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January 2016

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northern region vp

alice vinogradsky

These past few months sure have been busy for NJ FBLA’s Northern Region. Congratulations to you all on a fantastic start to the 2015-2016 membership year! I am beyond honored to be a representative of a region comprised of so many dedicated, hardworking, talented, and absolutely phenomenal FBLA members. Just to give you an idea of the Northern Region’s might, over 100 of our members were in attendance at the National Fall Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland this past November. On the local level, chapters have been active in their communities. The Whippany Park and Hanover Park High School chapters have held wildly successful Krispy Kreme donut fundraisers with over 150 dozen sold. Meanwhile, Parsippany Hills High School is currently planning a benefit volleyball night. The Randolph High School NJFBLA chapter, along the same lines, has been actively involved in a March of Dimes purple T-Shirt fundraiser and performed with excellence in the Junior Achievement Titan competition. In addition, Memorial High School’s chapter has recently visited the New York Stock Exchange in Wall Street and is actively participating in the stock market game. Mrs. Carol “J” of Wallkill Valley shared a bit about the school’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter as well. Wallkill proudly presented a school-wide Veterans Day assembly to recognize that many service people return from duty facing new challenges in their lives.  Additionally, Wallkill’s Community Service Project this year is focused on recognizing and honoring local law enforcement. To top it off, the chapter raised $15,185 at this year’s Super Night.   Simply wow! Congratulations to all members who placed in at the regional level in their competitive events. You all are awe-inspiring. Keep up the good work; I hope to see you all at the State Leadership Conference this February. I could not be more proud.

jake mansure

southern region vp

The Southern Region is making phenomenal efforts to Generate Greatness. The dedication and passion from all the members across the entire region is unprecedented. Regional testing results were just recently posted. I would like to congratulate the hard work and dedication of all the members that studied and placed! I look forward to seeing everyone this February at the State Leadership Conference. To further Connect the Southern Region, I will be holding the Southern Regional Summit on January 21st at Northern Burlington County Regional High School. This is an amazing opportunity to participate in leadership seminars and network with FBLA members, state officers, advisers, and business professionals. Invitations have been sent out to all chapters. Please let me know if you and your chapter are attending. If you have any questions or interest in the Summit or anything FBLA-related, please feel free to email me at

north central region vp

mitchell kelly

Hello North Central Region! I hope you all have been having a great time in FBLA so far, but the best part is yet to come. Congratulations to everyone who placed at regionals and who will be competing at SLC. I am so excited that so many North Central Regional members will be attending and participating at the upcoming SLC, which will be held in Atlantic City for the first time. I encourage anyone who will compete to take the time to really prepare for the competition. I'm confident this will be our most successful year yet, so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have about this year's State Leadership Conference. Additionally, I am hosting the North Central Regional Summit on Friday, January 15 at 9:00. Representatives/ officers from each chapter are encouraged to attend. The event will be a fun way for students around the area to connect and participate in team-building activities. We will also discuss SLC and any questions you may have. Again, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have at

jennifer mao

central region vp

Hello! It's Jenn Mao, your Central Region Vice President, giving you the latest updates on our region's events so far this year. The Central Region has had a number of interesting events, from a Talent Show fundraiser at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School chapter to the upcoming Franklin Township High School chapter's interschool Talent Show on Friday, December 18th. Another upcoming event is the Central Regional Summit, which will take place at Bridgewater-Raritan High School (600 Garretson Rd, Bridgewater, NJ 08807) from 9:00-12:00 on Friday, January 15th. At the Summit, I will be facilitating ice breakers and team building activities and helping members learn about how to get more involved on a state and national level. The Summit is a fun place for networking; plus, lunch is provided, and who doesn't love free food? If you're interested in attending, feel free to email me at We also had quite a lot of states qualifiers for our regional events. Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing you place at states and represent New Jersey on a national level next year!

community service vp benjamin friedman Hello New Jersey FBLA! It is an honor to serve as the Community Service Vice President. Holding such an incredible position, I have the privilege to run the State Community Service Committee. I would like to introduce the members of the committee and their respective office positions. Our Corresponding Secretary is Chelsea Wong, and our Recording Secretary is Manan Modi. Our Committee Members and Event Coordinators are Adam Giovanelli, Chinaza Asiegbu, Aneesha Bhatia, Tina Lu, Kevin Guo, Casey Santini, and Gabriel Silveira. This year, the Community Service Committee has a large agenda to make New Jersey FBLA more charitable, service-oriented, and philanthropic. The main purpose of the committee is to plan for the New Jersey State Charity Event, which will take place in the Spring of 2016. During these upcoming months, we will be spreading awareness of March of Dimes by fundraising for the organization and educating the state on specific Community Service Programs. Even if you are not on the committee, I encourage you to reach out to me! I have been spending these past few weeks emailing chapters and members about different fundraising ideas. My most important values as a business leader is communication and approachability. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the state conference. Until then, make a difference in your local chapters, and do not forget to notify the state!

