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High Point ~ Hackettstown ~ Vernon ~ Pope John ~ Mount Olive ~ Sparta ~ Sussex Vo-Tech

May 2010

Volume 1 Issue 2

Hiya Division 21! To start off, I cannot even conjure the right words up that describe how proud I am of you all. We were the only division out of the 21 divisions to collect 100% of CMRFs in on time! That is amazing, especially since we are only at the beginning of the service year. Let’s continue that wonderful pattern! Also, we have collected 6/7 club rosters from our division. That is simply astounding as well. We are shining so brightly right now and I cannot thank you all enough. From May 15-16, I attended my first May Board meeting as a lieutenant governor. Everyone there was so proud of our division for our early accomplishments. There I also acquired new information that will be in this newsletter for you to see. I ask that you please read everything because everything is vital. I want you all to be informed and none of you to be left behind.

In this scroll Message from your LTG and Save the Date ..... 1 The New Division 21: 2010-2011……..……….2 Officers Training Conferences and Presidents Council Meetings....................... 3

Last Sunday was the Spring North RTC and I was so pleased to see that three clubs of Division 21 were represented: 3 from High Point, 2 from Hackettstown, and 4 from Sparta. You all are off to a wonderful start! Remember, if you did not attend this one, you are required to attend the Fall RTC for the North. See page 7 for more information.

Unveiling of Themes and Focuses ......................4-6

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I would like to begin holding PCMs and OTCs before the summer begins and you all escape me for a couple months. Please check out pages 3 and 7 for that information.

Important Reminders . 8

Future Events... ............ 7

District Contacts ......... 9

As always, if you have any questions, want to chat, or are bored and lonely and want to hang out, I’m only a phone call away! See you all soon! Yours in Caring and in Service,

Gabrielle Gutierrez Lieutenant Governor of Division 21

Save the Date! May 26th: OTC @ Vernon HS, (3 pm) OTC @ Sparta HS (6 pm) May 27th: OTC @ High Point HS (3 pm) June 3rd: OTC @ Sussex Vo-Tech (3 pm) June 5th: SAT June 9th: OTC @ Sparta Panera Bread (for Pope John; 4 pm) June 10th: CMRFs for the month of May are due June 12th: ACT June 13th: PCM @ Chatterbox Restaurant in Augusta @ 5 pm

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Drum Roll Please… Introducing: The New Division 21 of the 2010-2011 Service Year—you guys!

Congratulations for all of your newly elected positions! I am so proud of you for having the confidence, dedication, and leadership to participate in Key Club at the Executive Officer level. Here’s a shout out to you all and your newly elected positions:




Alec Gear (High Point) Maysa Bhat (Hackettstown) Raghunandan Avula (Hackettstown) Anna Plavnicky (Sussex Vo-Tech) Emily Quirk (Pope John) Jeffery Earl (Sparta) Sylvia Rusnak (Vernon) Kristen Greco (Mount Olive)

Johnathan Hinrichs (Hackettstown)

Brianne Lechner (Hackettstown) Bianca Giudici (Pope John) Krista Shugart (Sparta) Megan Logue (Vernon) Chantal McStay (Mount Olive)

Historians: Angelika Nitzl (Hackettstown) Builder’s Club Liaison: Mohamad Nayal (Hackettstown)

Vice Presidents:

K-Family Relations:

Jared Alosio (High Point) Garrett Maternick (Hackettstown) Mohammad Malik (Sussex Vo-Tech) Taylor McCourt (Pope John) Melissa Rogers (Sparta) Brittani Hetyei (Vernon) Jenna Gaffney (Mount Olive)

Jamile Huq (Hackettstown)


David Pauls (High Point) Danielle DeGraw (Hackettstown) Matt Frazita (Sussex Vo-Tech) Nicole Fishtein (Pope John) Jacob Frieling (Sparta) Philip Kochman (Vernon) Mackenzie Alameda (Mount Olive)

Brandon Werner (High Point) Aldina Mesic (Hackettstown) Victoria Trucksess (Hackettstown) Matt Paulik (Sussex Vo-Tech) Melissa Sapol (Pope John) Jeff Petescia (Sparta) Justin Mattice (Sparta) Ariel Clouse (Vernon) Gina Tierney(Mount Olive)

Fundraising Chair: Katharine Fredricksen (Sparta) Treasurers:

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Officers Training Conferences and Presidents Council Meetings As mentioned in my previous newsletter, Officers Training Conferences (OTCs) are a training of all executive officers by me at your school or another coordinated location. Because it is my goal to have you all trained before summer begins and you all escape me, trainings will start immediately and I am asking for all of your full attention and cooperation in scheduling dates/times/places for your club’s OTC to take place. The following clubs have already been scheduled: Wednesday, May 26th: OTC @ Vernon Twp. HS (3 pm) OTC @ Sparta HS (6 pm)


