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98th Annual Convention

February 26-28, 2017 Ocean Place Resort & Spa

One Ocean Boulevard Long Branch, NJ 07740

NJAHPERD MISSION STATEMENT NJAHPERD is dedicated to advancing quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance education, and athletics through professional development, programming, advocacy, and collegial exchange. The Association promotes the development of healthy active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members. Strategic Goals: 1.

To provide professional development through quality programs at conventions and conferences in health, physical education, recreation, dance and sport


To recognize and promote professional excellence and quality health, physical education, recreation, dance and sports programs throughout the state


To identify, pursue and increase external funding


To increase membership and services


To increase and diversify membership


To strengthen legislative and governmental relationships and advocacy efforts


To increase public awareness of the Association and its related issues in health, physical education, recreation, dance and sport


To develop a more efficient and effective organizational structure to facilitate Association goals


NJAHPERD Mission Statement

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Phone: 732-918-9999 Fax: 732-918-2211

Message from the President As President, I join President-elect, Laurie Cancalosi; Carol Lynch, Immediate Past President; and Executive Director, Jackie Malaska and our Executive Board in welcoming you to our 98 th NJAHPERD convention. Our membership has remained one of the strongest of all state associations in the nation and that strength is a result of member support. Throughout the past year NJAHPERD has provided 10 professional workshops/ conferences and one for our Future Professionals. Advocacy in New Jersey is alive and well and is ‘Still on the Move.’ I am asking members to offer to serve as officers in our association and identify those who might serve NJAHPERD. Find ways to advance our professions in your communities. Be a testament to the commitment we have to quality physical education, health and dance programs in our schools. Thank you to our NJAHPERD Office staff, Kimberly Boerner and Michele Delano for their work on this event. Mega thanks to Jackie Malaska, our Executive Director and Convention Manager, for her commitment to making our NJAHPERD state convention one of the BEST in the country. Finally, please take time to visit our exhibitors who truly support our convention. ENJOY your time at these well-planned sessions and immerse yourself in great professional conversations that will enhance the programs you bring to your students. I look forward to meeting and greeting you all during the day and at our socials!

Christine Baccarella NJAHPERD President

Welcome from the Executive Director Greetings! On behalf of the NJAHPERD Executive Board, welcome to the 2017 Annual Convention at the Jersey Shore. We extend a special thank you to our guests, speakers, exhibitors, and especially to you, our members. Your attendance validates your personal commitment and makes a powerful statement that our profession is critical in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone in New Jersey! NJAHPERD is committed to providing programs, products and services to reverse the obesity epidemic, but our shared vision for quality health and physical education programs is dependent upon our combined efforts. As Convention Manager, I want to thank the NJAHPERD Executive Board for their commitment and help in planning an excellent program. Many hours are necessary to plan an event of this size and scope. Without the assistance of the countless volunteers, especially our retired members and the smiling faces of the future professionals, your experience would not be as enjoyable. Special thanks to the more than 200 speakers who have developed high quality PD sessions for you and their willingness to share their expertise. The excitement and energy that surrounds us during convention time is truly who we are as professionals. Be proud and recognize that you play a vital role in the educational process of the whole child. Take the time to network with fellow professionals and share your experiences. Examine the latest products and services from our vendors, and applaud NJAHPERD award recipients. Most importantly, reflect on your personal wellness. Take a moment and breathe in the salt air and be mindful of the beautiful ocean view. Enjoy yourself and return to your students refreshed and rejuvenated, with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and a renewed excitement for the best profession ever!

Jackie Malaska Executive Director 2



NJAHPERD LEADERSHIP President Christine Baccarella President Elect Laurie Cancalosi Executive Director Jackie Malaska Immediate Past President Carol Lynch Physical Activity Vice President Vacancy

Future Professionals Advisors Staci Andrews Raz Blau Future Professionals Representatives Kathryn Barthold William Paterson University

Kayla Frohlich Montclair State University

Chelsea Guttridge Kean University

JRFH/HFH Coordinator Michelle Fox Publications Editor Suzette de Araujo Lake Conference Chair Gregg Montgomery LMAS Coordinator Liz Benne

Marissa Hazel TCNJ

Joshua Hudson

Driver Education Chair Maureen Nussman

Rowan University

Physical Activity Vice President Elect Vacancy

Monmouth University

Physical Education Vice President Colleen McCurry

Member-At-Large Judith Ruff

Physical Education Vice President Elect Ellie Abdi

Member at Large Elect Lois Joyce

SHAPE America, Eastern District State Advisory Representatives Grace Kaler Kelly Graham

Member at Large Past Barbara Ann DeCaro

Technology Committee Chair Justin Schleider

Health Vice President Elect Vacancy

Parliamentarian/ Constitution & By-Laws Michele Fisher

Applied Strategic Planning Chair Peter Rattigan

Dance Vice President Arvin Arjona

Advocacy/Public Relations Chair JoAnn Doherty

Dance Vice President Elect Barbara Brady

Awards Chair Carol Lynch

Health Vice President Steve Wehrle

Stephanie Huff

Coordinator of Retirees Domenica Desiderioscioli

NJEA Liaison/Program Manager Diane Glover NJ Department of Education Liaison Brendan O’Reilly American Heart Liaison Jim Presbrey

2017-18 Executive Board President Elect Vacancy Member at Large Elect Vacancy Physical Education Vice President Elect Steve Wehrle Health Vice President Elect Dawn Francavilla Dance Vice President Elect Arvin Arjona Physical Activity Vice President Elect Colleen McCurry

Future Professional Representatives Evan Berti TCNJ Amanda Delfino Monmouth University Tom Larranaga William Paterson University Melissa Renye Kean University Mary Roldan Rowan University Michelle Ziegler Montclair University

Treasurer/Office Manager Kimberly Boerner Office Assistant Michelle Delano

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BADGES: The convention badge MUST be worn for admission to all meetings and to the exhibit area. Registration Hours: Monday, 6:30 A.M.—2:00 P.M. Tuesday, 6:30 A.M.—12:00 P.M.

Exhibit Hall: Visit our exhibitors in Atlantic III-V and in Hallway. Monday, 8:30 A.M.—3:00 P.M. Tuesday, 8:30 A.M.—2:00 P.M.

RD E P r AH be J N em M

Gifts: T-Shirts compliments of NJAHPERD. Lanyards provided by SPARK and attendee bags provided by FlagHouse. Apparel: Every Child Stronger Every Life Longer (ECSELL) hooded sweatshirts and long sleeved t-shirts are available for purchase at the NJAHPERD booth. Image Sport apparel is also available for sale. Prices vary. Morning Coffee: Compliments of NJAHPERD, 7-9 AM.

Lunch Hours: 11:00-1:00. Grab & Go concession (sandwiches, salads and snacks) will be available in the foyer and Seaview Restaurant.

Professional Development Hours: In order to receive credit for your participation you must be in the session within 5 minutes of its beginning and remain until the end. Certificate of attendance is final page of program.

Cancellations/Room Changes: All changes will be posted on room signs and in Registration Area. GRANDE FINALE Raffle will take place immediately following the Closing Session on Tuesday. Many great prizes for your school program will be raffled compliments of NJAHPERD and participating Exhibitors. You must be present to win.

Convention “app”: A convention app is available to view the convention program, exhibitors and create your schedule. A session evaluation feature is also available for your convenience. To download the app see inside front cover.

Convention Evaluations: We encourage you to use the convention app to evaluate the sessions you attend. An evaluation form is also available for speakers. An online evaluation will be sent via email after the convention to gather information on additional details. Please respond as your input assists the Convention Planning Committee with valuable input for future events.

Convention Handouts: All “handouts” and assessment tools submitted by our speakers, will be available electronically only. Bring your EMPTY jump drive to the NJAHPERD booth and we will upload it free of charge! You may purchase an already uploaded NJAHPERD branded jump drive for $10. NJAHPERD is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance NJAHPERD encourages the exchange of diverse opinions. The ideas presented during the NJAHPERD Annual Convention do not necessarily reflect NJAHPERD’s official position on the issues. NJAHPERD assumes no responsibility for any statement as fact or opinion presented at the NJAHPERD Annual Convention, nor does acceptance of advertising or exhibits imply endorsement of any products or services by the Association. If you object to products, services, or practices that have been promoted at the NJAHPERD Annual Convention, please inform the specific exhibitors and/or presenters with whom you disagree. You are also encouraged to extend your compliments to those whom you feel provided a product or presentation of exceptional quality. Individuals participating in convention activities do so voluntarily, and thereby assume any and all risks involved by the participation. NJAHPERD prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status in the treatment of participants in, access to, or content of its programs and activities.


2017 Convention At-A-Glance Monday 7:00-7:45





Monmouth 1

Grading Olsen/ Campfield

None of the Above Prior

NJAHPERD Member Forum

Google 101 Fish

Monmouth 2

Understanding Autism Sharlow

Sneaky Fun & Standards Taggert

Plyoga Lauren/Ascough

RampShot Bonventre


Double Dutch Hoff/Soares

Body, Mind & Spirit Royals

Choreography Carter

Motown Magic Osborn

Fast & Furious Devore

Positive Environment Gagnon

Disc-Go-Here Devore

Parachute Central Smith/Flaghouse

Reluctant Movers Lanier

Before the School Bell Akpan

Comprehensive PA Kline

Forever Active Ng

Danceable Energizers Osborn

Monmouth 3-4

FUNdamentals of Fitness Burke


Icebreakers, Team Builders Friedrich

Pokememon Move Amtmanis


Yogapalooza Koral

Preschool Play Gagnon/Kline

Ron Malm

Sport Science Biren/Rattigan


Roll, Bounce, Play Joyce

#QPE: T H E U L T I M A T E S A L E S J O B !!

Atlantic 2

Keynote Address

Atlantic 1


Positive Play Flint

Kids FirstPlay On! Sharlow

Hidden Skills Fish

Yoga University Scamorza

Learn to Adapt Marhevka

Motivating Students Hodges/Barthold

Tips & Tactics Ciotto/ Benham

Awareness Campaign Setaro

Integrating Dance Segro

Learning Through Movement Rutigliano

Opiates Prevention Fabrizio

Cyberbullying Ensminger

New Tide Cowan/ Marchione

Lesson Plans Infante/Grasso/ Saunders

School Gardens Feehan

Climb On! Sudeith

Driver Ed Lewis

Portfolios Royals

Adapting Assessment Catalfamo/ Reuter

Promenade 3-4

Interactive Health Ed Hardin/Berge

Promenade 5-6

Sharing is Caring Jones/Munley

Promenade 7-8

Healthy Schools Cornell

So You Think You Can Dance Ryder

Elementary Health Ranahan

Assessments, Management Chiesa

Technology Antonoff/BeebeClark/Riccardi


Digital Beast Prior

FitnessGram Ormsby

Teenage Stress Berk

Safe Play Area Lubisco

Tire Safety Wischhusen


Promenade 1-2

Monmouth 1 & 2

XYZs of Retirement Bobik

Retirement NJEA Higher Ed. Consortium Schmidt

Ocean 2

PLAN YOUR DAY Use the personal Convention Record, page 68. 10

Developing & Encouraging Sportsmanship Amtmanis


2017 Convention At-A-Glance Tuesday 7:00-7:45 Monmouth 1 Monmouth 2 Monmouth 3-4

Theory to Practice Abdi

Fitness Fever Guzzi/Miller

Standards Malm

Learning Strategies Amtmanis

Strike 3 Smith & Candy Flaghouse

Game Transformer Hinson

Ballroom Fitness Osborn

Party Line Dances Bonnano

Pickleball 101 Giannetti

Trust Builders Friedrich

Pillar 360 Blair/Hackett

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Winberger

Boot Camp Hartman

PaddleZlam DiGiacomo/Said

Instant Activities & Brain Energizers Schleider

Yoga & Meditation Peluso/ Lanfrank

Kerboom Kidz Anthony

Incorporate Health in PE Clifton/ Dougherty

Circus Skills Milstein

Nutrition Malm

Rookie Rugby Feury/ Chapman

Curriculum & Assessment Toth

Engaging Activities Kline

Multipurpose Equipment Marhevka

Assessment Ciotto/ Benham

Marijuana Litterer

School Grants Haider

Creative Fitness Schmidt/Porter

Engaging Middle School Joyce

E-Cigarettes Butler

SONJ Colacello

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Stress-America’s New Plague Dibofsky/ Gerhard

