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10 Gym Rules For Every Man

10 Gym Rules For Every Man (Yes, we do mean EVERY man)

Usually we focus on keeping the ladies stylish and fresh at the gym. But after reading 10 Rules to Look Stylish at the Gym, courtesy of Men’s Health we just had to share these tips with all the Gentlemen out there. Guys, for your sake and ours, please adhere to these 10 simple rules. We promise they’re really not that difficult…

1. If you can smell yourself, everyone else can too. No further explanation necessary. 2. Zuba pants were never cool, will never be cool, and should be donated to the rag drawer not be owned in the first place. (See picture below.)

3. Do-rags are acceptable only if you hang with Bruce Springsteen (e.g., Steven Van Zandt) or were a regular on The Sopranos (e.g., Steven Van Zandt) NOT acceptable.


4. Jewelry is best left to the ladies. Your bling is distracting. 5. Wear flip-flops in the locker room. Keep your fungal problem to yourself. Or here's an idea, why not actually take care of your feet?

6. Your shorts should end just above the knee. Period. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling (the only man exempted from all of these rules. He can do anything he wants).

7. Don't go commando, especially when doing mat work. Please. Just. Don’t. 8. Wearing a shirt with the gym's logo at the gym is like wearing a band's shirt to its concert. You're not 17 anymore and unless you work there, leave it at home.


Njeri C. Mathu 917.558.4000

10 Gym Rules For Every Man

9. Replace your gym shoes every 6 months for optimal performance. Us women judge you by your shoes, often very, very harshly. And finally, but oh so importantly...

10. Your huffing should never be louder than your playlist. Yes, we know you’re training hard but those extra loud grunts are not manly or attractive in any way.

Have any other non-negotiable gym rules? Share your comments below! Happy Workout Gentlemen (and Ladies!)



10 Gym Rules For Every Man  

10 very simple gym rules all men should adhere to. For the sake of humanity and world peace.

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