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December 2014

Volume 68 Issue II

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The Jersey Key

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Messages Governor’s Welcome Samantha Levisay This service year is passing by us so quickly! It is hard to believe that we have already finished with International Convention, Regional Training Conferences, Fall Rally, and Kiwanis Family Conference. So far we have accomplished so much and I am extremely proud of every key clubber in our district. From Crop Walks to ELIMINATE Talent shows, New Jersey Key Clubs continue to impress me and other districts with their thirst for service. It may seem like our year is over, but we are just getting to the meat and potatoes. With school back in session it is time to start really promoting the ELIMINATE Project. With a hefty district goal of $109,325.15 we truly need to work as a collective district to help all those mothers and babies. Whether you sell ELIMINATE hands or do a simple car wash, everything you contribute will help save a life, maybe 2, maybe 100. It is up to you New Jersey. Though we are more than halfway done with the year there are still many things to keep in mind. Key Leader is a great opportunity to connect with other students across the state and grow as a leader. It is a weekend long camping trip where you will make new friends and discover yourself. Hundreds of leaders have emerged from this program and I encourage all of you to check it out. For more information please go to the Key Leader website. Another amazing event coming up is our District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON). Here you will connect with the entire district and celebrate your long year of service. Our theme is Harry Potter! This weekend long convention at the beach will open your eyes to the amazing support system that Key Club International can offer. For more information contact your lieutenant governor. Again, I am extremely proud of each and every one of you. I have seen so much communication from you all to us. Though we may

seem intimidating because we are state officers please approach us with any question, comment, or concern. I look forward to serving the rest of this year with you all. Stay golden! District Administrator| Ms. McCann President Barack Obama said, “Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” As we enter into the holiday season, it is important to not only be thankful for the things we have and how lucky we are. It is equally important to find opportunities in your community to provide service and hope. Whether this hope comes in the form of a food and blanket drive for a local animal shelter, a shift at the local food bank or soup kitchen or contributing to a giving tree at your own high school, you are able to provide hope to those who desperately need it. Thank you for all the hope you have already provided this year. Since the school year began just 3 short months ago, clubs have done thousands of hours of service, collected hundreds of pounds of school supplies and raised thousands of dollars by Trick or Treating for UNICEF. This money will go towards Eliminating Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus and families in distant countries will be afforded hope that they, and their children, will remain healthy. I hope that you will continue to provide hope through service throughout this year and I thank you for all you have done thus far. Please also, take a moment to thank your Faculty and Kiwanis advisors who work so hard to help and support you in all of the projects you undertake. Finally, as we move deeper into the year, let us also begin to think of the future. What will you do next year? Will you graduate and continue to provide hope and service on a college campus? Are you an underclassman who is considering running for another position in Key Club.? Each step up in leadership you take, you have the ability to inspire hope and give service to an even larger number of people. I ask you to consider taking on a district

September 2014

or club level leadership role. Last, think of friends you know that are not in Key Clubhow can you recruit them? I hope you will invite them to join in our service and introduce them to all that Key Club has to offer. Thank you again for all that you do. I hope you will continue to lead, serve, inspire, and provide hope as we go forward, Editor’s Message|Patrick Quinn Welcome to my second issue of the Jersey Key. We have had quite an exciting service year so far. We’ve come a long way since District Convention and we thank you for being there with us for the journey. From training conferences to International Convention to Fall Rally, the New Jersey Key Club is having a great service year. Don’t get too excited though, we still have a lot of work to do before District Convention. Read through and inform yourself on everything that’s coming up and everything that has passed. I hope you enjoy! Dues|Daniel McCormack Attention New Jersey District, this information applies to you! If you have not yet been made aware, the dues deadline was December 1st. Remember, this was a received and processed deadline. If you have any questions regarding the date your sent dues were received please feel free to contact me using the contact information found in the back of this Jersey Key. However, for any clubs that would still like to send in dues, do not fret, you may still send them in for paid members. Your club will not be considered on time with payment but will still be recorded as a club in reports generated by Kiwanis International as long as 15 members have paid and submitted dues payment. Please remember our dues payment information: INTERNATIONAL DUES: $7 DISTRICT DUES: $5.50 To pay your dues please go on to the Membership Update Center which can be found using this link - Please follow the on-page instructions or feel free to contact myself or your Lt. Governor.




