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KEY CLUB The Official Newsletter of Division 7 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International Manasquan / Ocean / Asbury Park / Wall / St. Rose / Monmouth Regional

Tom’s Tribune

Volume 1 Issue 4

Your Source for All things Key Club In this issue!

Are you ready? Hello Everybody, I hope this newsletter finds you all well. As we complete the summer work we promised ourselves we wouldn’t procrastinate on, this is also the time that we need to start thinking about the upcoming school year and, in the process, Key Club. That’s right. School is a few mere weeks away. Now is the time to gain all the information you will need for this next year. That’s why all officers should be attending my President’s Council Meeting (PCM) this upcoming Sunday, August 22nd, at Panera Bread in Ocean Township from 4PM until 5PM. In addition, all Monmouth Re-

H gional officers will be having their OTC beforehand, starting at 3:30. I appreciate the fact that you’re all communicating better. This issue of my newsletter contains information about Fall RTCs, Fall Rally, as well as much, much, more! Take a couple minutes to read and remember this information for this upcoming school year. Thanks for all of your hard work! -Tom

Tom Kraeutler •

LTG’s Message ............1 Fall Rally........................2 Key Leader ..................3 March of Dimes...........4 Unicef ...........................4 Fall RTCs........................5 Important Dates..........6 Final Notes ...................6


Fall Rally By Neepam Shah, LTG Division 19

3,000 Key Clubbers. 13 Roller Coasters. 1 Fall Rally. Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, cheering to win the Spirit Stick, and are getting excited to perform an amazing year of service. That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be holding their annual Fall Rally at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Be a part of a record 3,000 attendees, as we Sing the Songs of Service to celebrate the start of what is shaping up to be one of the best year’s the New Jersey District of Key Club has had in a while! Here are five reasons why this year’s Fall Rally will be place to be on October 10th: •Dress up as your favorite musician to participate in our celebrity look-alike competition and you could win a gift basket •You’ll get to cheer for your division as you compete to win the coveted Spirit Stick. •Keynote speaker Amy Mansue, the CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, will be speaking on the importance of our service to CSH. •Tools4Schools will be holding a school supplies collection drive for students in under privileged schools. •You’ll have the chance to brave some of the world’s greatest coasters for a price lower than regular admission! Registration is only $32 for non-Season Pass Holders and $6 for Season Passholders! Clubs who register early will receive a free buss parking pass upon request. Any club that registers early will also receive one (1) free advisor ticket. Finally, any early registrants also have the offer of purchasing tickets to the luncheon. Luncheon tickets will not be offered at late registration. The early registration deadline is October 1st, 2010. Speak to your faculty advisor to sign up!

KEY CLUB Division 7 newsletter

Key Leader

SERVICE Do you have a desire to improve your leadership? Do you want to want to make new friends with similar interests as you? What if I told you that both of these will happen in the same weekend? This isn’t a lie; I’m talking about Key Leader Weekend!

Key Leader is run by Kiwanis International with the mission of providing a “life-changing experience that inspires young people to achieve their personal best through service leadership.” The weekend is designed to kick-start a lifelong process of personal leadership growth and development. The program focuses on leadership in three communities: the local community, the state/national commu-

nity, and the global community. It is a highly esteemed program in New Jersey and its greatness is directly related to the high

attendees from any school, nor do you have to be a Key Clubber to attend. Registration is $140 for all Key Club members, which includes a $25 grant from the Kiwanis International Foundation, and $165 for any non-member. Just remember to use the coupon code: NJKDF at checkout.


remarks of our District on the national level. This year, Key Leader will be held Friday, December 10th through Sunday, December 12th at Camp Lebanon in Lebanon New Jersey. It is open to students grades 9-12 from any town. There are no restrictions on the number of

Register by October 15th to ensure your spot in the program. Speak to your Lieutenant Governor (me!) about how to sign up or if you have any questions – they’re more than ready to help! See you there!



A Message from the International Programs Committee By Jiayun Fang (LTG

r a M

D f o h c

s e im

Division 14) and Sarah Noorani (LTG Division 10)

As Key Clubbers, most of us are aware that the District Project for this service year is the wonderful Children’s Specialized Hospital. However, did you know that Key Club International also partners with other service organizations around the world?

One such organization is the March of Dimes! March of Dimes is a global non-profit organization that aims to combat premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality in infants while also promoting healthier lifestyles for mothers. This great cause has been around since 1938 and has raised millions of dollars for treatments and research.