Developmental PE Gagnon

Sexual Assault Prevention Neufeld

Promenade 5-6

Run Club Extravaganza Fairbanks

Empowerment Gibbons

Good Mental Health Baker

Sex Ed Ulrich

Planning for the Future Deliso

Promenade 7-8

Elementary Health Ed. Kozlowski

CPR Programs Kinney


Plickers Amtmanis

Tech Tips Devore



Promenade 1-2

Promenade 3-4

Yogapalooza Koral

Ocean One/ Two

Tennis in Small Spaces 10:30-12:00


Rebels in Health Policy & Practice Class Hastings Prior Visual Impaired Students Marhevka

Google Apps Hazel/ Moskowitz/ Chomyszak

Walking & Running Hatfield/Lange

Monmouth 1 & 2

MMM...Music Flint

Obstacle Course Kovel

Honoring JRFH & HFH Coordinators

Dance/Autism Sharlow


Break the Ice! Ruland/ Galiszewski

Volleyball ABC & 123 Fish Barthold/Fleck Adventure Fitness MashEducation ‘From Dance the of Life Up Kushner/Ground Up’ Royals DelloRussoFriedrich


Closing Session




Followed by the


Kan Jam Rooney

Atlantic 1

Atlantic 2


Legal Issues Griffin

NJCAHPE Meeting 11:30 Krupa AHA Coordinators’ Breakfast Meeting Restaurant

Manchester Jump Rope Team 11:30am-12:00pm Monmouth 3-4



2017 Annual Convention Program NJAHPERD regrets any changes in the program due to unforeseen circumstances. NJAHPERD reserves the right to change room assignments or cancel presentations. Please check posted signs for updates and cancellations or ask at the registration booth.

Monday, February 27, 2016 Registration opens at 6:30 AM Complimentary Coffee 7:00 AM-9:00 AM Monday 7:00 AM-9:00 AM Early Bird Sessions FUNdamentals of Fitness: Integrating Fitness into Physical Education Atlantic 1 Ryan Burke, One on One Fitness Consultants, Inc. Fitness has become an integral part of physical education. The focus of this session is to provide participants with the tools and inspiration required to effectively create a fitness-based class appropriate for all students. Participants will gain ownership of key concepts such as designing fitness lessons, purposeful cueing, and individualized assessments. Come see why Fundamentals of Fitness is creating real change in schools and beyond. Lesson plans provided. Elementary, Middle, Secondary Monday 7:00 AM-7:45 AM Early Bird Sessions

Icebreakers, Team Builders, & More Seabright Mark Friedrich, Millburn High School 2016 NJAHPERD High School Teacher of the Year Icebreakers, Team Builders, & More will provide participants of ALL AGES with an immediate arsenal of winning activities that promote Team Building, Cooperation, Trust and pack ENERGY to give every student a positive feeling in the physical education classroom. All

Roll, Bounce & Play Atlantic 2 Lois Joyce, Whitney M Young Elementary School, 2016 NJAHPERD Middle School Teacher of the Year Experience a variety of cooperative learning activities for young children that incorporate stability and Omni balls. Elementary

Yogapalooza Oceanport Bari Koral, Kids Yoga + Music + Movement A trip to the moon? Yoga with a dancing bear? Discover a wonderful world of beloved songs and activities that teach yoga to children. Guaranteed to get you moving, Bari’s popular presentations are chock full of key tools and inspiration. Learn to teach many of the core yoga poses plus relaxation tools to cool down, relax and recharge. Early Childhood, Elementary


Monday 8:00 AM-9:00AM Pokemon Move - Gamifying the Let's Move Active Schools initiative (LMAS tract) Seabright Amanda Amtmanis, Middletown Public Schools 2014 CTAHPERD Elementary Teacher of the Year You are invited to examine all of the aspects of PokĂŠmon Move - the creative result combining all of the strategies for developing a more active school community under one theme and making a game out of it. Participants will evaluate the effects of this model on organization, understanding, motivation and participation rates among staff and students regarding active schools initiatives. In addition, participants will have hands-on opportunities to explore a variety of strategies to add more physical activity for students throughout the school day. Bring an iPad or tablet if you've got one. Elementary Sport Science K-20: Full STEAM Ahead Atlantic 2 Gregory Biren, Peter Rattigan, Rowan University This session builds on a previous presentation on integrating Exercise Science into K-12 settings in order to promote STEAM, health/fitness knowledge and purposeful movement. Presenters will discuss the status of the program and provide hands on activities demonstrating how STEAM can be incorporated into both Health and Physical Education classes. All Adapting Assessments to Meet the Child Promenade 1-2 Kim Catalfamo, 1st Cerebral Palsy of NJ, 2015 SHAPE American Eastern District Adapted Teacher of the Year Beth Rueter, Horizon High School - CP of North Jersey How do you assess the child who doesn't fit the norm? Adapt! APE and mainstreamed SE.

Preschool Physical Education: Play to Learn! Oceanport Amy Gagnon, Central Connecticut State University Nick Kline, US Games This session will focus on a variety of great activities physical educators can do to help preschool students learn. Classroom management, behavior management and some of the best activities that promote learning will be shared. Come to learn and be active, but most of all, come to play to learn. Early Childhood, Elementary Teaching Interactive Health Education Lessons to High School Students Promenade 3-4 Pat Hardin, William Paterson University Tracy Berge, Vernon Township High School This session will share very interactive lessons dealing with human sexuality topics that will captivate the high school students' attention. Participants will leave this session with already tried and true lessons to use immediately in their classrooms. Secondary What’s Inside Your Healthy School? (LMAS tract) Promenade 7-8 Sue Cornell, NJ YMCA Healthy U What does a healthy school environment really look like? This interactive workshop will share best practices for building a culture of health in your school including, building support among faculty, administration, and students, engaging families, and creating a physical environment that promotes healthy living. This workshop will share ideas from schools throughout the state as well as allow time for the group to share and brainstorm and create ideas to bring back to their school. All Sharing is Caring: A Unique Story of a Supportive PE Community Promenade 5-6 David Jones, Livingston High School, 2017 NJAHPERD High School Teacher of the Year Michael Munley, Livingston High School Make the most out of your high school PE program. Choose from a smorgasbord of takeaways as we lead you through the legend of the Livingston High School program that we developed through thoughtful planning and merits of trials and tribulations. After, allow us to problem solve with you about your program issues. Secondary, Higher Education

Danceable Brain Energizers (LMAS tract) Monmouth 3-4 Teresa Osborn, Freelance Dance Educator, WA Danceable brain energizers are a quick, easy, and fun activity to popular music which can improve physical activity, aerobic activity and cognitive performance. These dances, exercises and games can be done at your desk or in a small space. Students of all ages love them because they help break up classroom lessons and get them moving. They help prepare your students for the day ahead and are recommended that you use them in every lesson. All


Opening Session Keynote Monday

9:15 AM-10:15 AM ∙

Monmouth 1-2

Ron Malm

Focused Fitness

#QPE: The Ultimate Sales Job!

Program Welcome

Christine Baccarella President, NJAHPERD

Pledge of Allegiance

NJAHPERD Future Professionals

NJEA Welcome

Marie Blistan Vice President, NJEA


Ron Malm Focused Fitness

Convention Announcements

Jackie Malaska Convention Manager

Ron Malm is a co-owner of Focused Fitness and loves working with educators to promote Quality Physical Education (#QPE). Prior to creating Focused Fitness, Ron was an elementary and middle school physical educator, adjunct instructor at a local university, baseball, basketball and track coach and a personal trainer. He holds a Master's degree and was a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Ron's professional objective is to give students the movement skills necessary and the knowledge required to understand and apply fitness, health and nutrition concepts to stay fit, healthy and active throughout their lives. Ron has been instrumental in revolutionizing Physical Education by co-developing the first-ever web -based software to collect, report, and validate student growth and program effectiveness. He was also a co-creator of over 30 curriculum resources that are currently used throughout the country to provide #QPE to today's students. Since 2001, Ron has trained thousands of teachers during professional development workshops and conferences in 40+ states. He considers meeting and working with educators to be the best part of his job - and he gets to enjoy it quite often, as the Focused Fitness software and curriculum resources are now used in over 500 districts. Ron's goal is to bring #QPE to every school. His drive is fueled by his belief that simply keeping kids “sweating, smiling and safe” is not Quality Physical Education. With the mounting pressure to raise academic scores and expand time provided to other subject areas, Physical Education faces a real threat of being eliminated. However, Ron believes that by educating students, parents, teachers, and administrators of #QPE, we can collaboratively prove the needs of Physical Education and receive the resources needed to implement quality programming.

Dr. Nettie L. Smith Dr. Nettie L. Smith, for whom this keynote address has been named, was a strong advocate for health, physical education and dance for many years. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University and her Master’s and Doctorate from New York University. Dr. Smith taught at the elementary, high school, and college levels in Ohio, Alaska, and New Jersey. She started the Health and Physical education major program at what now is known as Kean University, where she was also chairperson of the department for many years. She served NJAHPERD as president and parliamentarian, along with many other positions. She was on the Executive Board of the EDA of AAHPERD, and was a member of NCATE, the assessment group for colleges and universities. Dr. Smith was also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, a nationally known collegiate group. Dr. Smith spoke at the AAHPERD national convention and authored articles for numerous professional journals. She was a mentor and colleague to many. It is NJAHPERD’s pleasure to name this lecture in honor of Dr. Nettie L. Smith.