Thursday, May 27th: OTC @ High Point HS (3 pm) Thursday, June 3rd: OTC @ Sussex Vo-Tech (3 pm) Wednesday, June 9th: OTC @ Sparta Panera Bread for Pope John HS (4 pm)


Presidents Council Meetings are essential as well. They are how clubs find out about District opportunities and what’s going on in all the other NJ Key Clubs. They are also crucial in establishing communication between you guys and me. Since I want to maintain strong communication, the first PCM will commence at once, taking place Sunday, June 13th at the Chatterbox in Augusta, NJ at 5 pm. Please contact me if you are unable to attend this. I will email you all regardless to confirm this date. If you as a President cannot attend, please send your Vice President. I am also planning a PCM once a month during the summer. That way, we will build strong ties with one another and it will make it easier to hold division-wide projects when we all know each other and are friends.

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Unveiling of New Themes and Focuses

After attending the May Board Meeting—one of the many meetings where all 21 Lieutenant Governors who represent each of the 21 regions of NJ come together along with the District Administrator, Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, Editor, and Zone Administrators. During the meeting, all of the Lieutenant Governors share how their clubs are doing and work on Key Club NJ District-wide projects and committees. In our case, I am representing Division 21: High Point, Sussex Vo-Tech, Hackettstown, Sparta, Pope John, Vernon, and Mount Olive. To make a long story short, at the meeting, many new themes of committees and programs were unveiled! Below is a list of most of them. Look over them to get your juices flowing and plan ahead for service projects in your club that will pertain to these! District Project Steering: Children’s Specialized Hospital The New Jersey District of Key Club International has chosen Children’s Specialized Hospital as its District Project for the fifth year in a row! The hospital is the largest pediatric rehabilitative center in New Jersey. CSH never refuses a child due to lack of payment. The current district fundraising goal is $75,401.65 (7 for 7 days a week of constant service to CSH, 5 for 5th year of NJ Key Club providing service to CSH, 401 for the 401 thousand dollars NJ Key Club will have raised at the end of five years if the goal is reached, and 65 for the 65 years of the NJ Key Club District) and the service goal is 15,700 hours. (100 hours from each of the 157 clubs in the New Jersey District) International Programs: March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, & UNICEF March of Dimes: The goal set for March of Dimes this year is $3,000 in efforts to improve the health of babies, prevent birth defects, and preventing premature birth and infant mortality. Children’s Miracle Network: NJ Key Club will be working with CMN to help save the lives of children by raising funds and awareness for children’s hospitals and foundations throughout the world. CMN raises fund for more than 170 children’s hospital and provides research, education, and outreach programs that keep millions of kids out of the hospitals each year. UNICEF: The NJ District of Key Club has established a goal of $33,190.25 to raise for UNICEF (33 for the 3.3 million of infants who die during the first month of birth, 190 for the 190 countries UNICEF serves, and 25 for the 25,000 children who die from treatable causes) The organization provides free compulsory quality education for all children as well as evidence-based child survival, nutrition, environmental interventions, protection from violence, abuse, and exploitation. UNICEF also works to improve the health, nutrition, and other key social outcomes for children through fundraisers such as Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Major Emphasis Program: Live 2 Learn Because MEP is a program sponsored by Key Club International that changes every two years, we will be focusing of Live 2 Learn again this year! Live 2 Learn is the focus on improving children’s grades, teaching children to give back to their community, and sparking creativity, development, and growth. Throughout the year, these goals will be achieved through mentoring/tutoring children and raising money/donating school supplies to needy schools/children. District Programs: Combating Poverty District Programs, which focuses on other issues besides the District Project and MEP, will focus on the problem of poverty this year. It will consist of both advocacy (speaking on behalf of others) and district service (the fundraising and service needed to help others) to fulfill our set goals. Through educating and service, we hope to combat the issue of poverty by having hunger strikes, volunteering at food pantries/soup kitchens, holding clothes and food drives, and other donations/service.

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Unveiling of New Themes and Focuses (Continued) Public Relations: Written by Co-Chairpersons Nicole Darrah and Brian Cheung

The Public Relations Committee was formerly known as the District Relations Committee‌ until it was changed back in the 2009-2010 service year. The general idea of this committee is simple: Publicize + Build + Inform = Public Relations. Throughout the service year, this committee is assigned to create PowerPoints and videos, contact the local media, write articles, create brochures, and to overall publicize Key Club and its work in any way possible. We cannot do what we do without YOU, the members of this organization! It takes work on our part, but it’s a very simple thing for you to do. Why do you love Key Club? What makes Key Club so great? What does Key Club give to you? Instead of answering these questions in your head, answer them by telling your friends! By letting your friends know all about the wonderful thing that is Key Club, you are doing exactly what this committee entails: publicizing! If you have any questions or comments about the Public Relations Committee, contact co-chairs Nicole Darrah ( or Brian Cheung (!