Regional Training Conferences By Lt. Governor Nate Silberman and District Secretary Jacqueline Dragon Regional Training Conferences (RTCs) occurred across the state this spring and fall, as the NJ District Board presented workshops to help general members, officers, and advisors make this service year a success. The food items collected at each RTC for the district’s advocacy focus of Hunger in the United States were also donated to the NORWESCAP food bank in Northern New Jersey, with a grand total of over 700 pounds of food raised! When did these conferences take place? On May 4, the Spring Northern RTC

occurred at Roxbury High School with the assistance of Roxbury Key Club President Natalie Wasek, Advisor Ms. Barbato, and dedicated Roxbury club members. On May 10, the Spring Southern RTC occurred at Cedar Creek High school with the assistance of Absegami Key Club Advisor Ms. Christine Reina, Absegami Key Club President Fenny Patel, Cedar Creek Key Club Advisor Mr. Greg Ferree, Cedar Creek Key Club President Mico Manalang, and dedicated members of both clubs. The Fall RTC season kicked off with the

Fall Central RTC on September 13 at Voorhees High School, with the help of Voorhees Key Club President Nicole Kozak, Advisors Ms. Castello and Ms. Smith, and enthusiastic Voorhees general members. Then the Fall Southern RTC occurred at Egg Harbor Township High School on September 14, with the assistance of Egg Harbor Township President Kenneth Ye, Advisor Mr. Erik Stevenson, and the hard-working EHT Key Clubbers. The last RTC occurred on September 20 at Parsippany Hills High School, with the assistance of Parsippany Hills Key Club Advi-

sor Ms. Bonnie Sturm, President Stephanie Day-tri, and the meticulous Parsippany Hills Key Club members. At the 2014 Fall Rally, Key Clubbers showed their appreciation for the many efforts of these host clubs, who will also be recognized at this year’s District Convention. If you missed the training conferences, there will be another opportunity to learn from workshops at District Convention.


DISTRICT Crop Walks By Lt. Governor Brooke Willemstyln

This year, the New Jersey District of Key Club has partnered up with Church World Service in their annual CROP Hunger Walks. The District Programs Committee selected Hunger in the United States as their advocacy focus for the 2014-2015 service year, and supported CROP Walk; an amazing organization with similar objectives. Within this past year, CROP Walks raised almost $3 million for food banks, pantries, and community gardens, with individual walks collecting several tons of food annually. Church World Service helps many projects abroad; however CROP Walks are specifically intended to eradicate domestic hunger. The CROP Walk itself is five miles in order to show the daily walk that people in third-world countries make in order to obtain drinking water. There are 51 Walks in the fall and 11 Walks in the spring. Information about these Walks can be found on Church World Service’s website: The majority of the Fall CROP Walks have ended, but the NJ District of Key Club strongly encourages Key Clubbers to participate in the Spring Walks, and help CROP Walk break more fundraising and food collection records. Thank you to everyone that came out to participate in the walk itself or anyone that made monetary or food donations! Every donation helps work towards ending hunger!

By Lt. Governor Farwa Shakeel Do you want to make an impact? Do you want to finally eradicate tetanus from the face of the earth? Then wait no longer- the New Jersey District Board has just the event for you! This year, the NJDB has decided to host a series of volleyball tournaments known as the Eliminathon in an effort to benefit the Eliminate Project as much as possible! As you all know, this is the last year of the Eliminate Project campaign with Kiwanis International. It is vital that we put our best foot forward in achieving not only our fundraising goal of $109,325.15, but also for the ultimate goal- to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. The Eliminathon will begin at the divisional level. Each team that wins at the divisional level will then advance to the District Eliminathon in February! All are welcome to speculate, and high school students may play, whether or not they are involved in Key Club! Teams may be between 6 and 9 players. Admission is $5 for everyone, player or speculator. Contact your respective Lieutenant Governor for more details on when and where your Eliminathon is. Get ready to spike tetanus out of bounds, Key Clubbers!


