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Web Development Tips and Guidelines Many businesses put up their own web pages as the web becomes more popular and available. Of course, it is important to present clear and accessible information in your website to offer a greater experience to your visitors. Many factors are involved in creating a web page like domain name, web hosting choice, and site format. What are the elements that contribute to the effective design of a webpage? Here are web development tips and guidelines you may find useful. 1. Prioritize the needs of your clients. Focus on the needs of your clients all the time. Incorporate accessibility, usability, and user interaction/experience. See things on the perspective of your visitors. 2. Use simple navigation. Placing navigation links is important on the length of time visitors stay and explore your website. The navigational structure should be clean, consistent, flexible and accessible. 3. Clean and consistent layout. Use a lot of white space to enhance the look and readability of your website. Focus on your content and use fonts that are available on all computers. 4. Design to fit all screen resolutions. If your website is easy to use, it encourages visitors to stay and explore your content. It is very crucial for websites with long pages as it decreases the required amount of scrolling. If your site looks messed up in a particular resolution, your visitor may close the browser. Designing to fit all screen resolutions makes sure you have a professional and visually appealing website. 5. Make sure your website is cross browser compatible. Check your website in the most used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 6. Program using pure CSS. Pure CSS websites offer usability and accessibility. It also reduces file size and controls the look of your website. 7. Optimize load time. Make sure you have a low load time and test for the performance of your website often. 8. Guarantee a reliable and scalable site. Make sure the code, hosting, and design is error free and able to withstand increased user loads.

Web Development Tips and Guidelines