NJAHPERD wishes to thank Kean University for sponsoring the Opening Session. 15

Digital Beast Shrewsbury Amy Prior, Gray Stone Day School, NC 2014 Southern District Health Education Teacher of the Year Hashtag this, iCloud that, online, dot com, streaming, RSS feeds, and the list goes on. We’re talking about technology and the digital age. How does one equip themselves with the best, most effective technology and keep the integrity within your classroom? Come learn strategies and resources for your classroom that will more than impress, they will make you a “Digital Beast:! Middle, Secondary

Monday 10:30 AM-11:30 AM Tips and Tactics for Successfully Landing the Job You Want Promenade 1-2 Carol Ciotto, Ellen Benham, Central Connecticut State University This workshop focuses on interviewing skills, building your resume and cover letter. Hear tips on how to make the strongest first impression, including what to wear, how to answer common interview questions, what questions to ask, and more. Leave prepared with tools you need to land that perfect job. College/University Pre-Professional Students

Fast and Furious Fitness Atlantic 1 Brian Devore, Cobb County School District, GA 2014 SHAPE America Southern District Elementary Teacher of the Year Make fitness a part of every class period! These activities are designed to “focus on fitness” for 5-10 minutes of your class each day as an instant activity. They can be modified for K-12 and enable students to work towards their fitness goals at their own pace. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Pathway to Addiction: The Opiate Stories Promenade 3-4 Janine Fabrizio, CPS, LCSW New Jersey Prevention Network Over the years, prescription narcotic misuse has led to a serious public health concern including addiction. This workshop is designed to discuss and inform the audience about prescription narcotic misuse and its impact on heroin abuse and addiction. The consequences of this abuse have been devastating and are continuing to rise. Targeted populations will be addressed and information on prevention, intervention and solution strategies will also be presented. School Gardens (LMAS tract) Promenade 5-6 Beth Feehan, Farm to School Program Coordinator, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Food and Nutrition School gardens are increasingly proving to be a wonderful connection between what is being served in the cafeteria and what is being taught in the classroom. Students who plant seeds, water and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables not only gain lessons in biology, math, and nutrition but also are able to see the connection to how food is grown and prepared. These life skills go far beyond the classroom and are taken into adulthood experiences to create lifelong healthy choices and lifestyles. All

The Hidden Skills That are Taught in PE - Start Spreading the Word! Oceanport Betty Ann Fish, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 2015 SHAPE America Elementary Teacher of the Year Promote your PE program by showcasing the “hidden skills” of communication, problem solving, cooperation, and teamwork. We all know PE is much more than “traditional sports skills” but how do we spread the word? Return to school with ideas and activities to get you started. Early Childhood, Elementary

Positive Play Seabright Carrie Flint, Musical PE Plus Yes, what happens in your class stays with your students for a lifetime. No, you never forget getting picked last. This session is packed with lessons that students will enjoy and teaching strategies for full inclusion and adapting activities to meet the needs and skill abilities of all students. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary


Double Dutch for Life Monmouth 3-4 Ken Hoff, Jeff Soares, Ocean Twp High School Double Dutch promotes teamwork, endurance, strength, agility, and coordination. This “old school” activity involves at least three people; one or more jumping and two turning the ropes in an egg beater motion. This hands-on workshop is intended for Physical Education teachers grades K-12 and will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to turn and jump. Elementary, Middle, Secondary What Moves Your Reluctant Movers? Atlantic 2 Patty Lanier, Sportime featuring SPARK In every class there are students who are there solely because they are required to take PE. Physical Educators may have a tough time relating to the “reluctant exerciser” and may need to adapt their teaching to meet their needs. This activity session includes a variety of instructional and inclusionary strategies to engage your unmotivated students while keeping your highly skilled students challenged! You will take away new activities, strategies, and resources you can use tomorrow that will positively affect your students’ PE experience. Elementary, Middle Grading and Assessing Students in Elementary Physical Education: A Standards-Based Approach Monmouth 1 Ted Olsen, Laura Donovan Elementary School, Freehold Township School District 2016 NJAHPERD Elementary Teacher of the Year Tami Campfield, Laura Donovan Elementary School, Freehold Township School District This presentation will engage you in discussion about the implementation of a standards-based grading and assessment system in physical education for grades four and five. Participants will learn why this change occurred, how it is structured in our classes, what challenges remain, and feedback from administrators, parents, and students. Elementary, Middle, College/University Pre-Professional Students

FitnessGram: An Educational Tool for Students and Parents Shrewsbury Ellen Ormsby, US Games Participants will learn more about the importance of using FitnessGram as a tool to enhance their physical education program and discuss how to involve students in fitness testing to personalize learning. This session is an interactive experience where colleagues have the opportunity to share ideas and strategies with each other. Participants will see firsthand the improved usability and experience the resources available for communicating results with students, parents and administrators. So You Think You Can Dance? Not Without Discipline! Promenade 7-8 Lord Ryder, Principal/CEO, EdWell LLC So much of a teacher’s time is committed to the handful of students who are continuously disrupting the classroom and having to be addressed. I can show participants a set of classroom strategies proven to eliminate the multiple warnings and repeated requests in a way that is efficient and effective. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Understanding Autism and Finding Success in Your Physical Education Environment Monmouth 2 Tracy Sharlow, St Lawrence Lewis BOCES, NY 2016 SHAPE America Adapted Teacher of the Year Know your facts and find your success. In this session you will learn the four basic functions of behavior which dictate why students with autism act up. Once you understand the functions of behavior, you can apply approaches and strategies that best match the learning and behavior needs of your students. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary

Monday 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Before the School Bell Rings (LMAS tract) Atlantic 2 Ewunike Akpan, BOKS - Build Our Kids' Success Here's help for school administrators and educators struggling to find time for children to engage in physical activity while still giving them enough time in academic instruction. BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success), an initiative of Reebok and the Reebok Foundation, is an evidenced based, FREE, physical activity resource for elementary and middle schools. This running, fitness skills and game based program helps wake up a student's mind and body and prepare them for a successful day of learning. Elementary, Middle


Teenage Stress, Teaching Resilience and the Impact of Perception Shrewsbury Josh Berk, Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher Your students are now the #1 age group when it comes to experiencing stress. Attendees will learn the importance of teaching students about stress, resiliency and the impact of perception. Strategies for teaching resiliency will be covered through group discussion, interaction and activities. Middle, Secondary Cyberbullying Prevention for Educators Promenade 3-4 Darryl Ensminger, NJEA This session will share information about what our students are doing online and strategies to help them understand some of the potential dangers they face. We will discuss strategies for educators to communicate these dangers to students. Further, we will explore the potential dangers of social media. All Promoting a Positive Social and Emotional Environment in the Atlantic 1 Elementary Physical Education Classroom Amy Gagnon, Central Connecticut State University, CT 2010 SHAPE America Eastern District Elementary Teacher of the Year A positive social and emotional classroom is the backbone of any great physical education program. Through use of spin jammer and hula hoop activities participants will learn new techniques that allow students to learn, share, enjoy, and feel safe enough to be the best they can be. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle

Assessment: None of the Above Monmouth 1 Amy Prior, Gray Stone Day School, NC 2014 SHAPE America Southern District Health Education Teacher of the Year The mere mention of the word "assessment" can incite fear, rolling eyes, groaning, and tension to students and teachers. Would you like for your students to be more successful on their assessments? Come to this session to learn “out of the box� ways to assess students that measure student achievement in a low stress environment and give you more options than choosing A, B, C, or D. Middle, Secondary

Health for Elementary Physical Education Teachers Promenade 7-8 Daniel Ranahan, Fair Haven Public Schools Do you teach health along with your physical education classes? Discover new ideas in lessons and activities to enhance your health class. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about keeping your students motivated and challenged in their health class. Elementary Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit: Cross Training in Dance, Yoga and Pilates to Monmouth 3-4 Promote the Health, Fitness and Overall Well-being of Your Students. Maria Royals, Carver Center for Arts and Technology 2016 SHAPE America Dance Teacher of the Year Take time, to take care of the whole child and the whole teacher! This session will incorporate the physicality of dance, the breathe practice and inward focus of yoga and the core strengthening and alignment techniques of pilates. By utilizing the core concepts and exercises of these somatic practices you will be empowered to promote the overall wellness of your active students. Benefits of these practices include injury prevention, body awareness and anatomically correct alignment, improved flexibility utilizing breath and relaxation, stress relief and increased focus and concentration. Yoga University: Concentrate. Observe. Realize. Empower! Oceanport Jennifer Scamorza, Yoga University, LLC This session will provide educators with the Yoga University CORE yoga and mindfulness strategies for creating optimal physical, social, and emotional wellness for students and teachers. All Move Over AwaReness Campaign M.A.R.C. Promenade 1-2 Donna Setaro, Move Over Law The Move over AwaReness Campaign presentation will include the types of driving distractions, a driving distraction video, NJ Statute (39:492.2), the penalty, the story behind the campaign and more. High School


Climb On! How to Bring Rock Climbing to Your School Promenade 5-6 Kevin Sudeith, Everlast Climbing Learn about the benefits of rock climbing, the different wall options and the steps to securing a climbing wall. Safety protocols and fun climbing wall activities are also shared. Participants will be inspired and equipped with resources to inform and support a planning process for acquiring a climbing wall. Elementary, Middle Sneaky Fun and Standards Monmouth 2 Tim Taggart, Nasco Come and learn new activities and games that meet NJ and National standards. We will focus on motor skills, teamwork, problem solving, health education, and inclusion. Experience first hand how the Cannon Launchers work and many other new and exciting activities like Zoner and Battle of the Ships. Hands on workshop. All Monday 12:00 PM-2:15 PM

Strategies for Developing and Encouraging Sportsmanship Seabright Amanda Amtmanis, Middletown Public Schools, CT 2014 CTAHPERD Elementary Teacher of the Year In this active session, participants will identify a variety of strategies to encourage the development of sportsmanship. We will explore some activities exemplifying these strategies that may be especially helpful for use with large classes to maximize participation and minimize inappropriate behaviors. Double Session Elementary

Monday 1:15 PM-2:15 PM Be an Expert…Be an Advocate…Be a Leader Monmouth 1 Christine Baccarella, NJAHPERD President NJAHPERD Executive Board Members Brendan O'Reilly, Coordinator of Comprehensive Health & Physical Education, NJ DOE Join us to find out how you can connect with professionals and advocacy opportunities that can improve your instructional practices and inspire you to be a leader in your school community. An array of current topics that directly affect the profession will be discussed including ESSA, Option 2, Health and PE mandate, LMAS and current legislation. HELP! Assessments, Class Management and SGOs Are Taking Over My Class! Promenade 7-8 Carol Ann Chiesa, Benjamin Franklin Middle School Learn teaching strategies, class management techniques, games and activities that will add a spark to your physical education and health classes. Use assessments that are fun and easy. Find out how to manage your SGO so that it is of value to you and your students. Middle, Secondary A New Tide Has Emerged - Engulf YOUR Students in Something Remarkably Good Promenade 3-4 Peggy Cowan, Debbie Marchione, NJ Physicians Advisory Group Good news! Only 41.2% of high school teens have EVER had sexual intercourse (CDC) – a drop from 46.8% in 2014. Increasingly, teens are avoiding the high risk behavior of early sex. Empower the decision of Sexual Risk Avoidance and help you position your students to be beneficiaries of this wave of change. Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Disc-go-here, Disc-go-there Atlantic 1 Brian Devore, Cobb County School District, GA 2014 SHAPE America Southern District Elementary Teacher of the Year This session brings everything except the beach sand! Learn the basic Frisbee throws, catches, and ways to evaluate your students. Also, walk out the door with some simple and highly active games for students to play utilizing the skills in a non-threatening, fun environment. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College/University Pre-Professional Students


Comprehensive Physical Activity (LMAS tract) Atlantic 2 Nicholas Kline, US Games Attend this session ready to be immersed in physical activity techniques that can easily be taken back to school and used immediately. Classroom brain-boosts, recess activities, and a variety of other ways to increase MVPA outside of PE will be presented. Topics will span a wide-range of grade and interest levels. At the end of the session you can be the advocate within your school community for implementing comprehensive physical activity. Introduction to PLYOGAÂŽ: A Reinvention of Interval Training for Everyone Monmouth 2 Stephanie Lauren, Thomas Ascough, PLYOGA Fitness PLYOGA is designed to challenge everyone from fitness beginners and young children to perennial athletes and adults of all ages. While highly modifiable, PLYOGA integrates a 4 part Plyometric interval system that implements Yoga as an active recovery, creating achievability and a true growth process for participants. PLYOGA changes the game for youth fitness and will increase participation and enthusiasm for Physical Education! Learn how to develop self-confidence within your students & help them, "FIND THEIR INNER ATHLETE!" Come discover why "YOUR BODY IS POWER!" All Driver Education Best Practices Promenade 5-6 Cathleen Lewis, AAA Northeast Driver Education is the foundation that ensures a lifetime of safer driving. This session will explore the best practices, current standards and what's on the horizon. High School STOP! ASSESS! Is the Play Area SAFE? Shrewsbury Robyn Lubisco, Fairleigh Dickinson University With injuries in PE on the rise, the likelihood of being sued is high. Using real life scenarios and cases, participants will test their knowledge in the areas of negligence, liability, standards of care, and risk management. Come prepared to interact as this is not your typical risk management lecture. All

