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Official Newsletter of the New Jersey District of Key Club, Division 9 Holmdel, Keansburg, Keyport, Marlboro, Matawan Regional, Raritan, St. John Vianney

Sami’s Spotlight! Back to School Groove! Now, it would be wrong for me to get ahead of myself, and say that summer is coming to a close. But, as unfortunate as it may be, the school year is slowly creeping up on us. So we need to embrace it for what it is and get back into the swing of things!

back to school groove.

In this issue! Back to School............1 ICON ............................2 Meet the Int’l Board ... 2

Fall Rally is quickly approaching- as we will be “Singing the Songs of Service” on October 10thand that means you should have dues collected and transportation in order, at the latest, by the last week in September. That’s not a lot of time! First off, I hope all of you So start talking to Key Clubbers in have had a great stress-free summer, your school and see who’s interested and I hope that you continue to in going (hopefully it’s a lot of people) enjoy yourselves and relax. Second, I because we want to reach 3,000 people want to formally apologize for being this year. Once you’ve spoken to so hard to contact for the past them, start thinking of how to get month, as I’ve been in Spain. more people to go- advertise and (Hence the theme of this month’s promote! newsletter!) But now I am home, and ready to get back to work. I hope the rest of you are ready, as well. This month it’s important to start preparing for the school year and getting your Key Clubbers excited to go back to school and get in the

Volume 1 Issue 3 August 2010

This way, when you get back to school and start to officially start the process for Fall Rally, your members are ready and excited to be a part of the 3,000! Yours in Caring and Service,

Sami Fiorino

Fall Rally ………...……. 3 YOF...............................4 MEP……………………..5 Important Dates ……. 6 Contacts .....................6

INTernational Convention DC

Meet the International Board!

ROCK ICON: Memphis 2010 Every year, Key Clubbers from all around the world gather in a new spot in the world to celebrate an amazing year of service and to elect a new International Board to lead us into the next great year. This year’s international convention was held in Memphis, Tennessee from July 7-10. This year, pop sensation, Relient K, treated the Key Clubbers to a concert on the first night of the convention to truly kick off the event. The next three days were spent attending workshops, general sessions, and caucuses. Attendees learned about the plethora of charities that an individual club can support, the “meaning of life,” and different events they could (and should) attend!

International President:

At general sessions, the New Jersey Key Clubbers showed enthusiasm and great amounts of spirit as we collected tons of awards. Eleven distinguished lieutenant governors from the immediate past board, a Distinguished Award for every New Jersey District Executive Board member, and finally, a best digital poster award for J.P. Stevens High School! Caucusing, however, was the most important part of International Convention, because we all played a part in the election of the new International Board. A new International President, Vice President, and 11 International Trustees were elected! Congratulations to all of new International Board!

Xinlei (Tony) Wong: WisconsinUpper Michigan District

International Vice President: Ikwo Morris: Carribean- Atlantic District

International Trustees: -Nick Cornell: Wisconsin-Upper Michigan -Matt Harper: Missouri-Arkansas -Caleb Lapsley: Alabama -Annie Lewandowski: PacificNorthwest -Lisa Nicholson: PacificNorthwest -Robert Peck: Rocky Mountain -David Velasquez: Florida -Ashley Williams: Carolinas -Stephenie Yuan: Cali-Nev-Ha -Nancy Zhang: New York

*Our Trustee: - WILL ROBERTSON: Carolinas


NJ Key Club Division 9 Newsletter


At Fall Rally 2010! 3,000 Key Clubbers. 13 Roller Coasters. 1 Fall Rally. That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be Singing the Songs of Service at its annual Fall Rally at the thrill-inducing Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, fighting to win the Spirit Stick, and watching an amazing celebrity look-alike contest. However, the fun doesn’t end there! Once the short and fun-filled session ends, you have the day to roam the park as you wish. Fight your fears of the dark by going on Skull Mountain, or attempt to conquer the beast as you undertake a front-row experience of El Toro. The possibilities are endless! This year, Fall Rally costs only $32 if you get your payment in by October 1st! If payment comes in late, it costs $37. Regardless, you are getting admission into the park for almost half of the regular price. Of course, if you are a season pass holder, the cost of Fall Rally is a mere $6. Presidents and advisors, start talking to your schools and Boards Of Education now about arranging transportation to Fall Rally, since things are difficult to schedule once school starts again in the fall. All officers, start promoting this wonderful event to all of your clubs. And, last not but not least, general members- start getting excited to attend this phenomenal event. If you are having issues arranging transportation for Fall Rally, contact either your Kiwanis Club, who would be glad to help you get transportation to this event, or your Lieutenant Governor, who is equipped with materials that can guide you through any logistical problem you may have in attending Fall Rally. By Fall Rally Programs Committee Member, Neepam Shah, LTG Div 19