DISTRICT Website Updates By Webmaster Srikar Gudipati Hello fellow Key Clubbers! As we embark on this new service year, I want to remind you all to check the district website often, at, in order to stay up to date with the latest service events, lieutenant governor updates, and other significant information about our district. An especially important component of the website is the district calendar, which you can find here: http:// Make sure you visit this calendar often to keep track of all the latest divisional service events! In addition to the calendar, I encourage Key Clubbers to keep an eye on the District Resources portion of the website, located at resources/district-resources/. This webpage will be updated regularly to include resources that will prove useful to club officers, including CMRF forms and District Secretary Updates for Club Secretaries. The District Resources page also contains meeting summaries for the past district board meetings. By reading these summaries, you can discover what a typical board meeting entails and find out how your District Board strives to help every Key Club in New Jersey. The District Website also has a Public Relations Resources webpage. This resource will be useful for Key Clubs as they establish various service events in the next few months as it contains the brand guide, fonts, images, and logos to help you create flyers and newsletters that advertise your Key Club’s service opportunities! As the year progresses, I encourage every Key Clubber, especially those who just joined, to take a few minutes and familiarize themselves with the District Website. Looking through the information on the website will make you a better Key Club member, as you will be more informed and ready for the year’s service events! Thanks for reading this article and as always, please reach out to me with any questions regarding club websites, the district website, or Key Club in general at!

District Convention 2015 By Lt. Governor Tara Engelken The most exciting event of the year is quickly approaching: The New Jersey District Convention (DCON)! The New Jersey District Board hopes that all NJ Key Clubbers out there are as excited as we are! The 2015 District Convention will be held once again at Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey from Friday, March 27th to Sunday, March 29th. This year’s DCON theme is Harry Potter, so expect to discover the magic of service over the weekend! For those of you that are not too familiar with Harry Potter, don’t fret! We will make sure that everyone understands what is going on pertaining to the theme throughout the weekend. So what is District Convention? Well, DCON is a weekend for Key Clubbers to celebrate the end of the service year and the start of the new one. So much happens at DCON, from informational sessions to keynote speakers. At DCON, candidates for the 2015-2016 New Jersey District Board Executives will hold campaigns and give speeches, then elections will take place at a session called the House of Delegates. Also, all the new Lieutenant Governors for the divisions

will be installed, as well as the ever-saddening retiring of the old district board. The weekend is filled with exciting times and loads of information pertinent to all NJ Key Clubbers. On Friday and Saturday night, dances are held for all attendees which are a lot of fun! The dances always have a theme so be on the lookout, that way you can bring appropriate attire! On Saturday, workshops take place, which teach attendees about different topics and things that they need to know about Key Club. Workshops have an array of subjects, from the ELIMINATE Project to tips on how to make your clubs as successful as possible. Another great thing about DCON is that the Key Clubs in New Jersey get awarded for their hard work and service that they completed throughout the year. Numerous awards are given out, some for clubs as a whole, and some for individual Key Clubbers. Several contests take place, some contests are pre-judged and some are held at the convention itself. A tal-

ent show also takes place on Saturday and the top acts get to perform for all the attendees Saturday Night and then a winner is chosen. The most anticipated contest is the spirit-stick contest. At Fall Rally, the spirit stick was awarded to Division 7, but at DCON all the divisions get another chance to compete for the spirit stick! Everyone better bring as much spirit as possible if they want a chance to win! Overall, District Convention is a great way to end your service year and welcome the new officers and Key Clubbers into the upcoming service year. You have the chance to meet hundreds of new people and make countless new friends. Also, if you are thinking about running for a district position next year, it is a great way to see what district board members do, and what the campaigning process is like. We cannot wait to see all of you there!

