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Hello NJ Key Club! The International Programs Committee provides Key Clubbers with information on our international service partners, preferred charities, and other organizations of our choice. This newsletter will give you ideas on how to support these organizations through service projects and fundraisers, and guidance on how to carry out these projects! Help us reach our monetary goals of raising $7,000 for Thirst Project $4,000 for UNICEF $1,000 for Children's Miracle Network $5,000 for March of Dimes collectively as the NJ District for the 2018-19 service year!

THIRST PROJECT The Thirst Project, a service partner of Key Club International, works to end the global water crisis by educating students and inspiring them to make a change. Through campaigns and fundraisers, the Thirst Project has improved many lives.

Your club can support the Thirst Project by helping them raise awareness and money for the organization. Invite guest speakers to come to meetings through their school tours,  participate in Thirsty 30,  and  host your own fundraisers to support the cause and end help end the global water crisis.

THIRSTY THIRTY AND SCHOOL TOURS This January, participate in Thirsty Thirty. Clubs will collectively commit to raise money for clean water projects, especially in Swaziland. Start by pledging to participate in Thirsty Thirty. Next, have your participants pick out an envelope with an amount of money - the number they choose is the amount they have committed to raise!  From September 17 - 21, a Thirst Project speaker is available to speak at  your club meeting. Fill out their form for a visit!

EXTRA INFO: More information on Thirsty 30 0/

School Tour info and Sign up /

Donate Money Here

UNICEF The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, a preferred charity of Key Club international, works tirelessly in 190 countries and territories to save children's lives, defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential.

There are so many ways to support UNICEF, whether it be through service projects, fundraisers, or simply raising awareness. While you can raise money and awareness for the Eliminate Project yearround, Trick or Treat for UNICEF is one great fundraiser for your club to get involved in during October!

TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF Besides Trick or Treating to raise money for this fundraiser, your club can host many Halloween-themed events. Organize a pie eating contest, a haunted house or scavenger hunts for kids in your neighborhood! If your club donates $250+ before December 31, you get a banner patch!

EXTRA INFO: Ordering boxes, donating the money raised, and more fundraising ideas for Trick or Treat for UNICEF: ELIMINATEproject/SLP/TrickortreatforU NICEF.aspx 

Information on the Eliminate Project, resources for fundraising and raising awareness, statistics and progress info: eELIMINATEproject/home.aspx

CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NETWORK The Children's Miracle Network is a nonprofit organization and preferred charity of Key Club international. They raise funds for children's hospitals to support medical care, research, and education to save the lives of countless children.

To support the Children's Miracle network, spread awareness about the progress and success of this organization in saving lives. Start fundraisers to help them accomplish their mission and work with your members on several service projects to support the children in these hospitals, such as making craft kits and puffy paint socks.

CRAFT KITS AND PUFFY PAINT SOCKS Gather supplies to go in your craft kits, such as coloring books and crayons, friendship bracelet kits, and toys and pack it in a bag to donate to your children's hospital. You can also paint designs or balls on the bottom of socks with puffy paint to make slip-resistant socks for the patients! How to make puffy paint socks   

EXTRA INFO Gift Donation/Craft Kit Ideas, Safety Instructions, Scheduling a Drop Off Date of Physical Gifts

Directly donate money or send gifts through monetary donations

Guidance for your fundraising event

MARCH OF DIMES March of Dimes, another preferred charity of Key Club, aims to raise awareness and funds for research for the prevention of premature birth.

To support March of Dimes, spreading awareness about premature birth is key. Invite guest speakers to educate your community about this cause. Hosting fundraisers to support research and the organization is also helpful, such as attending the March for Babies walks in April.  You can also collect dimes or spare change at events and club meetings throughout the year.

MARCH FOR BABIES March for Babies is a walk held by March of Dimes to raise awareness and funds for the research and prevention and premature birth. Make a team or join an existing one, and participate in these walks! Information on dates and locations will be provided by your LTGs.

EXTRA INFO Ms. Cimaglia - Can come to schools and speak about March of Dimes!

Find events in your area s-in-your-area.aspx

Donating the funds raised /support-monthly-default.aspx

CAREGIVER VOLUNTEERS OF CENTRAL JERSEY The Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing supportive service to: seniors, veterans, the elderly disabled, and individuals with dementia, enabling them to live independently and with dignity in their own homes.