Learn to ADAPT: How to Multipurpose Your PE Equipment Oceanport Beverly Marhevka, Northeastern School District, PA 2015 MAHPERD Adapted Teacher of the Year Finding or purchasing adapted equipment can be time consuming and costly on a tight budget. During this session, attendees will be provided different examples of how they can adapt or use their typical PE equipment in realistic, creative ways to allow for students of all abilities and disabilities to be engaged. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adapted

Easy Tools to Teach Choreography Monmouth 3-4 Olivia Mode-Cater, Rutgers University During this session attendees will try out and learn various ways to guide students into creating their own dance choreography. Teachers will walk away with several tools they can incorporate into their dance or physical education classroom. These teaching strategies are appropriate for students of all ages. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education Integrating Dance Into the Physical Education Curriculum Promenade 1-2 David Segro, Secaucus Middle and High School Participants in this session will learn how to integrate a dance unit into the delivery of their physical education program. The presenter, a middle and high school physical education teacher, views the teaching of various dances as a confidence booster for high school students prior to the prom and dance season. Elementary, Middle, Secondary Monday 2:30 PM-3:30 PM Assessing Students Through Technology Promenade 7-8 Noah Antonoff, Megan Beebe Clark, Mary Riccardi, Franklin Park School Are you looking for new ways to assess students in the classroom? This session will demonstrate how websites and apps including Quizizz and Plicker can be used to gather data for assessments. Elementary, Middle, Secondary


RampShot- The Next Big Thing in Outdoor Games! Monmouth 2 Josh Bonventre, Jackie Bonventre, RampShot RampShot is a new yard/beach/gym game that keeps players on their toes and ready to make the big play. Three out of four players are involved in every play, keeping students active and engaged throughout each game. Players toss and/or catch for points in this ultracompetitive, exciting new game! Middle, Secondary

Google 101 and Seesaw - Google basics, assessment and digital portfolios Monmouth 1 Betty Ann Fish, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy 2015 SHAPE America Elementary Teacher of the Year Your school is using Google... where do you begin? Learn some Google basics and tips to get you started on your way. Learn how to set up a digital PE portfolio for assessment and to also promote your program. All

Motivating Secondary Students to Develop their Fitness in PE: Effective Teaching Practices and Oceanport Inventive Routines Michael Hodges, Katie Barthold, William Paterson University Often times elementary and secondary students struggle with teachers during the physical fitness portion of the lesson. This session will provide attendees with key teaching practices and psychological approaches that will aid with this process, and raise student motivation and positive affiliation towards fitness engagement. Modern and trending routines will also be modeled. Secondary How to Modify and Adapt Lesson Plans Promenade 3-4 Nicole Infante, Gianni Grasso, Mikaela Saunders, The Family Resource Network Create new strategies for your Adaptive Physical Education classes. Learn how to modify existing lesson plans to include fun new ideas that can be utilized in the gym or on a field! All Forever Active...Moving for a Lifetime Atlantic 2 Jade Ng, Finish Strong Corp This active session offers instructional strategies, ideas, opportunities for discussion, lesson plans and brain boosts to support physical literacy for lifelong movement. Physical literacy moves beyond fitness, motor skills, daily behavior, motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding. Leave with a toolbox of resources that can be used the next day. Move through various SQAIR stations throughout the session to learn at your own pace. All Motown Magic Monmouth 3-4 Teresa Osborn, Freelance Dance Educator This Motown session is fun, educational and creative. Each routine can be adapted for different age levels and would be an excellent addition to your Physical Education classes, family nights and after school activities; a fun and safe way to introduce dance and fitness into your classes. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College/University Pre-Professional Students Portfolios Promenade 5-6 Maria Royals, Carver Center for Arts and Technology 2016 SHAPE America Dance Teacher of the Year Portfolios are an ideal means of demonstrating student growth over time with a body of evidence spanning the entire year or years. Learn how your students can assemble their best work into an electronic portfolio to showcase their expanding knowledge and skill acquisition. The electronic portfolio can store written work, journals, reflections, oral testimonials, feedback, evaluations, videos, photographs, and presentations. Join me and explore ways to make the ePortfolio work for you, your students, parents and administrators. All Physical Activity- Teaching and Learning through Movement (LMAS tract) Promenade 1-2 John Rutigliano, Kidsfit/Action Based Learning The basis of neurosciences and the impact of physical activity and movements for PE Educators will be discussed in very practical and useful terms. Learn to justify why physical activity during school times is critical to the PE Educator's mission, and understand differences between cardio/muscular skeletal exercises and purposeful/dedicated movements to enhance academic performances. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary


We Are Kids First- Play On! Seabright Tracy Sharlow, St Lawrence Lewis BOCES, NY 2016 SHAPE America Adapted Teacher of the Year Kids with autism are kids first. All kids love to move and play. All kids need to move and play. Come learn strategies that work for students with autism by participating in games and activities that create a successful learning environment!. All

Parachute Central Atlantic 1 John Smith, FlagHouse, Inc. Parachute Central is a full activity participation session for early childhood through upper elementary physical education teachers, classroom teachers, recreational specialists and movement educators. This session includes: basic parachute skills, large group activities, safety, games, innovative parachutes and fitness activities. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Tire Safety Shrewsbury Mike Wischhusen, Michelin During this presentation, Mike, a tire expert from Michelin, provides a fascinating look into how tires work to keep drivers safe in a variety of conditions and two simple ways properly maintained tires can help save lives.

Monday 3:30 PM-5:30 PM The XYZ's of Retirement Shrewsbury NJEA Representative If you plan to retire in the next 1-5 years or would like information on retirement and health benefits in retirement this is the session for you! Higher Education Leadership Collaborations between Institutions Ocean 2 Gordon Schmidt, William Paterson University Higher education professors will discuss hot-button issues that deal with today's changing student demands, technological advances, leadership, graduation opportunities, and anticipated physical education changes. Each participant is encouraged to contribute and react to the evolving interactions between public schools, institutions of higher education and the State of New Jersey. College/University Pre-Professional Students


Monday 6:30 PM-7:45 PM Dance Showcase Seabright Join us for our 2nd Annual NJAHPERD Dance Showcase featuring some of the finest young dancers in the state of New Jersey. Performers ranging in age from 10 -18 will entertain you with a variety of dance styles. From Modern Dance to Lyrical, Tap to Latin Jazz, this dance showcase is sure to be a crowd pleaser. So join us as we show you how dance in this state is growing "Jersey Strong". Hope to see you there!

Monday 7:45 PM-10:00 PM Convention Dance Social DJ/Snacks/Cash Bar

Seaview Lounge


Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Registration opens at 6:30AM Complimentary Coffee 7:00-9:00 AM Early Bird Sessions Tuesday 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM From Conceptual Knowledge to Pedagogical Practice of Dance (theory to practice) Monmouth 3-4 Ellie Abdi, East Orange School District This session will focus on dance movements to explore other academic subjects and how to encourage students to express themselves through movement, both structured and creative. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle US Army Physical Readiness Training Atlantic 2 SFC Josh Simpson, US Army Join the US Army for a brief overview and demonstration of the Physical Readiness Training Program. Experience warm up, conditioning, mobility, military movement and recovery drills. All Yogapalooza Oceanport Bari Koral, Kids Yoga + Music + Movement A trip to the moon? Yoga with a dancing bear? Discover a wonderful world of beloved songs and activities that teach yoga to children. Guaranteed to get you moving, Bari’s popular presentations are chock full of key tools and inspiration. Learn to teach many of the core yoga poses plus relaxation tools to cool down, relax and recharge. Early Childhood, Elementary Tuesday 7:00 AM-9:00 AM JRFH/HFH Coordinator Breakfast Meeting Oceanview Restaurant Mickey Fox, NJAHPERD JRFH/HFH Coordinator Jim Presbrey, AHA Vice President, Youth Market All 2015-16 Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart Coordinators are invited to attend the annual breakfast meeting. Pre-registration required. Tuesday 8:00 AM-9:00 AM

Plickers for Beginners: Getting Started with an Ideal Assessment Tool for PE Shrewsbury Amanda Amtmanis, Middletown Public Schools, CT 2015 CTAHPERD Elementary Teacher of the Year If you haven't used Plickers yet, come and explore this FREE technology at an introductory level. This technology will allow you to assess student understanding quickly in a large group setting in a paperless way. It will also allow you to manage your student data easily. All that is required is one device - a tablet or smartphone with a camera. Even if you have been reluctant to use technology in your classes because you find it a little overwhelming or you lack resources, you will leave this session able to try Plickers out with your classes. All

Modifying the Game of Volleyball to Motivate and Increase Student Learning in PE Monmouth 2 Kathryn Barthold, Nicole Fleck, William Paterson University Come learn creative ways to teach volleyball. Emphasis will be placed on modifying rules for a specific purpose that facilitates and increases student learning and opportunities for success. You will find students will gain competency more seamlessly in the skills and tactics when placed in carefully constructed game scenarios. Secondary


Introducing Special Olympics Unified PE Elective Course: Transforming Adaptive PE into Unified PE Promenade 3-4 Susan Colacello, SONJ This is not your typical PE class! Join this presentation and discussion on how to create a Unified PE elective course, or turn your adaptive PE class into a Unified PE class. Unified PE is a unique opportunity for students of varying ability levels and backgrounds to come together through ongoing fitness, sports, leadership and wellness activities that foster important social relationships. This course focuses on the physical, intellectual and social growth of all participants and can serve as a foundation for establishing a Unified Club and Unified Sports program in your school. The presentation will cover the basic course outline, strategies for implementing the program and the supports provided by Special Olympics New Jersey for professionals interested in starting a Unified PE course or strengthening an existing one. Run Club Extravaganza Promenade 5-6 Morgan Fairbanks, Fitness Finders Learn how to automate your run club with EZ Scan, the new automated lap tracking app that works with your ipad or android tablet. Elementary, Middle How to Build an Obstacle Course Race Using Classroom Equipment Seabright Eddie Kovel, Playout, LLC Obstacle Courses Racing (OCR) is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, with participants of all ages running in mud runs. You’ll learn about how to build an obstacle course race using classroom equipment, our full-scale OCR installation service, and our OCR Training Card Game (no equipment required). Elementary, Middle, Secondary Health Education: Elementary Style Promenade 7-8 Sara Kozlowski, Bragg School This session will help you prioritize lessons and topics as well as identify how to expand lessons or use mini-lessons based on time and frequency of student contact. Effective use of technology for both student and teacher as well as traditional methods of learning will be presented. Elementary Fitness Mash Up Monmouth 3-4 Danielle Kushner, Marissa DelloRusso, Linden High School Join us as we take you on a journey through our quarterly group fitness program. We will lead you through a sample of our Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and Hip-hop dance workout routines. These activities are ideal for 6-12th graders as well as college level students. This program promotes lifelong fitness and gives students an idea of what they would see in a health club setting. Our Fitness Mash-Up is a great alternative to the traditional Physical Education setting. Secondary Marijuana: Facts & Myths Promenade 1-2 Diane Litterer, NJ Prevention Network This workshop is designed to help community members gain a better understanding of the facts and myths that surround marijuana. Our youth are being bombarded with messages about the “harmless” nature of marijuana. Community coalitions must delve into the science of prevention to guide our response to these myths. It is important for communities to understand that the legalization of this drug has significant consequences to our youth and communities. All Nutrition is the MISSION! (LMAS tract) Atlantic 2 Ron Malm, Focused Fitness Your mission if you choose to accept it: Is to teach nutrition! The good news is that this is not an impossible mission. This session will give you the necessary tips, tools, techniques and totally awesome activities to make nutrition BLOW up in your classes! Elementary, Middle, Secondary

