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Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life @ NJIT

FALL 2012


Fall 2012 Spotlight The Brothers of Sigma Pi handed out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a recruitment tool. (Below)

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fraternity and Sorority members donate their time to help victims of this natural disaster.

Kappa Xi Kappa hosted Movember to raise awareness for Men’s health issues. (Above) The NPC Sororities had a total of six new women join this semester. Pictured is the Bid Ceremony. (Below)

The Greeks helped out with the annual Freshmen Move- In days before the semester started. Members of our Fraternities and Sororities helped the Freshmen transfer their belongings to their new dorms and answered any questions they had about NJIT. (Top)

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Greek Village Updates and a completion date of Fall 2013!

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Academics The All Greek GPA rose from a 2.784 to a 2.848. The average for Sorority women surpassed a 3.0 this semester, bringing their average to a 3.061. The Fraternity average rose from a 2.766 to a 2.804.The amount of Greeks on Dean’s list also rose from just above 100 to 128 students. The chapter GPA rankings are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Lambda Tau Omega Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Epsilon Psi Theta Chi Alpha Sigma Tau Sigma Psi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Pi Kappa Xi Kappa


Cumulative GPA's 2.8 2.75 2.7 2.65 2.6

Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Spring 2011

Fall 2011

Spring 2012

Cumulative GPA’s Fall 2012 10. Phi Beta Sigma 11. Lambda Theta Phi 12. Tau Delta Phi 13. Pi Kappa Phi 14. Phi Sigma Kappa 15. Tau Kappa Epsilon 16. Iota Phi Theta 17. Lambda Sigma Upsilon 18. Psi Upsilon












Hurricane Sandy Relief By Jon VanOstenbridge of Kappa Xi Kappa

Brothers of Kappa Xi Kappa and Phi Sigma Kappa help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy

On November 17, 2012 the brothers of Kappa Xi Kappa alongside the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa traveled to Keansburg, NJ to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. When they arrived they were shocked by the still devastated town. Streets were flooded. Street lights were out. Slot machines from the shore had floated several streets away from their original location. Houses were destroyed. There was no grass. The lawns resembled a dried up lake bottom more so than someone’s property. The brothers were jarred by this and enthusiastic about helping the citizens of Keansburg get back on their feet.

Coordinated by Shawn Cordner and AJ Panzica, the brothers were split up in teams and helped gut houses in the area. All interior finishes 1 foot above the water line were stripped and thrown out. The structural integrity of the 2 x 4 stud walls were then to be confirmed before the house was either refinished or demolished. Gypsum board, interior cladding, carpets, floor tiles, sub flooring, and even toilets were ripped out where affected by water damage. The teams used dry wall knives, sledge hammers, crowbars, hammers, saws, etc. to complete the gutting.




Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority members donate their time at a New Jersey Food Bank

Theta Chi’s annual Jaws of Life demonstration co-hosted with the Newark Fire Department

Community Engagement Fall 2012

Psi Upsilon Fraternity members put together care packages for the troops as a part of Operation Shoebox

$2581 Amount raised for philanthropy by Fraternity and Sorority members this semester

1273 Hours spent helping the community this semester

This semester was an active one for the Fraternity and Sorority Community. Members spent over 100 hours on freshmen move in day just before the semester started. Delta Phi Epsilon raised over $500 for their philanthropy, Cystic Fibrosis. Most of Pi Kappa Phi’s community engagement hours went to PUSH America, their national philanthropy for people with disabilities. Psi Upsilon continued with their tradition of helping the troops with Operation Shoebox, and Sigma Psi Kappa held their semesterly blood drive. The IFSC

sponsored the Toys for Tots drive that is held annually during the holidays. Hurricane Sandy also inspired us to give back to the Community. Read more about Anthony Krake of Tau Delta Phi and Christie Schulz of Sigma Psi Kappa on page 5.

IFSC Community Service Event of the Semester Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk $1000 raised 400 hours donated


The New Initiates for Fall 2012 are:

Matthew Nicosia

James Carlson

Mark Riccardi

Sigma Pi

Samantha Carretero Alpha Sigma Tau

Mehar Ghei Delta Phi Epsilon

Ernest Grzybowski Matthew Nicosia and Mark Riccardi of Alpha Sigma Phi


Phi Sigma Kappa

Robin Hanrahan

Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi

Ruby Rogers Sigma Psi Kappa The Order of Omega Chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was reopened in Fall of 2011. This organization recognizes members who exemplify the four pillars of Fraternity and Sorority life.

Alpha Sigma Tau

Every holiday season, the NJIT Inter Fraternity and Sorority Council sponsors a Toys for Tots drive in the NJIT Campus Center.

This past semester, members of the Fraternities and Sororities on our campus spent over 100 hours collecting donations.