To support the Caregivers, you can fundraise for them, attend an event, or become a volunteer. With various services your club can volunteer with, this is a great way to consistently serve throughout the service year. Be sure to attend orientation on the dates they are provided.  

SUPPORTING CVCJ THROUGH MONETARY DONATIONS Raising money to support all the services the Caregivers provide is a great way to support the organization. Hold car washes, bake sales, or simply collect money during club meetings to raise money for this non-profit. Your donations will fund their programs and allow them to support the community more effectively

EXTRA INFO Contact Information to invite a guest speaker to your school


Donation Link e/

YOF The Youth Opportunities Fund is an endowed fund for Key Club Intl held within the Kiwanis Intl Children’s Fund. The fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities and scholarships for members.

YOF Grants are only granted to clubs and members, with awards from $100 to $2,000. Applications are due by Oct. 15 11:59 PM, EST. They are reviewed by the Key Club board at the November meeting. Applicants are emailed of outcomes the first week of January. The club’s 2018-19 dues must be paid before YOF grant checks are issued. A YOF Final Grant Report is due at the end of the grant cycle (January 1).

IDEAS FOR THE YOF GRANT If you have an idea for a big service project but don't have the funds to support it, the HALO Grant is a great idea to get your project going. You can apply for the grant to support buying craft kit materials for the Children's Miracle Network, pay for supplies to host a Color run, or to host a large club event raising funds and awareness for a charity of your choice. 

EXTRA INFO Application information and website

Application Link https://kiwanisinternational.submitta

HALO GRANT HALO, which stands for Helping and Leading Others, is a grant opportunity from Nickelodeon. Nick has partened with Key Club to provide Key Clubbers with funds to continue their service projects.

If you plan on hosting a service project mentioned above or any other ones, you can apply for this grant to fund your project and win up to $2,500. There is a fall cycle and spring cycle, and when you first apply, a public voting page will be made. The clubs with the most votes will then be judged and grants will be awarded! More information about applying for the fall Cycle will soon be provided by your LTG.Â

IDEAS FOR THE HALO GRANTÂ The Halo Grant is another great way to support your projects financially. Start planning your events now and figure out the logistics of your projects. Figure out what resources you already have and plan around that. The grant applications for the fall cycle will be open soon!

EXTRA INFO Application information

Past winners

KIWANIS GIVES ONLINE Kiwanis Gives Online is an fundraising platform that gives donors special coupons and gifts in return. This is a great way to easily raise money for an organization or event.

If you need more assistance in raising money for your event, create this fundraising page with Kiwanis Gives Online. This tool provides more incentive for people to donate because they receive coupons and other benefits. Use Facebook and other social media platforms to share the link to your page and customize your page to better represent your cause.Â

CREATING AN ONLINE FUNDRAISING PAGE First a designated club leader should fill out the activation form, and will receive an email confirming the page with a link within 7 business days from Access Fundraising. Once the club leader has activated the page, you can customize the page and share it. There is no time limit to how long your fundraiser can run and it doesn't cost any money to make this page.

EXTRA INFO How to Build Your Page /kiwanis-gives-start

Fundraising Page Activation Form 147

PLANNING YOUR EVENT Effective planning is the key to ensuring your service project is as successful as possible and will support your cause to the fullest. Follow these suggested steps to make sure you have completely and efficiently planned your event/project. 

STAY ORGANIZED Create shared folders for your event or project to keep all relevant information in one place. Include to do lists, agendas for meetings, promotional materials and other details in this folder. Have a planner or online calendar so that your planning is on track. Include deadlines and have a timeline for how your event planning should be moving along.

KEEP STRONG COMMUNICATION Find what method of communication works for your group- emails, texts, social media etc. Use this to make sure everyone is on the same page. Have regular meetings online or in person. Talking face to face is easier to make sure everyone knows what is going on.

KEY STEPS TO PLANNING 1. Brainstorm Come up with an overall purpose of your event and assign responsibilities between members (food, decorations, promotion, communication etc).

2. Logistics Decide on important details (date, place, time) and come up with a timeline and supplies list for your planning.Â

3. Approval Make sure you have the approval of your club advisor and school administration. Show them all the logistics to increase your chances of getting your plans approved.

4. Promote Promote your event early so that people are aware of the date, place, and time. Include your purpose to motivate people to come.

5. Reflect Meet with your team and go over the pros and cons of your event for the future.

Contact the Chairpersons of the International Programs Committee with any questions, comments, or concerns!

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