Learn to ADAPT: How to Multipurpose Your PE Equipment Oceanport Beverly Marhevka, Northeastern School District, PA 2015 MAHPERD Adapted Teacher of the Year Finding or purchasing adapted equipment can be time consuming and costly on a tight budget. During this session, attendees will be provided different examples of how they can adapt or use their typical PE equipment in realistic, creative ways to allow for students of all abilities and disabilities to be engaged. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adapted


Kan Jam in PE: Thinking Outside of the Kan Atlantic 1 Ryan Rooney, Helen I. Smith Elementary If you haven't incorporated Kan Jam equipment into your curriculum up to this point, this session will open your eyes to a whole new realm of activities and assessments. An activity booklet of 17 activities you can use tomorrow will be administered. Let's get jamming! Elementary, Middle Break the Ice! Team Building Activities for Physical Education and Dance Monmouth 1 Meagan Ruland, Tonya Galiszewski, Long Branch Public Schools Experience a variety of ice breaking activities for middle and high school students that will focus on team building as well as physical fitness. Be ready to join in and have some fun! Middle, Secondary

Tuesday 9:15 AM-10:15 AM Exploring Various Forms of Assessment Oceanport Carol Ciotto, SHAPE America Eastern District Executive Director, Central Connecticut State University Ellen Benham, SHAPE America Eastern District President, Central Connecticut State University This K-12 workshop is designed to provide information about effectively using different types of assessments that provide more Authentic Assessment in PE and balance quality measurement and practicality. , e.g. embedded assignments, pre/post assessments, portfolios, and using rubrics for measuring outcomes and what can be learned. Elementary, Middle, Secondary Tech Tips and Tricks Shrewsbury Brian Devore, Cobb County School District, GA 2015 SHAPE America Southern District Elementary Teacher of the Year Looking for some new, free digital resources? Come on this whirlwind journey through multiple free technology resources. Attendees will receive a link to everything we cover and more! Bring your digital device and buckle up for a fast-paced technology blitz! All Rookie Rugby 101 – Get Into the Game! Atlantic 1 KJ Feury, Rugby NJ Craig Chapman, Morris Rugby Rookie Rugby is a safe, non-contact, easy to play game for both boys and girls of all ages! It is played in schools, parks and recreation leagues, and community organizations across the country. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and minimal equipment is required. Join us and get out of your seat! Come ready to learn, run, pass and kick a rugby ball! Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education ABC’s and 123’s Integrating Academics in Physical Education Monmouth 2 Betty Ann Fish, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, PA 2015 SHAPE America Elementary Teacher of the Year Come see how to tweak your practice to incorporate academic content in your program. Get students moving and learning a win – win. Learn how to partner with classroom teachers to make it a 2 way street you reinforce their content and they integrate your content in their program. Early Childhood, Elementary

MMM...Music! Movement! Motivation! Seabright Carrie Flint, Musical PE Plus This presentation focuses on the motivating impact music and movement can have on the learning environment. Easy to implement musicmatching activities will be demonstrated. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary An Exercise In Empowerment Promenade 5-6 Harold Gibbons, Mark Fisher Fitness What if we examined exercise as a powerfully immersive experience for personal empowerment? During this course, we'll explore exercise through the lens of positive psychology, discuss self-efficacy, and apply progressive sports psychology to movement--based exercise. Join me for strategies that rapidly improve participation, performance, to foster a mindset of lifelong physical activity. Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants Promenade 1-2 Renee Haider, Sustainability Institute at The College of New Jersey Sustainable Jersey is pleased to offer small grants to fund health and wellness initiatives in NJ public schools. Hear from schools that have implemented strategies aimed at helping children eat healthy and increasing opportunities for physical activity before, during, and after school and find out about the current grant cycle. 26

Implementing CPR Programs in Your School Promenade 7-8 Catherine Kinney, American Heart Association Train your students in hand only CPR and improve the chain of survival in your community. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Dance of Life! Everyday Dances that Will Work for You and Your Students Monmouth 3-4 Maria Royals, Carver Center for Arts and Technology 2016 SHAPE America Dance Teacher of the Year Come learn how to use the natural dance vocabulary which everybody has inside of them to tap into creativity, work collaboratively, think critically, problem solve and to get even the most sluggish student moving. This method is nonthreatening for teacher and student because it works with prior knowledge of movement that we do every single day and morphs it into dance before your eyes. This method works for all levels and ages. You are already an expert mover and so are your kids. I’ll show you how to tap into that capacity and learn to love the dancer in you.

Dance? Autism? Really? YES Monmouth 1 Tracy Sharlow, St Lawrence Lewis BOCES, NY 2016 SHAPE America Adapted Teacher of the Year Yes, kids with autism love to dance. Remember, kids are kids! Simple fun upbeat dances are learned first which also can transition into the classroom as a brain break. These simple dances prepare the students to learn and participate in current social dances and the grand finale can even be an end of the year dance recital for the parents which is a great way to advocate for your program! All , Adapted PE

Advocating for Healthy Lifestyles in Your School Promenade 3-4 Jennifer Sullivan, NJAHPERD Legislative Consultant, JSullivan Associates Marybeth Beichert, NJEA Government Relations JoAnn Doherty, NJAHPERD Advocacy Chair Joseph Przytula, Health & PE Supervisor, Elizabeth Jairo Labrador, Belinda Jimenez, Terence C. Reilly School 7, Elizabeth Come learn about the New Jersey law that requires 150 minutes of health and physical education per week in NJ schools, and how you can advocate with others to work to achieve this goal in your school. Elementary, Middle, Secondary

Tuesday 9:15 AM-11:30 AM Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment: 6-12 Edition (LMAS tract) Atlantic 2 Susan Toth, The Speyer Legacy School, NY 2014 SHAPE America Eastern District Middle School Teacher of the Year Join us for an interactive and dynamic experience that will provide professionals with activities, teaching strategies and assessments that can be implemented immediately. This workshop includes hands-on activities for teaching various fitness components including aerobic endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. Discover how to intrinsically motivate students to move and participate, as well as to develop self-responsibility toward fitness. Most of the activities can be done in either small or large groups, from elementary to high school and will involve students in social/emotional skills such as cooperation, communication and problem solving. Double Session Middle, Secondary

Tuesday 10:30 AM-11:30 AM Effective Strategies and Learning Activities for Kindergarten Monmouth 2 Amanda Amtmanis, Middletown Public Schools, CT 2014 CT Elementary Teacher of the Year Teaching kindergarten is always a challenge for even the most seasoned veterans. This session provides some effective strategies as well as an opportunity for participants to share some of their best ideas so that we all go home with lots of activities that we can implement immediately. Early Childhood, Elementary 27

Coming Up For AIR Promenade 5-6 Tricia Baker, Attitudes In Reverse Coming Up for AIR educates about good mental health and suicide prevention. Therapy dogs are included in all school presentations. Middle, Secondary, College/University Pre-Professional Students Stress-America's New Plague Promenade 3-4 Wayne Dibofsky, Janet Gerhard, HCAMS Review signs and symptoms related to stress, anxiety and how it impacts employees in the workplace, both emotionally and physically. Trust Builders that WORK Atlantic 1 Mark Friedrich, Millburn High School 2016 NJAHPERD High School Teacher of the Year Trust Builders that WORK will provide participants of ALL AGES with winning BLINDFOLDED activities that promote Trust Building in the Gymnasium or on the Athletic Field. The end result from Trust Builders can take your class or team to the next level. All

Fitness Fever Catch It! Monmouth 1 Rosalie Guzzi, Long Branch Middle School Tracy Miller, Audrey W. Clark School In this session you will have an opportunity to experience some fitness activities that incorporate 21st century learning, technology, and cross curricular programs. Elementary, Middle, Secondary Engaging Activities, OPEN to All Seabright Nicholas Kline, US Games This session is geared toward teachers looking to increase the MVPA and physical literacy of their students. Get ready to be actively engaged in activities aligned with SHAPE America’s Standards. Discover fun and easy methods to promote best practices and high quality physical education utilizing a free curriculum resource ( Elementary, Middle

Adaptations for Students with Visual Impairments in Physical Education Shrewsbury and Physical Activity Beverly Marhevka, Northeastern School District, PA 2015 MAHPERD Adapted Teacher of the Year Attendees will be provided with examples how to adapt and modify the learning environment in the PE setting to allow students with VIs to be included and experience success. Adapted equipment, activities, and resources will be shared. Attendees will be given the opportunity to use adapted equipment and participate in activities.

Ballroom Fitness Monmouth 3-4 Teresa Osborn, Freelance Dance Educator, WA This presentation incorporates Latin and Ballroom dance steps with fitness moves. Teresa will be using Waltz, Tango and Swing to create a great cardiovascular workout. This class prepares teachers to teach students without a partner and would be an excellent prerequisite to the introduction of Social Dance. Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

The Rebels in Health Class: 3-in-1 Protection for your Health Class Promenade 7-8 Amy Prior, Gray Stone Day School, SC 2014 SHAPE America Southern District Teacher of the Year Do you know what skills your students take from your class and use in their other classes, and vice versa? It seems today we must collaborate outside our content area to challenge our students and increase their achievement in all classes. This session will show you how to step up your game, increase rigor, and give you take aways you can start using in your classroom Monday morning. Middle, Secondary


Creative Fitness Promenade 1-2 Joseph Schmidt, Pam Porter, Little Falls School #1 Attendees will experience two physical educators’ delivering instruction about terms and graphics related to anatomy and fitness, and how these terms relate to muscle strength and endurance. The presenters will share successful lessons providing practical ideas on how to teach anatomy concepts in an effective and fun manner. Elementary, Middle, Secondary Tuesday 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Tennis in Small Spaces Oceanport Quacey Balleste, Larry Dillon, USTA You will be actively engaged on-court by a specially trained and certified national trainer. Our trainers are all PTR and/or USPTA certified and receive special intensive training from the USTA. We will make sure that you have an incredible workshop experience. All Tuesday 11:30 AM-12:00 PM Manchester Jump Rope Team John Portuese, Manchester Township Elementary School Join the American Heart Association sponsored Jump Rope Team for an exciting skills demonstration.

