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Volume 1 Issue 2

In this issue! A Message For You…1

A MESSAGE FOR YOU! Hello Key Clubbers! It’s been an awesome first almost two months! Everyone has been doing great! All I ask, is please turn in your fully completed rosters! It’s necessary to turn them in for a successful service year, and I know we all want that! We’re getting so close! Also, please inform your secretaries of CMRFs (Due the 10th of each month!) They are coming up very soon! One more important thing: communication. It’s another part of being the most successful division we can be. Email or call me whenever you’d like! Even

if it’s just for updates on your club because I’d love to find out what you guys are doing! Please respond to everything I send out, even if it’s just informing me that you received something! Thank you to all the clubs that have done this. As always, feel free to contact me in anyway if you have any comments, problems, or concerns! Yours in Caring and Service,

Ami Shah Ami Shah Lieutenant Governor Division 3 .

Contact me at (C): 856 – 534 - 7063

District Focuses……….2 Kiwanis 5K Walk………3 Public Relations….....…4 Fall Rally….…………….5 Committee Chairs……6 Events and Important Info………………………7 Important Contacts…..8

District Project Goals Children Specialized Hospital Fundraising: 75, 401. 65 7: Constant Service 7 days a week 5: 5th year of service 401: the thousands of dollars that will be raised if this goal is reached 65: commends the 65th year of the New Jersey District Service: 15,700 hours 100 hours for the 157 clubs in the New Jersey District

Service Partners UNICEF Goals: $33,190.25

33: 3.3 million babies every month 190: number of countries UNICEF works with 25: 25,000 children that die from avoidable causes each year

March of Dimes: $3,000 Children’s Miracle Network

Major Emphasis Program Live 2 Learn Giving the necessary education to young children

An announcement from the public relations committee!

The Public Relations Committee was formerly known as the District Relations Committee‌ until it was changed back in the 2009-2010 service year. The general idea of this committee is simple: Publicize + Build + Inform = Public Relations. Throughout the service year, this committee is assigned to create PowerPoints and videos, contact the local media, write articles, create brochures, and to overall publicize Key Club and its work in any way possible. We cannot do what we do without YOU, the members of this organization! It takes work on our part, but it’s a very simple thing for you to do. Why do you love Key Club? What makes Key Club so great? What does Key Club give to you? Instead of answering these questions in your head, answer them by telling your friends! By letting your friends know all about the wonderful thing that is Key Club, you are doing exactly what this committee entails: publicizing! If you have any questions or comments about the Public Relations Committee, contact co-chairs Nicole Darrah ( or Brian Cheung (!

3,000 Members. 13 Roller Coasters. One Fall Rally. By: Neepam Shah LTG Division 19 That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be Singing the Songs of Service at its annual Fall Rally at the thrill-inducing Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, fighting to win the Spirit Stick, and watching an amazing celebrity look-alike contest. However, the fun doesn’t end there! Once the short and fun-filled session ends, you have the day to roam the park as you wish. Fight your fears of the dark by going on Skull Mountain, or attempt to conquer the beast as you undertake a front-row experience of El Toro. The possibilities are endless! This year, Fall Rally costs only $32 if you get your payment in by October 1st! If payment comes in late, it costs $37. Regardless, you are getting admission into the park for almost half of the regular price. Of course, if you are a season pass holder, the cost of Fall Rally is a mere $6. Presidents and advisors, start talking to your schools and Boards Of Education now about arranging transportation to Fall Rally, since things are difficult to schedule once school starts again in the fall. All officers, start promoting this wonderful event to all of your clubs. And, last not but not least, general members, start getting excited to attend this phenomenal event. If you are having issues arranging transportation for Fall Rally, contact either your Kiwanis Club, who would be glad to help you get transportation to this event, or your Lieutenant Governor, who is equipped with materials that can guide you through any logistical problem you may have in attending Fall Rally.

Committee Chairs Standing Committees District Project Steering Ami Shah & Chris Godshall

Public Relations Nicole Darrah & Brian Cheung

International Programs Jared Greene & Harsh Swaminarayan

District Programs Julia Dickhaus & Kevin Sun

Special Events Committees Regional Training Conferences Meagan Koch & Thuyvan Luu

Fall Rally Programs Sami Fiorino

Fall Rally Registration Devan Corona

Important information



President Council Meetings – important that all Presidents/club officers attend! These meeting allow them to be aware of what is going out regarding everything in the division! First PCM will be announced once contact with all clubs been achieved. One will be held at the end of June!

Important Events! Regional Training Conferences (South): Where? Central Regional High School


Officer Training Conferences – all officers must be trained by their Lieutenant Governor of their Division. Once clubs have had their elections and the club rosters have been completed, I will personally come to visit your club and train the club’s officers. Look out for emails regarding your corresponding date!

When? Saturday, September 25th 9 a.m. to 1: 30 p.m. Mandatory for all officers General Members are encouraged to come!


Roster INCLUSIVENESS Collection and CMRFs Conventions.

The requirements for Key Club membership are set forth in the Bylaws of Key Club Internati school and community and wishes to provide service to others.


important to send fully Every Key Club elects its own officers annually. A president, one or completed rosters to me at more vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, and an editor are elected each year. The club is organized into committees, which are responsible and send for planning and implementing the club’s service projects, social CMRFs outdevelopment. ON TIME! Remember activities, and leadership To be successful, it is important the every Key Club member find a role in the club. IS KEY! COMMUNICATION CARING:


Each Key Club has the autonomy to select and plan its own service projects. However, members unite to make an international impact under the banner of the Major Emphasis Program, Children: Their Future Our Focus. There are two components to the MEP: Service Partners and the Service Initiative. Partnered with Key Club




Rachel Orbach District Governor

Kevin Sun District Secretary

Devan Corona District Treasurer

Nicole Darrah District Editor

Other Important Contacts

Mr. Barrie Werfel District Administrator

Ami Shah Lieutenant Governor of Division 3 (C): 856 – 534 - 7063

Mrs. Susan Andris Zone Administrator

a Kiwanis-family member

Shivam Patel District Webmaster

Division 3 June Newsletter  

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