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Jiayun Fang 2010-2011 NJ Lieutenant Governor Div 14 45 Short Hills Cir. Apt 2B Millburn, NJ 07041 Cell: (908)-546-2996

Official Newsletter of NJ District of Key Club International Division 14

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Months OF September/October – Fifth issue

LTG Update .......................... 1 PCM Reminders ................... 2 Fall Rally................................ 3 Operation Educate ............. 4

Jiayun’s Journal

Trick or Treat for UNICEF ...... 5

LTG Update

North RTCs Thank You ......... 6

Hello everyone,

Club Public Relations .......... 7

Hope you have had a great start to the notoriously hectic month of September. In this special Back to School Edition of my newsletter, I hope to remind you about a few key things to keep in mind during this busy season.

CSH Restaurant Week ......... 7 The Eliminate Projects ......... 8 Shout-Outs (cont.) ............... 8 Fall Advocacy Focus........... 9 Contact Info ....................... 10

Shout outs!

Union, Millburn, and Columbia


First, congratulations to Chatham, Columbia, JD, Millburn, and Union Key Clubs for readily attending OTCs and having 100% officers trained! Madison and Summit are not far behind, so contact me to set up a time for your OTC as soon as possible. Next, as clubs welcome new members and start the first round of fundraisers and service projects, don’t forget to keep Children’s Specialized Hospital in mind. Please see Pg 7 for more information on how you can help as a club and as a part of division 14. In addition, as seen my recent emails,

Jiayun Fang

every club should have received in the mail (advisor and president) the Back to School mailing from the NJ District. Every sheet is very important and should be kept for your records. Lastly, as a junior myself, I completely understand that the overwhelming amount of work everyone is going through. Therefore, if you have to reschedule your weekly phone call or have a conflict on the day of an OTC, please let me know so we can work something out. Ignoring call or just not showing up after RSVPing does not benefit you or me. Yours in Caring and Service,

PCM Reminders Events  Fall Rally at Six Flags (Pg 3) o October 10th, 2010 o Early Registration by October 1st o Call me if you need transportation help!  Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF o Do you need a kit? o Contact me! (Pg 5)  CSH Restaurant Week (1st week of November) ( Pg 7) o Friendly’s o Applebee’s o Chili’s o T.G.I. Fridays o California Pizza Kitchen o Your local restaurants! o Please use my letter to set a location and date.  CSH Generosity Rocks o Date TBD o Let me know if you have ideas for the venue.  Governor’s Project: Operation Educate (Pg 4 )  Key Leader (Dec 10-12) o Register by October 15th!  65th annual DCON (April 810) o Registration packets will come in the mail.

deadlines  CMRFs o Due 10th of every month (Oct 10th) o Please send ASAP (before Fall Rally) o Begin to note dues and activities! o Please let me know if you are unsure of anything. o Using online PDF form is highly recommended.  CSH Restaurant Week (1st week of November) o Let me know date, time, and percentage of profit committed by October 10th.  CSH Generosity Rocks o Find one or two acts by October 20th.  Key Leader (Dec 10-12) Registration by October 15th

TIPS  Fall Rally at Six Flags (Pg 3) o October 10th, 2010 o Early Registration by October 1st  CSH Restaurant Week (pg 7) (Month of Nov.) o Friendly’s o Applebee’s o Chili’s o T.G.I. Fridays o California Pizza Kitchen  Your local restaurant! m/about/fundraising/ o Contact restaurants as soon as possible! (at least one month in advance) o Call! Talk to manager or make an appointment to meet with him or her. o Schedule a date for your event. Note the percentage being donated and time slot if needed. o Notify me!  CSH Generosity Rocks  Key Leader (Dec 10-12)  65th annual DCON (April 8-10)

Division 14 2

Early reg (postmarked by Oct 1st)

32/person Season pass: 6

regular reg: 37/person

not too late for regular registration!