Monmouth 3-4

Tuesday 11:30 PM-3:00 PM NJCAHPE Meeting Ocean 1-2 Andy Krupa, Livingston School District During the New Jersey Council of Administrators of Health and Physical Education meeting, general updates and sharing of concerns and issues for administrators, supervisors, lead teachers, department chairs are discussed. NJDOE, NJPSA, and other affiliates share information and answer questions. In addition, we have guest speakers on a variety of content topics. Membership to the NJCAHPE is free. Routine business is also conducted. Administrators, Lead Teachers, Department Chairs Tuesday 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Pillar 360 - Circuit and High Intensity Interval Training Atlantic 1 Don Blair, Mike Hackett, Pillar 360 Take your fitness class to a higher level. The Pillar 360 is a new and innovative anchoring system for implementing thousands of exercise routines, circuit, HIIT, and functional training utilizing exercise ropes, resistance bands/tubes, straps and more. Instruct and develop individual student athletes safely at different skill levels. Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students Party Line Dances for K-12 Physical Education Monmouth 3-4 Karen Bonanno, South Orange-Maplewood School District Do you have two left feet? This session will cover K-12 dances in physical education. Participants will get their heart rates up as they learn the tips and tricks of teaching dance. Leave with the confidence to teach these “ready to use” differentiated lesson plans. Come join the dance party! Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Developmental Physical Education: Promenade 3-4 How to Identify Low Performers and Provide a More Efficient Learning Environment Amy Gagnon, Central Connecticut State University 2010 SHAPE America Eastern District Elementary Teacher of the Year Every physical education class has low performers. What do physical educators do if our low performers don’t qualify for adapted physical education? This session will provide a step by step process to create your own “Developmental PE” class to enrich physical literacy for low performers. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle


Making It Happen through Policy & Practice: Gold Standard Wellness Policy (LMAS tract) Promenade 7-8 Sara Hastings, Consultant What is your role in creating policy and implementing best practice to change school culture? Let us help you understand the importance of school wellness councils, implement best practice, and explore a model policy in order to promote school wellness. Please bring a hard copy of your school or district wellness policy to help you compare. Assessing with Google Apps in Health and PE Shrewsbury Marissa Hazel, Marc Moskowitz, Theodor Chomyszak, The College of New Jersey This immersive session will lead you through how to implement Google Apps in Health and PE using the technology available in your district (iPads, Chromebooks, even smart phones). Both beginners and experienced users of Google Apps will learn new approaches to assessment. Elementary, Middle, Secondary

Engaging the Unengaged Middle School Student Promenade 1-2 Lois Joyce, Whitney M Young Elementary School 2016 NJAHPERD Middle School Teacher of the Year Help your students to become more engaged in learning and develop responsibility through marking period projects, project based learning, FITT program and progressive learning. Middle

It’s All About the Standards Monmouth 1 Ron Malm, Focused Fitness You know that you are making your students physically literate… Does anyone else? How do you know and show what your students can do before and after they leave your class? This session will uncover the options WELNET® provides for proving to yourself and others that outcomes have been met. Intro to PaddleZlam Atlantic 2 Robert DiGiacomo, Richard Said, Active Sports, LLC An exciting new way to get kids of all ages to enjoy exercising. PaddleZlam combines pickleball, volleyball, and Kan jam into a very unique, interactive sport. All Fun and Effective Ways to Incorporate Health into Physical Education Oceanport Hailee Clifton, Roisin Dougherty, The College of New Jersey We are going to incorporate health lessons and topics into the physical education classes through a variety of activities, games, and teaching styles. Elementary, Middle Classroom Calm For Teachers: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Training for the School Professional Seabright Erin Peluso, Joell Lanfrank, Lotus Lounge Yoga Teachers and faculty will benefit from this workshop focusing on simple techniques for creating a more productive and peaceful classroom environment. Yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness help manage physical, mental and emotional stress. This is a small portion of the 8 hour training popular with Physical Education Faculty. It guides teachers on how to introduce yoga into the physical education curriculum. PD units are available for the full program which can be held at your school. All Strike 3! Monmouth 2 John Smith, Chip Candy, FlagHouse, Inc. A session on 3 great striking skills games including SpikeBall, Striker and 9 Square in the Air. This super active session will focus on striking skills using the hands as the striking instrument. Lead-ups, skills and games will be introduced with partners and teams working together on all three games. Striker is played with the ball on the ground, Spikeball is played off the net and 9 Square is played in the air. Join Chip and John with 3 very active, quick and fast paced games. We might even get a 4 Square game in the mix! Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College/ University Pre-Professional Students Foundations: An Emerging National Model for Core Skills Training in Sex Ed. Promenade 5-6 Blythe Ulrich, Answer This session will provide an overview of Foundations, an emerging national training model that focuses on the core skills necessary to teach sex ed. – no matter what curriculum you are using. Participants will experience a portion of the training and participate in activities and discussions found in the actual model. Elementary, Middle, Secondary


Tuesday 1:15 PM-2:15 PM Kerboomkidz Dance and Fit Performance Seabright Kershel Anthony, Kerboomkidz Our missions is to help America's kidz DANCE into a healthy and active lifestyle! Kerboomkidz in an energetic and challenging group exercise program that is especially designed for grades K-12. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary ENDS: The New Generation of Tobacco Addiction Promenade 1-2 Cathy Butler-Witt, Family Health Initiatives This presentation will provide a history of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) and information about e-liquid. The risks associated with the use of ENDS will be presented as well as statistics of the current trends. Information about the newly released Surgeon General’s report on E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults and a discussion of the 2016 FDA regulations will provide the audience information about the future regulations on ENDS products. Investing in the Future Promenade 5-6 Jonathan Deliso, AXA/FourFront This session will review the basics of retirement plans, including strategies, contributions and transactions to avoid. Get the facts from the experts at AXA! Pickleball 101 Monmouth 3-4 Bill and Terry Giannetti, Ambassadors, USAPA Learn the basic rules, skills, equipment and court requirements necessary to play and teach this increasingly popular sport! Legal Issues in Physical Education, Athletics and the Exercise Science Environment Shrewsbury Edwin Griffin, Dr. Charles C. Polk School This session is for health & physical education majors, student teachers and non-tenured health and physical education teachers. The workshop covers legal and safety concerns in student interactions, teaching health and physical education, athletics and working with children in a fitness environment. All Take Walking and Running to the Billionth Level: The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race Promenade 7-8 Daniel Hatfield, Sarah Lange, New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race Walk/run programs are catching fire at schools nationwide, and the New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race is tasking those schools with the goal to walk, jog, and run one billion miles. Led by the Billion Mile Race team, this session will share insights from their work with thousands of schools. Learn more at this high-energy session! Elementary Game Transformer: New Ways to Play Old Games Monmouth 2 Curt Hinson, Toledo PE Supply Many traditional games are developmentally inappropriate because they: offer limited activity time; eliminate players; or fail to engage all learners. This presentation will show participants how to transform games into a positive, inclusive environment where all students can participate and succeed. Elementary Learn & Teach Circus Skills Right Away Oceanport Greg Milstein, The National Circus Project Presentation is an overview of circus skills including multiple forms of juggling, plate spinning, devil sticks, diabolo manipulation, object balancing, stilt walking and more! A hands on primer in circus skills - including techniques, teaching tips, progressions and their age/grade level applications with plenty of personal skills development time. Learn to do circus and take home proven strategies for your students. Elementary, Middle Brain Energizers (LMAS tract) Atlantic 2 Justin Schleider, Springfield Elementary School You will be presented with over 25 activity breaks that will re-engage, re-energize, and refocus your students from ages 3-21. Feet Don't Fail Me Now Atlantic 1 Erin Weinberger, North Plainfield Public Schools This session is an introduction to partner dancing. Dances that will be introduced will include Latin social dances such as Merengue, Bachata, and ballroom Latin cha, cha, cha.


Child Sexual Assault Prevention & Personal Safety: Erin’s Law Promenade 3-4 Nancy Neufeld, The Children’s Health Market At least 26 states have now enacted legislation requiring districts to implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program, often referred to as “Erin’s Law.” During this interactive session, participants will explore tools and resources for evaluating existing PK-8 health education efforts and discuss strategies for implementing child sexual abuse prevention within a comprehensive approach to health education. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary Tuesday 2:15 PM-3:00 PM Closing Session Monmouth 1 Carol Lynch, NJAHPERD Immediate Past President AHA JRFH/HFH Recognition, check presentation and passing of the gavel and introduction of the 2017 Executive Board.

Closing Session Tuesday

2:15-3:00PM ∙

Monmouth 1

“Honoring our JRFH & HFH Coordinators”

Program Welcome

Carol Lynch Immediate Past President, NJAHPERD

Special Guests

KerboomKidz Dance Team

AHA Recognition

James Presbrey AHA VP, Youth Market - NJ Michelle Fox NJAHPERD JRFH/HFH State Coordinator

Introduction 2017 Executive Board

Carol Lynch Past President, NJAHPERD

Passing of the Gavel


Grande Finale Giveaway

Suzette De Araujo

Final Remarks

Carol Lynch

Future Convention Dates NJAHPERD February 25-27, 2018 Ocean Place Resort & Spa Long Branch, NJ

