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SWOT ANALYSIS OF PERSONAL CREATIVE PRACTICE I have compromised a creative practice of myself where I have judged my own abilities in four areas; Skills & Knowledge, Project Process, Promotion & Marketing and Values & Vision. Each of these areas have 6 criteria’s which I will discuss into words, about my own personal judgement at where I am at with each of these points. Skills & Knowledge I have basic skills and knowledge into the awareness of diverse and global range of design cultures and languages; as my course begins to progress I become more familiar with the design language spoken and this helps me and other designers be able to communicate fluently. I believe that I am proficient in the experience of design research, analysis and synthesis as I cover this process in my core projects and know how to analyse research and my own work by annotation. I also believe that I am proficient in another two criteria’s for this area which would be; visualising/ prototyping skills and aptitudes in a range of media and formats as well as the aptitude in compiling interim and summative design presentations. What is meant by this is that I can visualise my ideas to the audience through skills such as model making and other media like paper and computer skills. I have the ability for designing through a digital platform; I can accept that I am competent in programs such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and still developing in software; Google Sketch UP and illustrator as well as equivalent 3D softwares. I could argue that I am also competent in the knowledge and experience of process, component and production technology where I have done some research into the process of how materials can be put together and I also have experience of working in the work shop making physical models and using machines like the laser cutter, 3D printer, drills, sanders and a few other technologies which at the end of the day this is how we would begin the production of composing our designs whether it will be manufactured or hand made. Project Process I have had a few experiences of design processes and methodologies where I have had to design something and had to go through the design process and methods of designing it; researching and annotating, sketching and annotating, finalising an idea and thinking about the methods of how it can be made etc. however, I agree that I am still developing in this section of learning as I need to be more educated on the methods of how I can compose objects. My team leadership and management is proficient, I have had a lot of experiences with working in teams especially on group projects such as presenting PowerPoints where the work has been divided and I have had to manage my time in order to work as a team sufficiently. I have not had experience into the costing of projects and fee negotiation; I believe that by the near future I will have developing knowledge and skills into this and it may make me into a much more creative designer as at points in my career I will have to work to budgets. Again, I believe to be proficient in planning and managing project activity as I make use of my time and create Gantt charts to help plan and manage the time I have

till hand-in dates, this is a table divided by number of weeks and each section of the project where I will write in each week what I need to have done. From the project process I have no experience into managing client relationships and collaboration yet therefore my aim is to at some point gain experience in working with real life clients -suggestive of work experience. Enterprise and Marketing Moving onto enterprise and marketing. My knowledge of design areas and creative industries is quite basic but what I do know is that there is a constant change in industries with new innovations. I have some experience in the understanding of legislation and regulations and understand that by law all designs need to be speculated and made sure that they are at the correct law standard of safety for human use. In this area it will be key that I gain experience of design budgets and account management however I do have faith in that I am good with money and have reasonable mathematical skills to back this up. On the same hand throughout the course I will gain experience of design practice marketing and promotion as I have not yet learnt about this though I am learning to present my designs in a professional way via concept sheets and have the use of Photoshop to render any images as within my course I am also dealing with photography and graphics and this will help me to market and promote any designs. Another area that would be gracious to develop in is obtaining project procurement and being able to discuss ideas with clients, hopefully I will be able to take on work experience during my degree to achieve this. Values and Vision I have learnt an understanding of some of the ethical business standards such as designs that accommodate the disabled and unable- people and the way that the rise in a flight of stairs must be of a minimum height of 140mm-178mm and if we design the rise to be open it has to be smaller than a baby’s head for safety regulations this also applies to the subscription to policies and standards of ethical design. I have a developing awareness and appreciation of key design futures and innovation trends; I understand the values and vision of the way design accumulates in trends some of these eras of design trends are the Art décor, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Minimalist eras which are the eras I can think of off the top of my head. User centred design; my awareness and practice for user centred design is still developing, however I have had a project under the heading ‘’user centred design’’ which I had to design a house from scratch and I developed an understanding of how to structure a house, and had to consider the things like what room to place where which the sunrise for this needed to be taken into account. Other things considered was use of material; weathering, who I am designing for, understand the minimum measurements with the help from book resources- Metric Handbook.

Swot analysis of personal creative practice  
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