Fall Rally By Kieran Lyons On October 12th, Key Clubbers from all across the New Jersey District met up for one common interest: Fall Rally. If you haven’t already heard, Fall Rally is one of the biggest events that happen annually every service year. This is where Key Club members get a rare opportunity to connect with other members from all points of the New Jersey District. Fall Rally is hosted at the perfect venue, Six Flags Great Adventure. There was no better way to spend the day than conquering roller coasters with some old friends, and some new ones. This year’s theme for the extravagant event was “Get Animated with Service”. The New Jersey district board joined the day’s festivities by dressing as their favorite animated characters. The Plymouth Rock Insurance Arena at the rear end of theme park was filled with Key Clubbers with a passion for service, as well as roller coasters. Southern Regional High School, the host club of Division 7, was a necessary aid to the event by decorating the stadium. As the students began to fill in to the seats, our district board, international trustees, Nicole Lema and Barry Seng, and the Kiwanis representatives began to speak. We got to hear about all the updates having to do with the Eliminate Project and many other service projects. Finally the opening ceremonies concluded with the district boards passing down the spirit stick to the more than enthusiastic Division 7. Overall the event was a success, and then some. This year’s turnout was the biggest we have ever seen with more than 3,000 key clubbers! What a huge accomplishment! Fall Rally is the perfect way to celebrate the service year and connect with some of the most animated people I have ever met. I look forward to returning to Fall Rally once again, next year.


DISTRICT Distinguished Officers Lt. Governor Dianna Torres

The title of Distinguished Officer is a prestigious title and award that is only given to the officers who truly show an excellence in service within their home, school, and community. Along with this, the title of Distinguished Officer is also only given to the officers who have assisted in propelling their home club to be the best along with being an exceptional example of a hardworking and dedicated leader. To receive the title of a distinguished leader is easy as long as you are always doing your best in your position.

To be awarded this award, a big proponent that is looked at by your Lieutenant Governor is the simple fact of your attendance to Divisional and District wide events. If you are an officer that always does your best to attend every function held your chances of being a distinguished is immediately high. This is not only because it is a requirement, but for the simpler fact that your Lieutenant Governor can recognize you and remember you better than any officers who aren’t so involved. Besides Divisional and Dis-

trict wide events, another criterion that is evaluated in the decision of distinguished officer is the fact that you participate in all your school events and meetings. An active officer is an outstanding officer and by actively participating and leading in your club meetings, you can easily win a Distinguished Officers award. Furthermore, a distinguished officer is someone who completes the responsibilities of the position that they were elected into. Early in your term, your Lieutenant Governor may

have trained your and provided you with a packet which outlines all your duties, responsibilities, and goals for your position and term. By simply following your packet and completing those responsibilities on time and well, you will be a strong candidate for the title. Having such a title is a true honor and following the criteria to receive the title will only make you a stronger leader and officer. Therefore, make these criteria your goals and you will be well on your way the path of being a distinguished officer!

Contest Lt. Governors Devin Sun and Monica Gallagher

One of the most exciting aspects of District Convention is the opportunity every club has to participate in contests to acknowledge the hard work of its officers and general members throughout the entire service year. These contests recognize dedicated, driven clubs who have built a resume for their club based on service, creativity, and passion towards Key Club. Some contests are prejudged, due about a month prior to convention, and announced at convention. Others are judged at convention, which are a bit more spontaneous and do not require any submission pre-convention. There are also contests that do not require any submission, as

clubs are automatically placed in a possibility of winning. The first two prejudged awards recognize two special officers: Editors and Webmasters. These positions are optional within a club, so they hold a significant value in a club. Both of these officer positions create visual representations of their duties: newsletters and websites. The Club Bulletin Award and Club Website Award are the only pre-judged contests that require a physical, visually appealing, entry. After these two awards, the Single Service award recognizes individual clubs for their single best service project. The Club Achievement Award recog-