Key Clubbers have a passion for service and March of Dimes is a truly worthy cause and there are many ways you can get involved. The first step is to contact your local March of Dimes chapter and partner with them to hold a fundraiser. Any type of fundraiser can help you raise money for the cause, no matter how large or small. They can range from bake sales to car washes to dances to anything you can imagine! Additionally, your club can sell March of Dimes merchandise, such as wristbands or T-shirts, etc. The possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to get creative! March of Dimes’ largest event is the annual walk, March for Babies, so your club should definitely plan on attending. This year the fundraising goal for the NJ District is $3,000, so let’s work together to make it happen! To get more information and find a March of Dimes chapter near you, visit



Another Key Club International Service Partner is UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). This year, UNICEF launched their “I Believe in Zero” campaign. This awareness program is based on the fact that, worldwide, 25,000 children die every day from preventable causes. However, by increasing education, providing medical care, and supplying food for these children, UNICEF hopes to reduce that number to “zero”. More details on this campaign can be found at

As Key Clubbers, you play an integral part in the UNICEF fundraising process. The major fundraiser for UNICEF is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Every club in the NJ District should receive a bundle of orange boxes, stickers and other information before Halloween. Some leave the boxes in local businesses or in various rooms throughout their school. Others stick them in friend’s lockers or teachers’ mailboxes. The most common method is, of course, going around Trick-or-Treating on Halloween with the bright box in hand! Whichever way you choose, you can contribute! This year, the fundraising goal for UNICEF for the NJ District of Key Club International is $33,190.25. --3.3 million: The number of newborns worldwide dying in the first month of life is 3.3 million --190 countries that UNICEF works in --25 for 25,000 children dying every day from preventable causes. To reach this goal, we need everyone’s help so please pick up an orange box today and start Trick-or-Treating! ( ) 3

GET READY TO ROCK: Fall Regional Training Conferences 2010-2011

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK OUT WITH SERVICE? The first important step to begin a successful service year begins with being trained. All newly elected officers are required to attend Regional Training Conferences (RTCs) in order to attend sessions which will help better their leadership roles and clarify their duties in their club. We hope to also have your Advisors join us, for a workshop/meeting with Mr. Barrie Werfel, the NJ District Administrator. Also, remember that RTCs are open to general members!

Here, at RTCs, you will have the experience to meet the New Jersey District Board and attend workshops which will help you have a better understanding of your position as well as workshops that will help spice up your meetings, stir some new ideas for projects, and a great opportunity to meet new Key Clubbers! Because the board knows that we all hail from different schools that could be far away from each other, the RTCs are broken up into three parts: North, Central, and South.

This year’s RTC theme is “Rock Out with Service!” At the RTCs, you will learn how to amplify your service year, become a rockin’ leader, and let your voices be heard! The Fall RTCs will take place on the following days at these locations: Sunday, September 19th: South RTC @ Central Regional HS Saturday, September 25th: North RTC @ Millburn HS Sunday, September 26th: Central RTC @ J.P. Stevens HS

Please contact RTC Chairperson Meagan Koch ( for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Get ready to rock and make this service year your greatest hit!

Final Notes…. This edition of the newsletter, I will be using this section to provide some final notes on a multitude of topics. To begin; RTCs - Since nobody attended the Spring RTCs, all officers are required to attend the Central RTCs, located at J.P. Stevens High School on September 26th from 9AM - 1PM. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided and there is no cost to attend. OTC/PCM - If you have not been trained, I will be contacting you about scheduling an Officers Training Conference (OTC) soon. I will be holding an OTC September 22nd at 3:30 at Panera Bread in Ocean Township. Immediately following this, all officers should be attending my President’s Council Meeting (PCM), starting at 4:00 at the same location. We will be going over the upcoming school year, District Events, and Divisional Events. Fall Rally - Many of the clubs in this Division have never attended Fall Rally. Located at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ, Fall Rally is a great opportunity to have fun and learn more about Key Club in the process. You enter the park for a lesser price than regular admission, and there is even a luncheon option! This is a great opportunity, and I would like to increase the attendance within this Division Upcoming Dates

District Contacts!

August 22nd - OTC @ Panera Bread, Ocean Starts at 3:30 PM

District Administrator Mr. Barrie Werfel

District Treasurer Devan Corona

Zone Administrator Miss Kaitlin McCann

District Editor Nicole Darrah

September 10th - CMRFs Due for August

Governor Rachel Orbach

District Webmaster Shivam Patel

September 19th - South RTC (Central Regional HS) 9AM - 1PM

District Secretary Kevin Sun

Lieutenant Governor Tom Kraeutler (c) 732-865-4315

September 25th - North RTC (Millburn Senior HS) 9AM - 1PM

August 22nd - PCM @ Panera Bread, Ocean Starts at 4:00 PM

September 26th - Central RTC (J.P. Stevens HS) 9AM - 1PM Tom Kraeutler •

Div 7 Newsletter August In this issue! Manasquan / Ocean / Asbury Park / Wall / St. Rose / Monmouth Regional The Official Newsletter of Division 7...

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