Division 14



KEY CLUB Division 14 Newsletter

got UNICEF? go Trick-or-Treating! As you know, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is one of the Service Partners of Key Club International. Key Club International focuses on Operation Uruguay: Protecting the Rights of Children. In Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America, 44% of the population under age 18 live in extreme poverty. There is a clear lack of motivation and opportunity because only 1 in 3 students graduate from high school. For Operation Uruguay, Key Club set a goal of $1.5 million for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. All funds will go toward building and maintaining cultural and educational centers, like Mandalavos Center, which provide sanctuaries for children needing support, education, and health care. (More details go/key-club-international.html ) This year, the NJ District of KCI has

set a fundraising goal of $33,190.25 for UNICEF fundraising. Besides going door to door, there are many others ways to spread the word about Trick or Treat for UNICEF. For example, you can organize a school–wide or community-wide can shake or penny war. Then, order and put costume boxes in common places to attract attention. In addition, feel free to hold any fundraising event from a UNICEF Spooktacular (see recipe in International Programs Cookbook of Service) to a pumpkin carving contest! Get your teachers excited by having them donate for a casual dress day. Anything that you can think of can contribute toward this goal. Please send all donations by mail to P.O. Box 447 Roseland, NJ 07068. Make all checks payable to Key Club International with a memo for UNICEF. Have a safe Halloween and have fun Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF!


KEY CLUB Division 14 Newsletter

Division 14


Public Relations for your club! ~ DOES YOUR CLUB HOLD EVENTS THAT YOU FEEL CAN BE EVEN BIGGER? Have no fear; the Public Relations Partners are here! WHO ARE THEY? The PR Partners Program is designed to help clubs and divisions publicize so that major events can reach their full fundraising and attendance potential. Your PR Partner is there to help with anything from collaborating on promotional materials to sending out information about the event to a wider audience. As experienced members of the NJDB, they have access to a variety of resources that are not available to most clubs such as a database of newspapers for your entire region. Divisions 13-15 Neepam

Publicize: CSH Restaurant Week

Children’s Specialized Hospital has been the New Jersey District Project for the 5th year in a row. In the past, if your club has not been active in volunteering for fundraising for CSH, that is no reason to neglect this wonderful organization. Help out today by holding a Restaurant Night and becoming part of the Division 14 Restaurant Week. In addition to being Key Club week as designated by Key Club International, the first week of November is also known as CSH week to clubs in the New Jersey District. This year, it will be from 10/30 – 11/7. Please try to hold a Restaurant Night during that week although I understand if there are business restrictions. Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14

1. Call local restaurant (TGI Fridays, Applebee’s, Friendly’s, undraising/ etc.) and schedule an appointment with the manager 2. Drop off my Dine to Donate letter (outlines Key Club, Restaurant Nights and CSH) to restaurants. Be sure to add your president’s contact info! 3. Set up date, time, and donation percentage with manager. Notify me! Some restaurants require flyers. Please send them to me and I will forward it to the entire division as well.



project ~

On June 24th, at the Kiwanis International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Kiwanis International Board unveiled their Worldwide Service Project: The Eliminate Project. In conjunction with UNICEF, Kiwanis International plans to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by 2015. Maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) are forms of tetanus that occur either during pregnancy or shortly after birth, and claim the lives of 60,000 babies and 30,000 mothers from 40 different countries every year. Children born with neonatal tetanus suffer from painful convulsions and die weeks after birth. Mothers who did not get

vaccinated or undergo an unsafe birthing process are at risk of contracting maternal tetanus during their pregnancy. This disease is 100% fatal if not treated. Fortunately, it is also 100% preventable. Merely three doses of a vaccination can immunize a person against this disease. At 60 cents per immunization, it costs only $1.80 to save a life. Kiwanis International has set a worldwide goal of $110 million to help fight this terrible disease and to “ELIMINATE” it by 2015. With your help, we as the Kiwanis Family can save 129 million mother and their future babies. Just because The Eliminate Project is the Kiwanis Wordwide Service Project, does not mean it is exclusive to Kiwanis Clubs. As Key Club members, we should help our parent organization reach this

goal, and work towards ridding this world of one more tragic disease. For more information on this project, including videos, downloads, and more, visit the three websites provided below: The Eliminate Project Official Page: anis/en/theELIMINA TEproject/home.aspx The Eliminate Project Facebook Page: TheEliminateProject?ref=search UNICEF The Eliminate Project Page: 10/06/the_eliminate_project.html

Thank you for submitting CMRFs early. Great job for submitting August CMRFs on time!