nizes individual clubs once again, only for their overall service leadership throughout the service year rather than one individual project. Both of these awards categorize winners based on number of dues-paid members. The last two prejudged District Convention contests are given in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. The Major Emphasis Program Award is for clubs with the best Major Emphasis Program project. The Kiwanis Family Relations Award is for clubs with the best relations with other branches of the k-family, based on contact and combined service efforts amongst a Key Club and another k-

family group. The complete, official packet for the District Convention 2015 Contests will be included in the November District Mailings. Deadlines, detailed descriptions for each award, contact, and all other pertinent information will be in this packet, for both prejudged contests and those judged at convention. Any questions regarding contests can be directed to chairperson and Lieutenant Governor Monica Gallagher (monicaltg22@ gmail. com). Happy contesting!



Greetings New Jersey Key Clubbers, Thank you for having me at your Fall Rally. I was amazed at the amount of dedicated and enthusiastic members. With over 3,000 members, it was the largest gathering of Key Club members in the world. Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful October and a spooky Halloween. Even though Halloween is officially over, you may still send your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF funds to The Eliminate Project. Every penny counts! The goal for Key Club International is to collectively raise $1.4 million dollars for The Eliminate Project this year. Our goal of $1.4 million equates to saving three lives per member... only three lives! I am confident that we will achieve this goal. We would not be here today without the hard work and dedication of the New Jersey District. Thank you for your commitment! In January, the Key Club International Board will be meeting in Detroit, Michigan for our winter board meeting. We will be celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the very first Kiwanis Club, Detroit No. 1, with the Circle K International Board, Kiwanis International Board, and Kiwanis members from around the world. There is another another opportunity to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Kiwanis with the entire Kiwanis Family! The 2015 Key Club International Convention will be held in Indianapolis, the headquarters of Kiwanis International, with the Circle K and Kiwanis International Conventions. There will be plenty of exciting events and activities for the whole Kiwanis Family. The triple international convention and 100th year anniversary of Kiwanis are truly once in a lifetime opportunities. I cannot wait to see you all there! In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all at district convention. If you ever have any questions or need anything from me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you for your dedication to Key Club! Yours in service, Barry


INTERNATIONAL ELIMINATE Updates Lt. Governor Aleena Kazmi

Ever wondered what a $1.80 could purchase for you? For most, this small sum won’t serve as more than enough to buy a small coffee from Dunkin Donuts or a few cookies at school. For others, the significance is astronomical. $1.80 can save a life – isn’t that worth more than a cup of coffee? These past few months, the New Jersey District, along with Key Club International has been hard at work to promote fundraising for the Eliminate Project, where every $1.80 raised goes towards a series of vaccinations that can save a mother and her babies. As we near the final year of the campaign, it’s imperative that fundraising reaches a new maximum. As of now, the Kiwanis family’s efforts are making a huge difference – our statistics are changing! Up until very recently, the statistic remained that one baby dies every nine minutes from MNT. Now, it’s one baby every eleven minutes – that’s 9,000 fewer deaths a year. The number of deaths per year has dropped by more than 15% in the last four years. More excellent news comes from the latest SLP report. As of November 9th, the Kiwanis-family Service Leadership Programs have raised $3,184,211.89, with $575,155.17 coming solely from Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Key Club alone has contributed $2,533,735.30 on its own. We, as an organization, are the biggest contributors to the Eliminate Project. Congratulate yourselves on your dedication and hard work. With every $1.80 you raise, you’re saving at least one mother and her future children. Overall, participants in the Eliminate Project have raised more than $71 million, thus proving that the $110 million goal is not so far away. If you’re passionate about the Eliminate Project and wish to encourage members around you to help fundraise, promote the awards that can be won through fundraising. Clubs can receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for fundraising per member, Elimidallions, 1K patches, and Zellers. While we’ve made great success these past few months and continue to push forward in our efforts to fundraise, make sure you do not lost steam! These final months are the most critical. Although 35 countries have eradicated MNT, 24 countries still need your help and the help of your peers. Spread the word and continue serving your communities.


