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Issue 3


Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life @ NJIT

FALL 2013


Fall 2013 Spotlight The Brothers of Tau Delta Phi competing in Delta Phi Epsilon’s Deepher Dude Competition. (Below)

Circle of Sisterhood Reception Psi Upsilon spends time at Fatty’s in Morristown- a restaurant owned by one of their alumni.

Fraternity and Sorority members are educated on the barriers that women face in education.

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Iota Phi Theta and their newest member. (Below)

The Greek Village’s official ribbon cutting ceremony took place on October 18, 2013. The houses provide chapter space, living, dining, and sleeping areas for the members. The village is housing for the following organizations:   and (Top)

Community Engagement Pi Kappa Phi builds handicap accessible ramps at Camp Merryheart (Above)

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Cumulative GPA's



The All Greek GPA rose from a 2.848 to a 2.870. The average for Sorority women surpassed a 3.0 again this semester, bringing their average to a 3.087. The Fraternity average rose from a 2.804 to a 2.815.The amount of Greeks on Dean’s list also rose from 128 to 147 students. The chapter GPA rankings are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Delta Epsilon Psi Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Sigma Phi Theta Chi Lambda Tau Omega Kappa Xi Kappa Phi Beta Sigma Pi Kappa Phi


2.85 2.85

2.8 2.8

2.75 2.75




2.72 2.66

2.6 2.55 Fall 2010 Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013

10. Sigma Psi Kappa 11. Sigma Pi 12. Lambda Theta Phi 13. Tau Delta Phi 14. Lambda Sigma Upsilon 15. Tau Kappa Epsilon 16. Phi Sigma Kappa 17. Psi Upsilon 18. Iota Phi Theta

Cumulative GPA’s Spring 2013












Circle of Sisterhood Reception By Savannah Lischick

In an effort to raise awareness about women’s education and the National Panhellenic Conference’s philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood, a benefit reception was held. The Circle of Sisterhood Reception was held on November 14th, 2013, and featured a guest speaker and some brave men. All of the proceeds, totaling over $150, went to the philanthropy. The event began with each attendee receiving a circle to write how or why they appreciate women. Many students wrote fantastic ideas and it was great to see them. Then, Dr. Cynthia Lischick, the guest speaker, talked about the importance of educating women. She told the story of a girl who was murdered simply because she wanted to return to school. Afterwards, men, walking in women’s heels, took the stage to answer a question. They were asked about how they appreciate women on NJIT’s campus and what women have done for NJIT. Jon Van Ostenbridge won first with Edric Cabrera and Donnie Damon in second and third due to their exemplary answers to the questions, poise and showmanship. As the event came to a close, there was a buzz about women and their impact on campus.

Fraternity men participate in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and answered questions about women at NJIT.




Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity Members played ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ on repeat to solicit donations for the Humane Society.

Fraternity and Sorority members help freshmen move into their dorms before the beginning of the semester.

Community Engagement Fall 2013 Tau Kappa Epsilon Brothers at the Breast Cancer Dinner have a chapter policy of no cell phones during meetings or events.

$17,196 Amount raised for philanthropy by Fraternity and Sorority members this semester

4449 Hours spent helping the community this semester

This semester members spent over 450 hours on freshmen move in day just before the semester started, up from 100 hours last year. Alpha Sigma Tau spent over 120 hours working for Habitat for Humanity, their national philanthropy, and collected almost $1,500 for the cause. Kappa Xi Kappa cleaned up along the Hackensack River. Lambda Tau Omega held a dinner to raise awareness for brain health. Sigma Psi Kappa participated in the Kaleidoscope of Hope walk to raise funds for ovarian cancer

awareness and research. Tau Delta Phi brothers competed in the Tough Mudder competition to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Tau Kappa Epsilon raised over $1,500 for various philanthropy projects.

IFSC Community Service Event of the Semester Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk $4320 raised 400 hours donated



The New Initiates from Fall 2013 are: Walter Church Kappa Xi Kappa Brittani Fry Alpha Sigma Tau Helena Halasz Delta Phi Epsilon Matthew Hoyos Sigma Pi

New members at initiation on Oct 16, 2013

Jonathan Joo Phi Sigma Kappa

Paula McCarter Sigma Psi Kappa Kenneth Ponce De Leon Kappa Xi Kappa The Order of Omega Chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was reopened in Fall of 2011. This organization recognizes members who exemplify the four Pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon at Deepher Dude (Above)

Alpha Sigma Phi at Sunday Dinner (Above)

Around Campus Sigma Psi Kappa at Leaf Decorating Event (Below) Melissa Tierney and Jonathan Weiss with Governor Christie (Left)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Soak an SAE (Above) Phi Sigma Kappa Brothers help out at Freshman Move In (Left)

OFFICE OF FRATERNITY AND SORORITY LIFE@ NJIT | Issue3 Hello everyone! My name is Gillian Rizza and I am a senior here at NJIT. I am also a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and am currently the Inter Fraternity-Sorority Council President. I am also involved in various other honor . societies and organizations, and I have the opportunities that NJIT has provided me to thank for that. My leadership skills only began to develop when I decided to join Alpha Sigma Tau my freshmen year, and I am proud to say that without the sisters and the support of our National Headquarters and incredible alumna that I would not have had the opportunity to have the most incredible, inspiring, life-changing experience.


