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C ODE W RITE! APRIL 2004 Welcome Spring! It’s finally here! As we look back on the cold months that have recently passed, I would like to take a moment to give profound thanks to the staff of Wesson 2 and LDRP for the great teamwork demonstrated helping out with many staffing issues and the wonderful welcome the night shift provided to their day colleagues. It makes me proud to work alongside each of you every day!

PeriPad……………... Dr B’sat shares his insight on growing up in Lebanon in this first installment of a two- part series.... “I grew-up in Beirut for most of my childhood and young adolescent life. We follow the French school system, which has longer hours with school even on Saturdays. The emphasis was strong for language learning, which explains why I spoke 3 languages fluently - English, French and Arabic/Lebanese, and to a lesser degree German, by the time I entered college. Before the war, my family used to rent a summerhouse in the mountains. I used to do a lot of sports: bicycling, hiking, skiing, swimming, etc. The war in Lebanon started when I was 13. I never carried a gun myself, but I saw a lot of horror and devastation. A bomb exploded near a car carrying me and my friends a couple of times, and I was almost "executed" at checkpoints on 3 occasions just because I had the "wrong" religion stamped on my I.D. card. Fortunately, my immediate family and closest friends were physically unharmed. Lots of interruption in electricity and no supply of gasoline, sometimes for weeks at a time. Like any growing teenager, I learned to ignore dangers, and in retrospect I took some serious risks. My parents tried to impose curfews and safeguards, but like my peers, I stretched the limits of what I did. The most fun I had was traveling in Europe, which I was fortunate to do almost every year - often backpacking with other friends.” Next Issue—Hear about Dr B’sat’s experience as a resident in Lebanon!


Christopher Balise Clinical Engineering

VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 Medical Projects...

Annie Sanchez , CNM, Barbara Graves, CNM and Donna Jackson-Köhlin CNM spent a week in the Dominican Republic teaching maternal/fetal assessment skills in an effort to decrease maternal mortality. The staff at San Vincent De Paul were thrilled with the donations collected from Wesson Women’s staff. A presentation and slide show is being planned—watch for the announcements! Beth Zabielski RN spent a 2 week period in Jamaica, and also has many stories to share. Thanks to all for representing us in such a humbling and caring way!

January Jazz 340 Total Deliveries includes 11 sets of Twins 2 sets of Triplets 25 Booked Sections 60 Emergent Sections 570 WETU Outpatients


Q. “What’s the best thing about working at Baystate?” A. “The friendly atmosphere, where everyone has welcomed me and is willing to assist whenever needed.”

Baystate’s Bits! “MaryAnn was very gentle and compassionate through it all” “Jane was so extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant” “Latasha helped me feel calm and I am so glad she was part of my son’s delivery” “Ann and Amy were wonderful” “Sherry, Elaine and Sandy have provided excellent care and education—thank you for your support and encouragement during this difficult time”

O R The Cerner Computer N Project continues to move forward E with fluid time lines. R Mary Lane will be the first Baystate Health Systems facility to begin training in the summer with Franklin Medical Center to follow. The training for BMC employees will begin in the autumn as per the present timeline. Plan on an eight-hour period for the training session. Several people have shown interest in becoming Superusers, and once training begins in the Fall, I will finalize this group so assistance is evenly distributed on both shifts and all the weekends. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and patience. I am confident that WETU, LDRP and Wesson 2 will truly excel in the implementation of this program.