SHAPE America March 14-18, 2017 Boston, MA

SHAPE America Eastern District Conference

March 20-24, 2018 Nashville, TN

January 28-30, 2018 Burlington, VT




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Reilly ♥ Meg Reilly ♥ Kristen Reiser ♥ Brian Reiter ♥ James Reithmayr ♥ Gayle Remster ♥ Richard Renda ♥ Beth Rettino ♥ Valerie Reynolds ♥ Krystle Rhett ♥ Jodie Riccardi ♥ Amber Rich ♥ Carol Riggs ♥ Michele Riker ♥ Kim Rinkerman ♥ Elle Rivera ♥ Kelly Riviello ♥ Karen Rizzo ♥ Kris Robbins ♥ Patricia Robb-Weister ♥ Sabina Robinson ♥ Christine Rodriguez ♥ Nick Rodriguez ♥ Jared Roe ♥ Lynn Roehrich ♥ Kelly Roesler ♥ Wayne Rogers ♥ Jonathan Rohrbeck ♥ Nick Roma ♥ Doreen Romanchuk ♥ Chris Romano ♥ Jerry Romei ♥ Debbie Ronsini ♥ Ryan Rooney ♥ Mike Rosa ♥ Brian Rosania ♥ Jason Rosenberg ♥ Holly Rosenfeld ♥ Melanie Rose-Rella ♥ Christine Rosner ♥ Emily Rothschild ♥ Kyle Roundtree ♥ Scott Rourke ♥ Sabrina Rubinsky ♥ Mark Ruebenacker ♥ Daniel Russack ♥ Sarina Rutz ♥ Joanne Ryder ♥ Jill Sabol ♥ Ketsia Sadler ♥ Jennifer Salt ♥ Sandra Salvas ♥ Cesar Samaniego ♥ Kyle Sandberg ♥ Paula Santos ♥ Lisa Saparito ♥ Courtney Sarni ♥ Lauren Sass ♥ Mark Sauter ♥ Jennifer Savoca ♥ Jennifer Sawhill ♥ Patty Sayles ♥ Jason Scavalla ♥ Matt Schaad ♥ Cindy Scharf-Dour ♥ Kathyrn Scheffels ♥ Ralph Schiavo ♥ Justin Schleider ♥ Joseph Schmidt ♥ Doug Scholder ♥ Stephen Scholtz ♥ Lois Schuhl ♥ Ross Schultz ♥ Ian Schwindel ♥ John Sciarappa ♥ Justin Scognamiglio ♥ Michael Scott ♥ Sylvia Scozzari ♥ Deborah Scuilla ♥ Denise Scutti ♥ Stephanie Segrest ♥ Chris Sepesi ♥ Doug Sexton ♥ Judy Shappell ♥ Justin Sharp ♥ Bruce Shaw ♥ Eric Shaw ♥ Pat Shea ♥ David Sheehan ♥ Brenda Sheftall ♥ Jim Sickinger ♥ Bonnie Siegel ♥ John Silva ♥ Craig Silverglade ♥ Kathy Sinclair ♥ Marc SInclair ♥ Carrie Sirvo ♥ Amanda Small ♥ Dot Smalley ♥ Ariana Smeriglio ♥ Justin Smith ♥ Sarlyn Smith ♥ Tom Smith ♥ Kyle Soden ♥ Crystal Somers ♥ Gina Sommese ♥ Joe Sortino ♥ Jennifer Sowden ♥ Kathi Sparks ♥ JoAnn Spicuzzo ♥ Stephanie Sprayberry ♥ John St. Clair ♥ Jim Stack ♥ David Stahl ♥ Kathy Stantno ♥ Matt Stanzione ♥ Lindsay Stearns ♥ Caitlin Stella ♥ Nicole Stephen ♥ Jamie Sterlacci ♥ Mark Stevens ♥ Vincenzo Stio ♥ Doug Stokes ♥ Cindy Stoller ♥ Robert Stomber ♥ Aimee Stormes ♥ Justin Strasser ♥ Kelly Streicher ♥ Marc Strumwasser ♥ Urszula Stryjecka ♥ Pamela Styer ♥ Raj Subramanian ♥ Alison Sullivan ♥ Erin Sullivan ♥ Sue Sullivan ♥ Sean Sweeney ♥ Lisa Swensen ♥ Jake Switzer ♥ Jason Tahan ♥ Nicole Tarallo ♥ Kaitlyn Taraschi ♥ Nick Tarquinio ♥ Donna Tartza ♥ Lorenzo Tattoli ♥ Cindy Taulafo ♥ Andrew Taylor ♥ Kwao Taylor ♥ David Teixeira ♥ Gerald Tenebruso ♥ Christina Terpanick ♥ Jeanne Terrizzi ♥ Colleen Tete ♥ Delacey Thiele ♥ Jenna Thomas ♥ Kyle Thomas ♥ Kit Thompson ♥ Russell Thomsen ♥ Stephen Tiberi ♥ Franklin Tiburcio ♥ Chris Tinari ♥ Kathy Tipton ♥ Patrick Titus ♥ Elaine Tizzano ♥ Mark Tomaskovic ♥ Jeff Tomkinson ♥ Jim Toppeta ♥ Kayla Torok ♥ Lucinda Toto ♥ John Trahan ♥ Samantha Trapp ♥ Paul Travaglini ♥ Lisa Triantafillou ♥ Jimmy Trigo ♥ Stacey Trimble ♥ Suzin Triolo ♥ Sandy Trochanowski ♥ Bonnie Trower ♥ Jeff Truhe ♥ Lisa Trusa ♥ John Trussell ♥ Mike Tuozzolo ♥ Nicole Turella ♥ Jenn Turiello ♥ Heather Turner ♥ Jill Tyburczy ♥ Julie Ullmeyer ♥ Lynne Valente ♥ Jodi Valenti ♥ Patti Valeri ♥ Kaylan Van Brookhoven ♥ Todd Vanderputten ♥ Fausta Vargas ♥ Matthew Vassallo ♥ Patricia Vasto ♥ Jess Vega ♥ Christina Velardi ♥ Matthew Velez ♥ John Viggiano ♥ Michael Villiez ♥ Megan Vinciguerra ♥ Keith Visconti ♥ Marty Visitacion ♥ John Vogel ♥ Rick Vogel ♥ Anthony Vona ♥ Chris Wagner ♥ Kevin Waldron ♥ Elizabeth Waldt ♥ Daniel Walsh ♥ Jennifer Walsh ♥ Julia Walton ♥ Martin Ware ♥ Donna Way ♥ Kristen Webb ♥ Meridith Webb ♥ Jennifer Weber ♥ Colleen Webster ♥ Steve Wehrle ♥ Erin Weinberger ♥ Chris Wells ♥ Laurie Wengerter ♥ Robert Wenzel ♥ Kyle Westervelt ♥ Christine Wetzel ♥ Donna Wheeler ♥ John White ♥ Sharon White ♥ Maria Whitehead ♥ Vinnie Whitehead ♥ Kevin Williams ♥ Alicia Williamson ♥ Derek Wilpert ♥ Brian Wiltbank ♥ John Winkler ♥ Jackie Winters ♥ Jennifer Wisniewski ♥ David Wittenberg ♥ Richarn Wnek ♥ Jordan Wolcott ♥ Andrew Wolff ♥ Tom Wonaszek ♥ Stephanie Wood ♥ Joann Worman ♥ Erin Woronicz ♥ Russell Wyckoff ♥ Laura Wynkoop ♥ Andrew Wyrtzen ♥ Jessica Youmans ♥ Xavier Ysabel ♥ Michelle Zaremba ♥ William Zasowski ♥ Dave Zaun ♥ Sheila Zeman ♥ Brian Zeutenhorst ♥ Lucille Ziegler ♥ Artie Zilz ♥ Greg Zinberg ♥ Jesse Zwier ♥ Scott Zymet






2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V Active Sports LLC

6 Deerfield Drive, Lake Grove, NY 11755 631-235-4477 Robert DiGiacomo Richard Said An exciting new way to get kids of all ages to enjoy exercising. PaddleZlam combines pickleball, volleyball and Kan Jam into a very unique interactive sport.

American Heart Association

1 Union St. Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Jim Presbrey 609-223-3723 Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) and Hoops for Heart (HFH) are national education and fundraising events sponsored by the American Heart Association and SHAPE America. These events engage elementary and middle school students with jumping rope or playing basketball while empowering them to improve their own health and help other kids with heart-health issues.

Answer, Rutgers University

41 Gordon Road, Suite C, Piscataway, NJ 08854 848-445-7929 Blythe Ulrich Sheri Aguilar Answer is a national organization based at Rutgers University. We provide and promote unfettered access to comprehensive sexuality education for young people and the adults who teach them. We believe in young people. We are dedicated to ensuring young people have the knowledge and skills they need to be happy, healthy and safe well into the future. This means they should be able to access age-appropriate and medically-accurate information about sexuality directly, and without interference.

Association of Blind Athletes of NJ (ABANJ)

P. O. Box 294, Belmar, NJ 07719 814-771-7815 Michelle Gizzi Krystyn Gallant ABANJ is a non profit organization that provides adapted sporting opportunities to blind and visually impaired individuals throughout the state of NJ in local, national and international arenas


Attitudes In Reverse

PO Box 3127, Princeton, NJ 08543 609-945-3200 Tricia Baker Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Education with therapy dogs.

AXA Advisors FourFront Group

333 Thornall Street, 8th Floor, Edison, NJ 08837 908-670-1059 Jonathan DeLiso Matthew McNelis With innovative life insurance, retirement, and annuity products, AXA Advisors offers services that help to address one's financial planning needs.

BOKS - Build Our Kids' Success

1895 J.W. Foster Blvd,, Canton, MA 02021 781-774-9497 Ewunike Akpan BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success), an initiative of Reebok and the Reebok Foundation, is an evidenced based, FREE, physical activity resource for elementary and middle schools. This running, fitness skills and game based program helps wake up a student's mind and body and prepare them for a successful day of learning.

Brain Injury Alliance of NJ

825 Georges Road, 2nd Floor, North Brunswick, NJ 08902 732-745-0200 Chad Thompson We offer information about the Free Educational Programs and Services we provide to families, schools and organizations.

Cairn Guidance 115 Kinder Drive, Morehead, KY 40351 503-784-2932 Samantha Lowe Dove Self-esteem Project is a free middle school program focused on body confidence and self-esteem. Come learn how to access and utilize this great program!

2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V Caldwell University

Office of Graduate Studies 120 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell, NJ 07006 973-618-3500 Tom Disch Caldwell University offers 30 graduate programs in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Art Therapy, Business, Education, Mental Health Counseling, and School Counseling, including a new fully online MA in Higher Education.

California Casualty

1650 Telstar Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920 732-547-3269 Bonnie Harber California Casualty provides personal auto and home insurance specifically to American Heroes. We offer discounted rates and insurance programs that are tailored to your unique needs as someone who works in the education system.

Comedy Coach Productions

708 O’Hagan Terrace, Neptune, NJ 07753 732-397-4848 Matthew Swartz Comedy Coach Productions can help raise thousands for your organization with a unique and appropriate Comedy Show Night at your school!!/pages/ComedyCoachProductions/190628907618936

Creative Brainworks LLC

77 Tomahawk Trail, Sparta, NJ 07871 973-862-9485 Philipp Elliott Anthony Esposito This patented outdoor/indoor game is perfect for PE, Life Skills and Special Needs programs.

Elite Party Entertainment EPE

866-354-8341 Bill & Sue Martz Getting married? Hosting an event? Know someone that is? EPE will add fun to any event! Elite Party Entertainment provides unlimited digital photo favors with frames, green screen photography and full Casino services.

ESF Camps and Experiences

750 E Haverford Rd,, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 610-922-8261 Kristina Farella ESF provides the finest learning experience for people of all ages with year-round after school and summer enrichment experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Everlast Climbing

1335 Mendota Heights Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55120 651-665-9131 Sarah Howard Everlast Climbing is committed to improving youth fitness with innovative products that engage and inspire physical activity including traverse and top rope climbing walls, educational accessories and more!

Fitness Finders Inc.

1007 Hurst Rd, Jackson, MI 49201 1-800-789-9255 Morgan Fairbanks Fitness Finders, Inc is committed to Shaping America's Future? by providing motivational programs and awards designed to develop the body, mind and character of students.

Fitness Lifestyles Inc.

614 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712 732-775-1630 Ric Flagg Gary Stuart Fitness LifeStyles provides commercial & residential exercise equipment for many of the top brands within the industry. Offering a wide range of cardio & strength equipment, in-house service dept.,& preventative maintenance.

FlagHouse, Inc.

601 FlagHouse Dr., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 800-793-7900 John Ruggiero Physical Education, sports and recreation equipment. FH is the official PE equipment supplier for NJAHPERD and proud sponsor of NJAHPERD Teachers of the Year.


2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V Focused Fitness

2426 S. Dishman Mica Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99206 509-327-3181 Ron Malm Focused Fitness and the FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM has been a leader in standards-based health and fitness curriculum since 2002.

Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

18604 West Creek Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477 800-323-0440 Josh Berk Healthy students are better learners. Developing a health education program is key to creating academic success and GoodheartWillcox provides resources for that program. Learn more at our booth or visit


2525 Lemond St. SW, Owatonna, MN 55060 1-800-533-0446 Bill Grinde Michele Skala A national leader in serving the health, physical education, and recreational fields through innovative, institutional sports equipment.


P.O. Box 722, Holbrook, NY 11741 631-946-0312 Kershel Anthony KerboomKIDZ is an energetic and challenging group exercise program that is especially designed for kidz grade levels ranging from elementary through High School. KerboomKIDZ is a great way for students to engage in a high energy dance fitness class while, improving their physical coordination and focus. Developing various motor skills and movement patterns. Offering a structured environment to learn about oneself and others. Developing students cognitive skills and gaining rhythm and confidence.

Kids Yoga + Music + Movement

127 Hommelville Road, Saugerties, NY 12477 917-861-0805 Bari Koral Yoga, Music + Movement: Award-winning CDs, Full-Color Activity Books + Full Color Posters by Bari Koral. 'Bari Koral is the preeminent authority on kids yoga and music. Children and teachers simply love her. ' - Greg Scelsa/Greg & Steve

KIDSFIT/Action Based Learning

2130 Cainhoy Road, Huger, SC 29450 843-336-5090 John Rutigliano We provide Action Based Learning products, Kinesthetic Classrooms products, Physical Education fitness equipment/ products and Workshops, Certificates, Professional Development presentations and all educational resources for schools.

LifeSavers Inc

39 Plymouth Street, Fairfield, NJ 07004 973-244-9111 Mike Duda Bob Stickel LifeSavers Inc. is the largest AED Distributor & American Heart Association Training Center in NJ. AED packages on NJ State Contract A84689 starting at $764. We offer courses in CPR/AED, First Aid, Defensive Driving and Train the Trainer for CPR/AED & First Aid. Become an American Heart Association Instructor.