O’ahu, Hawaii By Gillian Rizza

This summer, I was blessed to be one of the chosen 13 on a Hawaii Service Immersion trip coordinated by our National Headquarters and The Leadership Institute. Sisters were selected from applicants from our 87 chapters across the country to fly to the beautiful island of O’ahu for a weeklong trip. This trip was not only wonderful because, well, any vacation to Hawaii would be! It was the perfect opportunity to meet with other girls to discuss obstacles we face as leaders, discuss ideas and be trained to handle stressful situations in professional ways, and best of all, give back to the Hawaiian community by doing service and learning about the culture. During the very first morning, we were challenged with a 30-foot high ropes course to complete. This gave us a chance to not only bond, but to look fear in the face and overcome it. I remember looking out across the course, the mountains towering in my right peripheral vision and the ocean in my left, and thinking “If my sisters can do this, I can too!” Every morning we would spend hours doing some crazy service on the island, from jumping the fence into the untamed Hawaiian rainforest to weed out invasive plant species like ginger and sphagnum, to measuring and sorting fish for local farmers to feed the natives. It no longer was a surprise to us that the service opportunities we were able to participate in were ones that not only very many people wouldn’t have the chance to do, but were in places that not very many people will ever even see! The experience was not only rewarding, but taught me amazing things about myself and about the people of the island. Growing up 10 minutes from New York City, I have always lived a very fast-paced, high stress lifestyle. I love being busy and productive, and in my down time I often feel as I am forgetting something. However, Hawaii taught me that it is important to appreciate life around you, to prioritize concerns, and that down time is just as important as productivity. Although Hawaii is such a gorgeous place to live, the people there taught me that being humbled by the beauties in life is a positive thing, and to always keep your head up even when times are tough. Without this trip, I would not be the person I am today. From being able to properly handle conflict and understand different conflict styles, to having another lifelong bond with sisters from across the country, I learned things that I know I will carry with me my whole life. This trip has given me a more positive attitude about life, helped me improve my relationships with my friends, family, and sisters. It has been a constant reminder of the important things in life, living by your values, and that you are never alone, as sisterhood is everlasting.

Lambda Upsilon Lambda By Pedro J. Claudio Jr.

During the Spring 2013 semester, the Hermanos of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. established an interest group and approached the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Thea Zunick, to gain official recognition at the institution. The Fraternity was invited to present to the Expansion Committee comprised of administration and representatives from chapters within the InterFraternity/Sorority Council (IFSC) Community at NJIT. The presentation would not have been possible without the help from Hermanos (Brothers)within the New Jersey/Pennsylvania region which include, Bayron Rivas, Denis Barberena, Emmanuel Alvarez, Jose“Kiba” Alvarez, Pedro Claudio, as well as a few of the Interested Gentlemen. The Hermanos received news that the IFSC and administration approved of the Fraternity to join the IFSC and on April 8th, 2013 La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. was established on campus. During the Fall 2013 semester at NJIT, eight gentleman underwent the New Member Education Process and on November 16, 2013 became the Founding Hermanos of the NJIT Colony of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. Those Hermanos are #1: George Benavente, #2: Efrain Santiago, #3: Adonis Yaport, #4: Edwin Escoto, #5: Arickson Reyes, #6: Jadier Beltran, #7: Jason Moreno, #8: Vaibhav Shah. Each of these Hermanos saw something in LUL that pushed them to bring this organization to campus. Since its inception in 1982, La Unidad Latina has remained on the vanguard of political and community empowerment by developing influential leaders that strive to exert knowledge and power into its peers in order to attain mutual success. We commit ourselves to academic excellence, leadership development and cultural enlightenment, enhanced by a diverse cognizant membership. La Hermandad strives to preserve and promote an inclusive intellectual environment for its members, in addition to the general community. For more information about La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. we can be contacted at NJIT@LaUnidadLatina.Org or by speaking to any of our Hermanos around campus.


Issue 3


New Member Classes of Theta Chi (Above) and Psi Upsilon (Below)


Alpha Sigma Tau Sisters at their 30 Anniversary Gala in November (Above) Lambda Theta Phi at the Club Fair (Below)

IFSC brings a thank you to NJIT’s Public Safety Department (Above) IFSC’s Toys for Tots Table (Below)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon collecting donations for the Salvation Army (Above)

Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Psi Kappa host a Breakfast with Santa for the children of the Sarah Ward Nursery (Above)

Upcoming Events Greek Summit –January 25 The Greek Summit is a multi pronged event that develops leadership and other life skills through programs taught by students and professionals. NGLA: Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference Pittsburg, PA February 27-March 2

IFSC Dates to Remember:

Formal Recruitment:

NGLA builds community among students from a variety of fraternal experiences, challenges members to align their actions with fraternal values, and empowers advocates to transform and improve their communities.

1/21 First Day of Classes

2/5 Round 1 9:30 pm

1/24 First IFSC Meeting

2/6 Round 2 9:30 pm

1/29 Fraternity/Sorority Orientation 2:30 pm 1/29 Meet the Greeks 9:30 pm

Questions or Comments? Call us at 973-596-3087 Email us at

3/7 Parents Dinner 4/28 – 5/4 Greek Week Theme: Monster’s University

2/10 Preference Dinner 9:30 pm 2/12 Bid Ceremony 9:30 pm New Member Education: 2/19 Class 1 2:30 pm 2/26 Class 2 2:30 pm 3/5

Class 3 2:30 pm

3/26 Class 4 2:30 pm

NJIT Fraternity & Sorority Community Newsletter from Fall 2013  
NJIT Fraternity & Sorority Community Newsletter from Fall 2013  

NJIT Fraternity & Sorority Community Newsletter from Fall 2013