K-FAMILY K-Family Growth Lt. Governor Boetinger The goal is to continue to grow as a Kiwanis Family. This growth can come from just one member or chartering a new club. Whether it is a KKids, Builder’s Club, Key Club, Circle K, Aktion Club, or Kiwanis club it is always exciting when a new club is being built. The District Programs Committee has taken on this mission. By growing the Kiwanis Family we are only helping ourselves. By creating more clubs or getting more members we are increasing the amount of service that can be done. Every new member of the K Family is a ripple effect. When one person joins another person is asked to join and it is an ongoing cycle of new members and new clubs. We try to grow and expand the family to be stronger. By working together we accomplish so much, so more helping hands and kind hearts is a wonderful thing. By chartering a club we are making difference in both someone’s life and the world one step at a time. We hope to create many clubs and gain many new members in hope to get as many people involved in this fantastic service organization.

Kiwanis Family Conference By District Editor Pat Quinn

On November 7, a small group of Key Club members from New Jersey left for Black Mountain, North Carolina for an unforgettable experience at the annual Kiwanis Family Conference (KFC). KFC is a gathering of Kiwanis Family members from all over who come for this weekend long retreat in the woods of North Carolina. The theme of the weekend of the conference was “The World Wide Web of Service” and the weekend focused on service done by

the Kiwanis Family throughout the world. During the weekend, the attendees are split into groups called families. Each family was a different country and we had friendly contests between the different families throughout the weekend. The weekend also had lots of fun activities. During the day, we got the chance to hike up the mountain and several of us took the trip all the way to the top. There were also dances in the evening



Hello NJ Key Club! My name is Dawn Kreder, and I am the New Jersey District Governor for Circle K International this service year. Circle K is the collegiate branch of the K-Family, and we believe in the tenets of service, leadership, and fellowship. I am a current senior at The College of New Jersey, and I was a member of Brick Memorial High School’s Key Club before my time in Circle K. I was lucky enough to speak to over 3,000 of you at your Fall Rally in October. Being a past Key Club member myself, I cannot even begin to say just how happy I was due to the continued success of the NJ Key Club District!

which were a fun way to relax at the end of the day with all the new friends. The weekend was more than fun and games. There were presentations on the Eliminate Project coming to an end next year. There was a panel which featured Key Club International President Maria. There was also speakers sharing wisdom about service, caring, friendship, and all the other things the Kiwanis Family stands for.

Overall it was a wonderful experience for all the attendees. It was a once in a life time opportunity to meat great Kiwanis Family members from all over and to learn more about the Kiwanis Family and yourself.

These past few months have brought on a lot of events and achievements for NJ Circle K. We started the school year strong with our Pixar -themed Club Officer Training Conference (just like RTCs!), and then had our annual Club Rally which had a campfire theme (which, you guessed it, is similar to Fall Rally)! During the first full weekend of November, we held our camping retreat that parallels with Key Leader that we call “INSIGHT.” This year, it was Jurassic Park-themed, and even though we didn’t see any realdinosaurs, we had a great time learning more about team-building and about ourselves as leaders. Throughout the entire fall semester, our district has worked hard with volunteering at all three Ronald McDonald House Charities in New Jersey seeing as it is our District Service Initiative. We have also been recognized for having two of the top 10 Circle K clubs for fundraising for The Eliminate Project internationally! The spring semester will bring on our Winter Social Dance, District Large Scale Service Project, and of course our 51st District Convention. Always feel free to join up with the closest Circle K club to your high school, to either participate in service projects or to work together on any fundraisers for The Eliminate Project. Together, along with the other branches of the Kiwanis Family, I know that we can truly make an impact on our homes, schools, communities, and the world. Yours in caring and service, Dawn Kreder NJ District Governor Circle K International