YOUTH OPPORTUNITies FUND: YOF Is your dream service project just out of reach? Do you have it all planned out and the manpower to execute it but you lack the funds? Maybe you would like to help local children through education or the elderly through recreation. There are thousands of great service projects out there and the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) can help your turn your dream to a reality. The Fund is all about financial support. Your club can be awarded anywhere from $200 to $2000 of assistance for your project. But now you might be thinking, “If someone is just giving out money, there must be strings attached.” There really aren’t; The Youth Opportunities Fund is such a simple process. All you have to do is plan, apply, and complete your project. With those three steps, you’ll be on your way to one of the most successful projects ever! So you have your project idea, where do you go from here? Start with detailed planning to determine if the YOF is even needed to fund the project. Being economical can eliminated many wasteful costs. If you have already planned and your club still cannot fund the entire project, apply for YOF immediately. Don’t be nervous to apply. Even though you have International competition, the YOF is one of the most under-utilized resources Key Club has to offer. Very few people apply so if you enter properly, your chances of winning are pretty good. Also, there is more than one winner. The Committee picks the projects on an individual basis not in competition against one another. The application deadline is October 15th and there is only one funding cycle per year. If you miss out your project may have to go on hold. Start by checking out the Youth Opportunities Fund Webpage where you can find previous winning projects and the application. The application is only two pages long and easy to complete, but here are some tips on entry. Make an effort to partially fund your project without the YOF grant; the committee loves to see that you have put effort into funding the project by yourselves. A precise project timeline and detailed line item budget should be included so the committee knows you are committed to the project and have a solid plan of execution. They only want to fund responsible clubs! The final tip is a detailed application. Chose to be more specific rather than less, the committee that chooses winners does not know your area’s needs. Make sure they understand why this project is vital to your community. With all of that said it is time for you to go out and make your dream a reality. Take your service project idea and run with it; you will end up impacting the lives of so many people. Remember the deadline for application is October 15th, so have your application in way before that. It’s better to be early than late because the mail got lost. I wish you all good luck with the Youth Opportunities Fund, now go out there and get it done!

Ways to advocate for the Major emphasis project • Create posters about Live2Learn. The more people see it, the more they’ll want to be involved. • Create/Show videos. • Create flyers! Flyers are easy to make and simple. They show the information; they’re straightforward. People want to know what Live2Learn is before they get involved. • Include articles about Live2Learn in newsletters or your school newspaper. • Talk to people, especially people with siblings between the ages of 5-9. They’ll probably want to be involved in the education of their younger sister or brother! • Work with adults who want to get involved. If you want to hold an event with an elementary school, you’ll need the aid of a supervisor, teacher, or advisor! • Speak to elementary school teachers. They’re the ones educating our concentration group. They’ll be the ones who help you most! • Participate! Tutor a child or read to an elementary school class with your friends. •

Hold events where kids from all ages can participate. Get younger children involved; think of something that’s fun for everyone, like an ice cream night or a movie night.

Important Dates Events that YOU should know about and attend! President’s Council Meeting: August 22nd – more information to come! Officer’s Training Conference: August 22nd–more information to come! Club Monthly Report Forms Due: September 10th (EVERY MONTH ON THE TENTH, CMRFs ARE DUE!)

Fall Rally!!! – OCTOBER !0th!

District Board contacts: District Governor, Rachel Orbach: District Secretary, Kevin Sun: District Secretary, Devan Corona: District Editor, Nicole Darrah:

District Webmaster: Shivam Patel: District Administrator: Mr. Barrie Werfel: Zone Administrator: Kaitlin McCann:

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.



division 9 aug.newsletter  
division 9 aug.newsletter  

Now, it would be wrong for me to get ahead of myself, and say that summer is coming to a close. But, as unfortunate as it may be, the school...