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Key Club Official Newsletter of Division 4: New Jersey District-Key Club International September Issue, Edition 1

Kirsten’s KEY Notes Division 4, It is September and you know what that means; trick-or-treating for UNICEF is starting. In case you have not heard, UNICEF is one of KEY Club’s service partners which is dedicated to assist children with heath care, education, and clean water in more than 140 countries. To many children around the world UNICEF is not just a little orange box to collect money in around Halloween; it is the organization which helps them live a healthy life. Since this is the first month of the new school year, some things to keep in mind are dues, rosters, Fall Rally, and RTCs (Regional Training Conferences). Dues are what helps clubs raise funds for different activities and projects. There are three types of dues to be paid. International charges $6.50, the New Jersey District charges $5.50, and the individual clubs may charge up to $5.50 per member which makes the total maximum possible cost of dues $17.50. After dues are collected from each member, the roster must be updated by logging onto, clicking “Leadership”, then clicking “Membership Update”, and printing out the invoice after the roster is filled out. The invoice will show how much money is owed which should be paid by check to “Key Club International” and sent to 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268 preferably by November 1st . Thank you,

Volume 1: Issue 5

In This Issue Introduction............... 1 Fall Rally..................... 2 Club Events................ 3 YOF ............................ 4 Upcoming Events....... 5 Contacts ..................... 6

Monthly Message: This month be sure to stay focused on getting your club excited for the new school year. Come up with new ideas for fundraising and service.

Feel free to contact me (Kirsten Reed) in any way if you have questions about anything!!! E-Mail: Add me on Facebook (=

Past & Upcoming Events

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Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, cheering to win the Spirit Stick, and are getting excited to perform an amazing year of service. That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be holding their annual Fall Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Be a part of a record 3,000 attendees, as we Sing the Songs of Service to celebrate the start of what is shaping up to be one of the best year’s the New Jersey District of Key Club has had in a while! Here are five reasons why this year’s Fall Rally will be place to be on October 10th:

Dress up as your favorite musician to participate in our celebrity look-alike competition and you could win a gift basket!

You’ll get to cheer for your division as you compete to win the coveted Spirit Stick.

Keynote speaker Amy Mansue, the CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, will be speaking on the importance of our service to CSH.

Tools4Schools will be holding a school supplies collection drive for students in underprivileged schools.

You’ll have the chance to brave some of the world’s greatest coasters for a price lower than regular admission!

If any club would like to have an article published in this newsletter about the events you have Key to Club held, or will be holding in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me. It is a great way to publicize other clubs in our division as well as the district board.

Upcoming Events Burlington Township Upcoming Event Fun Day is going to be held from 10 to 2 on Saturday October 30th in the Fountain Woods Elementary School parking lot in Burlington , NJ. The Burlington Township Key Club will be selling pretzels and drinks as well as CSH apparel/ merchandise all in support of Children’s Specialized Hospital. If you, as a Key Clubber would like to volunteer your services in selling for CSH please contact either me at or the Burlington Township President, Krista at

HEY Key Clubbers!!! This space is reserved for you. Get the word out about what your clubs are doing to help your community, advertise upcoming events, or communicate your personal experience at a district event. All you have to do is email an article to me, your Lieutenant Governor.

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About Key Club

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Youth Opportunities Fund Devan Corona Is your dream service project just out of reach? Do you have it all planned out and the man-power to execute it but you lack the funds? Maybe you would like to help local children through education or the elderly through recreation. There are thousands of great service projects out there and the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) can help your turn your dream to a reality. The Fund is all about financial support. Your club can be awarded anywhere from $200 to $2000 of assistance for your project. But now you might be thinking, “If someone is just giving out money, there must be strings attached.” There really aren’t; The Youth Opportunities Fund is such a simple process. All you have to do is plan, apply, and complete your project. With those three steps, you’ll be on your way to one of the most successful projects ever! So you have your project idea, where do you go from here? Start with detailed planning to determine if the YOF is even needed to fund the project. Being economical can eliminated many wasteful costs. If you have already planned and your club still cannot fund the entire project, apply for YOF immediately. Don’t be nervous to apply. Even though you have International competition, the YOF is one of the most under-utilized resources Key Club has to offer. Very few people apply so if you enter properly, your chances of winning are pretty good. Also, there is more than one winner. The Committee picks the projects on an individual basis not in competition against one another. The application deadline is October 15th and there is only one funding cycle per year. If you miss out your project may have to go on hold. Start by checking out the Youth Opportunities Fund Webpage where you can find previous winning projects and the application. The application is only two pages long and easy to complete, but here are some tips on entry. Make an effort to partially fund your project without the YOF grant; the committee loves to see that you have put effort into funding the project by yourselves. A precise project timeline and detailed line item budget should be included so the committee knows you are committed to the project and have a solid plan of execution. They only want to fund responsible clubs! The final tip is a detailed application. Chose to be more specific rather than less, the committee that chooses winners does not know your area’s needs. Make sure they understand why this project is vital to your community. With all of that said it is time for you to go out and make your dream a reality. Take your service project idea and run with it; you will end up impacting the lives of so many people. Remember the deadline for application is October 15th, so have your application in way before that. It’s better to be early than late because the mail got lost. I wish you all good luck with the Youth Opportunities Fund, now go out there and get it done!

If any club would like to have an article published in this newsletter about the events you have Key to Club held, or will be holding in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me. It is a great way to publicize other clubs in our division as well as the district board.

Upcoming Events Hi Everyone! Happy back to school :) Friday Night Fever (MTN) will host their 10th annual Haunted Trail. It is a open event for all, including patients, employees, and the community . It will be rain or shine in the parking deck on Saturday Oct 23rd from 7-9pm. The events consists of music, games, food, and of course, the scary trail. This event requires lots of help from assistance needed with set up to dressing up and acting in the trail. We are currently looking for responsible volunteers to help us. If you or your club members are interested please contact Michelle Lee ASAP. Her contact info is below. Thank you! -Michelle Lee

This year, UNICEF launched their “I Believe in Zero” campaign. This awareness program is based on the fact that, worldwide, 25,000 children die every day from preventable causes. However, by increasing education, providing medical care, and supplying food for these children, UNICEF hopes to reduce that number to “zero”. More details on this campaign can be found at As Key Clubbers, you play an integral part in the UNICEF fundraising process. The major fundraiser for UNICEF is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Every club in the NJ District should receive a bundle of orange boxes, stickers and other information before Halloween. Some leave the boxes in local businesses or in various rooms throughout their school. Others stick them in friend’s lockers or teachers’ mailboxes. The most common method is, of course, going around Trickor-Treating on Halloween with the bright box in hand! Whichever way you choose, you can contribute! This year, the fundraising goal for UNICEF for the NJ District of Key Club International is $33,190.25. --3.3 million: The number of newborns worldwide dying in the first month of life is 3.3 million --190 countries that UNICEF works in --25 for 25,000 children dying every day from preventable causes. To reach this goal, we need everyone’s help so please pick up an orange box today and start Trick-or-Treating! (http:// )

October Sunday
































CMRFs Due 17

PCM tba 24

31 25 UNICEF



CSH week starts

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District Administrator Barrie Werfel Page 6

Zone Administrator Sue Andris

Contacts District Governor Rachel Orbach

District Secretary Kevin Sun

District Editor Nicole Darrah

Lieutenant Governor div. 4

Kirsten Reed

District Treasurer Devan Corona

Webmaster Shivam Patel

Division 4 September Newsletter  

In This Issue Monthly Message: This month be sure to stay focused on getting your club excited for the new school year. Come up with new ide...

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