 


CLUBS Member Recruitment By Lt. Governors David and Jae (Lovingly) drag them in against their will. It worked with several past and current Lt. Governors, so who knows! The next underclassmen you drag in may be your future LTG. Use food as bait. Teenagers are like bees attracted to honey in the spring time when it comes to food. Just tell your friend that there is going to be food or candy offered at the meeting. As they’re feeding on sugar, they will also be fed Key Club knowledge ;) Meet good looking people. Just look at the District Board filled with attractive faces! In all seriousness, Key Club is a GREAT way to make new friends all throughout New Jersey! Events such as DCON, Fall Rally, and RTCs allow Key Clubbers to do so. If you want to meet people from all around the WORLD, there is always International Convention! There are people who were able to become very successful in business because of connections made at ICON. Start off your pitch by asking them if they want to spend the whole day in Six Flags, with inspiring speeches to listen to and aesthetically-pleasing faces to look at. Key Club gives you the tools you need for world domination--sorry, we meant “for changing the world.” No world domination here. *evil cackling* In all seriousness, everyone wants to leave their mark on the world, and what better way to do so than save a mother and her baby simply by donating a $1.80 to the ELIMINATE Project and by serving their own community? It is a proven fact that Key Clubbers tend to get into really good schools. Colleges are looking for more than just grades, they want to see extra-curriculars too! Exercising your power to make a positive difference in someone else’s life is not something schools can ignore. Your parents bugging you to get into Harvard? Key Club will get you one step closer to your destination! #destinationservice #DCON2014 #throwback...we’ll stop ourselves here. Promise them a trip to a gorgeous beachside hotel for three days. (Refer to #6. While Fall Rally has the most Key Clubbers in attendance by about a million miles, DCON is the biggest event--and dare we say the most special? The bonds made at DCON are sure to last about as long as your heartburn after way too many fries.) Every person you meet through Key Club is another person to follow you on Instagram. Every Key Club event is another trending hashtag on Twitter that’ll be sure to inform. read: entertain. (For instance, for those of you who went to ICON, the #HOD71 hashtag was LIVE.) Kidnap them. Wait, actually no.

Holiday Fundraisers By Lt. Governors Josie and Pearl How terrible is it to think that many children this holiday season won’t experience the joys of the holidays? No gifts, no special dinner, no cheer. The childhood magic of this time of year will be lost and this day of celebration will have no strong significance. Key Clubs can help this terrible situation through a variety of projects. Set up a toy collection drive and then donate the toys to Toys for Tots or a local charity that does the same thing. Serving the children of the world while enabling their childhood to be a little more comfortable throughout the holidays. Food drives are also very successful during this time. Collect food donations from the school community. Then donate the food to a food pantry that organizes holiday dinners. Not only brightening Christmas day projects are successful during this time. Hold a party! Host a Christmas party at a local elementary school. Brighten children’s spirits this holiday season by doing crafts, eating, reading stories and just spreading good cheer!

The Art of Bake Sales By Lt. Governors Darren and Angela Bake sales are a fun activity that involves easy setup and lots of delicious treats. It’s something simple that every member of a club can help and participate in! Cookies, brownies, cupcakes and more, it’s no wonder that bake sales are a popular go-to fundraiser in order to raise money. In order to hold successful bake sales, it’s important to keep in mind the key components of planning a bake sale. Presentation is everything. In order for your bake sale to be efficient and profitable it is important to present your food in a fashionable matter. You can do this by making sure to put the time and care into making each item, and decorating them neatly and colorfully. This will give the buyer a nice presentation and make distribution easier.

