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Official Newsletter of Key Club International – New Jersey District – Division 15 Dickinson | County Prep | Union City | McNair | A. Harry Moore | Lincoln Volume 1 Issue 2

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Hello Division 15! I am pleased to say that we are off to an amazing start for this service year. Although clubs we will have a large break from school during summer vacation, we should end this service year with one last project. Whether it is a simple event such as cleaning school grounds or a lemonade sale, cherish every moment and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Also, make an attempt to celebrate the successful ending of one service year while welcoming another to give the seniors a proper farewell while motivating underclassmen to be dedicated Key Clubbers come September On May 23, 2010, the Northern Regional Training Conference for the spring was held at Morris Knolls High School in Rockaway, New Jersey. I was pleased to see various officers from our division in attendance at the conference. For those who were unable to attend, there are other conferences planned for the fall, the next training conference for our region will be held on September 25, 2010 at Milburn High School in Millburn, NJ. I hope all officers plan ahead of time to attend the event as it truly is an enthralling experience in which you are able to attend workshops led by the District Board. As a division, our primary focus is on the dance planned on Saturday June 12, 2010. The more attendees we have, the better the event will be. With the relentless help and support of the officers from William L. Dickinson High School, the event is set to be triumphant. As always, if any questions or problems arise, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m always open to speaking about key club related topics so if there ever is a concern which you believe I should be aware of, feel free to contact me.

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Yours in Caring and Service,

Harsh Swaminarayan Lieutenant Governor – Division 15 LTG Contact Information: Harsh Swaminarayan

(H) 201-459-0007 (C) 201-839-7742

Divisional Officer/General Member of the Month! As a new incorporation to my newsletters, I have decided to add a ‘Divisional Officer/General Member of the Month’ section, to recognize individuals in our division who have gone above and beyond expectations in serving their homes, schools and communities as we well setting an example for others to follow. Although the winners for June are both from Dickinson High School,. I hope officers/members from other clubs in the division use this as motivation because ANYONE can be selected to receive this honor!

OFFICER I am pleased to announce that the Officer of the Month for Division 15 is the Vice-President of the Key Club of William L. Dickinson High School, Ritesh Patel! After being elected to serve as the Vice-President in Late April, I have worked with Ritesh on many things, each one giving me determining he truly sets an example for the Key Clubbers of Dickinson High School. Whether it is his ability to work closely with each officer or skill and knowledge to back up the President, Ritesh has truly demonstrated what it means to be a good officer but more importantly, what it means to be a good Vice-President. Just recently, he attended the Northern Regional Training Conference at Morris Knolls High School, collecting valuable information on bettering himself as a Vice-President and learning important ways to successfully lead. Other than fulfilling his duties as Vice-President, Ritesh has been of great assistance in planning the CSH Dance. Whether it was making random drives to the restaurant to speak with the manager regarding details or promoting the event to have more people attend, he has truly done it all. Which is why it is my honor to name Ritesh Patel the Division 15 Key Clubber of the month for June 2010 for his outstanding showmanship and his ability to set an example for others to follow.


General Member As Kiwanis International President Paul Palazzolo once said, “The general member is the most important part of any Key Club.” In essence, every single person throughout the 250,000 members Key Club International has throughout the world has been a general member at some point in their life. Whether they hold a club officer position, a district board position or an international board position, every single person has started off as a general member. After witnessing this outstanding general member’s dedication throughout the 2009-2010 Service Year and continued participation and dedication throughout the beginning of the 20102011 Service Year, I am pleased to announce that the General Member of the Month for June 2010 is Dhaval Patel, sophomore from William L. Dickinson High School. Over the past few months, Dhaval has been a quiet and soft-spoken presence through club meetings and events. He has attended every meeting since September and deserves to be recognized for his devotion to his home, school, community but most importantly, to Key Club.