Membership Update and Guide By Scott Mueller, Membership VP The FBLA  membership  year  is  in  full  swing!  Many  New  Jersey  chapters  have  returned  to   “Generate  Greatness”  this  year,  with  the  addition  of  various  new  chapters!  The  current   membership  status  for  December  2015  is  as  follows:   FBLA:                               Middle  Level:                                       PBL:                                                            

136 Chapters                                        7495  Members   1  Chapter                                                                        18  Members   7  Chapters                                                                    259  Members  


144 Chapters                                          


7772  Members  

Additionally, New  Jersey  FBLA  is  implementing  the  new  “Bridge  Program,”  a  pilot   program  to  connect  chapters  across  New  Jersey.  Many  chapters  have  already  signed  up!

Membership Recruiting Tips From Scott! 1. Advertise - Public Relations is everything. The more you promote FBLA and what it does, the more students will want to get involved. Use announcements, flyers, press releases, social media, and anything else you can to make sure your whole school and community know about FBLA!

2. Connect - Connect with your current members. If you interact with members on a regular basis, they will be constantly reminded of FBLA and excited for future activities. Make sure each member has an opportunity to participate in activities and events.

3. Make Friends - FBLA is a great opportunity to make friends- stress this fact! When students discover that they can meet people from around the state and nation, they will become more excited to actively participate and invite friends to join FBLA!

4. Excite - Hold meetings that are informative, interactive, and exciting. Some schools serve pizza and drinks to members that attend a meeting. Play icebreaker games so members can get to know one another; award prizes to the winners of these games (i.e free pizza)! Give students excitement and the want to return to the next meeting. “FBLA is so much fun - I can’t wait until the next meeting!”

5 Tips For Being Active in Your Community

1. Plan  a  Fundraiser  
 Planning  fundraising  events  for   charity  is  rewarding  for  both  the   hosts  and  the  receiver  of  the  funds.   In  planning  an  event,  you  can   develop  various  leadership  and   business  skills  that  will  serve  well  in   the  future.  

By Chelsea Wong State Corresponding Secretary

3. Volunteer  at  Soup  Kitchens/ Local  Parks     2.  Take  Part  in  Walks     Like  the  March  for  Babies  walk  all   NLC  a;endees  know  and  love,  other   chari?es  host  walks  as  well.  Doing   them  as  a  chapter  can  prove  to  be  a   great  bonding  experience  and  will   allow  your  members  to  raise   awareness  and  money  for  chari?es.  

Local ins?tu?ons  can  always  use  an  extra   hand!  Many  are  run  by  volunteers  and   would  be  grateful  for  the  help.  During   the  colder  months,  soup  kitchens  are   busy  with  serving  hot  meals  to  those  in   need,  while  local  parks  could  use  a  good   clean  up  in  the  warmer  seasons.  

1. Assemble  Care  Packages   4.  Help  the  Elderly     Every  senior  center  has  the  same   schedule  every  day.  Energize  the   elderly  in  your  community  by  visi?ng   and  planning  fun  events  with  them!   What’s  not  to  love  about  making   someone’s  day  extra  memorable?  

From  the  U.S  Army  to  those  less   fortunate,  care  packages  can  make   people  feel  more  at  home  and  pick   up  their  morale.  Simple  packages   can  include  necessi?es  like   toothpaste  or  food  like  sandwiches   and  fruit.  

5 Tips For Local Chapter Secretaries

1. Be  efficient.    
 Record  minutes  in  a  way  that  is   efficient  for  you.  Some  find  it  easier   to  type  minutes  during  the  mee?ng,   while  others  prefer  handwri?ng   minutes  before  typing  them.  

By Abigail Sharp NJ FBLA State Secretary

3. Be  accurate.    

2. Organiza?on  is  key.  
 Use  a  uniform  format  for  your   mee?ng  minutes.  Record  your   minutes  following  the  order  of  the   agenda.  

