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September 2010

Volume 1 Issue 6

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Hiya Division 21! Wow, so I can’t believe we are going back to school already. I’m sitting right now typing this in my hotel as I look out to the beach of Ocean City, Maryland and it’s sad that this week is our last week of summer. However, with school arriving brings in the new Key Club year and more opportunities to have fundraisers and perform service. In this newsletter, you will find TONS of inspiration for service, including the Governor’s Project, the District Programs Committee Seasonal Focuses, Tools for Schools, and other neat ideas. Also, take note of many upcoming important dates, such as the North RTCs (if you didn’t attend the Spring RTCs), and Fall Rally. Well, I hope you all enjoy the last week of summer. Finish it up on a positive note. Good luck with all of your first days of school! Yours in Caring and in Service,

Message from your LTG ............................. ……1 Accomplishments Corner……..………...2 Division 21 Fun in the Sun Day Recap………….3-4 Duties as Officers…..5 Fall RTCs………………6 Fall Rally/Tools for Schools………………..7-8 Governor’s Project…..9 District Programs: Seasonal focuses………….........10 Important Reminders…….……...11 District Contacts….....12

Gabrielle Gutierrez Lieutenant Governor of Division 21

September 10th: CMRFs for the month of August are due September 25th: North RTC @ Millburn HS October 1st: Early Registration for Fall Rally Due (due by October 10th) October 10th: Fall Rally @ Six Flags, CMRFs for the month of September are due October 15th: Registration for Key Leader is due, YOF application is due

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Accomplishments Corner Division 21 has been a leading division of the New Jersey District of Key Club International thanks to all of your hard work and dedication! All of you: whether you’re a club Secretary filling out CMRFs or a general member participating in fundraisers, you are making our service year wonderful! Here are a few out of the many reasons why you guys are so amazing:

 5/7 clubs attended the Division 21 Fun in the Sun Day  5/7 clubs attended my 2nd Presidents’ Council Meeting

CLUB THANK YOUS: Thank you, High Point: For being a helpful and great host club for my Divisional Event! Thank you, Sparta: For submitting CMRFs on time! Thank you, Mt. Olive: For submitting CMRFs on time and attending my Divisional Event, even though you are so far away! Thank you, Vo-Tech: For consistently submitting CMRFs early and attending my Divisional Event! Thank you, Pope John: For submitting CMRFs on time! Thank you, Vernon: For bringing a great turn out from your club to my Divisional Event and excellent communication!

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Name: Sylvia Rusnak HS: Vernon Position: President Grade: Senior If you looked up “leader” in a thesaurus, you would find “Sylvia Rusnak” underneath the entry as a synonym. Sylvia has been an extremely dedicated and caring member of our Division 21 family. Not only does she check up on me monthly and tell me how her club is doing, but she works to keep her club active during the summer. Vernon Key Club had the most attendees at my Division 21 Fun in the Sun Day: eight members Sylvia helped recruit herself! In the picture to the right, she was working with her Key Club in a litter clean up this summer. Great job, Sylvia! 

Thank you, Hackettstown: For submitting CMRFs early and attending my Divisional Event, even though you are so far away!

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Division 21 Fun in the Sun Day S’mores!

Sandcastle Contest! Me with IP President of Vernon, Jackie Podd!


The High Point boys weren’t afraid to swim! Page Three

Division 21

‘s CSH

Here are girls from Sussex Builder’s Club working on their cards for CSH patients. Below are some of the ones they and other members of Division 21 made.

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Duties as Officers Now with school right around the corner, your club meetings will be taking place soon and your duty as a leader and officer will begin then. Since I trained you all awhile ago, below are a little reminders to keep in mind about your positions:

Presidents:   

Attend the monthly PCMs held by me (if you cannot make one, it is your responsibility to send another officer in your place) Plan meetings ahead and communicate with your other officers Communicate with me: call me on your Call Day! (See page 11 for when your call day is!)

Vice Presidents:  

Help any officer that needs you and oversee any committees your club may have Make sure your Secretary is completing and submitting CMRFs in a timely manner

Secretaries:  

Submit CMRFs the 10th of every month Take detailed minutes, which will be used in CMRFs

Treasurers: 

Prepare to collect dues for this 2010-2011 service year o Dues: $12 ($6.50 to Key Club International, $5.50 to the NJ District) o Your club may charge up to $17.50, however, it is suggested to charge $16 o Early Bird Dues Deadline: November 1st o Regular Dues Deadline: December 1st

Take minutes and collaborate with your Secretary for information to put in newsletters Publicize upcoming events, such as Fall Rally and Key Leader Send me your newsletter! 