My name is Anthony Krake. I’m a fourth year mechanical engineering student at NJIT. I have been a member of Tau Delta Phi Fraternity since Fall 2010. I currently hold the position of Custos (tradition keeper) in the house. As the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy began hitting the news and the images of the Jersey Shore began storming in, I don’t think there was anyone in New Jersey who didn’t shed a tear. For many people, like me, it hit closer to home than others. I grew up going to the Jersey Shore, I spent my prom at Seaside; and as I sat there and watched videos of spots I have hundreds of memories just washed away, I knew I had to do something. As soon as power was restored to my house, I began getting in contact with members of my fraternity and brain storming some ideas of how we can help. Many of our brothers were directly affected and everyone wanted to pitch in. We decided the best course of action was to collect money and goods that were desperately needed by the Red Cross. On Monday when school began again, we began preparations. We had flyers printed and we set up a table for 2 weeks in the campus center, collecting everything from money and clothes, to blankets and baby formula. We consulted with and received updates on what the shelters needed donations for and updated the list daily to ensure we made the biggest impact we could. I also consulted with the Presidents of every other Greek Chapter and asked for their contributions. I also got my employer, Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors, to join the effort as well. They made the office a drop off location for Sandy supplies and contacted their vendors and customers for donations.


Sandy Donations By Anthony Krake

Within the following weeks, many organizations ran events on campus for Hurricane Relief, including Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Tau, and Sigma Psi Kappa. Together, we had a joint effort to collect as much as we could. In the end, the table collections alone exceeded $700 for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, and we also contributed 2 truckloads full of other supplies. While I spearheaded the event, if it wasn’t for the other organizations on campus, this whole event would not have been such a big success. Together, as a Greek community, we made a joint effort towards a common goal, and it was a great success.

Union Beach Schools

My name is Christie Schulz. I'm a senior Engineering Science major. I'm currently Vice President and Recruitment Chair of Sigma Psi Kappa Sorority. I am also a Resident Assistant in Cypress Hall. This past semester I had a unique opportunity to lead a large relief effort for a small town devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

By Christie Schulz

This past semester when the town of Union Beach, New Jersey was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, I and the sisters of Sigma Psi Kappa Sorority, sought to fill a need that was not already being addressed here at NJIT. Fellow Greek, Jeffrey Sisolak of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, gave us the contact of the Board of Education President of the Union Beach School District, his mother Maria Sisolak. From her, we found out that their preschool through eighth grade school had sustained significant damage from the hurricane and would be unable to open. Their temporary solution was to relocate all of their students to an alternate location. However, they lost nearly all of the school supplies including the library books. Sigma Psi Kappa began a school supply drive that lasted for several weeks and also collected monetary donations that were used to purchase more supplies. It was also brought to our attention that although the students were being relocated to a new school, they would still have to stand at the bus stops surrounded by piles of garbage and damaged possessions. The sisters of Sigma Psi Kappa, friends, and I created over fifty large posters for Union Beach and Mustang pride, their school’s mascot. These were hung in the school and around town to give the students and the town residents something else to look at besides the damage. The donations of school supplies and the large shining posters were well received by the town. We were also able to bring some of the donations that Tau Delta Phi and the NJIT IFSC collected to a church in Union Beach where they were gratefully received. Even now some of the posters still remain hanging around town including one poster that says "We <3 Union Beach" which is hanging in the window of their local fire company. The sisters of Sigma Psi Kappa and I enjoyed being able to give back to their community in a unique way and appreciated seeing that something as simple as a sparkling poster could bring a smile to so many faces.


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Upcoming Events

Greek Village

Greek Summit –February 2 The Greek Summit is a multi pronged event that develops leadership and other life skills through programs taught by students and professionals.

NGLA Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference – February 21-24 Delegates for this Conference: Travis New – Tau Delta Phi Robert Tucker – Kappa Xi Kappa Ernest Grzybowski – Phi Sigma Kappa Oranis Pimentel – Lambda Theta Phi Derek Torres – Pi Kappa Phi Lou Stella – Theta Chi Morgan Jones - Pi Kappa Phi Patrick Cordes - Phi Sigma Kappa Rachel Mann – Sigma Psi Kappa Erica Johnson – Alpha Sigma Tau Maya Barreto – Delta Phi Epsilon April Schuppel - Delta Phi Epsilon Greek Week – April 28 – May 4 Theme: The Hunger Games Phired Up

Phired Up was last on our campus in Fall of 2011. The chart above shows the total number of Greeks, and the arrow points to where Phired Up was on our campus.

Questions or Comments? Call us at 973-596-3087 Email us at

Warren Street Village will be a unique, 3-acre mixed-use residential housing complex. When completed in fall of 2013, the 214,000-square-foot complex, bounded by Colden Street to the east, Warren Street to the north and Raymond Boulevard to the southwest, will add 600 beds to NJIT’s existing inventory of residential housing. In addition, the $80-million project will feature dining services, a convenience store and fitness center for the University community. NJIT’s number of residential student housing capacity will then top 2,200 beds, an increase of some 35 percent. To accommodate student demand, NJIT’s housing has been filled to capacity using housing triples in double rooms and leasing offcampus space. These new residences and amenities are timely additions as the university’s enrollment is expected to exceed 10,000 students by fall of 2013. The new homes in the Village will include 5 duplex houses for fraternities and sororities. The Greek houses will provide living, dining, and chapter space on the first floor, as well as sleeping quarters on the two upper floors.

“Our Greek students are among the most involved student groups on campus. The new housing will offer even more opportunities to hone leadership skills, and increase networking and socializing opportunities. Greeks and Honors students are typically the two groups on campus most committed to community service. They will be our outstanding Warren Street Village residents.” Said NJIT President Joel Bloom So far we have the following organizations signed on to the Greek Village:

Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Phi Epsilon Theta Chi Kappa Xi Kappa Pi Kappa Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Tau Delta Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Pi

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Newsletter Fall 2012  

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