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Crystal’s Currently Division 11, New Jersey District of Key Club International

Issue 8

December Newsletter Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I would like to apologize for all of the Generosity Rocks confusion and all of the inconvenience I might have caused. I will be attending Division 12’s Generosity Rocks event at Phillipsburgh High School this Friday and I hope to see some of you there. Some of our own Division 11 Key Clubbers will even be performing! I would like to thank everyone for keeping in good contact with me and answering my many phone calls and emails. I really appreciate your cooperation and input with all that we must do in our division.


I must start planning my division-wide event now and I am very open to ideas from all of you. I will be sending out an email soon asking for your suggestions on my own ideas and I ask that you all help me out so that we can make the event as successful as possible. We are a little overdue for another PCM so please check your emails regularly and return my phone calls so that I can pick a date that works for all of us. I wish you all luck in your Key Club endeavors and a Happy Holidays!

Things to Remember:

- Club Monthly Report Forms (CMRFs) due January 8th! - Generosity Rocks December 17th , 7 pm, at Phillipsburg High School! leadership




character building



Distinguished Officers! By LTG Neepam Shah

Every year, clubs the state over look forward to the epic Awards ceremony during the Saturday night of DCON. But, even though only a few clubs can win on Saturday Night, any club has the chance to be a winner during the Saturday Morning Awards Ceremony! That’s right, every year, outstanding club officers are recognized for their hard work and dedication to both the New Jersey District of Key Club and to Children’s Specialized Hospital! Of course, you may be asking yourself, “Am I eligible to be distinguished?” Well, if you’ve been doing your job as an officer, and have attended necessary District and Divisional events (like RTCs, OTCs, Fall Rally, and, if you’re President, PCMs), then you are certainly on the road to getting distinguished! All you have to do now is to keep up the amazing work for the remainder of your term in office! While with SATs, and, if you’re a senior, various scholarship applications, this may sometimes prove difficult, with proper time management, you can do it. Good luck and have great final few months in office!

LTG Elections By LTG Aimee Meissner

If you are an underclassman, with an unquenchable thirst for service, then perhaps you might like to consider running for Lieutenant Governor. I’ll be the first to tell you that it is a lot of work, but it is honestly the most rewarding thing you may ever have the chance to do. You will make new friendships, strengthen your leadership skills, and have the time of your life. Most importantly, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of others. Lieutenant Governors get together with the rest of the District Board, and are responsible for setting our fundraising goals, planning district events like Regional Training Conferences, Fall Rally, and District Convention, and much more. Of course, there is so much involved with being a Lieutenant Governor, too much for me to put in one article of course. However, if you are interested in running for the position of Lieutenant Governor, don’t hesitate to contact me. Lieutenant Governor Elections will be held January 11th, 2011 at Bridgewater High School. The snow date will be January 18th, 2011. I hope to see you there!

Club Visits So far I’ve visited two clubs and I enjoyed them very much! Don’t forget to invite me to events and club meetings! I am always willing to help! For those of you who have let me know of a few dates, I will try to visit as soon as possible! I would like to attend at least one large event at every school, so please keep me informed!

The future holds much for Key Club! December 17th: Generosity Rocks Concert! 7pm at Phillipsburgh High School January 11th: Lieutenant Governor Elections! Let me know of anyone thinking of running! April: District Convention! Everyday: Serve your communities and raise money for Children’s Specialized Hospital!

District Administrator Mr. Barrie Werfel

District Treasurer Devan Corona

Editor LEADERSHIP District Nicole Darrah

Zone Administrator Ms. Helene Meissner Governor Rachel Orbach District Webmaster Shivam Patel

District Secretary Kevin Sun



Thank You, Crystal Ibe LTG Division 11

Div 11 newsletter  

- Club Monthly Report Forms (CMRFs) due January 8 th ! Things to Remember: inclusiveness character building leadership Division 11, New Jers...

Div 11 newsletter  

- Club Monthly Report Forms (CMRFs) due January 8 th ! Things to Remember: inclusiveness character building leadership Division 11, New Jers...