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Unveiling of New Themes and Focuses (Continued) The Jersey Key: Getting Psychedelic with Service! The Jersey Key is the official publication of the NJ District of Key Club International, created by the District Editor, Nicole Darrah, and is published three times a year. This year’s theme is “Getting Psychedelic with Service.” The first publication will take place in September. Below is a letter from the Editor, asking you (yes, you!) for what you want to see in The Jersey Key as well as any other submissions, artwork, written work, photography, or special announcements, including an “Outstanding Member/Advisor” from your club.

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Future Events These are all events that aren’t coming up for awhile, but that’s shouldn’t stop you from getting pumped up for them! They’ll approach quicker than you think! International Convention: The collection of paperwork and first payments for International Convention 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee has been collected already. You all know your agenda already: July 4-12, over a week of sightseeing, museum-going, rollercoaster riding, concert-playing, and Key Club fun! The 2011 International Convention will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. If you couldn’t attend this year’s ICON but would love to go next year—here’s the advanced notice to start saving and planning for this Key Club trip of a lifetime! Fall RTC (North) If you haven’t attended the Spring North RTC last weekend at Morris Knolls High School, it is imperative you attend this Fall Northern RTC being held at Millburn HS. Unfortunately, this is a greater distance than Morris Knolls, but if you chose not to come to the Spring RTC, it is mandatory you attend this one. More details will follow soon regarding times and directions. It will take place on Saturday, September 25th. If for some reason, you cannot attend this one, you will have to go out of your way to attend either the South or Central RTC. They are your last options! Fall RTC (Central) The Fall Central RTC will take place on Sunday, September 26th at JP Stevens HS Fall RTC (South) The Fall South RTC will take place on Sunday, September 19th at Central Regional HS. Fall Rally Fall Rally is an awesome gathering of over a thousand Key Clubbers from all over New Jersey who come together at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ to get pumped up for the new service year! It will take place on Sunday, October 10th. More details and costs/forms will follow shortly. Even though it is not until October, it is vital you begin planning for how your club will go about this. If you wait until school begins again in September, it might be hard for you to gain approval for a bus since your Boards of Education will not meet for awhile. Start having your club members save money, talk to your school’s administration, and plan early. That way, when the fall comes around, you don’t have to worry about getting your Key Club field trip approved and you can ease into Six Flags without any anxiety.

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Important Reminders UPCOMING DATES: As you may have noticed, there aren’t many important Key Club days coming up since summer is now approaching. A lot of times, clubs fall out of the loop because of the long summer gap and it’s hard to get back to things come September. We realize many of you guys are inactive during the summer However that does not mean your responsibility as a Key Clubber and Executive Officer ends. You are still responsible for: 

Completing CMRFs for the months of June, July, and August: Even if your club is inactive. Simply leave the “service and hours” section blank, but specify PCMs, OTCs, and anything else Key Club related. Attending PCMs and OTCs coordinated by me: To enhance our communication, I will be holding monthly PCMs during the summer (one in June, one in July, and one in August) Presidents and/or Vice Presidents, you are required to attend these. I will try to come up with a date that is acceptable to all of you. If you missed your club’s OTC, you are responsible to meet with me over the summer to coordinate a training time. Preparing to attend the Fall RTC: As you know, the Spring RTCs ended this weekend. That means you are responsible to attend the Fall North RTC in Millburn to be trained. If you cannot make the North RTC, it is up to you to travel to the Central RTC or South RTC.

May 26th: OTC @ Vernon HS (3pm) OTC @ Sparta HS (6pm) May 27th: OTC @ HPRHS (3 pm) June 3rd: OTC @ Sussex Vo-Tech (3 pm) June 5th: SATs June 9th: OTC @ Sparta Panera Bread for PJHS (4 pm) June 10th: CMRFs for the month of May are due June 12th: ACTs June 13th: PCM @ Chatterbox at 5 pm in Augusta, NJ

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District Contacts

Lieutenant Governor of Division 21 Gabrielle Gutierrez District Administrator Mr. Barrie Werfel Kiwanis Club of Livingston

Zone Administrator Mr. Stephen Gandley Kiwanis Club of Hackettstown

Treasurer Devan Corona

Governor Rachel Orbach

Secretary Kevin Sun


Webmaster Shivam Patel

Editor Nicole Darrah

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Division 21 May Newsletter  

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