4. Follow  the  agenda
 Keep  your  officer  team  on   schedule  according  to  the  agenda.   If  your  execu?ve  board  gets  off   topic,  bring  the  a;en?on  back  to   the  agenda.

Be sure  to  take  down  important   informa?on  from  the  mee?ng  to   incorporate  into  the  mee?ng  minutes.   Ask  for  clarifica?on  if  necessary  in  order   to  accurately  record  the  minutes.  Also,   review  your  mee?ng  minutes  before   sending  them  out  to  your  execu?ve   board.  

5. Use  your  voice.
 Your  job  as  secretary  is  more  than   taking  minutes.  You  are  a  part  of  the   execu?ve  board,  too.  Be  sure  to   effec?vely  communicate  your  concerns   and  ideas  during  the  mee?ng  while   recording  the  minutes.    

Basic Format for Minutes By Abigail Sharp, Secretary Executive Board Meeting Meeting Date

Meeting Title

Meeting Location I. Call to Order - President’s Name, Position - time called to order (XX:XX A/PM) II. Roll Call - Secretary’s Name, Position a. Officer Name, Position b. Officer Name, Position include secretary as well c. Officer Name, Position d. Officer Name, Position e. Officer Name, Position III. Secretary’s Minutes - Secretary’s Name, Position a. Date of the past meeting i. Motion to approve the minutes 1. Motion passed or rejected (the vote count) IV. Report of Treasury - Treasurer’s Name, Position a. Account Balance i. Date of the report and the account balance V. Committee Reports a. Committee Name - Officer Name i. Committee meeting date ii. Committee meeting progress Discussion of topics that iii. Place separate ideas on different lines have occurred between the VI. Unfinished Business previous meeting and the a. Topic of discussion current meeting i. Specific information regarding the topic ii. More information regarding the topic Discussion of new topics VII. New Business a. Topic of discussion i. Specific information regarding the topic ii. More information regarding the topic. Miscellaneous discussion VIII. Other brought up after the new a. Topic of discussion business i. Specific information regarding the topic IX.Date of Next Meeting - Date X. Adjournment - President’s Name, Position - time called adjourned


A guide by Elana Nehar, Webmaster

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National Fall Leadership Conference On November 20th to 21st, New Jersey FBLA members attended the National Fall Leadership Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. There, they attended fascinating workshops and CONNECTed with members across the nation. From Maine to Florida, members from all corners of the eastern region gathered to interact, share new ideas, and forge new friendships. In addition, members also had the chance to explore the beautiful city of Baltimore, walking around the gorgeous Inner Harbor and visiting interesting attractions such as the Maryland Science Center. After a thrilling weekend of CONNECTing with members across the nation, NJ FBLA is even more excited to generate greatness at the State Leadership Conference this spring and the National Leadership Conference this summer!

Local Chapter Spotlight

Roxbury High School ROXBURY FBLA Roxbury FBLA spent a recent Friday touring the history of Wall Street and learned a lot at the American Museum of Finance. The weather was warm enough to walk from the NY Federal Reserve Bank down to Frances Tavern, where the Sons of Liberty met in secret prior to the American Revolution.

Local Chapter Spotlight

Pequannock High School On November 15, while some Pequannock residents were cleaning up Halloween decorations and candy wrappers, the Pequannock Township High School’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter, or FBLA, was cleaning the lawns of their fellow residents. The chapter, led by advisor Elliott Honig and Community Service Committee president Nick LaGreca, made the trek from Pequannock Township High School to an area of Pompton Plains commonly referred to as “The Village” early Sunday morning for their annual “Fall Clean-Up”. The event involves volunteers raking lawns to become more involved in the community. Rakes in hand, the group of 30 volunteers knocked on doors all morning and raked over 35 lawns. This time of year resurfaces memories of tough times for Pequannock residents, especially those in “The Village” who live close to the Pequannock river. Both Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012 struck around the end of October, leading to heavy flooding in the area. For Village residents, Halloween in the past was more defined by water damage and power outages than trickor-treating and spooky costumes. When Superstorm Sandy hit, Pequannock FBLA members hosted an impromptu “Fall Clean-Up”, spending their November 1st raking lawns to relieve their neighbors of a tedious task during a devastating time. Almost every resident was happy to let the club help them tidy up, with some offering water and snacks as a “thank you” gift. Pompton Plains resident Paige Barnhill writes on the town’s Facebook page, “You all were great and what a nice thing to do!!! They wouldn’t take any money and they did a great job raking up a ton of leaves off the front yard. Thanks gang!” Chapter advisor Elliott Honig adds, “We’ve accomplished more this morning than we have in years past, and it’s all thanks to the teamwork of the volunteers. They all have big hearts, and I believe we really did our part in bettering the Pequannock community.”

