division 6


KEY CLUB Division 10 Newsletter

INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION That’s right, Division 10, the summer is right around the corner! And with the summer comes Key Club’s annual International Convention, this time in the historic Memphis, Tennessee! This year, Key Club International has put together an amazing Convention, and the District is planning yet another tour to go along with it! ICON is a one week convention that drew over 1500 Key Club members , advisors, and administrators last year. During your time in Memphis, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, share Key Club Experiences, and leave with a new best friend. You’ll also get a taste of the various caucuses, workshops, elections, and delegations that make Key Club successful and make you a better Key Clubber. The New Jersey District will travel to Memphis by bus, leaving New Jersey on the morning of July 4th, and returning on the evening of July 12th. On the road to ICON, we will stop at many points of interest, including Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, Graceland, and the Civil Rights Museum. At ICON, the festivities begin with a private concert by Ohio pop-rock superstars Relient K, and continue with appearances by such celebrities as Clay Aiken and Josh Hutcherson! It will truly be a week to remember. Anyone interested in attending, please contact me, Sarah Noorani - or Mr Werfel either at - or 973-985-4096 for more information (including a primer and registration form), as the first payment is due by May 15th. If money is an issue, feel free to ask your Kiwanis Club to help you out with the costs. They would be glad to help! Written by Tom Kraeutler LTG Division 7

Regional Training Conferences The first important step to begin a successful service year begins with being trained. All newly elected officers are required to attend Regional Training Conferences (RTCs) in order to attend sessions which will help better their leadership roles and clarify their duties in their club. We hope to also have your Advisors join us, for a workshop/meeting with Mr. Barrie Werfel, the NJ District Administrator. Also, remember that RTCs are open to general members! Here, at RTCs, you will have the experience to meet the New Jersey District Board and attend workshops which will help you have a better understanding of your position as well as workshops that will help spice up your meetings, stir some new ideas for projects, and a great opportunity to meet new Key Clubbers! This year’s RTC theme is “Rock Out with Service!” At the RTCs, you will learn how to amplify your service year, become a rockin’ leader, and let your voices be heard! By: Gabrielle Gutierrez South RTC: May 22th @ Brick Memorial HS North RTC: May 23rd @ Morris Knolls HS 9am-1pm



IMPORTANT CONTACTINFORMATION INFORMATION! IMPORTANT CONTACT Governor: Rachel Orbach Holmdel HS Home: (732) 264 - 6866 Cell: (732) 895 - 6401 governor.orbach@gmail .com

Secretary: Treasurer: Kevin Sun Devan Corona Bridgewater-Raritan Home: 732-833HS 8687 Home: (908) 393 Cell: 732-757-7324 1290 devancorona@gmail Cell: (908) 392 .com 2370 secretarysun@gmail. com District Administrator: Mr. Barrie Werfel Home: (973) 228 - 2743 Cell: (973) 985 - 4096

Editor: Nicole Darrah Home: (973) 402 - 210 Cell: (973) 224 - 5741

Zone Administrator Mrs. Helene Meissner Cell: (908) 619-4336 Home: (908) 454-2258

ATTENTION CLUBS!! ROSTER COLLECTION IS ONGOING Please email me your new club roster with the info.

Webmaster: Shivam Patel JPS HS Cell: (848) 228 - 9265

Me: Your LTG Sarah Noorani JPH HS Home: (908) 755 - 3377 Cell: (908) 227 - 4534

ASAP! If your club has not held elections yet, please email me with the date of elections. Thanks!

Thanks ! Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.



Division 10 April May Newsletter  

by Sarah Noorani