Why not give the gift of life this Christmas? Holiday themed fundraisers for the Eliminate Project are also a great idea. Hold a Christmas Cookie Making contest to raise funds for Eliminate. Collect donations from local grocery stores, collect a fee from those entering and then sell the rest of the cookies as a Christmas Cookie Bake Sale. Another possible option is to hold a series of hot chocolate sales. Collect donations from stores then warm the students as they warm their hearts knowing that they just saved a child’s life.Please contact your lieutenant governor if you have any questions about possible holiday-themed projects. Happy Holidays!

Another component to consider is pricing. It’s best to keep the price of each treat $1 or $2 max. Most people aren’t going to think twice when it comes to sparing a dollar or two for a nice tasty snack. However, once the prices increase, so will the buyers’ hesitation. Finally one of the most important components to consider is location and time. A club will be able to generate the most revenue by holding a bake sale either during lunch, or even right after school in the main hallways where everyone passes by. Just make sure to get permission from your school’s administration office first. Other places and events that are good to hold bake sales are at your other key club events that you’ll hold! With these tips in mind anyone can successfully organize and run a great bake sale. So what are you waiting for, think of a cause to raise money for, grab a table, and a box of brownie mix and go plan a bake sale!


CLUBS EHTHS Induction Dinner By Kenneth Ye The theme for Induction Dinner this year was Hollywood. The Special Events Committee, consisting of Sydni LaPlaga, Kris Tran, Nicole Foresta, and Sharon Li, were assisted by the Recognition Committee, consisting of Althea Pulido and Kelly Ma, to plan most of the event. The 2014-2015 EHTHS Officer Board contributed to the event with their leadership and aided in the planning and organization of the whole event. Using decorations that we made, purchased, and reused from previous years, we were able to transform the high school cafeteria into a glamorous venue. Golden Corral catered the event, and attendees had a choice of BBQ chicken, baked fish, or pasta primavera. We were able to borrow a Hollywood backdrop from the Art Club, and the principal graciously allowed us to use the red carpet normally stored away for prom. We started the night by introducing our advisors, Committee Chair board, and officers. Following the introductions, we proudly proclaimed the national anthem and Key Club pledge. Guests were then allowed to eat, and performances were held during dinner. Taylor Strauss, Sydni LaPlaga & Nicole Foresta, Alec Alleva, Faith Lynn Diccion, and Andrea Besas, Angelica Cinco & Gabrielle Chin courageously per-

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formed for all of the guests. After dinner, new members were finally inducted! They received a pin, certificate, and membership card. The final event of the night was the Auction Dance. Throughout the entire dinner, attendees could pay for raffle tickets to get a chance to dance with one of the officers or committee chairs. All the proceeds for this event went towards the ELIMINATE project, and there were many Key Clubbers who participated in this raffle! Secret admirers, friends, and/or lovers received the chance to dance with someone of their choice. After all of the raffle winners were revealed, the couples finished the night off by dancing to She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. Overall, Induction Dinner was a hit! There were

little to no issues, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Our guest speaker, Dianna Torres, gave a wonderful speech about Key Club and what it embodies. This dinner is an event where all Key Clubbers can come together and celebrate the new and returning members, as well as celebrate for the upcoming service year and all of the opportunities to come. Aside from the fancy outfits everyone was wearing and the fun everyone was having, this event was able to raise money for an amazing cause. At the end of the day, that is what Key Club is about: raising money and giving our help to the people that need us the most.

Thanksgiving Tree By Leslie Chang

Teen Advisory Board meets on a monthly basis to work on various service projects for the library. We create different displays that usually coincide with major holidays or events occurring. The picture above is our thanksgiving project where we created a tree with paper leaves. We carefully crafted each leaf and volunteers contributed notes of what they were thankful for, leaving empty leaves for library visitors to express their thanks and hang them on the tree as well. TAB also works to update reader recommendation lists and the selection of books, movies, and music available at the library. Our biggest project is an event we create for young children every year to spark their interest in the library and encourage them to further their passion for reading.

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Jersey Key: Volume 68 Issue 2  
Jersey Key: Volume 68 Issue 2