It was great to see Chatham HS Giann Strand, 28 Millburn HS Key Club members, and 14 Union HS Key Club members at North RTCs. Thank you Union HS Key Club for sending 8 members to Central RTCs at J.P. Stevens HS. Division 14

Great job Ashley (JD) for actively calling and emailing me about upcoming events and briefing me after officer meetings. Thank you Vivienne(Union) and Bhavna(Millburn) for copying me in all emails and asking me lots of questions! Keep up the good work Mitch (Columbia) and copy me in emails to your club and Kiwanis! Thanks Annie (Chatham) for calling me back on all your weekly call days. Eric (Summit): Great job for asking your secretary to set up an OTC with me. Let’s try for a CMRF this month! Yay Brenna (Madison) and Emily for submitting CMRFs super early! Please call me or contact me at anytime.


Advocacy focus: Education

The New Jersey District of Key Club International has chosen poverty as our District Programs focus for the 20102011 service year. Each season will have a service theme to go along with the main focus, poverty. This year’s focus is something which hits close to home especially in the current economic state of our country. Fifteen major cities in New Jersey and three counties have reached critical poverty levels. One out of five New Jersey families does not earn enough to afford basic necessities such as food and housing, and 85% of these households have at least one member who is employed. Only 6% of them receive welfare. Over 738,900 people in NJ live at or below the poverty level and 575,000 children in New Jersey live in low-income households. Poverty may seem like an end but it is only a means to an end. There are a few who have refused to let their state of poverty affect their success. A few people who come to mind are Oprah Winfrey, who was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother, Chris Gardner subject of the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” and comedian Jim Carrey. The theme of education for the fall goes right along with our Governor’s Project, “Operation Educate” and the Major Emphasis Program, “Live to Learn.” In the United States, unlike other countries around the world, early, primary, and secondary educations are free. Worsened poverty has been prevented in our country simply by free education. However, the poverty stricken families in our country cannot afford the supplies needed for a proper education. How can a child do their homework without paper to write on or pencils to write with, let alone a computer to research with? How would you be able to take notes when the only thing you can afford to bring to class is yourself? How can children learn how to read without the books at home to practice with? This is where all of us mighty Key Club members come in. During the fall you can:  Collect school supplies and bring them to Fall Rally or hand them out to kids in need.  Read to young children to show that reading is fun and important.  Tutor students in your school or in other schools.  Hold a book drive and distribute the books to schools/kids. More poverty statistics can be found at the following websites:   

Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14


Mrs. Celeste Werfel Zone Administrator

Vivienne Buenaventura President of Union HS KC vivienne.buenaventura@y

Ashley Polukord President of Jonathan Dayton HS KC in Springfield

Rachel Orbach NJ District Governor governor@njkeyclub. org

Devan Corona NJ District Treasurer treasurer@njkeyclub. org

Jiayun Fang LTG Div 14

Bhavna Patny President of Millburn HS KC

Brenna Anderson President of Madison HS KC m

Eric Hermann President of Summit HS KC

Nicole Darrah NJ District Editor

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.



Mr. Barrie Werfel NJ District Administrator

Annie Monson President of Chatham HS KC

Mitch Badua President of Columbia HS in Maplewood

Kevin Sun NJ District Secretary secretary@njkeyclub. org

Shivam Patel NJ District Webmaster webmaster@njkeyclu

Division 14 September Newsletter  
Division 14 September Newsletter  

Hope you have had a great start to the notoriously hectic month of September. In this special Back to School Edition of my newsletter, I hop...