Editors:  

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: Fall Rally 2010 3,000 Key Clubbers. 13 Roller Coasters. 1 Fall Rally. That’s right! On October 10th, 2010, the New Jersey District of Key Club will be Singing the Songs of Service at its annual Fall Rally at the thrill-inducing Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ! Picture a beautiful October day. Now imagine it in the backdrop, reflecting over Kingda Ka’s monstrous 456-foot high peak. Finally, imagine this stunning sight in the distance, as you sit in an arena with 3,000 other Key Clubbers, fighting to win the Spirit Stick, and watching an amazing celebrity look-alike contest. However, the fun doesn’t end there! Once the short and fun-filled session ends, you have the day to roam the park as you wish. Fight your fears of the dark by going on Skull Mountain, or attempt to conquer the beast as you undertake a front-row experience of El Toro. The possibilities are endless! This year, Fall Rally costs only $32 if you get your payment in by October 1st! If payment comes in late, it costs $37. Regardless, you are getting admission into the park for almost half of the regular price. Of course, if you are a season pass holder, the cost of Fall Rally is a mere $6. Presidents and advisors, start talking to your schools and Boards Of Education now about arranging transportation to Fall Rally, since things are difficult to schedule once school starts again in the fall. All officers, start promoting this wonderful event to all of your clubs. And, last not but not least, general members, start getting excited to attend this phenomenal event. If you are having issues arranging transportation for Fall Rally, contact either your Kiwanis Club, who would be glad to help you get transportation to this event, or your Lieutenant Governor, who is equipped with materials that can guide you through any logistical problem you may have in attending Fall Rally.

By Neepam Shah, Lieutenant Governor of Division 19 Page Seven

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You are being recruited to help out with Operation Educate What: “Operation Educate” is the Governor’s Project for the 2010-2011 service year, devised by our District Governor, Rachel Orbach. Its mission is to promote service and improve children’s education throughout the state of New Jersey through interacting with children and informing them of the importance of education. It is a wonderful hands-on opportunity and enables clubs to better the lives and education of young students in their communities.

How to Help: There are countless ways to be a role model and better the education of a child. Use this list as your cheat-sheet for making a difference in a young person’s life.  

 

Book Drives: o Donate to a library or any organization willing to collect books o Donate any old text books you do not need anymore Tutoring and Reading to Students: o Establish an afterschool program or coordinate a visit to a local elementary school. A big high school-er reading The Cat in the Hat after school to a Kindergartener really makes a difference as well as tutoring a 7 th grader struggling in math! Participating in Read Across America Day: o Arrange a visit to read at an elementary school on March 2nd 2011 or even make a day out of it to promote the importance of this holiday Collecting School Supplies: o Bring tons of the15-cent notebooks from Staples and the five-for-a-dollar pencil packs with you to Fall Rally for the Tools for Schools program o Feel free to collect these supplies year-round and drop them off with me, your Lieutenant Governor

Keep a look out in your mailboxes for the Operation Educate report form and more information from Governor Rachel Orbach.

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District Programs: Seasonal Focuses Here are the seasonal focuses for the District Programs Committee to get your juices flowing for the upcoming service year and provide you with ideas to incorporate the overall focus of poverty.




Educating about Poverty



 Educate and advocate poverty to others  Use statistics and other factual information regarding poverty in the world, in New Jersey, and even in your community

 Donate or volunteer at homeless shelters  Find one near you by using http://www.homele ssshelterdirectory.or g  Hold a drive for used clothing and donate to charities such as Goodwill or Salvation Army

 Hold food drives or food wars, to make them more competitive  Have guests use cans as admission for dances or movie nights  Donate to or volunteer at local soup kitchens to help your community directly

1 in 6 people do not get enough food to be healthy. Source:

Page Page Ten Seven

Fall RTCs: Now with school beginning just days away, you will all assume your roles as officers in your Key Club. As an officer, it is essential and your duty to be trained by the NJ District. Below is a list of those who attended the Spring RTC held at Morris Knolls HS:   

Vicki Trucksess and Danielle DeGraw from Hackettstown Jeffrey Earl, Jeffrey Petescia, Jacob Frieling, and Justin Mattice from Sparta Alec Gear, Jared Alosio, and Brandon Werner from High Point

That leave many of you untrained and if you are not on that list, it is your responsibility as an officer to attend the upcoming North RTC being held at Millburn HS on Saturday, September 25th (See page 6 of this newsletter for more information) If for some reason, you cannot attend that date, it is up to you to coordinate a ride to the Central or South RTC. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding Regional Training Conferences (RTCs)

UPCOMING DATES: September 10th: CMRFs for the month of August are due September 25th: North RTC @ Millburn HS October 1st: Early Registration for Fall Rally is due (can be submitted after/at the door) October 10th: Fall Rally @ Six Flags, CMRFs for the month of September are due October 15th: YOF application due, registration for Key Leader due

ICON Recap: As you all know, I did not attend International Convention 2010 held in Memphis, Tennessee because I was studying abroad in Spain. However, it is important you all know the NJ District’s assigned International Trustee: Will Robertson from the Carolinas District. Give him a shout out at !

Division 21 Call Days High Point: First of every month (September 1st) Vernon: Second of every month (September 2nd) Sparta: Third of every month (September 3rd) Pope John: Fourth of every month (September 4th) Hackettstown: Fifth of every month (September 5th) Mount Olive: Sixth of every month (September 6th) Sussex Vo-Tech: Seventh of every month (September 7th)

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District Administrator Mr. Barrie Werfel

Secretary Kevin Sun -Raritan HS

Lieutenant Governor of Division 21 Gabrielle Gutierrez

Zone Administrator Mr. Stephen Gandley


Governor Rachel Orbach

Treasurer Devan Corona

Editor Nicole Darrah

International Trustee Will Robertson

Webmaster Shivam Patel

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Div 21 September Newsletter  

Hiya Division 21! Important Reminders…….……...11 District Programs: Seasonal focuses………….........10 DIVISION 21: High Point ~ Hackettstown ~...

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