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Official Newsletter of Division 12 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International

Meissner’s Monthly Marauder!

Volume 1 Issue 4

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The Leaves Are A-Changin’

Lt.G’s Message............1 Fall Rally Recap...........2

And Fall is in the air! Dues Payment.............3 Hey Division 12, I hope you are having a splendid school year so far. I hope that Important Dates..........3 the second month of school isn’t giving you too much stress! I know YOF................................4 that things are beginning to get very busy with sports, projects, marching band ( I know many of you are very involved with the Tools for Schools..........4 marching band, because you came to my high school for a band competition), and daily homework. To top it all off, you’ve got to add service projects to the list! First of all, don’t stress! There is always much to do, but as long ass you manage your time wisely, I promise you will get it all done. Stressing out about it is not going to help. District Editor, Nicole Also, if you are having a hard time finding service projects that Darrah and Voorhees fit into your schedule, then October has the perfect solution for you. Secretary Christina Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF is a simple, effective project that doesn’t Giordano took the take up much time at all, and still makes a big difference. Each club pictures featured in this should have recently received UNICEF boxes and distributed them at a newsletter. meeting earlier this month. Whether you are want to actually go out on Halloween and Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF, or you want to keep the box sitting on your kitchen table to collect change as the days pass, you will make a big difference. Every little bit helps! LtG. Division 3 Ami Shah, District I hope you all have a lovely October, and I’d like to remind you Governor Rachel Orbach, and me! to take some time to appreciate the changing leaves and crisp autumn air! Yours in caring and service,

Aimee Meissner


Fall Rally leadership As many of you may know, this year’s Fall Rally came with a lofty goal. The New Jersey District Board wanted to reach 3,000 attendees this year, because in we have always come close to reaching this number. However, we’ve never broken it. At our August board meeting, each Lieutenant Governor met with District Treasurer Devan Corona to go over our divisional goals for Fall Rally. The goal for Division 12 was 135 attendees. I am proud to say that we surpassed that goal with over 160 members from Division 12! The day started off with an hour long general session in one of the park’s arenas. Several guests spoke including Aimee Mansu, Presidents and CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, and Ruth Dekker from the Food Bank of New Jersey. The session was a lot of fun, and very informative. And, once the session was over, we were let loose in the park! I believe that Fall Rally was a great success this year, and I am very thankful to all who came. Unfortunately, we did not reach our goal this year, but what really counts is the support of your District. We continue to hold the largest percentage gathering of Key Clubbers in all of Key Club International, and it is all thanks to your pride and dedication to our mighty New Jersey District. So, even if you couldn’t make it out this year, get keep in mind next year’s Fall Rally, and don’t miss it!



caring character building The stands filled with 2,500 Excited Key Clubbers!

The pre-session District Board huddle

KEY CLUB Division 12 newsletter

Dues Payement By District Treasurer, Devan Corona

At the 2010 New Jersey Key Club District Convention, a dues increase was unanimously passed by the House of Delegates. The Delegation, made of Key Clubbers throughout the state, agreed upon a goal to keep convention costs low in order to allow more members to attend and to allow the New Jersey District to grow with a larger operating budget. The increase was designed with these goals in mind therefore the one dollar ($1) increase is split into two categories. Half of the increase will go to defray the cost of attending District Convention and the other half will help fund and grow our mighty New Jersey District. The increase will take effect for this year’s dues cycle; therefore dues will no longer be set at $11 when you pay this November. As stated in the amendment, the new dues breakdown will be as follows: • $6.50 collected by Key Club International • $5.50 collected by the New Jersey District • Up to $5.50 collected by individual clubs This brings the total cost of dues in the range of $12-$17.50 depending on how much your club decides to charge. The New Jersey District is recommending for each club charge four dollars ($4) as their membership fee, bringing the total cost to a reasonable $16. If you have any questions on the dues increase or dues payment in general, please contact the New Jersey District Treasurer, Devan Corona, at


Very Important Dates! 11/1- Early Bird Dues Payment 11/10- Club Monthly Report Forms due for the month of October 12/1- Dues are due to International


Always keep these dates handy!



Youth Opportunities Fund Is your dream service project just out of reach? Do you have it all planned out and the man-power to execute it but you lack the funds? Maybe you would like to help local children through education or the elderly through recreation. There are thousands of great service projects out there and the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) can help your turn your dream to a reality. The Fund is all about financial support. Your club can be awarded anywhere from $200 to $2000 of assistance for your project. But now you might be thinking, “If someone is just giving out money, there must be strings attached.” There really aren’t; The Youth Opportunities Fund is such a simple process. All you have to do is plan, apply, and complete your project. With those three steps, you’ll be on your way to one of the most successful projects ever! So you have your project idea, where do you go from here? Start with detailed planning to determine if the YOF is even needed to fund the project. Being economical can eliminated many wasteful costs. If you

have already planned and your club still cannot fund the entire project, apply for YOF immediately. Don’t be nervous to apply. Even though you have International competition, the YOF is one of the most under-utilized resources Key Club has to offer. Very few people apply so if you enter properly, your chances of winning are pretty good. Also, there is more than one winner. The Committee picks the projects on an individual basis not in competition against one another. The application deadline is October 15th and there is only one funding cycle per year. If you miss out your project may have to go on hold. Start by checking out the Youth Opportunities Fund Webpage where you can find previous winning projects and the application. The application is only two pages long and easy to complete, but here are some tips on entry. Make an effort to partially fund your project without

the YOF grant; the committee loves to see that you have put effort into funding the project by yourselves. A precise project timeline and detailed line item budget should be included so the committee knows you are committed to the project and have a solid plan of execution. They only want to fund responsible clubs! The final tip is a detailed application. Chose to be more specific rather than less, the committee that chooses winners does not know your area’s needs. Make sure they understand why this project is vital to your community. With all of that said it is time for you to go out and make your dream a reality. Take your service project idea and run with it; you will end up impacting the lives of so many people. Remember the deadline for application is October 15th, so have your application in way before that. It’s better to be early than late because the mail got lost. I wish you all good luck with the Youth Opportunities Fund, now go out there and get it done!

Important Contacts Aimee Meissner Lieutenant Governor

Tools for Schools Results!

Rachel Orbach District Governor

Kevin Sun District Secretary

As many of you know, at this year’s Fall Rally, the New Jersey District held a Tools for Schools drive. I am proud to say that we collected 1,156 pounds of school supplies! This doesn’t even include the bags of supplies that we took home after the truck left. This is really a great accomplishment and you should all be proud. Don’t forget to include the Tools for Schools collection in your monthly report if you participated. This also counts as a part of the Governor’s Project, Operation Educate. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Aimee Meissner a Kiwanis-family member


Devan Corona District Treasurer

Nicole Darrah District Editor

Helene Meissner Zone Administrator

Barrie Werfel District Administrator

Division 12 Newsletter 4  

In this issue! LtG. Division 3 Ami Shah, District Governor Rachel Orbach, and me! Official Newsletter of Division 12 of the New Jersey Distr...

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