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1. How often do you consume alcohol? a)Everyday b)Only weekends c)Every 15 days d)Once a month 2. At what age do you started consuming alcohol? a)Between 13 and 14 b)Between 15 and 16 c)Between 17 and 18 d)From 18 years 3. Why do you start consuming alcohol? a)Curiosity b)Social Pressure c)By taste d)Another______________________________ 4. How many do you spend on alcohol? a)$5 to $10 b)$10 to $15 c)$15 to $20 d)$20 to $25 e)More 5. Which do you think are the common effects alcohol causes on society? a)Change of humors b)Headache c)Dizziness d)None e)Another_________________________

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