Kathy Freme RN, BS

A Lesson Learned… by N a nc y Ri nes R N, B SN I recently interviewed a young lady for a SNAP position on LDRP. She was charming, bright and excited about this opportunity. When I asked the “Why OB?” question, she quickly answered, “I love to teach!” It was such a heartfelt response and it made me ponder teaching and its importance in everything we do every day. It also made me think about Mrs. Finn, my third grade teacher, who taught me more than math and science. Here are some things she taught me every day:  · Helping others will help you  · Take pride in your work, it has your name on it  · Everyone is different, thank goodness!  · Recess is important in order to make your brain work  · An apple a day is essential, but chocolate is pleasant  · Mothers know best  · A day without laughter is a wasted day  · Use what God gave you and you too can perform miraclea Thank you, Mrs. Finn. “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else” ~Yogi Berra

It’s a BOY named Peter for Rosemary Kratovil’s latest grandchild... Cruises were enjoyed this winter by Ann Farrell-Cournoyer and Maryellen Flemati,. Gail Hellyar and Carole Babbitt recently visited Ireland and Aruba respectively. Check out the new puppies’ pictures from Dorinne Rodriguez’s brood in the LDRP Kitchen. Welcome Back Jen Doe, Denise Genco, Dede Ennis and Diane Gauthier! Bon Voyage and Aloha to William Goh— we’ll miss you! Great news for Donna Goncalves—she’s finally a grandmother to Jacob Ryan! Congratulations to Laurie Beauchemin, Cheryl McNabb and Beth Hallmark on admission to BSN and RN programs! Congratulations to the UCONN Huskies! WETU Welcomes Jaqueline Rivera RN on nights! Get Well Soon...and hurry back--Stephanie Wallis and Patty Greene!

Cheryl Paquette, RN Lifesaver!!! The quick response of Cheryl Paquette, RN, Wesson 2 saved the life of a visitor. The visitor ran into a room holding her throat and gasping for breath. Without hesitation, Cheryl assessed the situation and performed the Heimlich Maneuver and recovered a large piece of broccoli! Thank you Cheryl (and her lovely assistant, Gail Bordua) for remaining calm and paying such close attention at CPR class! She’s Done!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Jane Mack LPN on all her hard work on the MedTeams Project—A final summary will be published soon!

~As you age, less makeup is better. Only cover blemishes, not your whole face. This will give you a softer, more youthful look. ~Product Hint—my favorite lipstick is M.A.C. which can be found at Filene’s. ~Parting Words.... “A kind gesture will not only benefit someone else, it will replenish your soul.”

won several awards for Latin competition!

It’s easy to vote—Go to your kitchen and find the Code Write Envelope and be sure to leave your name and your guess before April 30th. Winner will be randomly selected from all the correct answers—

A WONDERFUL PRIZE will be awarded!!! Congratulations to last issue’s winner— Cindy Cowles RN--she guessed Beth Zabielski as the mystery baby! “Some of the nurses were kind of mean, they could have been nicer” “People could have paid attention more”

“My husband went out to the desk and the nurses sitting there just ignored him”.

Terekah’s Tips!!! Spring is here and summer rapidly approaching! Summer sandals, along with proper footcare are a must! Ladies and Gents, can we say PEDICURE? p.s. Your toes should not hang over the edge of your new sandals.

Favorites... Sport—Hockey Food—Snargle Vacation—Hawaii Movie—“The Godfather” TV Show—M*A*S*H Obscure Fact...

February Fun! 361 Total Deliveries includes 11 sets of Twins 1 set of Triplets 27 Booked Sections 82 Emergent Sections 529 WETU Outpatients

LACTATION SERVICES UPDATE! A couple of reminders to keep everyone abreast of what's best for getting mother and baby off to a great start: *Help to get baby to breast within the first hour after birth. Colostrom acts as a laxative and helps baby pass the first meconium stool *No bottles for breastfed babies unless medically indicated *Remember the capacity of the newborn stomach in the first 24 hours is 7cc at each feed

*New retractable badge holders for all staff have been ordered! They will say "Ask me about Breastfeeding Consultation/Retail Services at Baystate" *Sign up to come to our Breastfeeding Conference at Log Cabin May 6 & 7 Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support of our breastfeeding families!

April 2004 Newsletter Code Write  

“MaryAnn was very gentle and compassionate through it all” “Jane was so extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant” “Latasha helped me fe...

April 2004 Newsletter Code Write  

“MaryAnn was very gentle and compassionate through it all” “Jane was so extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant” “Latasha helped me fe...