Lotus Lounge Yoga

311 Main Street, Allenhurst, NJ 07711 732-232-5593 Erin Peluso Lotus Lounge Yoga is a mobile yoga studio that brings yoga and mindfulness programs to schools, camps and corporations. It's your 'om away from home.'

Visit our Exhibitors in Atlantic 3-5. 46

2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V McGraw Hill Education

8787 Orion Place, Columbus, OH 43240 609-947-6849 Erik Hein Digital and print textbooks for grades k-12.

Montclair State Universiey

1 Normal Ave., Montclair, NJ 07043 973-655-7120 Michele Fisher Domenica Desiderioscioli Montclair State University offers graduate programs in Sports Administration and Coaching, and Exercise Science. Stop by the Montclair State University table for additional information about these exciting graduate opportunities.

Musical PE Plus

1725 Grant Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310-702-5648 Carrie Flint Various CDs including my own 'Get'em Up! Moving and Learning. APE T-Shirts, Activity Kits & Teaching Tools (teacher friendly and kids love).


901 Janesville Ave., Sales Dept., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 920-563-2446 Tim Taggart With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, Nasco offers a great product selection at competitive prices on Health Education and Physical Education products and educational resources for all ages. To see our full line of products or to receive any of our free catalogs, call 1-800-558-9595.

New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD)

P.O. Box 2283, Ocean, NJ 07712 732-918-9999 Jackie Malaska, Executive Director Kimberly Boerner, Office Manager/Treasurer NJAHPERD is dedicated to advancing quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance education, and athletics through professional development, programming, advocacy, and collegial exchange. The Association promotes the development of healthy, active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members. Membership is open to health education teachers, physical education teachers, college/university faculty, future professionals, retirees, coaches, recreation professionals, individuals and organizations who share our mission. Members are encouraged to take active roles in NJAHPERD through leadership and volunteer positions in our organization.

New Jersey City University Department of Health Sciences

2039 Kennedy Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 08305 291-200-3431 Dr.Gail Gordon Lilliam Rosado New Jersey City University, Department of Health Sciences offers graduate programs in School Health Education and Public Health Education. Visit us to learn more!

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

One Center Street, Newark, NJ 07102 973-353-8055 Kyle Conner Caitlin Evans Jones Every year, NJPAC's live performances, school residency programs & after-school arts training classes reach thousands. Whether you're an educator, a parent or a student, explore our programs & find out what NJPAC Arts Education can do for you!


2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V NJ Physicians Advisory Group

PO Box 352, Fanwood, NJ 07023 908-322-9300 Peggy Cowan YES You Can! curricula is seen in nearly 300 NJ-schools. See what these character curricula offer students from 6 to 12th grade.

NJ Sharing Network

691 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 08865 908-516-5412 Brooke Hartrum NJ Sharing Network offers both students and educators the resources to save lives through organ and tissue donation in the classroom.

NJM Insurance Company

301 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ 08628 800-232-6600 Lou Alcuri Violet Marrero Erica Rosso NJM's Teen Driver Safety Program is free for all NJ high schools. Retired state troopers give tips on safe driving.

NJ YMCA State Alliance

407 Greenwood Ave, Trenton, NJ 08609 609-619-1717 Suzanne Cornell Healthy U provides funding that support school program for physical activity and nutrition education. The YMCA and the Horizon foundation have partnered to provide funding to YMCA and school partners to provide CATCH Curriculum and resources that helps school wellness team make policy and environmental changes in their school. The program also supports integration in the classroom and improving the physical education program.

Omni Fitness Systems LLC

72 Constitution Way, Morristown, NJ 7960 973-978-4846 Albert Olivier The Omni Fitness System incorporates the flexible tube training device with the 60 Lesson Plan Curriculum developed in alignment with State of NJ Dept of Education Core Curriculum Standards for Motor Skills and Fitness. 48


P.O. Box 3090, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 732-597-2443 Donald Blair Take your Fitness Class to a higher level. An innovative anchoring system for implementing thousands of exercise routines, utilizing ropes, resistance bands/tubes, straps and more.

Playout, LLC

1422 Tuxworth Cir, Decatur, GA 30033 203499-7060 Caroline Stokes Eddie Kovel Playout empowers your students with the most fun and effective fitness program in the world through bodyweight fitness card games for all ages and abilities.


1915 Parkside Dr., Forked River, NJ 08731 732-691-9559 Stephanie Lauren 732-962-3134 Gina Cappiello Thomas Ascough PLYOGA is one of North America’s fastest growing fitness systems spearheaded by fitness pro and NJ native Stephanie Lauren. PLYOGA implements fluent, fundamental, and accelerated Yoga as a true active recovery for a 4-part system featuring intense Plyometric intervals. PLYOGA is beloved by its trainer base for its modifiable, non-choreographed format that allows classes to be taught at all levels without any equipment. PLYOGA is a continuing education provider for AFAA, ACE, NASM, SCW & CanFitPro. Let PLYOGA show you how.YOUR BODY IS POWER.

2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V RampShot

999-32 Montauk HWY, Shirley, NY 11967 631-353-0239 Josh Bonventre Jackie Bonventre RampShot is a fun and active yard game that is a great addition to any MS or HS Physical Education Program! Learn more at

Rugby NJ 25 Lakeview Terrace, Montville NJ, NJ 07045 973-632-1864 KJ Feury Rugby New Jersey is the State Rugby Organization sanctioned by USA Rugby and charged with growing the sport of rugby from flag rugby through the high school tackle programs. Rugby programs are available for boys and girls 5 – 18 years old within schools and community groups. We sponsor the High School Fall 7’s League, the Spring 15’s League, a Regional All Star Teams, numerous coaching and player webinars and clinics. Development programs include the Rookie Rugby Curriculum for Elementary, Middle and High School and assistance in growing the sport through schools, parks, recreation and civic groups. or follow us on Facebook – Rugby New Jersey

Soft Lacrosse Inc.

118 Eagle Drive, Maidsville, WV 26541 732-757-6210 Thomas Moore Soft Lacrosse is a youth non profit that provides educational and developmentally appropriate programming, inexpensive equipment and support for Physical Education teachers pertaining to the sport of Lacrosse for boys and girls.

Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center 837 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 732-747-5508 Kim Iverson Leigh-Ann Bellew Solutions Pregnancy & Health Center is a licensed medical clinic providing STI screening, pregnancy testing, and ultrasound exams. All of our services are free and confidential.

Special Olympics New Jersey

1 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Way, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 609-896-8000 Susan Colacello Andrea Moore Special Olympics New Jersey provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Spikeball Inc.

406 N. Aberdeen Street, Chicago, IL 60642 817-994-0489 Skyler Boles Logan Cornelius Unique 2 vs 2 sport with gameplay a cross between volleyball and foursquare. Easily modified for any age and ability level. 2 week curriculum available.

Sportime featuring SPARK

438 Camino del Rio South, Suite 110, San Diego, CA 92108 800-772-7573 Christopher Duffy Stephen Ferreira Patty Lanier SPARK is a research-based program designed to improve the health of children. Sportime empowers PE teachers to engage students through innovative products and programs. Together they are the leading source of physical fitness solutions for students and educators.

SQAIR Fitness Solutions

10 Glenmere Lane, Commack, NY 11725 631-406-9317 Jade Ng SQAIRs replace 18+ products. Make what you teach 100% more fun and have it take up 10% the storage space. Stop by our booth.


2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V Teamsilva Enterprises, LLC (QB54)

40 Eleanor Drive, Kendall Park, NJ 08824 732-616-3815 Frank Silva Michael Silva QB54 is the Ultimate football game which can be played indoors or out. The game can be adapted to all ages and skill levels. Check out our game chairs.

Teen Safe Driving Coalition New Jersey Essex County Community Traffic Safety Program 250 Grove Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 973-432-9990 Andy Anderson anderson We are a Coalition of more than 150 individuals and organizations committed to helping teens leverage the proven principles of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL), NJ's three-step licensing process, which has driven teen crashes injuries and fatalities to historic lows. We are affiliated with state and local government, law enforcement and public health agencies, traffic safety and injury prevention organizations, academia, and business. We’re also teens, parents and crash victims.

The Children's Health Market

27 Cannon Rd. Suite 1B, Wilton, CT 06897 203-762-2938 Nancy M Grace Barbara Burditt The Great Body Shop is a PreK-8 comprehensive health education program nationally recognized for quality, ease of use and adaptability, meeting all national/state standards.

The National Road Safety Foundation

18 East 50th Street, New York, NY 10022 212-837-4854 Michelle Anderson NRSF produces documentaries, educational programs and public service campaigns for broadcast and for use in safety, educational, and enforcement programs.


The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race

150 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111 617-636-0943 Sarah Lange The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race is tasking schools with a collective goal to walk/run one billion miles, and want your school to join!

THOR Performance Products, Inc.

PO Box 25, Mountainville, NY 10953 800-348-5815 x221 Joe Lopez Over 100 years of combined experience between the fitness and flooring industries, giving us a unique perspective in helping select the proper performance floor.

Toledo Physical Education Supply, Inc

5101 Advantage Dr, Toledo, OH 43612 800-225-7749 Dennis Metzger National supplier of name brand physical education and athletic equipment offering low prices and fast delivery.

US Army

128 Hancock Road, NAES Lakehurst, NJ 07833 732-300-0623 Carl Hartman US Army provides a wide array of educational programs in support of local school as part of our educational outreach program to include fitness, HIB, and STEAM programs.


4849 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75244 1-800-327-0484 Nick Kline For over 35 years, US Games has been an active part of the Physical Education Community providing quality physical education equipment and outstanding customer service. We Empower All Teachers, Build Strong Partnerships, and Provide Game Changing Solutions.

2017 NJAHPERD Exhibitors Atlantic III-V USTA

70 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604 914-272-5692 Quacey Balleste Lori Schwartz USTA exist to promote and develop the growth of tennis, increase participation the sport and make the game accessible to anyone who has the desire to play. We offer programs and resources designed to make a significant impact on diverse communities throug

William Paterson University

300 Pompton Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 973-720-2362 Gordon Schmidt Kathy Gill The WPU MS in Exercise and Sport Studies leads to the NJ Supervisor's Certificate which is required to be an Athletic Director in New Jersey.

Yoga University

801 Roseld Ave., Ocean, NJ 07712 732-371-6720 Jennifer Scamorza Yoga University (YU) is a wellness program founded with an intention to bring yoga and mindfulness practices into schools, empowering students and educators to create positive and productive learning experiences. YU is specifically designed to promote physical, social, and emotional health for students and teachers. Teacher effectiveness and student achievement are the primary goals in New Jersey education. The Yoga University program is designed to enhance the statewide efforts made by our hardworking academic communities. Our program will assist students in achieving the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards that have been set forth by the state, as well as provide them with the tools to foster a lifelong commitment to physical, social, and emotional wellness. Yoga University is a program of EvenFlow Philanthropy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Keynote Speaker 9:15-10:15am

Ron Malm #QPE: The Ultimate Sales Job Monmouth 1 & 2





Visit Exhibitors Lunch






Visit Exhibitors Lunch

Closing Session 2:30-3:30pm


Honoring JRFH & HFH Coordinators

GRAND FINALE Details page 33



We hope this hands on experience has inspired you to use what you have learned to

promote healthy, active lifestyles.

shape america



lesson plans

nutrition fitness





social media


core skills play

See you at the 2018 NJAHPERD Convention.

NJAHPERD 2017 Annual Convention Booklet  

New Jersey Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 2017 Annual Convention Program

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