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THE KEY TO LIFE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! Hello Key Clubbers! I hope everyone’s starting to get back into the swing of things: school and, of course, Key Club. It’s important to start up your meetings well, so that the rest of your service year can run more smoothly! Keep up the good work with communication; our division is getting much better with that! As always, if you ever have any projects or meetings going on, please let me know! I’d love to attend.

As always, feel free to contact me in anyway if you have any comments, problems, or concerns! I hope to see you all very soon and keep up the good work! Yours in Caring and Service,

Ami Shah Ami Shah Lieutenant Governor Division 3 .

Contact me at

Volume 1 Issue 3

In this issue! A Message For You…1 RTC Recap


Fall Rally


Key Leader


District Project …..….4 Upcoming Events. …4 Important Contacts....5

Regional Training Conferences Rock out with service!

Missed RTC’s?  Check out and you’ll find all the flyers given out at Regional Training Conferences that are loaded with information!  These flyers not only cover your officer position (or general member) but everything Key Club, from District Project to Public Speaking to so much more!  If you want more information on any given workshop, feel free to contact me! .

Fall rally: October 10 …is next weekend at Six

Flags Great Adventure!

YOU are NOT to late for early refistration. Postmark it by FRIDAY and you will have admission for $32 each. Think you’re going to be late? For only $5 more dollars, register late on the day of Fall Rally! (for $37) Please arrive between 7:30 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. to register otherwise you will have to pay regular admission. Contact me with any questions and I hope to see you there!

Key leader: December 10 – 12 Key Leader is an inspiring leadership weekend, where you’ll meet the most amazing people, whom will become forever friends. You can find more information at Key Club Members: $140 Non – Key Club Members: $165 Before you sign up, PLEASE notify me that you want to attend!

Youth Opportunities Fund By: Devan Corona, District Treasurer

District project:



Get involved with Key Club by getting involved with our District Project, The Children’s Specialized Hospital. This hospital is the largest rehabilitative pediatric hospital in the whole entire country, but its’ sites are located right here in New Jersey. This hospital treats serious and chronic illnesses and never turns down a patient for any reason. Fundraise with walks, restaurant nights, bake sales and much more! Participate in Recreational Therapy and send cards to the hospital for service! (Remember to fill out service and fundraising forms found at when you do something for CSH) Help the NJ District reach these GOALS:

Fundraising Goal: $75, 401.65 Service Goal: 15,700 hours

Mark the Date! October 10th – Fall Rally October 10th: Club Monthly Report Forms Due October 16th – President’s Council Meeting (more information to come)


Rachel Orbach District Governor

Kevin Sun District Secretary

Devan Corona District Treasurer

Nicole Darrah District Editor

Other Important Contacts Mr. Barrie Werfel District Administrator

Ami Shah Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 Shivam Patel District Webmaster Mrs. Susan Andris Zone Administrator

a Kiwanis-family member

Division 3 September Newsletter  

RTC Recap …….2 | Cherry Hill East | Clearview | Eastern | Gateway | | GCIT |Paulsboro | Pitman | Triton |West Deptford | Woodbury| Key Leade...

Division 3 September Newsletter  

RTC Recap …….2 | Cherry Hill East | Clearview | Eastern | Gateway | | GCIT |Paulsboro | Pitman | Triton |West Deptford | Woodbury| Key Leade...