Local Chapter Spotlight

Middlesex County Academy Dr. Lombardi’s Talk By Akshat Gokhale As I quickly scarfed down another delicious cookie and scrambled back to my seat, I looked towards the front of the room, at the man who, for the next hour, would be responsible for keeping a roomful of high schoolers entertained as he explored the world of business. I watched him cross the room towards a bright white easel board, and I couldn’t help but notice the infectious smile plastered across his face. On the easel board was a simple, three-circle Venn diagram, empty and yearning to be filled in. And, with that, Dr. Donald Lombardi of the Stevens Institute of Technology began his presentation on the intersection of business and technology. Through the years, I’ve seen dozens of monotonous lectures that have put audiences to sleep and yielded little in the way of actual, applicable knowledge. But, Dr. Lombardi, in less than 60 minutes, somehow managed to discuss his colorful life and the fundamentals of business, while still leaving time to answer all our questions and give us a glimpse of collegiate life at Stevens Institute. His powerful voice seemed to convey a deep passion for the topics he discussed, and his fun, humorous nature kept the talk both enjoyable and dynamic. Using the easel board as his canvas, Dr. Lombardi helped us visualize abstract concepts we’d never seen before, such as the 3 P’s of business - product, process, and people - and the three core components of an individual - knowledge, ability, and most importantly, motivation. He also used modern businesses and products, such as Amazon, Disney, and McDonald’s, to explain concepts in terms that we could understand and appreciate. In other words, rather than spurting out random facts and confusing acronyms, Dr. Lombardi gave everything context and relevance, allowing us to take what we learned and actually internalize it. But, what I loved most about Dr. Lombardi’s presentation was how he engaged the audience so effectively, speaking directly to students and weaving through the room so no one felt neglected or disconnected. He even appointed students to positions in an imaginary hospital to explore the structure of a not-for-profit business, and when a student cracked an unexpected joke, he used it as a springboard to discuss the importance of “emotional intelligence” in the business world. Of course, we can’t give him all the credit. As a student of the Middlesex County Academy, I was made proud by the attentiveness and respectfulness of all the students who came to watch the talk, FBLA and non-FBLA members alike. This was an audience that was eager to learn and absorb new information, and no matter how hard you looked, you couldn’t find a single student distracted by their phone or doodling in their notebook. Personally, I have to thank our MCA FBLA Council - Pavitthra, Taslim, Neha, and Parshva - and our advisor, Ms. Van Wart, for organizing such a great event and giving us the opportunity to see the business world from a whole new perspective. For any chapter leaders looking to host a fun, exciting event for their members, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Dr. Lombardi. You won’t regret it.

The Sifma Stock Market Game A Membership Experience by Swapnanil Deb I watched expectantly as Electronic Arts’ stock slowly rose after the company announced the release date for a new game. I knew that buying EA’s stock would be beneficial thanks to the effect this company has on the gaming industry, but I did not realize that PSE&G’s stock was called PSEG and not PG&E, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All the gains our team made investing in Apple and EA were lost because of our inability to recognize an incorrect purchase. That was how my first experience with SIFMA’s stock market game went and, even though I was substantially unsuccessful, I learned a lot. I am from the Middlesex County Academy chapter, which was just started last year. Last year has been eye-opening for me as a novice FBLA member, and I think that the community really helped me learn the ropes. The state officers always replied to my seemingly repetitive emails about how to correctly choose a stock and personal tips about when to short something versus when to actually buy it. I spent time talking with some chapters around my own and they told me some great things about the FBLA procedures and how to get more involved with FBLA in general, such as attending regional summits. There are so many people who guided me through the process and explained to me the fundamentals of business in general, and their advice changed my point of view on my career. I have spent a lot of my time in high school programming and coding but my interest in business practices has truly grown after joining FBLA. I even wrote a script to predict stock prices using twitter posts that was extremely unreliable. In the end, my time playing the Stock Market Game was very enlightening and inspiring and I feel that any FBLA member who wants to get into stocks and more involved in FBLA in general should try out SIFMA’s game.

The Spotlight January 2016  
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