KEY CLUB Division 15 Newsletter

Division 15 CSH DANCE! After strenuous planning, the first event for Division 15 will be held on Saturday June 12. The dance/dinner will start at 5 pm at the extravagant Zin Lounge at 1150 Paterson Plank Road in Secaucus, NJ (07094) and will feature exquisite buffet style food, music from a live DJ and 4 hours of nonstop dancing and fun. All proceeds will be donated to the New Jersey District Project for the 2010-2011 Service Year, Children’s Specialized Hospital. Please come support the cause by attending the event which is set to include gut busting food and a dance floor that’s sure to be crowded. Tickets are going to be sold at a bargain of $25 per person, which is a small price to pay when it comes to a night of enjoyment but most importantly, charity. If you are interested in learning more about the event or simply have questions, feel free to contact me using the information provided on the first page of this newsletter. I hope to see everyone there so that we can start the service year off properly and come together as a division.



District Committees At the beginning of each service year, the Governor has the responsibility of placing each board member on a standing committee in which the chosen will serve on and focus on throughout the year. The following is a list of the committees, their respective chairpersons and a brief description as well as fundraising goals of the committee.

Public Relations Committee – Co-Chairpersons Nicole Darrah and Brian Chueng The Public Relations Committee was formerly known as the District Relations Committee… until it was changed back in the 2009-2010 service year. The general idea of this committee is simple: Publicize + Build + Inform = Public Relations. Throughout the service year, this committee is assigned to create PowerPoints and videos, contact the local media, write articles, create brochures, and to overall publicize Key Club and its work in any way possible. We cannot do what we do without YOU, the members of this organization! It takes work on our part, but it’s a very simple thing for you to do. Why do you love Key Club? What makes Key Club so great? What does Key Club give to you? Instead of answering these questions in your head, answer them by telling your friends! By letting your friends know all about the wonderful thing that is Key Club, you are doing exactly what this committee entails: publicizing! If you have any questions or comments about the Public Relations Committee, contact co-chairs Nicole Darrah ( or Brian Cheung (!

District Project Steering – Co-Chairpersons Chris Godshall and Ami Shah After Children’s Specialized Hospital was selected to be the district project for the 2010-2011 service year for the 5th straight year, the committee got to work. Split up as two subcommittees (fundraising and service), the committee has set two goals for the service year. A fundraising goal of $75, 401.65, the 7 is for 7 days a week of relentless service to CSH, 5 for the CSH’s 5 th year as the NJ District Project, 401 for the $401,000 NJ Key Club will have raised at the end of five years if the goal is reached and 65 for the 65th annual District Convention in April of 2011. If you have any questions regarding the committee or the district project, feel free to contact co-chairs Chris Godshall ( or Ami Shah (

District Programs Committee – Co-Chairpersons Kevin Sun and Julia Dickhaus The district programs this committee is focusing on the problem of poverty for the 2010-2011 Service Year. Using both the tools of advocacy (speaking on behalf of others) and district service to fight poverty, the committee has set lofty goals for the service year. Thought education and service, the District Programs Committee hopes to battle poverty by volunteering at local soup kitchens, holding clothing and food drives and by other various means of donations/service. If you have any questions regarding the committee or need ideas on how you can help, please contact co-chairs Kevin Sun ( or Julia Dickhaus (

International Programs Committee – Co-Chairpersons Jared Greene and Harsh Swaminarayan The International Programs Committee is responsible for the Key Club International Partners of Service (UNICEF, March of Dimes and Children’s Miracle Network), the Major Emphasis Program (Live 2 Learn) and International Convention/Key Leader. The committee has set fundraising goals for the service partners, for March of Dimes the goal is $3,000 while the goal set for UNICEF is $33, 190.25. The 33 represents the 3.3 million babies dying each year in their first month of birth, 190 for the amount of countries UNICEF has programs in and the 25 for the 25,000 babies who die preventable deaths each day. If you have any questions regarding this committee, the service partners, the major emphasis program, International Convention or Key Leader, feel free to contact CoChairpersons Jared Green ( or Harsh Swaminarayan (


KEY CLUB Division 15 Newsletter

Important Contacts District Governor Rachel Orbach

District Secretary Kevin Sun

District Treasurer Devan Corona

District Editor Nicole Darrah

Zone Administrator Stephen Gandley

District Webmaster Shivam Patel

District Administrator Barrie Werfel

Lieutenant Governor Division 15 Harsh Swaminarayan

Visit the NJ District Key Club Website at: 5

Division 15 June Newsletter  

by Harsh Swaminarayan

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